Seeking a top-notch medical billing training institute in your vicinity? Well, we got you covered. This article will guide you navigate the Top 12 Medical Billing Courses in Bangalore.   


Over years, the advancement in healthcare facilities has peaked in services that reflect in the contentment of its clients. One such progress is medical billing which has made the managing medical process all the more convenient and hassle-free. Medical billing is the process of collecting fees for medical services. Also called a claim, medical billing reflects the charges for the services rendered and ensures correct and timely payment of the same. Moreover, medical billing can be directly managed by the physician, by their staff, or administered by a third party. A third party involves an independent contractor or a company specializing in medical billing.

In recent years medical billing companies have evolved in their services backed with advanced technology. As the market is on a rise, many reputed companies are in quest of hiring talented medical billers. In essence, the role of a medical biller is to take the codes prepared by the medical coder and submit claims to the insurance company. Moreover, it is imperative to acquire solid technical skills, to build a profession in the field of medical billing. Begin your training today for a better outcome in the future.

Top 12 Medical Billing Courses in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin

From all aspects of medical terminologies including anatomy, diseases, procedures, and diagnostic tools to medical billing Henry Harvin Medical Academy continues to offer the best courses to all its candidates. Grab yourself an opportunity to become an expert in these medical terminologies and gain guidance on the certified professional biller exams. Moreover, the course will assist you to master all three major coding manuals, CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II including the application of medical necessity standards. Furthermore, gain insights into the legal regularity considerations involved in health care reimbursements and collections. With over 180 corporate partners and 110+ college partners, more than 1000 candidates have benefited from this course. With the world’s leading certification platform building a career in medical billing and coding is only a month away. The training certification process undergoes a pattern of counseling and registration, completing the training in medical billing course, assessment, and lastly earning a certification.

Key Highlights

  • Learn from industry experts with over 10 of experience
  • Globally recognized curriculum
  • One-year-old Gold membership of Medical Academy
  •  9 in 1 program (T.P.I.C.P.E.B.H.M)
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Alumni Status

Other Related Courses

  • Medical Coding Course
  • Inpatient Coding Course


AAPC’s Medical Billing Certification prepares students with the skills to maintain all aspects of the revenue cycle. Moreover, it guides in preparing for the Certified Professional Biller exam (CPB). The course covers key topics such as understanding the various types of insurance plans, expertise in applying payer policy, LCDs, NCDs, navigation of healthcare industry rules, etc. Candidates can acquire knowledge of CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II guidelines. Furthermore, the rigorous examinations enable candidates to you to recognize their earning potential based on the job responsibility. Besides, the CPB credentials are imperative for the financial success of professional healthcare services.

Key Highlights

  • Credential verification
  • Exam tips
  • webinars
  • workshops
  • Instructor-led online training

3. Apex Medcom

Apex Medcom is a quality training institute, specializing in medical billing and coding courses in Bangalore. Moreover, the Apex Medcom team analyzes students and caters to their needs. Not only does it focus on imparting key knowledge of the subject but also tracks the progress of the students. The seasoned staff delivers the course allowing the students to build a strong foundation in medical billing and coding. With a series of a practice tests, students can re-brush their knowledge of the previous topic. This in turn enables them to be skilled in every aspect of the medical billing and coding industry.

Key Highlights

  • Placement Offer
  • Expert trainers
  • Flexible curriculum

4. Aldos Institute

Aldos Institute provides advanced medical billing and coding programs in Bangalore. The extensive onsite and online training fully equips the candidate for the AAPC/ AHIMA/ MCPA certification exams. These medical certifications validate your expertise in the field of medical billing. The dedicated team curates the course to meet the expectation of the candidates. Moreover, the comprehensive curriculum of the medical billing course aids in building a strong foundation for advanced levels. Aldos Institute recognizes the need to excel and thus serves the best of its candidates.

Key Highlights

  • Instructor-led Training
  • Preparation for certification exams
  • Practice test
  • Industry-oriented training


IIHMR Bangalore, Institute of Health Management Research is acknowledged as The Top Business School in India 2021 in the Knowledge Review Magazine. Furthermore, it has secured a rank in India’s top 50 Non- IIMs B-school survey 2021 The Academic Insights. The industry-based mentorship along with living project participation allows the students to gain necessary exposure in the real-time scenario. Moreover, with over 4000 strong alumni based across the globe, IIHMR has established a position in the medical industry. A digital classroom, equipped with study materials enables the student to experience quality learning. Subsequently, outcome-based education proves beneficial in securing a good position in the industry.

Key Highlights

  • 100% Placement Assistance & Mentoring
  • National & Overseas Collaboration with Key Health Organization
  • 1000+ Training Programs for Industry Professionals
  • Industry-Academia Mentorship


BCRI is India’s largest leading clinical research training organization. Over years, it has enabled students to carve out a career in the medical billing and coding industry. BCRI provides online and on-campus training with a comprehensive curriculum. Along with the Medical billing and coding module, the course allows you to develop soft skills necessary to move up the corporate ladder in the medical industry. Moreover, the innovative approach to learning enables the student to apply the skills acquired during the course. BCRI provides updated medical billing and coding certification content ensuring job-ready students at the end of the course.

Key Highlights

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Hands-on training
  • Master medical terminologies
  • Expert trainers

7. Udemy

As the largest global destination for online learning, Udemy continues to connect the world through knowledge. It offers a platform for taking multiple courses and broadening the career horizon. Moreover, passionate instructors cater to the industry’s needs in an agile manner. In addition, the team curate up-to-date courses matching the fresh trends in the market places. Furthermore, the course is inclusive of beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The medical billing course provides the student with necessary sources and excellent knowledge delivery. The course will help you strategize the path ahead in the medical industry.

Key Highlights

  • 75+ Languages
  • Flexible timings
  • Practice test
  • Quizzes  
  • Curriculum exercise

8. Cardea Healthcare

Cardea Healthcare Solutions is one of the leading Medical Billing and Coding Training Centre based in Bangalore. The multi-certified trainers at Cardea with over 10 years of experience in the field deliver quality training to all its candidates. Furthermore, the Training and Consultancy Centre employs a practical approach to training on industry requirements. Cardea Healthcare Solutions is receptive to evolving technologies and new opportunities to serve the best to its clients. Over the years, the institute has helped more than 400 professionals shape their careers in the medical industry. Candidates are first introduced to basic training and gradually given exposure to core subjects to fully understand the intended area of the work. 

Key Highlights

  • AAPC accredited
  • Expert Trainers
  • Hands-on Training

9. Indian Healthcare BPO

Indian Healthcare BPO is among the esteemed training and education provider in Bangalore. Moreover, it provides training and placement programs in various areas such as clinical research, data management, and regulatory affairs including medical coding and medical billing courses. Furthermore, the comprehensive curriculum is reviewed by a panel of industry experts. The administrative support efficiently resolves student grievances and acknowledges the need to meet career goals. The course provides all the necessary resources for quality learning. Indian Healthcare BPO has helped countless candidates shape their careers through their placement programs.   

Key highlights

  • Interactive training
  • Hand-on learning
  • Industry-oriented curriculum
  • Real-time trainers with over 10 years of experience
  • 100% placement support

10. Omnizz Healthcare Training Solutions

Omizz Healthcare Solutions is a leading Medical Coding and Medical Billing training center located in Bangalore. The expert trainers deliver extensive training in medical coding and billing catering to the needs of each candidate. Furthermore, the easy-to-understand curriculum builds a strong foundation for the subject. Besides, the interactive session creates an environment for boosting learning among the candidates. The knowledge and skills acquired at Omnizz Healthcare Solutions equip candidates to secure jobs in MNC companies.

Key Highlights

  • On-site training
  • Demo class
  • Examination guidance
  • Performance assessment

11. Medical Billing Course and Certification

Medical Billing Course.Com is the topmost nationally recognized medical billing online course and certification provider. The medical billing course covers core subjects and all aspects of medical terminologies. Moreover, the course equips the candidate the revenue cycle management. The course guides acquiring nationally recognized certifications such as Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMBP), P2 Medical Billing Certification, and HIPPA Certification. Furthermore, the course is designed in line with the industrial demands. The online medical training allows flexibility in completing the course with ease.

Key Highlights

  • Flexible
  • Online course
  • Exam techniques and strategies
  • Master expertise in medical billing

12. BMCC

BMCC is a diverse training and education community committed to providing quality courses to all its students. The online medical billing course equips the candidates to undertake challenges in real-time scenarios. Moreover, the online interactive training aids in active participation as well as clearing doubts and queries. The practice modules provided after the completion of the course prepare the candidates for certification exams, demonstrating their expertise in the field.

Key Highlights

  • Exam preparation
  • Practice test
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Prompt Support

Medical Billing Process  

Medical billing is a process in which the healthcare organizations submit claims to payers, reflecting the services rendered. Medical billing begins when the patient registers at the office or hospital. Medical Billers typically administer and manages billing processes often for an insurance office or a medical facility. In the Front-end Medical Billing process, the administrative staff informs patients of their financial responsibility after ensuring patients complete information including home address and insurance coverage. The verification process of the patient’s health plan which covers the requested services is undertaken.

Back-end- billing, together, medical coders and billers create a “superbill”, according to AAPC. This superbill typically includes provider information, patient information, and visit information. The Medical biller submits the claims directly to the payer or uses a third-party organization such as a clearinghouse. Once the claims reach the payer, adjunction begins. The payers can then deny, accept or reject claims. Moreover, the payers send Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) forms to the provider organizations. Subsequently, based on the reasons, billers can correct and resubmit the claims for reimbursement.

 On receiving reimbursement for a successful claim, medical billers create statements for patients. The providers will then typically charge the patient the difference between the rate on their chargemaster and what the payer reimbursed. It is the responsibility of the medical biller to follow up with patients’ accounts in aging A/R batches. This is done to remind patients to pay their bills and ensure the organization receives its respective revenue. Once the medical biller receives the total balance of a patient’s financial responsibility and payer reimbursement for a claim, they can close the patient’s account and conclude the medical billing and coding cycle.  

Role of a Medical Biller

In essence, a medical biller manages medical billing processes, often for an insurance company or medical facility. The role typically includes the following:

  • Managing medical billing for patients
  • Accurate update of patient’s information
  • Generating invoices and processing payments
  • Update billing software as needed  
  • Submitting reimbursement requests to private, state, and employer insurance
  • To develop payment arrangements for self-paying patients
  • Prompt accurate data entering and proper records handling
  • Undertaking follow-ups on insurance claims, including denials, payments, and requests
  • Required consult with patient’s family
  • Post received payments and document payment records and issues
  • Initiating private pay collections on insurance cancellation, denial, or other issues
  • Resolving client queries and issues
  • Assisting patients along with their families in applying for health credit programs and other financial solutions

How to become a medical biller


Upon completing graduation or equivalent certification, the next step is to review a list of intended medical billing courses. It is imperative to enroll in an in-demand and update courses to remain up-to-date amidst industrial changes. A medical biller is expected to have at least a high school diploma, skills, certifications, and skills. Moreover, the skills acquired throughout the course enable the candidate to be fully equipped for the job.


Professional certifications aid in validating a professional’s qualifications to current and future employers. Medical billers can earn certifications to stand out among others. Moreover, a billing certification is a great way to earn a competitive edge in the job market. Here are some of the certifications you may want to consider to boost your career.

  • Certified Professional Biller
  • Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS)
  • Certified Professional Coder (CPC)

Work Experience

Gaining relevant work experience is a great way to advance your career in medical billing. Many medical billers typically apply for entry-level jobs or support roles. It is important to review the desired job roles and apply for the positions you qualified for. Furthermore, the experience gained can then be used for an advanced role in medical billing.


A compelling resume highlighting your skills and achievements is a to secure a desired position in the medical industry. As a medical biller, you are required to list your qualifications including certifications and work experience in the resume. Moreover, keep it concise, relevant, and clear, reflecting your potential.


Building a network allows you to interact and work with like-minded people in your respective field. The evolving technologies and industries have made it all the more important to expand one’s network. This indeed has given rise to many networking communities sharing knowledge and ideologies in general.

Other skills

Organization skills

Being a medical biller requires gathering and arranging data from multiple sources. Here’s where organization skills come into play. Organizing is vital to ensure accuracy.

Communication skills

Like any other profession, communication skill is a must for an organization to strive. Interacting effectively with medical professionals, insurance companies, and patients. It is imperative to communicate effectively whether in person, over telecom, or by email to gather information, handle payments and resolve any queries or issues.

Technical skills

Medical billers primarily generate invoices, update information, document records, and communicate with insurance companies and patients. Besides, the ability to undertake basic office skills such as using copiers, scanners, printers, fax machines, phones, etc, the professionals are expected to be skilled in word processing, spreadsheet, and billing software.

Analyzing skills

Analyzing skills involves understanding physician diagnoses and applying the appropriate codes for billing and identifying errors. Moreover, studying medical terminologies, anatomy, and disease treatments can aid in developing a strong foundation of medical knowledge.


The Covid-19 Pandemic posted several challenges to the healthcare industries in recent years. Subsequently, various changes were prompted to medical billing and coding processes. For instance, medical billers and coders had to determine new codes and reimbursement policies with the emergence of the virus. However, the occurrence of the virus has created awareness and increased health insurance purchases. Furthermore, medical billing and coding are integral healthcare revenue cycle processes. Ensuring smooth and timely payment of the services rendered, allows the provider organizations to be open to delivering care to patients.

Medical billing course is growing in demand as the ever-increasing number of patients, hospital admissions and insurance is driving growth in the healthcare sector. The above-mentioned top 12 medical courses in Bangalore will guide you in paving a career path in the healthcare industry. Become a highly paid professional or freelancer after successful completion of the medical billing course. Moreover, add value to your CV by acquiring in-demand medical billing certifications.

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Q. Can a non-medical student enroll in Medical Billing Course?

A. Yes, numerous institutes offer specialized training to non-medical candidates. The module mainly includes human anatomy, medical terminologies, prefix-suffix, and abbreviation classes.

Q. What is the difference between Medical Billing and Coding?

A. Both Medical Billing and Coding deal with the medical records of the patients. However, Medical Coding involves reviewing a patient’s record and extracting billable information from the medical record and clinical documentation. Whereas Medical Billing on the other hand uses those codes to audit, process, submit and follow up claims with insurance companies for the services rendered by the provider organization.

Q. What is the nominal cost of Medical Billing Course?

A. Medical billing course fees typically range from 10000 to 1,00000 depending upon the level of proficiency and reputation of the institute.

Q. What is the average salary of a Medical Biller?

A. Medical biller’s salary primarily ranges from 0.2 lakhs to 4.8 lakhs with an average annual salary of 2.2 lakhs.

Q. What are the criteria to take the certification exam?

A. Interested candidates should have at least completed high school graduation or equivalent certification to complete the Medical Billing course and take the certification exam.

Q. Are there demo classes available for the Medical Billing Course?

A. Yes, numerous Medical Billing Course providers offer demo classes to give insights into learning methods and course structure.

Q. What is the approximate duration for competing the Medical Billing Course?

A. It generally takes about 3 to 8 months or less to complete a Medical Billing Course.

Q. What are the different types of Medical Billing Systems?

A. There are three types of Medical Billing Systems namely:
Closed Medical Billing Systems
Open Medical Billing Systems
Isolated Medical Billing Systems

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