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Graduates of Medical Billing Courses in Delhi have always been an integral part of Hospital Administration worldwide.


Medical Billing Courses in Delhi offer to bridge the ever-growing demand for Medical Administrators and Billing agents in hospitals around Delhi.

Who can learn Medical Billing courses?

Medical Billing courses are open to anyone who has an interest in their career in administration and management of complicated processes.

Minimum Eligibility 

The minimum eligibility to apply for Medical Billing Courses in Delhi is a certificate of 10th Pass from a recognized awarding body (CBSE, ICSE, Delhi state board or other international recognitions are also accepted).

Skills in Medical Billing courses in Delhi

The skills learnt are transferrable to many fields- from business management, Marketing and record-keeping and Auditing.

How can I learn from Medical billing courses in Delhi?

Medical Billing Courses are available by numerous Institutions in Delhi.

Teaching Methods

They focus mainly on Guided Meetings held by Trainers and regular feedback sessions

You are also provided relevant course material to ace your chances for success.

About Delhi

Popular Landmarks in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of the Republic of India.

Delhi is internally subdivided into ‘old’ Delhi and New Delhi- the seat of Central power in India.

Rapid Growth

Delhi is now rapidly growing into a large Commercial Marketplace- numerous Retail and Business outlets have set up shops in Delhi.

Delhi for International Audiences

It is also home to numerous International Delegations and Embassies, 

and the City of New Delhi also has the honour of having hosted numerous Extravagant Events in the years past- The Cricket World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Asia Games among many others.

Now, the top 12 Medical Billing courses in Delhi are

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin provides Medical Billing Courses in Delhi under its flagship Elite medical academy of Henry Harvin.

There are now more than 200,000 students who have Successfully Benefitted from Henry Harvin’s Medical Billing Course.

Henry Harvin Promise

Henry Harvin’s Medical Billing course is aimed to cover the length and breadth of the Medical Insurance Industry and make you career-ready.

There are now more than 200,000 students who have Successfully Benefitted from Henry Harvin’s Medical Billing Course in Delhi. 


It provides full and accurate information on Medical Insurance Industry.

  • Provides information on the reimbursement facilities offered 
  • Guides you to file Medical Reimbursement claims correctly
  • And prepares you for Certified Professional Biller Examination(CPB)

Benefits of Henry Harvin

They offer 9 in 1 advantage with your subscription to the Medical Billing course in Delhi.

9 in 1 Benefits 

  • Training with expert trainers for 80+ hours of guaranteed instruction on the nuances of medical billing and claims.
  • Projects and assignments to help you understand the concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Internship with Henry Harvin Elite Medical Academy and its partners, ensuring you get real-world exposure 
  • Certification from Henry Harvin and assistance with the CPB Examination
  • Placement with Henry Harvin Partner institutes in Delhi, to help you improve
  • E-Learning; The courses by Henry Harvin Medical Billing courses have now firmly moved online.
    • Students can get access to E-learning materials via the LMS Application and other useful intel on the Course website
    • Bootcamps and Hackathons are organized by the team of Henry Harvin, where you have a chance to compete with the best in the country.
  • Gold Membership by Henry Harvin offers additional memberships such as lifetime access to course content, Job assistance and CPB Training.

That’s Great!!

Tell me more about the Henry Harvin Medical Billing course in Delhi

Henry Harvin offers Medical Billing Courses for candidates in Delhi.

What will you learn?

  1. In the course, You will how to use complicated medical jargon- synonyms, antonyms
  2. And you learn major Billing Regulations in the market-CPT, ICD-10M, and HCPCS Level II.


Prices for the Medical Billing course are on the Henry Harvin Website.


To Learn more, reach out to Henry Harvin!

They are on the website and on Whatsapp.


logo of AAPC

AAPC offers medical billing courses in Delhi.

Classes are available online for interested students.

About AAPC

AAPC founded in 1988, provides quality assistance for numerous physician courses online.

courses in AAPC

In AAPC has 28 different medical courses and boasts a large number of alumni.

Let us know about the AAPC Medical Billing Course

The AAPC Medical billing courses in Delhi offer both self-paced training and Live instructor-led Courses

Courses are held by trainers with instruction manuals and guides for students

Course Requirements

AAPC Courses are offers self-paced guides and instructor manuals

Additional Courses in AAPC

AAPC Medical billing courses in Delhi also recommended its Sister courses in Medical Billing and coding to get more exposure in the subject.


Check out the AAPC website for more details.

Further information on Course Plans and structures is also available there


The AAPC website has further information on its Medical Billing Courses in Delhi.

3. Additional Skill Acquisition Programme(ASAP)

ASAP offers recognized Medical Billing Courses in Delhi.

About ASAP

ASAP is a chartered company under the Government of Kerala, India.

ASAP courses

The courses by ASAP have benefitted numerous students all over India.

They also offer complimentary Medical and Paramedical courses.

ASAP Medical Billing Course

ASAP Offers a Certificate Programme in Medical Coding & Medical Billing course in Delhi.

Class Timings

The Classes are held in the mornings and are online forever.

Course Details

As this is a professional course, All candidates are expected to have Graduated/Graduate Degrees in University.

Class Intakes

They have regular Intakes for students, The next is scheduled in May.

Course features

You are thought basic skills in Medical billing and coding.

  • Medical billing theories and concepts are introduced too.
  • You are also introduced to necessary Medical jargon to help in your internship.

Job Placements

70% job placement guarantee is provided.

Course Eligibility

This is a graduate-level course, aimed at students who have cleared graduate and higher-level examinations in Medical, Paramedical and allied subjects.


There is an upper age limit of 30 years to attend the course, however.


Prices for the CPMB medical billing course in Delhi are mentioned on the website.


Lookup for the ASAP Medical billing course in Delhi for further information.

Medical billing cycle-graphic

4. Odyssey Informatics

Odyssey Informatics has provided detailed courses on  Medical Billing courses in Delhi.

About Odyssey Informatics

Odyssey Informatics is a service located in Delhi, that provides Medical Coding and Medical Billing courses.

Worldwide Clients

They also offer Medical Billing courses in Delhi for American and Australian Clients.

Odyssey Informatics Medical Billing Course

Medical Billing courses in Delhi are accessible with Odessey Informatics.

Course Style

They offer One-one Online classes for students in skype.

Course details

Students are thought about the American and Australian methods of Medical billing.

You are also assisted to clear the CPC Certification exam.

Job Placements

Job Placements are provided after certification is done

What you will learn?

  1. You will learn Basic Acronyms, Terminologies
  2. Learn about human anatomy 
  3. About CPC, CCS and other competence exams


Mock Papers and Guides are given as part of the course.

Course Requirements

The candidate must have the recommended coursebooks before enrolling to class


The course is offered in its three variants

The details of us are in the website


Search for Odyssey Informatics in Google to learn more.

5. US Career Institute

USCareer Institute offers Medical billing courses. Medical billing courses in Delhi, offered are self-paced courses held online.

About US Career Institute

In The US Career Institute offers Self-paced courses for its numerous certificate and Online degree courses.

The courses are accredited and recognized with appropriate certifications

US Career Institute Medical Billing courses

Medical Billing courses in Delhi offered by the US Career Institute are affordable and provide real-world experience.

About Course

Courses are held online and in-demand with experienced trainers.


Course materials are freely available online or physical copies are available.

Bundles of books are also available.

What will you learn?

  • You learn about basic Medical practices
  • Human Anatomy and features of the human body
  • Emergency Medical techniques First Aid, CPR
  • As well as In-depth information on Medical insurance
  • Theories on Medical Claims and Practices used.


Prices are available as per the demand of course


To learn more, check out the US Career Institute website

6. Xperthealthcaregroup

Xpert offers Medical Billing courses.


The Medical Billing courses are separated for convenience

We shall discuss the Medical billing courses in Delhi offered.

About Xpert healthcare group

Xperthealthcaregroup has long experience in training medical professionals.

They offer courses in numerous subjects with their premier offerings in the Medical Coding and Medical Billing courses.

Xpert healthcare group Medical Billing course

Medical Courses in Delhi offered by the Xpert group are inexpensive and come with numerous benefits.

Course features

The course looks into the world of Medical claims

It is an online course with recordings available.

What will you learn? 

  • Its processes and theories
  • Also, information on Patient data, how to retrieve it from hospital records


Medical Billing courses and other courses prices are available on the Xperthealthcaregroup website.


Check out further details on the website

7. University of Cincinnati

UC offers Medical Coding and Medical Billing courses online.

Advantages of UC online course

Online courses ensure you too can learn Medical Billing courses in Delhi.

About the University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati is a premier University in the US.

Along with their numerous online credit courses available, they also have a degree and post-graduate courses.

UC Online

They have pioneered Online courses in the US, now they have many courses for Medical and Paramedical courses.

UC Medical Billing Course

The course at the University of Cincinnati is a certificate course.


It aims to prepare you for the CPC, and CCA examinations.

Additional Benefits

You also gain transfer credits for the Associate Degree programme for the Medical Insurance cycle.

Additional Course details

You have six convenient start dates

And you can achieve recognised certification in a year.


The next intake for the Medical billing courses in Delhi is available online.

The prices are mentioned on the University of Cincinnati’s official website.


Contact details for Medical billing courses are available on the University of Cincinnati’s website and socials.

8. Gratisol Labs

Gratisol Labs offers Medical Coding & Medical Billing Courses in Delhi online.

About Gratisol Labs

Gratisol labs is an Indian EduTech Company headquartered in Hyderabad.


They offer Virtual Classes and real-life training and Internship drives.

They specialize in Paramedical and Allied subjects, including Medical Coding and Medical Billing courses.

About Gratisol Labs’ Medical Billing course

Gratisol Tech offers Medical Coding courses for interested applicants.

Additional Features

  • They offer short term temporary coding services to cover short term replacements and leaves of absence.
  • The team at Gratisol Tech also offer long term courses to quickly and effectively learn hospital Medical Coding and Medical Billing Courses

Course features

  • They also offer detailed training on Medical billing terminologies such as DRG and ICD-10-M Medical billing courses in Delhi.
  • They also help review key concepts for the CPT assessments.


The prices for Gratisol Labs are on the website.


Do check out their website and social profiles for more updates.

9. Medical Billing Course

Medical Billing offers recognised Medical billing courses in Delhi.

About Medical billing

Medical billing offers recognised medical billing courses and services.

Awards and Recognition

It is the top nationally awarded course, fit for its candidates to learn Medical billing courses in Delhi.

The Medical billing course in Delhi

Medical billing courses in Delhi are offered by Medical billing

What you will learn?

  • They train you in the different methodologies and Insurance practices.
  • You also get experience on how to file for Medical Billing procedures such as CMS 1500 form or UB-04 form.


Course prices for Medical billing courses in Delhi are available on their website.


Kindly contact Medical Billing for further details.

a stack of books

Additional Information

What is Medical Billing?

Medical Billing is a life-saving profession, where you record hospital bills into insurance requests.

With your assistance, numerous needy families can manage their medical expenses.

What should I expect in my Medical billing course?

As a student in our list our Medical billing courses in Delhi, be prepared for the following

  1. Experienced Trainers and staff
  2. Quirky and Fun Classmates
  3. A detailed introduction to the Medical Insurance world
  4. Occasional Meetings with alumina
  5. Steps how to be accurate during filing of claims
  6. Tips on the right exam for you
  7. Course materials and guides for the topic at hand
  8. Long term Assistance to help you clear the exam
  9. And finally a chance to learn something exciting!

List of all Medical billing course examinations available.

The American Academy of Professional Coders(AAPC) is the leading body in Exam certification worldwide

Some of the more common and popular Medical Billing courses in Delhi exams are

  1. The Certified Professional Biller examination(CPB)
  2. Certified Professional Coder examination(CPC)
  3. The Certified Coding Specialist(CCS)
  4. Certified Medical Coder(CMS)

And many many more.


A career in medical billing is one of the higher paid jobs in the market.

Certified Medical Billers and Coders are required by many hospital chains in Delhi and elsewhere.

In conclusion, Your skills learnt in the medical Billing course in Delhi will help you kickstart your dream career in Hospital Billing and Insurance management

We hoped this guide helped you, let us know your feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is Medical Coding?

Medical Coding is a role performed by professionals to record Medical Procedures into codes for easy record keeping.

Q.2 Difference between Medical Billing and Medical Coding

Medical Coding is widely used in hospitals to record patient( both in and out-patient) data
Medical Billing uses the data provided and liaises with Insurance companies and Government agencies for the best service.

Q.3 Minimum Eligibility to learn Medical Billing courses in Delhi

The Minimum required Eligibility to learn from Medical Billing courses in Delhi is 12th Std. Pass.
Anyone from any stream in college/university and professionals can too learn Medical Billing.

Q.4 Career scope of Medical Billing courses

There is enormous demand for qualified Medical Billers in Delhi. Many Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres all over Delhi actively need more and more qualified Medical Billers for their work.

Q.6 Career perks after achieving Medical Billing certification.

A certified Medical Biller makes 30% and above normal Novice Medical Billers.
Plus you also have the opportunity to collaborate with many Medical Institutions for easy record management.
Your presence is felt in your new avatar as a certified medical biller.

Q.5 How do I know which Certificate exam is right for me?

The basic exam for all Interested Medical Billers is the Certified Professional Biller examination(CPB).
The other degrees are there to enhance your skillset for higher paid Medical Biller jobs.

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