Do you dream of becoming a certified medical biller? Then this page can help you to find the top 12 Medical Billing Courses in India.


 You become a certified medical biller after passing the certification exam and attending the medical billing course. Numerous offline and online institutions can train you to become a professional and prepare you for the exam. The medical billing course will give you in-depth information about human anatomy, physiology, health insurance, and claim processing. Medical terminology, legal and regulatory matters, and payment procedures should all be covered in the course curriculum.

With rising healthcare awareness, a changing lifestyle, and easier access to insurance, India’s healthcare sector is flourishing. Additionally, the need for qualified medical billers is expanding due to the expanding changes in insurance rules and technological improvements.

Currently, medical billing is one of the most challenging jobs, and healthcare practitioners rely heavily on professionals to get the job done. The role of a medical biller is to serve as a point of contact between the healthcare provider, the patient, and the payer, which is different from a typical billing job that requires certification. You will be handling the vital information about the patient’s treatment database and preparing the bill sent to the insurance company.

Top Medical Billing Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin

 Henry Harvin is one of the reputed and recognized names in the top corporate training. Conducted 5000+ online lessons every month and trained more than 300,000 students across various topics. Henry Harvin is among the top 100 Edtech firms in India and has more than 500 trainers who have won awards.

The Henry Harvin Medical Academy aims to upskill medical professionals in the most recent technologies and in-demand medical skill sets. It provides certifications, training, and courses in medicine. Henry Harvin is at the top of the list of the most outstanding courses accessible in the medical industry because their major goal is to produce 50000 medical experts.

Additionally, they assist students in preparing for the Certified Professional Biller (CPB) Exam.

Learn from subject matter specialists appointed by Henry Harvin Medical Academy, who has delivered more than 210 lectures and has more than ten years of work experience.

Henry Harvin offers medical billing courses in Mumbai; here, students can understand medical vocabulary thoroughly, especially those related to anatomy, diseases, procedures, diagnostic equipment, tests, and treatments.

Key Highlights

  • Eighty hours of a live and interactive online training program.
  • Projects in the HCPCS, ICD-10 CM, and CPT domains of medical billing.
  • Assistance with internships to develop practical knowledge
  • 100% Placement assistance and  Hallmark Certification as Certified Medical Biller
  • Accessibility to the tests, video content, and tools.
  •  Regular bootcamps
  • Availability of #AskHenry Hackathons and Contests
  • Henry Harvin Medical Academy Gold Membership
  • Learn in-depth about healthcare from the standpoint of medical billing.
  • Extensive knowledge of medical terminology, including euphemisms, acronyms, homophones, and antonyms

Course Fees: The total program fee for the Medical Billing course is Rs 89000 /

2. Med Pro American Health Care Solution

A reputable training academy, Med Pro American Health Care Solutions, offers its students with intensive instruction at a reasonable price. They provide qualified professionals and highly skilled trainers. One of the best medical billing instructors with USA certification is Med Pro.

Moreover, they offer a flexible timetable that is open to all students. Here you can get offline and online training. More than 400 students have been trained during 14 years of excellence. One of the best parts is that Students can clear their doubts with tutors anytime and dedicated customer support for aspirants. Med pro has placement support.


If you want to pursue postgraduate diplomas, IGMPI is the right option. This course is intended for students with a foundation in science, such as those who have completed B.Tech. or B.Sc. programs in microbiology, life sciences, botany, zoology, food science, food technology, BE, or B.Pharm. Additionally, a graduate with any degree is eligible to apply.

There are 13 modules in this course, which has a one-year duration. The course is updated and includes pertinent, real-world examples because it was created with the help of subject-matter experts in the business. The classes are delivered online and during interactive live sessions for particular subject areas, allowing students to select their preferred learning style.

However, a supplementary session is held before each of these modules’ online classes on weekends to address any questions. To monitor the development of the learner’s performance and evaluation, assignments are given for every module.

4. South Indian Medical Coding Academy

In India, SIMCA offers the top medical coding education. The training provided here has been endorsed by coaches who hold AAPC certifications. Moreover, basic medical coding, the Certified Procedural Coding Course (CPC), an internship for the ICD-10, and many other modules are covered in the medical coding course in India.

These courses’ training materials are updated and reflect the most recent developments in medical coding. The AAPC has authorized these resources and faculties. Both online and in-person seminars are offered for the fundamentals of medical coding. Therefore, for this course, no prior experience is required to complete it.

This 30-day course training is structured for quick learning. Further, relevant books, practice exams, coding projects, and other materials are all available to the students.

They offer regular evaluations for presentations, coding courses, panel discussions, and much more. The students receive a certificate of completion of their medical coding training.

5. Elate Academy

Elate Academy provides medical coding training programs emphasizing medical coding fundamentals in India. One may draw from this that in addition to all the medical coding, students will be able to get ready for the test.

The AAPC learning portal also offers access to the course’s modules and hundreds of sample exams, PowerPoint presentations, and interactive lectures, all of which are available to Elate students. After passing this course, students are also eligible for a free one-month externship.

The trainers are certified, and the online courses are adaptable, so students can learn at their own pace. In many Indian cities, there are medical training courses accessible.

6. Udemy

One of the popular online learning platforms in India is called Udemy. One can buy as many courses as one wants on Udemy. Additionally, it is possible to purchase several courses at once. In India, they provide several courses relating to medical coding. The Essential Skills of a Medical Coder, Medical Coding and Billing-Start a Promising Career, Medical Coding-Modifiers, and many more are just a few of the courses available.

The courses, as mentioned earlier, can all be purchased separately. Each course has a unique syllabus and set of modules. There are various sections to the course, and each segment offers a set of lectures specific to that topic. The courses are brief, and each has its own time limit for completion.

Each of these classes has a different instructor, and they all have professional expertise. Every student would get lifetime access to the course they paid for. Each course would also contain articles, downloadable materials, assignments (if any), a certificate of accomplishment, and several hours of on-demand videos, depending on the course.

7. CIGMA Medical Coding Academy

One would receive at Cigma a formal education on medical coding courses in India. Here, learning is accomplished step-by-step, emphasizing the student’s exploration of more recent subjects and utilizing manageable learning materials.

The course instructors are skilled experts in the subject who have earned worldwide certifications and training. Besides, the training is career-centric for the students. The curriculum for the course is also well-versed. There is always assistance from the staff available for the students.

With an internationally renowned curriculum, the courses are instructor-led online training and on-site, regular classroom instruction, and students can access the AAPC LMS.

They offer a variety of courses, including ones on medical billing, medical transcription, and medical coding and coding.

Each course they provide has a different length, ranging from hours to years. The three-month medical coding and billing certificate program offers sessions online, in-person during regular business hours, and on weekends.

8. Medesun Healthcare Solution

 Medes offers several courses in the area of medical coding in India. Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing, Medical Coding Specialty Training, and Other Countries Coding are a few of the courses. Medes strives to provide students with an affordable, high-quality education.

For the Medical Billing and Coding course, they provide both online training and classroom training choices. In addition to sample files for coding and billings, five mock tests and other topics are covered in the online format of Indian medical coding courses.

One can plan the lesson at a time that is convenient for them when learning online. One-on-one sessions with knowledgeable instructors benefit this course and will aid in capturing students’ attention.

After completing the course, one can obtain the required certificate, such as the CPC, CCS, or CCS-P. On the other hand, classroom instruction focuses solely on certification and career-related objectives. Expert trainers deliver medical coding classes.

The course contains 5 CPC mock tests, CPC/CCS exam book advice, free training materials, practice sessions, extended study hours, and much more. Additionally, they offer weekly and daily testing. The course training lasts for two months and consists of five days of 2-hour courses per week. The classes are held in batches.

9. Apex Medcom

One of the best medical coding courses available in India is offered by Apex Medcom, which primarily focuses on online training. However, they also offer both online and offline course training. The online courses are not recorded; they are live training sessions. They offer many courses that can be finished in a few months. The online courses feature a variety of materials, including videos, slides, demo projects, diagrams, and more.

More than ten years of industry expertise are by the instructors that lead the courses. Only a small number of pupils are allowed in each batch as the classes are conducted in batches. Both evening and weekend batches are options for completing the classes. For students, the study resources are free.

Additionally, a free trial lesson can be scheduled online or in person. The online students can also access the classroom sessions. The majority of these courses emphasize the essentials and aid students in enhancing their foundational knowledge. They offer the program that is best for those just entering the field.

Assessments are also a part of the curriculum to gauge students’ knowledge and development. They also provide many practice exams and a one-month CPC practice period, which enables students who have a solid understanding of medical coding and billing regulations to use this as a practice test before taking the exam.

10. Acusis Medical coding in India

Acusis offers professional opportunities in the home-based medical transcribing industry as well as medical coding training in India. Their main goal is to establish lucrative careers for creative people. E-learning courses are available for the medical coding courses at Acusis Medical Coding Courses in India.

The students in this course would gain mastery over the medical coding course. The three-month Medical Coding Training course and the one-month free preparation course for the CPC (Certified Professional Coder) and COC (Certified Outpatient Coder) certifications are the courses that are offered at AMCT for this topic.

11. ASAP

A medical coding and billing certificate program is available via ASAP, a government-owned business in Kerala. This is one of the certificate programs in medical coding in India. So to enroll in this course, a graduate degree is required. The 254-hour course is delivered entirely online. The three modules of the course assist students in converting healthcare diagnoses, practices, services, and equipment into a universal medical alphanumeric code. After this training, they help prospective employees get in touch with potential employers.

12. Resolve

In Mumbai, Resolve provides medical billing training. This training center meets your exam needs, supports you through all scheduled events stages, and offers solutions. Resolve’s key goals are to boost efficiency, promote innovation, and improve health outcomes.

Moreover, Certification in medical billing and coding is offered. Here you will get both online and in-person instruction. Another benefit is 15 days of free exam preparation and an unlimited supply of practice questions. Lastly, all Certified Candidates who successfully complete the training program are given placement assistance.


One of the most adopted coding techniques worldwide is medical coding courses. This approach has a history of success in the medical industry. This approach reduces the error rate dramatically while simultaneously speeding up the process and saving time. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the medical coder to maintain good records. To complete this task, a coder must know and recall thousands of ailments, diseases, treatments, and diagnoses. Hence it is not an ordinary or simple profession.

Medical coders must scrutinize a patient’s records, consider all pertinent information, assign the proper codes, and enter the information into the computer. This is a continual process. As the record of a person’s health is contained in the medical coding, the work requires the medical coder to be attentive.

In recent years, this degree has also grown popular in India, where many graduates are now pursuing Medical Coding courses in India. Passing the medical coding course would be advantageous for becoming one and would be necessary for the industry. Some different universities offer the most outstanding medical coding courses.


Will taking a course in medical billing be challenging?

Ans: Even though the course is challenging and contains medical terminology, it is not impossible. You can become a qualified medical biller with the right education and training.

What is the value of medical billing courses in India?

Ans: You can take advantage of the best opportunities by learning from an institute that thoroughly covers medical terminology and exam-oriented topics to pass the exam.

What does a medical biller make in India?

Ans: In India, a medical biller’s yearly income is typically approximately Rs 2.2 lakhs.

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