Medical Coding Course is booming and is a great career option because of its high demand, particularly during the ongoing pandemic. Even healthcare, which is one of the fastest-growing industries for job seekers, is required to learn this on-demand course to enrich their careers. Medical coders assist us when we visit the doctor, return home, and wait for the bill or report. They are in charge of compiling the patient data. Pursuing a career in medical coding can be both exciting and challenging. This blog will serve as a resource for the top 10 medical coding courses in Ahmedabad.


Henry Harvin Education -Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Ahmedabad

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1. Henry Harvin

Ahmedabad occupants can take medical coding training at Henry Harvin Academy. According to the health industry standard, Henry Harvin’s courseware is regarded as one of the best. This Academy offers online and self-paced programs.

Course Highlights:

  • There are opportunities for projects and internships because the course provides practical training. 
  • Projects, hackathons, boot camps, and other events are available.
  • Even a year after the course’s closure, the institution provides 100% placement assistance.
  • Additionally, for Gold members, there are Boot Camp sessions to update and provide students with ongoing topics for a whole year.
  • Access all course-related online materials, including the learning management system, sample exams, videos, and assessments.
  • Students looking for career guidance may also use #Ask Henry, a resource for career support.
  • It provides recordings of earlier sessions. You don’t have to worry about the material covered in a missed session because you can always examine the tapes of earlier classes.
  • Additional benefits students get like interview training, resume writing instruction, and soft skill improvement.
  • It offers access to the course materials for life.

Henry Harvin Medical Coding Course Fees Structure:-

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Indian Cities Henry Harvin provides Medical Coding Courses physically

Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Online, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh

Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:


2. Medesun Healthcare Solutions – Medical Coding Institute in Ahmedabad

Contact No:- 98739 22932

This university offers various courses, including medical coding courses, in Ahmedabad. Medical coding training and Medical specialty training in medical coding are some of Mede Sun Healthcare Solutions’ popular courses. Additionally, they offer affordable, high-quality education to interested students.

In fact, there are various topics covered in the online method of medical coding classes, including sample files for coding and billing, as well as five mock exams. Besides, students can choose the training timing per their requirements at any time.

The best part of this training is the one-on-one consultations with professionals. Additionally, after earning the certificate, one can enroll in CPC, CCS, and CCS-p. The institution delivers training with aims that will be helpful in the workplace.

So to be quite honest, the institution covers all of the modules in the online and offline classes. 

Moreover, they conduct a separate session to address the learners’ doubts prior to taking the test. Mentors offer homework for every module in order to monitor the aspirant’s improvement in their performance.

3. Acusis – Medical Coding Training in Ahmedabad

Contact No:- 80 2224 7626

It is one of the top academies to offer medical coding courses in Ahmedabad. Besides, they emphasis more on practical training. Access does offer competent medical coding specialists. This institute also generates in-depth expertise in medical coding. Moreover, they have certified trainers, above all. Nevertheless, the course lasts for three months.

4. Udemy

Udemy is an independently developed course network that enables educators to create and publish their courses while independently setting the cost and level of interest. As a result, the website offers thousands of paid and free courses on a range of academic and professional subjects. The medical coding course only takes an hour to complete and has had close to 7,000 pupils, earning it a 4.5-star rating.

These top medical coding courses are excellent for working professionals. Let’s say they desire to work in the medical coding industry and want to know more about possible careers.

The premier education offered by this Academy was established in 2018 to connect students with medical practice management for a reasonable price. Additionally, Udemy offers practice management and front desk administration courses.

During this course, students can learn about the routine duties of a medical coder, medical biller, and diagnostic and procedural coding. It covers the jobs you can perform remotely; this course is excellent for students seeking work-from-home positions.

5. Akode Medical Coding Institution –Medical Coding Classes in Ahmedabad

Contact No:- 72006 65226

For individuals in Ahmedabad who want to start learning about medical coding but may not have the funds to commit to a paid course, Akode Medical Coding Institution is a fantastic resource.

The website offers more than 50 videos in its reasonably priced medical coding training. As a result, this course’s subjects cover a range of ten crucial medical coding concepts, such as how to resolve claim disputes, an introduction to medical coding, setting up a firm and patients, and health insurance plans.

In such cases, you always have the choice to invest more deeply in the topics covered by purchasing the entire medical coding fundamentals course.

6. Resolute Medical Management – Medical Coding Academy in Ahmedabad

Contact No:- +1214-609-4499

One could study medical coding courses in Ahmedabad at Resolute Medical Management. Here learners learn the concept incrementally, emphasizing students acquiring more recent material. The lesson materials are simple for the students to understand.

Professionals with expertise, renown, and certification deliver the courses to the candidates. Additionally, the academy designed the training to help participants advance their careers. There is always help available for the students.

Further, this university uses a widely known curriculum, and students have access to the AAPC LMS.

7. EIO Healthcare 

Depending on the course level, the length of the course might range from hours to years. The medical coding certificate program lasts for three months.

The medical coding certificate program provided by EIO Healthcare in Ahmedabad is one of the most prestigious certificates that every company accepts. One of Ahmedabad’s top organizations for learning medical coding is this one. Moreover, to enroll in this course, a graduate degree is required.

The three modules of the course help the students translate medical diagnoses, procedures, services, and equipment into standard medical alphanumeric codes. As a result, after finishing this course, they assist prospective employees in getting in touch with businesses.


Medical coding courses in Ahmedabad are available at IGMPI for postgraduate degrees. A background in science, such as a B.Tech or B.Sc in microbiology, life sciences, botany, zoology, food science, food technology, BE, B.Pharma, etc., is required for this course. An undergraduate with any degree can apply for this course in general.

The course consists of 13 modules and lasts for an entire year. Additionally, they created this course structure with the help of some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the sector.

The courses are delivered both online and in real-time interactive sessions, allowing students to choose their preferred learning style. Additionally, all of these modules’ online classes take place on weekends, and a separate doubt-clearing session is held before the exam. In order to monitor applicants’ performance and evaluation development, assignments are assigned for each module.

9. Apex Medcom

One of the most outstanding medical coding courses in Ahmedabad is Apex Medcom, which largely focuses on exclusive training.

A free trial lesson can be scheduled by aspirants online or in person. Online students can also access the classroom sessions. The majority of these courses emphasize fundamental concepts and help students develop their foundational knowledge. They also provide valuable education for anyone just getting started in the industry.

A procedure for evaluating the student’s knowledge and progress is also a part of the course. They also offer various mock examinations and a one-month CPC practice session that enables learners with outstanding knowledge of medical coding principles to use this as a practice session before taking the objective assessment.

10. Elate Academy

In India, Elate Academy offers medical coding instruction that largely focuses on the fundamentals of the subject. All the medical coding modules required to prepare for the test are available to students.

At the AAPC learning site, one can also have access to the LMS of this course, along with more than a million mock exams, PowerPoint presentations, and more than a million interactive lessons available for Elate students. One can receive a free internship for one month after finishing this course.

The learner can complete the course at their own pace because of its flexible schedule.


Medical coding has recently been in high demand as a healthcare profession. India is the best offshore clinical billing and medical coding destination. An essential quality of medical coders is their high ethical standards. They have developed a generic prototype, regarded as critical work. They must pay close attention to minute details.

Medical coding is a lucrative career in India. It guarantees a job and job security. Because medical coding is unique, it allows an individual to work in and understand the back-end process of a healthcare facility. In contrast, the Medical profession job performs from home.

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What exactly is the significance of medical coding?

Ans: Medical coding of converting universal medical alphanumeric codes into uniform numeric codes for healthcare diagnoses, procedures, medical services, and equipment. The coders use these codes to collect patient data, process insurance claims with third-party players, and compile statistics to track specific diseases, treatments, etc.

How much does a medical coder make?

Ans: A medical coder’s starting salary is typically between Rs 4-6 lakhs per year, with experienced medical coders earning up to INR 15 lakh per year. In the United States, entry-level positions start at $35,000 (INR 2583162) per year, with experienced workers earning up to $58,000 (INR 4280669) per year.

How long will the course last?

Ans: A medical coding course can take anywhere from one to three years to complete.

Is there any internship available for the medical coding course?

Yes, different institutes provide internships for the medical coding course.

Are there any weekend sessions available for the medical coding course?

Yes,there are weekend sessions available for the medical coding course.Students can choose as per there wants.

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