Before the 1950s, programmers created different programs to solve the various departments. Most of the programs do not have longevity, so they cannot update for the changing world of technology.  Every program is only used for the needs of a particular field.  After that, programmers created the programs to update the new versions for what applications needed and changed usage. Modern languages have special features to support various domains. 

 Python features

In 1991, Guido van Rossum developed the Python program. It is for the use of solving complex operations and maintaining data for the use of mathematical functions. Python has the standard library for supporting other languages like C, JASON, JAVA, etc. Nowadays, this program is used in developing fields such as AI, data mining, and numerical computing. Now we eplore the important Python features.

Top 15 Important Python Features.

1. Easy to Learn


Python is the best language for beginners and is easy to learn. The programming background students can learn Python in just a few days, but new students have to take some time. If you want a become a master in the Python language, you should do hard work.  When you compare it with other languages like c c++, and Java, you can easily learn this language.  

2. Easy to Use

This program has a simple structure for applying codes. Other programming languages have difficult input codes, but Python does not have that hard level. This language is easy to handle, read, and code because it does not need the cruel brackets and semicolons. It helps programmers and allows them to create new applications. Python is easy to read because of this simple structure and input.

3. Free and Open Source

Python is an open-source programming language, which means the language requires no payments and rules for use. You can easily access this program from its official website. This program allows new users to learn the program and input code without any original software corruption or Copyright issues. In addition, this website allows new learners to develop areas without any issues with using this software. You can download it for free in Python from its official website. 

4. Dynamical Typing Language

The best feature of Python is that it has a dynamically typed language. This means when programmers type the code, they do not declare the data type. Python will predict the data type during the runtime based on the type of code input by programmers. This specification helps programmers easily code. At the same time, Python follows the Duck typing method, making it is possible to create run-time errors. The object is identified based on its behavior, not the class definition.

5. Object Oriented Language

Python has one of the essential features of object-oriented language.  This feature helps to store data and instructions in one particular object area, which can avoid data being stored in different places. It also helps to understand the code and use the code for developing applications. Python supports the Partimony, abstract, and diversification. 

6. GUI Programming Support

Graphical User Interface is one of the apex features in Python. A GUI feature helps to create desktop applications, and this feature helps the user easily develop the program in Python applications. Python has many toolkits for developing applications, such as Tkinter, wxPython, and JPython. Python presents a vast area of GUI frameworks and other cross-platform solutions.

7. Extensible and Expressive

Python language can be the special feature of the extensible. This language is extended use to other languages. Python code is used to write other languages like C++. This feature makes Python a highly extensible language. This language is also expressive because Python helps programmers easy to type simple code for complex functions. For instance, if you want to show the screen “Hello world” word, you simply need to type print(“Hello World”). At the same time, other languages complete this task. You should type multiple lines. So, this language is easy to code for programmers. 

8. Portable

One of the best features of Python is the Portable, which means the same simple codes are used in different languages. When you write the Python code on a Mac and then you run it on the Windows or Linux OS, you do not need to make any changes to it. Since there was no need to write mulled it over the several programs. 

9. An Interpreted Language

Python is an Interpreted Language and its code is accomplished in every single line.  Because of this reason, the code need not be debugged by the use of libraries, syntax, and type-checking. The interpreted language has the feature of Python, which can find the error in run time while developing the programs. The interpreted language enables when Python’s duration of typing data. Python source code is converted into byte code and the interpreted language executes those byte codes This language can execute the codes. 

10. High-Level Language

Python is a high-level programming language. The main feature of this program is the simple English language because the code is easily understandable by the user.  But this feature made Python slower than the other programming languages. On the other hand, this feature is user-friendly for programmers.  Moreover, the programmers need not remember the system architecture and do not worry about managing the memory. That’s why Python is a user-friendly programming language.

11. Easy to Complex Software Development

Python helps to create Complex Software Development. This language can create both system and mobile applications and also creates complex and mathematical applications.  The programmers can use simple coding methods to make the software applications.  Python data analysis features help to create huge custom data solutions without difficult processes and take fewer hours.  Advanced full-stack developers can use Python to enforce high-level AI and  NLP- Natural Language Processing. 

12. Robust Standard Library

Python has the Robust Standard Library, which is one of the best features.  This feature helps the programmers not to type different codes for different tasks. The Library has different genres like images, databases, unit-testing, expressions, and various functions.  It has a collection of components for programmers to use. These are all available in the Python Package index.

13. Dynamic Memory Allocation

Python automation helps to allocate the space on variables so it does not need to affirm the data type.  For instance:

                                  Y= 20 means

Python allot the value of 20 to the variable Y. 

14. Data Base support

Python has the feature of interconnection with other database programs like MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, etc. Python could store the files in SQ Lite. This application builds a database for Python. To connect the database, Python can use the mentioned libraries:

  • psycog2 for PostgreSQL.
  • MySQLdb for MySQL.
  • CX__Oracle for Oracle database.

15. Other Advanced Features

Python helps to create iterators in unique languages. It can help to loop through the collections of containers and create a new list from other iterators.  It has a special memory management ability, which can allow the memory to manage the codes.

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Various types of features have Python.  Besides the above-mentioned features, Python has advanced specifications. The data analyst and full-stack developers can use those high-level features, and they use Python for AI tech.  This language is essential to the current and future technologies. Studying the Python language will help create opportunities to hire from IT industry.  Most corporations need Python-skilled employees to work, and they are ready to give a good pay scale. 

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Q.1 What is Python?

Ans. Python is the programming language, which can help to create the database and various types of mobile and web applications.

Q.2 What is the use of GUI in Python?

Ans. GUI -Graphical User Interface, is one of the features of Python.  This feature helps to create the desktop applications.

Q.3 What is a standard library in Python?

Ans. This feature helps programmers avoid the need to type many codes for simple tasks. The library can have a database for a lot of functions. It can help programmers input code easily.

Q.4. Does Python manage the memory?

Ans. Yes, Python has the specification of managing the memory for allot the memory for coding.

5. Is learning Python good for a career?

Ans. Yes, Python has plenty number of opportunities for developing a career.

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