Medical coding is a developing profession that is in great demand due to the present pandemic. The conversion of healthcare diagnosis, techniques, medical services, and devices into medical alphanumerical codes that are applicable universally is defined as medical coding. Even the healthcare sector needs people who have computer knowledge. After a medical check-up, the reports or the receipt are provided by medical coders. Medical coding courses are challenging but ambitious at the same time.

medical coding courses

Institutes that offer Medical Coding Courses

Pursuing medical coding is already challenging therefore let us help you find the right institute. We have selected the top 10 institutes to pursue medical coding courses. This blog provides all the information you need such as duration, fees, mode of teaching, etc.

1. Henry Harvin – Best Medical Coding Courses in Coimbatore

Henry Harvin Contact No:- +91 9891953953 | Chat on WatsApp Wif Henry Harvin  

Henry Harvin is a career and skill development company with a national and international customer base. The Medical Coding Course Training provided by Henry Harvin covers topics such as anatomy, therapeutics, techniques, and diseases. It covers aspects such as HCPCS and CPT.

Why Choose Henry Harvin? (Medical Coding Courses)

Henry Harvin offers 9-in-1 assistance to the individuals pursuing the course. An individual is provided training, projects, boot camp sessions, and hackathons throughout the course. E-learning access helps students access class recordings, assessments, and tools. The course is taught by experts who possess industry knowledge. The course covers all the aspects of medical terms and coding. After the end of the course, certification is provided. 

Details of Medical Coding Courses by Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin has strategically constructed 26 different course modules for their Medical Coding Courses.
  • However, the overall duration of the course is 90 hours here.
  • Lastly, the fee for Medical Coding Courses in Henry Harvin is INR 44,500/- only.

Henry Harvin Medical Coding Course Fees Structure:-

Henry Harvin® Medical Coding Course Ranks #1 in India by The Economic TimesNews18

Indian Cities Henry Harvin provides Medical Coding Courses physically


Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:


2. UG Medical –Medical Coding Institute in Coimbatore

Contact Number – 1800 890 4563

UG Medical Coding Training and Placements specializes in medical coding. The syllabus is designed to help understand the basics of medical coding better. The institute gives significance to theory and fundamentals which helps students in interpreting the advanced level learning easily.

Why Choose UG Medical Coding Training and Placements?

UG Medical Coding Training and Placements provides a Certified Professional Coder course. This course provides a detailed understanding of physiology, ICD, and human anatomy. It teaches an individual how to apply the codes for diagnosis and techniques. The course content is provided in the form of videos, texts, and screenings. Tests are conducted every now and then for students to test their knowledge.

Other Courses Offered

UG Medical Coding Training and Placements provide other courses such as:

  • Basic Certification in Medical Coding
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Australian Medical Coding
  • Certified Outpatient Coder
  • Certified Risk Adjustment Coder

Address- 3B,5TH FLOOR,MAYFLOWER VALENCIA, Coimbatore Race Course Area, Tamil Nadu, India 641006

Location- Tamil Nadu

Contact No- 1800 890 4563

Email ID- [email protected]


3. Thought Flows – Medical Coding Training in Coimbatore

Contact Number – 093845 76852

Thought Flows was formed in the year 2016 by two entrepreneurs with the motive of providing medical coding training. Thought Flows helps individuals become expert medical coders. The Certified Professional Coder (CPC) course helps to gain expertise in assigning medical codes.

Why Choose Thought Flows for Medical Coding Courses?

Thought Flows not only makes an individual proficient in medical codes but also in other principles such as anesthesia, medicine, and radiology. The course is of 65 hours per week and has weekday and weekend batches. Better knowledge of rules and regulations to handle situations such as insurance claim denial, bundling, and medical emergencies.

Fee The total fee of the course is 265 USD, approximately INR 21134.

Other Courses

  • Surgery
  • Certified Professional Medical Auditor
  • Certified Outpatient Coder
  • Registered Health Information Technician

Address- Andhra Pradesh · Maharashtra · Tamil Nadu · Telangana · New Delhi, Delhi, India · Kerala · Karnataka · Bangalore, Karnataka, India · Usa-shi, Oita, Japan · Manila, Philippines

Location- Kerala 

Contact No- 093845 76852

Course Fee and Duration-

Email ID- [email protected]


4. Medivision Health Solutions – Medical Coding Classes in Coimbatore

Contact Number – 096779 55400

Medivision Health Solutions provides various medical coding training courses. The Certified Professional Coder certification course offered by Medivision is devised as per the AAPC syllabus. Medivision offers both online and offline modes of learning.

Why Choose Medivision Health Solutions?

Certified Professional Coder certification has a golden standard in the healthcare field. The CPC Advanced Course offered by Medivision provides complete knowledge of medical terms, CPT, HCPCS, and physiology. Medivison also provides placement and helps the students by conducting interview training.

Other Courses Offered by Medivison

  • Certified Coding Specialist
  • ED Professionals
  • Evaluation and Management Coding
  • Interventional Radiology department Coding

Address-  57, Netaji Road, Perumal Kovil Road, opposite PN Palayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641037

Location- Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Contact No- 096779 55400

Course Fee and Duration-

Email ID- [email protected]


5. Ideal Medical Coding Medical Coding Academy in Coimbatore

Contact Number – 076399 95566

Ideal Medical Coding Academy’s mission is to provide high-quality medical coding training and help students get placed in reputed organizations. The course is designed for freshers and also for experienced professionals looking to enhance their careers.

Why Choose Ideal Medical Coding Academy for Medical Coding Courses?

The 2months Medical Coding Training helps an individual to learn medical terminologies and abbreviations, coding samples, anatomy, and physiology. The classes are held on weekdays and weekends. The trainers who conduct the session are well experienced with industry knowledge. Ideal Medical Coding Academy has a placement cell that assists students and helps them in getting placed.

Other Courses Offered

Ideal Medical offers other medical courses such as:

  • Certified Professional Coder
  • Certified Medical Professional Auditor
  • Certified Coding Specialist



Contact No- +91 9943996979

Course Fee and Duration-

Email ID- [email protected]


6. Sash Academy – 

Contact Number – 095661 05252

Sash is an AAPC-certified academy run by individuals with knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector. Sash Academy’s syllabus is made according to the AAPC standards. The course curriculum is updated frequently to make sure that students are aware of the latest rules and changes.

Why Choose Sash Academy for Medical Coding Courses?

The Medical Coding Course offered by Sash Academy consists of interactive lectures, PPTs, and access to chapters. Students can access quizzes and tests online. The LMS dashboard is used to track the skills and progress of each student. The CPC course makes a student proficient in medical terms and anatomy which is necessary for medical coding. The duration of the course is 8 weeks and is conducted on weekends.

After finishing the course an individual will be able to read and understand a medical record and will be able to provide codes for the services provided by doctors or other healthcare practitioners.

7. Vcodemy Training (Medical Coding Courses) – 

Contact Number – : 099444 78988

Vcodemy’s persistent training and complete approach to medical coding have made it one of the most reputed institutes to pursue the course. The medical coding training provided by Vcodemy teaches the fundamentals of medical terminologies, physiology, and anatomy. The course is conducted by Vijayarani Sivakumar who has 20 years of experience in the healthcare profession.

Why Choose Vcodemy Training?

Vcodemy’s Medical Coding Training has many modules and around 256 lessons. Anatomy and physiology have been given major importance so that students who are not from a science background can easily understand them. The course also covers topics such as health insurance, coding system, and billing. The course can be accessed anytime and be done at our own pace. The trainer will be available to clear doubts. Mock exams will be conducted to prepare individuals for the AAPC certification exam.

Other Courses

Apart from Medical coding, Vcodemy offers other courses such as:

  • Medical Billing Training
  • Medical Coding Reference

Address- Vcodemy Medical Coding Training Center, 7/1, Andal Nagar, Lakshmipuram, Masakali Palayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641015

Location- Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Contact No- 099444 78988

Course Fee and Duration-

Email ID-  [email protected]


8. Resolve – 

Contact Number – 081484 52460

Resolve helps the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries by providing knowledge. The CPC training course provided by Resolve helps students in clearing AAPC and AHIMA examinations. The training is industry oriented and provides practical exposure.

Why Choose Resolve?

Resolve’s CPC training provides ICD-10 CM, HCPCS, RCM, and CPT-4 training. It also includes pathology, physiology, coding guidelines, billing terminologies, and revenue cycle management. Mock exams are conducted for practice. Resolve also offers free examination training for 15 days. The mode of teaching is both via classroom or online and the duration is 160 hours.

Certification exams can be applied online after the completion of the course. ISO certification is provided to the individuals after completing the training. Resolve even offers placement assistance and helps students get placed.

Other Courses Offered

  • Clinical Research
  • Pharmacovigilance Courses
  • Regulatory Affairs Courses
  • Medical Writing and Clinical Data Management Training

Address- Incuspaze, 203, 2nd Floor, Ackruti Star, MIDC Central Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093.

Location- Mumbai, Maharashtra

Course Duration and Fee:

Website Link-

9. Transorze Solutions – 

Contact Number – +91 949 583 3319

Transorze Solutions provides HBPO course training. Transorze uses scientifically accepted training methods. Transorze offers Medical Coding and Billing Training provides practical work exposure and teaches how to manage medical records. The classes are conducted on weekly basis for 2 hours by senior trainers with industry experience.

Why Choose Transorze Solutions?

The duration of Medical Coding and Billing Training is 3 months and Transorze offers both classroom and online learning facilities. Topics covered in the training are medicine, pathology, and anesthesia coding, anatomy, medical nomenclatures, medical billing, and guidelines. Transorze Solutions helps students in succeeding through various methods such as:

  • The progress of each student is tracked to test their knowledge.
  • After the completion of each chapter, tests are conducted to figure out the understanding of each student.
  • Students can access LMS anytime.
  • Job training, interview preparation, and placement assistance to help students get placed in reputed organizations.

Other Courses Offered

  • Medical Scribing Training
  • Medical Transcription Training
  • OET Training
  • Australian Medical Coding



Contact No-

Course Fee and Duration-

Email ID-


10.   Catch U Academy –

Contact Number – 077357 36629

Catch U Academy is a training institute specializing in medical coding, clinical research, and medical writing. The trainers that conduct the sessions have industry knowledge. Catch U Academy offers basic and advanced medical coding training along with AAPC.

Why Choose Catch U Academy for Medical Coding Courses?

The Basic Certification in Medical Coding course at Catch U Academy provides 6 modules. Each module covers different topics such as:

  • Medical terminologies
  • Clinical tests, anatomy, and pathology,
  • ICD-10CM common guidelines and Coding for severe conditions
  • ICD-10CM set guidelines and poisoning coding
  • HCPCS and CPT-4.

The duration of the course is 30 hours. Assignments and assessments are included to evaluate the students understanding and knowledge. It even provides seminars and workshops. Catch U Academy offers internship and placement assistance to help students secure jobs after the completion of the course.

Other Courses offered by Catch U Academy

  • Advanced Certification in Medical Coding
  • Diploma in Clinical Research
  • Certified Professional Coder
  • Diploma in Clinical Data Management
  • Certified Outpatient Coder



Contact No-

Course Fee and Duration-

Email ID-


What is the role of a Medical Coder?

  • The job of a medical coder is to accumulate all the patient information and update records for managing and billing needs.
  • Analyzing patients’ health records and assigning codes.
  • They assign codes after every check-up for each service performed by the doctor or any other healthcare provider.
  • The role of a medical coder is crucial as they are required to process all the data and ensure that the information is properly coded for future reference.


How Can I become a Medical Coder?

If you want to pursue a career in medical coding you need to complete the three steps:

1.  Completing Medical Coding Course Training

You can pursue a certification course after your schooling. The duration of these courses is one year or less than that. Enroll yourself in a university or college for medical coding courses. You can choose a two-year associate course or a three-year bachelor’s course. The certificate course provides a basic understanding of medical terminologies and ethics, primary coding, and therapeutic procedures.

2.  Give the Mandatory Examinations

Certified coders land better jobs and salaries compared to non-certified coders. For that, you need to give exams that are necessary for your certification. The medical coding courses prepare you for these exams no matter which specialization.

3.  Work Experience

After the first two steps, the last and final step is to get a job. Finishing your medical coding course from reputed associations opens up many job opportunities. Medical coders even have the option to work from home as many healthcare facilities outsource the work.

Career Options after the Completion of Course

Medical Coding has a wide scope and offers a lot of job opportunities. You can work as:

  • Risk Adjustment Coder
  • Certified Home Health Coder
  • Clinic Coder
  • Medical Billing Specialist
  • Medical Records Director
  • Health Information Technician
  • Coder


Medical Coding is a unique profession that offers an individual the opportunity to work and understand the back-end process of a healthcare facility. Medical coding unlike other healthcare professions is a job that can even be done from the comfort of your home. The demand for medical coding professions is roaring up which means taking the course will be fruitful and also you get better pay. The role of a medical coder is integral in the healthcare facility.

Medical coding is a valuable career. In this blog, we have assembled the top 10 institutes from where you can pursue the course. Due to the scarce resources and high demand medical coding provides you job guarantee and also job security. If you are a person that wants to work in the healthcare sector medical coding might just be the thing for you.

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Q.1 Do the above-mentioned institutes provide hands-on training?

Ans. Almost all the courses offer a practical learning experience with real-time standard requirements. These help candidates get better hands-on in the real-time industry.


Q.2 Does the Medical Coding Courses in Coimbatore offer job assistance?

Ans. Most of the institutions are tied up with some of the healthcare organizations. This way they offer job assistance to the candidates learning Medical Coding courses in Coimbatore.


Q.3 What is the duration of the course curriculum?

Ans. Each institute has designed the course curriculum in its own scheduled format. Candidates can opt for the one that meets their requirements and timings.


Q.4 How can I select the best Medical Coding Courses in Coimbatore?

Ans. You can choose the best  Medical Coding Courses in Coimbatore based on the review, industry affiliation, and speaking to the old students. If you are satisfied with these details, then you can go ahead with selecting the course.


Q.5 Can I opt for the online Medical Coding Courses in Coimbatore? Is it effective?

Ans. Yes, you can opt for the online Medical Coding Courses in Coimbatore. As the course curriculum and syllabus will be the same. Additionally, you can save lots of time traveling to the institution.

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