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Medical Coding Courses in India with Eligibility, Fees, Career, Jobs & Salary – Medical coding is one of the challenging practices in the health industry.

However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that you can master it. The best way to become a certified medical coder is to take up medical coding courses in India. This blog is for those who would like to aspire to a career in the medical coding domain.


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Medical coding is defined as the conversion of crucial medical documentation related to medical, health research services, and various medical terminologies into universal codes.


The codes could be related to research, strategies, medications, or the anatomy of an organism. Clinical codes can also be separated into different specialties, such as cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, nervous system science, pulmonology, or muscular consideration. 


There are ICD-O (International Classification of Diseases for Oncology) expert manuals known as “O Codes” that are also used by growth enrollment centers (who work with disease vaults) as well as dental codes for dentistry methods known as “D codes“.


Further, I am listing out the top Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in India for your reference and I hope this listicle will help you choose your ideal institution to pursue the medical coding course

1. Henry Harvin

Henry-Harvin logo

Henry Harvin is at the top of the rundown because of its excellence and the type of training given to its students, Students who completed their course at this institution are employed by MNCs and most popular organizations.


Henry Harvin offers medical coding courses in India and the course content is recognized as one of the best per the current health industry standards.

Henry Harvin also offers medical writing courses and many more on-demand courses which help any individual to grab job opportunities in this competitive job market. The course structure includes training, a practical based approach, placement support, live projects, case studies, etc.

Course Highlights

  • The meetings are led by industry-experienced clinical coders.
  • The course content covers concepts like V-codes, E Codes, and ICD-10-CM Coding Practicum.
  • You’d go from month to month, looking for ways to improve sessions.
  • You would get evaluation materials to fully comprehend and follow the topics.
  • You can acquire access to LMS (learning management system) and they will give you a unique user ID and Password. In Henry Harvin LMS you can access ppts, dashboards, and numerous videos related to medical coding courses.
  • If you miss any lessons, you will receive recorded videos. The discussions will be led by seasoned experts.

The gold membership benefits include Flexible Schedule, weekly Bootcamp Sessions

Attend Unlimited Live Sessions and you can access Recordings of All Batches for Lifetime

Course Duration: 90 hours of live online interactive sessions.

Course Types, Benefits & Fees:

To know more information about fee structure please check it here:-

Cities in India where Henry Harvin medical coding course is provided:


Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin® Medical Coding Course Ranks #1 in India by The Economic TimesHigher Education Digest

2. Xpert Healthcare Group

Xpert Healthcare Group is the main specialist co-op medical services and is Certified by the American Association of Professional Coders.


They offer courses like a medical coder, medical biller, or medical transcription. The course content provided by the institute is expected for the simple working of the medical services industry.

Course Highlights

  • The courses are isolated into learning modules with tests toward the finish of every module to survey your advancement.
  • The courses include sound talks, decisive reasoning activities, and other learning materials.
  • A group of AAPC-confirmed mentors offers direction and answers questions as you work through the preparation program.
  • AAPC’s internet-based clinical coding classes are chomping at the bit, however in this institution you can get to the course with an insignificant expense.
  • This is a self-guided course and you can become familiar with every module at your speed.

Course Duration: 6 months


3. Medos Healthcare Solutions

Medes Healthcare Solutions is one of India’s most well-known institutions, offering a wide range of medical billing and coding courses with comprehensive content that covers everything you need to know for CPC certification.

Codes, regulations, procedures, and clinical terminology are retained for the layouts for a long period, allowing you to obtain accurate information.


Medesun’s expert clinical coding preparation does not have a set duration. You may take our programs online and work on your CPC certification on your own time.


Course Highlights

  • Self-directed learning is something you should try. Continue to prepare for Medesun medical billing and coding at home instead of going home for the days. 
  • You can schedule when it is most convenient for you to improve your internet skills, whether it is early in the morning or late at night.
  • You will be given special attention. With this course, your instructor will use a coordinated approach to transmit a laser-focused focus on the experience. Your graphics will be tailored to your professional and personal needs.
  • Obtain the certification you desire. It is up to you to take the CPC, CCS, or CCS-P exam while studying for the clinical charting and coding exam on the internet.


Course Duration: 3 months to 6 months


4. Magnet Medical Coding Solutions

Magnet Medical Coding Solutions offer medical Coding courses in India the course is designed for anybody interested in pursuing a career as a Medical Coder in the healthcare business, with the possibility of working as a consultant or representative in the field of medical coding and billing. 

Thet cover all aspects and crucial concepts in medical coding so even if you’ve never worked in a medical coding organization before, you’ll be able to jump right in. In addition to our disconnected homeroom, we also provide the option of participating in a live web-based study hall.


Course Duration: 3 months

Mode of Learning: Online/Offline


5. Academy of Medical Coders in India

Academy of medical coders in India is a separate division of IGMPI(Institute of goods manufacturing India). IGMPI is one of the leading consultancies in India.


Institute of Medical Coders India is committed to giving the effectively open intelligent worldwide stage to grant broadly scattered training programs in medical coding in pace with the changing business situation through contextual investigations, writing, articles, diaries, pamphlets, and learning modules created by affirmed medical coding industry specialists to give a stage to explore on the impending difficulties for successful execution of medical coding in the medical services industry.


Course Highlights

  • You will be prepared under specialists in the business who have over 10 years of involvement with the medical coding industry.
  • During the preparation time frame, you will be given involved live ventures and coaches follow a pragmatic methodology for a better agreement.
  • The course educational plan is complete and will cover every one of the significant ideas in clinical coding.
  • When you complete every one of the prerequisites of the course you will get a course finish declaration.
  • You will get 100
  •  percent situation support from the IGMPI group. Ordinary work warnings will be shipped off your enlisted email id.


6. Udemy

UDEMY is a gigantic American open learning academy and it offers 100000 courses across the world and around 24 million students selected themselves in their foundation.

Udemy offers medical coding courses in India. Individuals for the most part purchase courses from udemy to foster their abilities in their field of interest.


Anybody can buy a course from udemy and there are no sure rules or qualifications expected to take up a course in udemy.


Course Highlights

  • This course will talk about the rudiments of ICD-10-CM coding as well as give part-by-section check-out codes and rules.
  • This can be utilized as a boost for coders that need to reinforce their abilities in ICD-10-CM coding or to additionally foster the abilities of medical services experts.
  • The course incorporates exhibitions of how to use the ICD-10-CM codebook, as well as a few vivified clasps to integrate with the material.
  • This course covers ideas like how to turn upward and confirm an ICD-10-CM code. Rules that apply to every one of the 21 parts of ICD-10-CM
  • Sequencing rules for clinical determinations.
  • This course is a “basics” course and isn’t expected to be used as groundwork for any medical coding certification


Course Duration: 2.5 to 15 hours( depends upon the course you buy)

Course Fee: Rs. 490/-


7. Cigma Medical Coding Academy

Cigma Medical Coding Academy offers medical coding courses in India. They teach and develop innovative methods in programs that lead to work, advancement, and advancement in the medical services and fastest-growing fields.

They are completely focused on medical care programs and provide the greatest foundation with outstanding study halls and lab offices.


All of the information we provide is included to assist and engage students by focusing on their professional development and future.


Course Highlights

  • Both online and offline sessions are available
  • selective educational plan
  • Educated by AAPC-prepared and supported educators
  • Organized to keep you drew in and on target
  • Customized consideration and direction
  • Limits for AAPC participation and preparing assets/devices
  • AAPC LMS instruments for viable and test arranged preparation with clinical reports
  • you get prepared with a similar norm of greatness as the actual qualifications. Also, you’re guaranteed far-reaching training that covers everything expected to breeze through your certificate test, procure your expert coding accreditation, and prevail in your vocation.
  • We don’t simply prepare and affirm. We furnish you with assets and help to assist you with acquiring work


8. Resolve Medical Code

Resolve medical code offers medical coding courses in India. They offer different courses on Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Healthcare enterprises.

The process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies to get reimbursement for services given by a healthcare professional is covered in a medical coding course.


Regardless of whether they are private enterprises or government-sponsored programs, most insurance companies follow the same method. 


Course Highlights

  • Entering practice data into programming programs, to incorporate arrangements of all protection transporters, charge plans, ICD-10, and CPT-4 codes.
  • Exact ICD-10 and CPT coding.
  • Circle back to claims at 31 days.
  • Requests and Denials.
  • you will find out with regards to protection rules for all requests and seek after all roads to get installments.
  • Assuming the allure cycle has been depleted, we will advance the data back to the client for audit and investigation.
  • Posting of installments got from insurance agencies and patients.
  • An in-house pre-assortment unit and insurance Insurance Verifications.

Course Duration: 1 Month


9. Genus Healthcare Solution

Genus Healthcare Solutions has training programs in both India and the United States. They are emerging as a capable competitor in Business Process Management, providing administrations in verticals such as Medical Billing, Coding, and others; planning custom-fit arrangements; and serving a few leading and notable medical organizations in the United States, including drug, biotech, and medical services organizations.

While providing many options, we’ve combined our knowledge of the medical care business and Business Process Management with innovation, allowing us to make arrangements based on best current practices and ensuring the greatest talent in India at convenience.


They offer three sorts of administrations through this site. Work with Training to up-and-comers keen on seeking after a profession that will assist them with finding business open doors in select verticals in medical services ventures around the world; reasonable Recruitment and Placement of prepared people (Currently in India just) and Outsourcing Medical Billing and Coding administrations to centers, drug store organizations, and clinics worldwide through our hearty system of innovation, subject matter experts, and specialists.


10.  Apex Medcom

Apexmed offers medical coding courses in India online. The Online Class Module has been explicitly planned by experienced staff in light of the AAPC Syllabus as well as the necessity of Medical Coding Industries in an all-around specified timeframe.


The instructor will prepare you with the assistance of slides, Diagrams, Videos, Demo Projects, and Live sound clarifications that are equivalent to the homeroom preparing program.

Course Highlights

  • Live Online interactive sessions.
  • Free Access to Classrooms For Online Students.
  • The sessions are conducted by experienced instructors in the Industry.
  • Free Demo Class Before Admission.
  • Restricted no of candidates per batch.
  • Evening patches are available.
  • End of the week online Classes choice for Job holders.
  • Free Study Material

Course Duration: 60 hours(1 month)


Eligibility to pursue Medical Coding Courses in India

The eligibility required to pursue medical writing courses are, the individual should have a four-year college education or graduate degree, ideally from a life science foundation

He or she must have relevant experience in the medical field in case they don’t have a degree.


One should likewise have the scientific capacity to peruse and dissect clinical records and patient subtleties by involving the right codes for the charging strategy.

Fees of Medical Coding Training in India

The standard course fee for medical coding courses in India varies from Rs. 25000/- to Rs. 50,000/- and most of the institutions provides the complete package includes Internship and Placement Assistance, Comprehensive Medical Coding course content and Internship Plus CPC Exam Preparation) + Job Assistance which included resume readiness, talk with the arrangement, speciality explicit classes for interviews, situations notices, 100 percent help for Medical Coding Jobs.

Career as medical Coding Specialist

While every other area and occupation is being affected by innovation and robotization, clinical coding may not confront many difficulties as far as human assets.


The need and interest for clinical coding will just continue to ascend since the new development of medical coding specialists just aided facilitate the occupation of clinical coders the world over.


It is a device that further develops the usefulness and increment precision of the profoundly basic coding process.


Coding being the absolute initial phase in income cycle the board interaction, robotized coding is a stage towards handling claims quicker also. It is indeed helping save costs by facilitating crafted coding tasks.

Jobs After Medical Coding Course

The medical coders have job opportunities in fields like Health care centers, Sports medication centers, Mental wellbeing rehearses, Telehealth suppliers, Insurance organizations, Dental workplaces, Durable clinical hardware and supply sellers, Physical treatment communities, Long-term care offices, Laborer’s pay organizations, State government offices, Medical charging administration, Medical research centers, Cancer vaults.

Salary in Medical Coding Courses in India

Medical coding experts make $27.91 each hour all things considered or $58,055 yearly abroad and in India, it differs from 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs for every annum.


Medical coding is a rapidly growing and in-demand profession in the field of healthcare administration, and India is one of the best destinations for offshore clinical coding and clinical billing.


The global medical care business is rapidly developing, and demand for clinical coders is skyrocketing, while the demand for and supply gap for certified clinical coders has been widening in recent years.


A generic prototype for a medical coder exists, and it is critical for the work. Because the patient data they deal with is very sensitive, one of the most important characteristics of medical coders is that they have strong ethical standards.


Medical coders must also pay close attention to little details, as even the tiniest error in a code can cause major problems. They should also be able to stay focused on their task, which is both boring and vital.

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Q1. What are the skills required for a Medical Coding Specialist in India?

Ans. A detailed study on documentation, communication, adaptability, ready work independently, etc.

Q2. Name Different Types of Medical Coding Jobs?

Ans. Medical Records Coordinator, Coder, Medical Coding Specialist, Medical Billing Specialist.
Medical Records Technician (or Medical Records Tech), Health Information Specialist., Medical Records Clerk.

Q3. Are there any freelancing jobs available for medical coders in India?

Ans. Yes, there are many freelancing job opportunities available for medical coders.

Q4. Are our medical coding courses difficult to pursue?

Ans. Yes, however, once you will get familiar with coding techniques and methods the course will become familiar.

Q5. What is the most valuable certification in Medical coding training in India?

Ans. CPC( certified professional coder) with AHIMA credentials


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