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Medical coders perform an essential role in a healthcare system by translating physician reports into the appropriate medical codes. If you wish to become an excellent medical coder, review these top 30 essential medical coding interview questions and answers that can help you prepare for interviews with various firms. These sample questions will assist you in demonstrating your knowledge and aptitude for medical coding. Here are some of the most popular medical coding interview questions to help you ace your upcoming interview.

Foreword about Medical Coding Interview


MEDICAL CODING INTERVIEW? Before mentioning Medical coding interview questions and answers, let’s understand Medical Coding. A Synonym of medical coding is Clinical coding. It is the translation of medical services analysis and clinical benefits into alphanumeric codes. These are standard codes.  

The analysis and strategy codes were extracted from the clinical record documentation. These records are like a record of the doctor’s notes, lab, and radiologic results. Clinical coding experts assist with guaranteeing the codes during the clinical charging process. Thus, abstracts the data from documentation and allocates the proper codes. So, insurance carriers can claim the case. It makes the cumbersome clinical language into easy and data-favouring codes.

Who are Medical Coders?

Medical coders are the Professionals who transform clinical reports into standard medical codes. They work in various settings of the health profession.  They code the necessary medical information for precise and consistent medical services. Medical Coders act as a bridge between clinician and client for better services.

Why Medical Coding?

After treatment from a clinician, the client needs to claim the bills of treatment. Insurance companies, To understand the procedure needs some common language. So, medical coding acts as a common path. It’s a medium through which the coder gives accurate details of the procedure.

Coding systems

There are three main coding systems:

  • Current procedure terminology
  • International classification of diseases
  • Health care procedural coding system
  • Codes on dental procedures and nomenclature
  • National drug codes
  • Medical severity diagnosis-related groups
  • Ambulatory payment categories

This coding set assists in the documentation of problems and treatment of the patient. The demand for medical coding is rising because of Hitech’s digital sources in health care. Work is much easier with CAC (COMPUTER ASSISTED CODING) system. Medical coders are making the health care system more efficient. Thus, they help with a proficient health care delivery system.


Medical coders should code all the significant data. When specialist treats the patient and patients needs to claim insurance. The insurance agency will need accurate information to handle the case. Clinical coders pass the data to the insurance agencies with proper data. So, It is imperative to prepare for a clinical coder interview. The candidate displays his insight and fitness for clinical coding. One can use his response to show ability and client help abilities. His response to questions can show his ability to clarify complex ideas.  Thus, one can show his mastery and an inclination for clinical coding undertakings.

There are different types of questions.

  • Question based on knowledge or skill of medical coding
  • Questions for fresh candidates
  • Based on experience/situational
  • Behavioral questions
  • Based on the role of Medical Coder

Following is a list of common Medical Coding Interview Questions and Answers

1.What do you understand by Medical Coding?

Thought of interviewer

The idea behind this question is that they want to know your understanding about the subject. One has to answer with calm composure.


Clinical coding/medical coding is the analysis of a patient’s clinical assertion. Professional makes an interpretation of clinical condition into standard classification codes. Insurance agencies use this interpretation to process and repay their cases. Government, medical centers, and research associations utilize the information for studies and exploration.

2.What are the three methods for sorting bill paying?


The interviewer wants to assess your knowledge and your organization’s capability.


  • Paper
  • Binder/Folder
  • Computerized Bill Paying

3.What are the abilities of a Medical coder?


Medical coding is a sensitive field. The Profession expects from the contender to have special capacity. They should have a solid instructive foundation and comprehensive clinical wording. They should have the necessary drive to perform with absolute accuracy.


The primary abilities of a Medical Coder are

  • Great information on clinical wording, Physiology, and life structures with the essential degree.
  • A comprehension of diseases, classifications of injuries, and operations performed to treat them.
  • Capacity to get clinical and surgical reports
  • Ability to read patient charts.
  • Knowledge of coding and classifications, for example, ICD-9, CDC, and so forth
  •  Able to use PC or paper-based information management.
  • Great relational capabilities to deal with a specialist or clinicians.
  • The capacity to perform many tasks and ability for detailing.
  •  Virtue of honesty becauseclinical coder deals with private clinical documents.
  • Engaged and should have drive

4.In what clinical specialties do you have experience coding?


To know the candidate‘s efficiency.


Different clinical Specialties work with various codes. Be straightforward and clear about experience of coding. Mention your learning interest of various coding Specialties.


 As a candidate’s primary experience is in radiology, toxicology and crisis medication. He worked as a clinical biller in a clinic. He is a quick learner. One can try his insight into other Specialties at this facility.

5.What are the various expressions utilized in clinical coding?


To know whether a candidate knows about the language utilized in the work


There are three fundamentals of clinical coding.

  • Reflection/Abstraction

Use clinical notes, research facility and radiology reports, activity notes, and so forth

  • Task/Assignments

Tracking down the proper code for every strategy and enter it into the framework.

  • Survey/Reviews

Cross-check the codes about a patient’s diagnosis and the treatment. Surveys are critical. Reconsider all records before the submission of information.

6. How would you remain advance in clinical coding and other updates in the field?


Medical care is a developing industry.  It creates new codes and best practices every now and then. Disclose to your boss that you focus on continuing education programs. Also depict your advanced techniques in clinical codes.


As an ensured clinical coder one can focus on keeping up with advanced courses. One can read few industries-explicit bulletins to know the significant changes in Coding.

7.What are the practical uses of Medical Coding?


The questionnaire evaluates the capacity of your insight into a pragmatic scenario.

Sample Answer

Medical coding has true applications. The code has a monetary perspective. Clinical coding assists with gathering information like for WHO and state administration. These administrations run projects to handle different ailments.

  • Insurance agencies pay claims on the basis of the clinical codes.
  • It assists in the billing system.
  • The Information helps with the investigations of disease pattern.
  • The Government health system can design projects to cure and control the sickness.
  • The data give statistical information of state and national health and demise cases.

8.Mention tips and rules for another clinical coder who comes to work under you?


The association anticipates that an accomplished coder should train a fresher. The inquiry helps the questioner to know their capacity to move the information.


  • It is critical to code all the reports. The clinical records and code must match with each other. Recollect not to add or pass any data.

Reporting the code:

  • The first code utilized the justification behind the patient’s hospital visit.
  • Adhere to the NCCI and MUE rules avoiding any coding errors. As a coder, you keep yourself refreshed with the advancement.
  • Try not to abuse or use erroneous modifiers.

9.What is the reason of choosing this profession?


Employers need to know your inspirations, or goal of being a clinical coder.


A clinical coder has an extraordinary chance to work in medical services. One doesn’t need the actual interest of many medical services experts.

10.What is the number of charts can you code in one hour/What is your capability of coding charts per hour?


Your questioner may organize an example test


My ability is to code 2 charts in one hour.

11. What certifications or training do you have?

 Principle Reason

 Certified coders have a 20% more chance of job than non-certified ones.


I am a certified, professional coder.

You can mention your future plans to learn or certify in another coding program.

12. Have you any 5-year plan?


Organizations need to know whether they put forth objectives. Also, want to know your familiarity with the business.


One intends to turn into a senior coder in the following 5 years. Likewise, Candidate plans to finish his Professional Coder-Payer (CPC-P) course.

13. What would you order your work while entering billing   for the patient?


Before beginning day schedules, I check the urgent patient bills. The Urgency maybe like an endorsement for a prescription to go on with the treatment. Then, deal with old records first to ensure no obstructions to the treatment of patients.

14. How might you disclose billing codes to a patient?


I realize treatments can be upsetting for the patient.   So, i will deal with compassion. In addition, I will affirm the tests or treatment. I would list the codes with the relating strategy. I would ask if the patient has some other inquiries.

15. How would you do after a claim rejection or denial?


Specialists or Insurance company may deny cases. It needs to convey in a patient’s document and continue with the billing process. The Questioner wants best practices for assisting a client of denial case. It may help them with hospital expenses or continue with treatment.


I discover the reason for case denial. It is necessary to note it on the patient’s record. I approach the specialist or insurance company.  I request them to clarify the reason for the refusal. Then, I deal with the patient in like manner.

16. What do you understand by Write-off? What is its influence on your work with clinical coding?


Write-off is one of the essential aspect, you need in billing management.  Knowing and clarifying the write-off in everyday premise proves your efficiency.


 It means to allude to the distinction between the expense and the sum an insurance plan will cover. I utilized this to explain the patient’s payable amount. I can foster instalment plans. Also, I assist with settling the records for reporting and bill assortment.

17. What are your professional ethics?


An employing administrator wants to know about your hard working attitude. This question can show an organization your longing and diligence for clinical coding.


An Expectation from a Clinical coder is meticulous working pattern. So, explain your capability to focus on work for long hours on PC.


I invest with full energy in all that I do. Likewise, I don’t hasten my work. I can complete huge undertakings as early as possible. I work till finish of everyday tasks.

18. What are different Clinical Billing Codes explicit to medical care?


The kinds of clinical coding are

  • Diagnostic codes,
  • Drug codes,
  • Geographical codes

Symptomatic codes are utilized to know about the disease. Drug codes are utilized for recognizing prescriptions. Clinical coders will change doctors’ notes into codes.

19. When did you safeguard touchy data or confidentiality of a patient?(Any incident)(Any incident)


Clinical coders in routine manage data (HIPPA protected). They must keep up with patient security. It is necessary to protect the firm from legitimate activity.


As a subordinate, I handled data about my firm’s facilities. I used to keep data hidden. I never talk about those with another person.

20. What are the normal mistakes in clinical coding? How would you avoid them?


  • Excluding adequate data for insurance agency to handle the case.
  • Likewise, error while entering incorrect expenses or codes.

I, on regular basis, take a look at my codes against the patient document. I ask the doctor for any missing or confusing data.

Specified questionnaire about Codes

21. What do you understand by ICD codes?


It means the International classification of disease. WHO establishes an arrangement of code. It is to portray the reasons for injury, disease, and deaths. ICD codes are alphanumeric codes comprising 5-7 characters. It starts with an alpha character.

The ICD has two parts:-

  • Clinical a code or ICD-10 CM for analytic coding.
  • Procedure coding system or ICD-10 PCS for ongoing technique.

22. What are HCPS codes?


Three Levels of Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HPCS)are

1. The American Medical Association establishes level 1 as 5 digits. The code contains CPT codes to distinguish the clinical benefits or methods. These are the doctor’s recommendations.

2. Level II is four alphanumeric codes containing one letter and four digits in the code. We use these codes to recognize the items, drug stores, and administrations.

3. Level III codes are alphanumeric codes with five characters. Code starts with W, X, Y, or Z. When Level I and II are inaccessible to determine a conclusion, level III works.

23. What are DRG codes?


DRG codes represent Diagnostic related groups. This framework orders medical clinic cases into 500 sets. DRG codes utilize for long term claims. It may be from the hour of admission to the hour of release. Many insurance agencies pay after following the classification system. The coder needs to take care of business.

24. What is the use of HPCS modifiers?


Coders use it when we need extra data about some treatment. We use the codes for specification.

  • To Specify the region of the body
  • When specialists treated with many procedures in a similar visit.
  • The justification for ending treatment.

25. Which is more significant in clinical coding- a code red or a code blue?


There is no standard convention for the use of “Code” assignments.

“Code blue” alludes to a cardiopulmonary capture at many medical clinics. It doesn’t mean exactly the same thing all over.

26. How would a medical coder prepare doctor and other staff on clinical Coding?


I will plan assignments with each of the codes. As my job perspective will train them with case records. I give them input on things they missed or misconstrued. Likewise, I commend them for the right code.

27.  What are your best resources as a clinical coder?

 Sample answer

I am deliberate and careful. I appreciate my little part in guaranteeing patients about treatment.

 28. Differentiate ICD and CPT coding?


The ICD is a recognized coding framework. WHO plans it for diagnosing and portraying ailments. In contrast, we use the Current Procedural Terminology coding for revealing clinical benefits.


           Radiology, Surgery, diagnostic.

           CPT portrays the techniques and clinical benefits.

29. Your understanding about “J” code in clinical billing?


J code is a piece of the HPCS Code set. The codes are used for non-oral directed medicine and chemotherapy drugs. J-Codes utilized for Level II Code.

30. Any experience with a troublesome client or associate?

 Sample Answer

There was one division head who disregarded my messages and calls. I couldn’t deal with the Processing of patient documents. I began approaching them face to face to clear my questions. We had the option to develop an affinity at work.

Benefits of Medical Coding

  • Diminish and control working expenses

Today there are many coding and IT instruments. These are accessible to better cost and precision of clinical coding. Medical organizations keep away from expenses and the issues of upgrading through outsourcing.

  • Spotlight on medical care

Medical coders with AAPC Certification work for speedy and precise clinical coding. They have a profound comprehension across clinical specialties and necessities. When you outsource medical coders it helps in focusing on health services only.

  • Esteemed services

Medical coders assist hospitals with regular reporting of claims and their related progress. These reports can likewise pinpoint weak regions. Thus, expanding the general coding efficiency and result.

  • Denial of Limited case

Mistakes in information and coding can deny cases. This in turn results in bringing income misfortunes. Thus, adds to the revamp of cases and create a setback for repayment. Re-appropriating clinical coding can downplay coding mistakes. So, guaranteeing the modifications (if any) occurs.

  • Adaptability

A medical coder can guarantee the fast arrangement of clinical coding services. They ensure that the services adjust to business needs. In spite of outsourcing, there is no need to stress over the infrastructure.

Medical coding as a career

Health care system

  • Hospitals
  • Physician’s center
  • Dental clinics and trauma centers
  • Ambulatory surgical center
  • Mental health care center
  • Urgent care system
  • Sports clinic
  • Telehealth care
  • Risk change company
  • Physiotherapy centers
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Career colleges
  • Medical billing
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Cancer registries
  • Imaging centers


  • Insurance firms
  • Law companies
  • Medical equipment and supply
  • Government federal agencies
  • IT Services
  • Consulting firms


  • Software consultants
  • Trainers
  • Trade journals
  • Bloggers
  • Healthcare school partner organizations
  • Writers, contributors, and reviewers.
  • Certification organizations
  • Exam reviewers and writers for medical coding certification

Medical coding training with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin covers all parts of medical coding in its curriculum. It deals with Medical Terminology associated with Anatomy, infections, techniques, and therapies. Training covers important aspects like

  • International Classification of Diseases tenth Revision Clinical Modification
  • Current Procedural Terminology
  • Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System

Course Details

Expert trainers offer vast knowledge about medical terms and their usage. It also covers the acronyms, antonyms, and eponyms of medical words. Also, they give knowledge about abbreviations in the medical field. They explain the confidentiality of medical reports. Likewise, there are lectures on the importance of proper documentation.

  • Training

Live online training covering various modules on medical terms and coding systems. Training gives e-learning access to videos, tools, and assessments.

  • Projects

In various fields of coding like ICD-10 CM, HCPCS, and CPT

  • Internship

It is a practical experience of Medical Coding.

  • Certification

Course completion certificate from Govt. recognize Henry Harvin.

Extra benefits


Bootcamp sessions till 12 months.


Gold Membership

1-Year membership of Henry Harvin


100% placement support

Course Duration

  • 90-hour training.
  • Training available in flexible batches.
  • Customized batches according to one’s needs.
  • There is corporate training as well as one on one training.


There will be a tremendous interest for Medical coders in the future. They can deal with the clinical reports. For billing purposes, medical coders make diagnosis codes and procedure codes. They are helping hands in boosting the income of organizations. Their skills help to avoid bad claims. Experienced clinical coders can seek positions as health information managers or coding managers. 

Healthcare is the most profitable and reputed industry. To have a rewarding career and growth opportunities, medical coding works wonders. Patients pick helpful and patient-accommodating, clinics, and medical establishments. So, there is high demand for clinical


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Q1. Are Medical coding interview questions hard to answer?

No, if one has basic knowledge about Medical coding.

Q2. What are tips for appearing in a Medical coding interview?

1.     Good knowledge about human anatomy. They may ask about locations and functions of any part.
2.     Prepare about Combination codes
3.     knowledge about ICD 10 PCS coding
4.     Be calm

 Q3. Is Medical coding job interesting?

Yes, it needs focus, hard work and consistency. It offers growth in career and raise in salary with experience.

Q4. Is it necessary to have a medical background in studies of medical coding?

No, but one needs to know the basics of medical terminology.

Q5.What is the procedure of a Medical coding interview?

It comprises following rounds in many companies
·        Written-test
·        Interview with panel/manager

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  7. Medical coding has true applications. The code has a monetary perspective. Clinical coding assists with gathering information like for WHO and state administration. These administrations run projects to handle different ailments.

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