Are you looking for a career path in the healthcare industry? You can consider online medical billing and coding degree which will allow you to work and earn. Moreover, The Professional was responsible for processing the codes and keeping tracking the patient’s information. And of course, they communicate with insurance companies. However, The medical billers and coders work with organizational skills. In fact, To become a medical biller or coder you might likely have to complete a training program or certificate program on medical billing courses online. Listed below are the Top 10 medical billing courses online.

1. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin has quality and uniqueness. Without a doubt, Henry Harvin® is an ISO 29990:2010  International Standard for learning services for training services and non-formal education certified and audited by UKAF and more. It is among the top 100 Edtech firms and also has more than 500 trainers.

 Nevertheless, Henry Harvin Academy focuses to upskill medical professionals with recent technologies. However, It offers certifications and courses in medicine. On the other hand It is the top of the most outstanding courses convenient in the medical field. Its main goal is to bring out 50000 medical experts. 

Additionally, they boost students in preparing for the CPB Exam.  Indeed, This academy has delivered more than 215 lectures and at the same time, it has more than ten years of experience. This prestigious institution offers medical billing courses in many cities like Agra, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune and also online. This helps the students to understand medical vocabulary.

The highlights of this course

  • Live and interactive training program  for  8 hours
  • In-depth knowledge of healthcare from the point of medical billing
  • Accessibility to all the tests, tools, and video content
  • Hallmark certification as a certified medical biller
  • Internship to obtain practical knowledge
  • 100% placement  assistance
  • Gold Membership
  • Bootcamp sessions
  • Projects in medical billing domains like HCPCS, ICD-10 
  • The  program fee for the Medical Billing course is Rs 89000 /

2 . Bryant and Stratton College – Medical billing course online

The affordable associate degree in Medical Remuneration and Coding at Bryant & Stratton College matches learners’ capabilities to the career track that is suited for them. The degree is designed for particular individuals with former data processing experience. Aspirants can choose between a physician track and a hospital track, depending on their career goals and the field in which they would most like to work. similarly, the online medical coding degree produces students for certification by the American Health Information Management Association and the American academy of professional coders.

The net Price of the course for 1 year is $,616 and the total score is 80.3

3. Laurus College-Medical billing online

Nearly one-fifth of all scholars at Laurus College are enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding occupational associate degree; in such a large program, students who enroll at Laurus can assure that they are getting the best of the academy’s resources. The program highlights the significance of medical coders in the growing healthcare field as insurance regulations become stricter and insurance options expand. In fact, these Potential careers for Laurus graduates include health information clerk, medical office manager, medical records technician, and billing and coding, specialist.

The net Price of this course is $10,051 for a year

4. Rasmussen College-Medical billing course online

The medical billing course online at Rasmussen College is known for its sheer variety of classes and courses available to students in the healthcare industry. Scholars can choose from a Medical Billing and Coding certificate. Of course, this course takes twelve months to complete, and also a Medical Billing and Coding diploma course takes fifteen months. In fact, it prepares graduates for the American Health Information Management Association certification exam. It is a national standard of achievement. Rasmussen also provides a certain level of financial stability to its learners; Education costs are locked in place so that learners know exactly how they will pay.

5. Berkeley College -medical billing course online

Berkeley college‘s medical billing course online academy ranks top. It demonstrates the academy’s offline class and online class that prepares the aspirants for a range of careers.

 The coursework covers subjects in Healthcare and in Business. It is designed to educate the learner about strengthening the dynamics of the healthcare industry, Nevertheless, the students. get first-hand experience through externship credits and an examination of the course. It is true that the learners learn about the newest technologies in use in the field. The associate degree also can effortlessly transit into a bachelor’s degree, or be combined with a number of affiliated associate degrees. The net price of this course is $545 for a year. 

6. Vista college-Medical billing course online

Vista college‘s medical insurance billing and coding course online maps out effective learning. On the other hand, Vista‘s medical insurance billing takes 10 months to complete. And also it’s medical insurance billing and coding associate degree takes18 months. This medical coding school needs the students to finish a foundation segment before getting into the advanced-level courses so that they can fully process the material. The aspirants were allowed to repeat online courses and assignments as often as they need. At the same time, it improves retention and hence excels after graduation. The net price of this course is $ 16.330 per year

7. Grantham University-medical coding online

Medical coding and billing online associate of applied science degree at Grantham University bestows a cheap, high-quality medical coding degree that emphasizes the significance of a well-rounded education. Indeed, this course includes classes in Public Speaking, American Government, College Algebra, Student Success, English Competition, and Strategies for Decision Making in addition to the medical coding and billing program training. of course, these classes help graduates develop their knowledge and also keep their skills sharp. Without a doubt, these skills can make all the difference during a job search. Grantham also shows how helpful it is to learn medical coding and billing together. The net price of this course is $11,773 per year. 

 8. Virginia college

Virginia College offers an online associate degree in Healthcare reimbursement. It has a unique and varied curriculum. Of course, it is ideal for everyone and especially those who want a firm foundation in the industry. Nevertheless, this course is designed to prepare the aspirants to work anywhere from private practices to healthcare consulting to insurance companies. Human anatomy to pathophysiology and medical law and ethics are some of the course range. The degree gets less than two years to complete this course .on the other hand this college reports that it provides a 70% job placement rate for its graduates. The net price of this course is $ 11,302 per year. 

9. Stratford University- medical billing online course

The medical billing online degree at Stratford University is the best choice for aspirants who want to focus on the business aspect of the healthcare field. The course is designed to train learners for the business and financial departments of hospitals and medical facilities. In fact, After completing the online associate in Applied science in Medical insurance billing and coding degree, the aspirants are eligible for certification by the American Health Information Management Association and the American Academy of Procedural Coders. The Stratford degree designs the graduates for work as medical assistants, billing clerks,   medical secretaries, and medical records technicians. For instance, past graduates can find job opportunities in-home care agencies and senior living facilities. The net price of this course is $ 25,000 per year

10. Cosumnes River college

The aspirants at Consumnes River College get an affordable education and excellent basic knowledge for a career in medical coding. Of course, it is considered a cheap online medical billing and coding school. Likewise, it provides a Health Information Coding certification that needs two years to complete the course. The curriculum of this college covers the basics of both information technology and the healthcare field. It provides courses from Basic ICD Coding to Human Disease. In fact, the environmentally conscious college offers a vital number of other certificates in Business technology, STEM, Health, and language fields for learners who want to take their education to the next level.

Wrap up

To conclude,  There are a number of fantastic jobs in the healthcare industry.  Indeed, you can be part of the thriving industry and you can work behind the scenes with a career in medical billing and coding. Nevertheless, it is an administrative job and also it has grown along with the other careers in the healthcare industry. Since the healthcare industry is such a huge one, there are vast job opportunities that are growing at a rapid pace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job opportunity in medical billing and coding career is projected to grow at a rate of 22%and this is far above the average.  As I said, the average position grows by a rate of about 5-8%by comparison and it means that the outlook is very good for the profession.


Q.1. Name  the Jobs  that are Related to Medical Coding and Billing

Certified Medical Biller, Medical coder, Health information specialist, Medical Records receptions, Diagnostic Radiology, and Medical coding Auditor.

Q .2 .Name some of the most common personality and skill-related traits that medical billing and coding professionals must have.

Patient, sharp on the computer, communicates with various types of people, remains calm and friendly,detail-oriented, and organized.

 Q 3  What is the salary of a Medical Biller?

The salary ranges from 0.2 lakhs to 4.8 lakhs with an average annual salary of 2.2 lakhs for a medical biller.



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    As mentioned in this blog, taking a medical billing course online is one of the most effective methods for improving skills. It is more preferable to select high-quality posts to get quality content . Henry Harvin is to be thanked for sharing the massive list of medical billing.I hope that many users benefit from it.

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