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  • Best Train the Trainer Program providers in the market
  • Essential Skills required to be a good trainer & to succeed.
  • Tips and Techniques to optimize and professionalize your career. 

Companies and employees reap an enormous benefit by possessing the right Essential Skills and Training Programs for the Trainers. Train the Trainer programs model is followed in almost all the organizations. 

It is important as it helps the trainers to impart their respective trainings more effectively and efficiently. 

10 Training Programs for Trainers 

Polishing the Essential skills and Training Programs for the Trainers allows them to sharpen their skills in determining the needs of the audience, handling hecklers, and bringing about substantial improvement in their professional appeal.

It is intended not only for the starter but for seasoned experts to polish their skills thereby optimizing and professionalizing their current methods. 

1. Henry Harvin

Henry-Harvin logo

About Henry Harvin:

  • Global Edtech company ranking among the Top 55 Edtech institutes globally
  • Holding the laurel of being the best out of 5 fastest-growing Edtech startups in India according to Higher Education Digest’s survey. 
  • Have most respected experts with 15+ years of experience
  • Winner of Top Corporate Training Award.
  • Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of corporate affairs, MSME, UKAF, etc

They have excellent training programs offering in various sectors, like business verticals spread across Corporate, Public programs, College programs, Skill Development programs, books, and consulting services. 

About the Course: 

The institute that certainly tops the list is “Henry Harvin”. Train the Trainer Course program is designed to equip the starter as well as polish seasoned trainers with advanced skills for training the students. 

They assist the trainer to understand the various techniques that will keep the students motivated and interested. 

Key Features:

Offer 9 in 1 Courses that non-other institutes offer:

  • Training: 24 hours of live online interactive classroom training sessions
  • Projects: Facilitates undergo projects in experiential learning cycle system, communication, and more
  • Certification: Issues a certification of Certified Train the Trainer Course from Henry Harvin, govt of India recognized institute. 
  • Placement: 100% placement guaranteed 
  • Bootcamps: Attend for a year
  • Membership: Benefit 1 year of Gold membership
  • LMS: Access to all the tools and techniques, video content, assessments, and more
  • Self-paced and Live Online Classroom available 
  • More than 6000+ students have benefited from this course

Duration : 4 days / 32 hours

P.S: Henry Harvin is One-Stop Solution for all training programs. For a free demo “CLICK HERE.

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Course Types, Benefits, Fees:

To Know More Information about Fee Structure please check it here:-


Cities in India offering the Train the Trainer Course–


Henry Harvin also Provide These Course

2. Bodhih 

About the institute:

Ranked as top 7 globally for Train the trainer certification. They specialize in Corporate Training, E-Learning content, and Trainer Certifications. 

About the Course:

Bodhih ranks as one of the world’s top 7 vendors in the TTT (Trainer the Traner) market. Internationally accredited, the certified workshop is a blend of pre-training and intensive classroom training on the essential skills and training programs for the trainers including micro e-learning sessions. 

Key Features:

  • Focuses on training to inspire
  • Enhancing the training and consulting experience
  • Mastering the real-world challenges
  • Seeking result-oriented
  • A vote of confidence more than a certification.
Course Fee INR 14610/-
Duration  Pre-training sessions – 4 days
Post Training sessions- 40 days
Bodhih Institute

3. The Knowledge Academy 

About the Institute: 

The knowledge academy is a globally recognized market leader in offering certification courses for the training courses. They have an exclusive training expert team compromising over 20 leading specialists who are more than 15 years of experience, coaching excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, and the ability to engage the audience. Exclusive focus is given to developing essential skills and training programs for the trainers.   

About the Course:

They believe that the trainer is the master of the learning process and training the trainer program is a concept to empower the potential of the trainers in several fields. 

Key Features:

  • The curriculum consists of 8 modules
  • Understanding the key fundamentals 
  • Developing knowledge on key practical concepts and styles
  • Case studies protocol and Excercise files
  • Personal performance tools
  • 24/7 Support system
  • Exclusive focus on how to start a training session to the complete cycle
  • Touch base on Communication skills, design a training session, and more
  • keeping the students motivated to learn & Various delivery methods to adopt to engage students with the training
Course Fee Instructor-led Online – £495
Self-paced online- £495
Classroom – £2995
Duration  Instructor-led Online – 1-day
Online Self-paced online- 8 hours
Classroom – 1- day
The Knowledge Academy

4. Asian College of Teachers

About the institute:

Center for Training and Professional Development division of the Asian college of teachers is a leading education institution that builds on its success stories as it focuses on producing future global educators & exclusive focus is given to developing essential skills and training programs for the trainers. They have conducted 1000+ workshops in the past 12 years across Asia. 

About the Course:

They strive to bring exclusive TTT courses designed for trainers from across the globe to show a deeper understanding of training methodologies to put into practice in their respective fields.

The students will receive a certificate endorsed, evaluated, and stamped by their leading bodies of India, UK, and USA

Key Features:

  • Designed to work across all sectors
  • Impactful training design
  • Quality Deliverable 
  • Experienced trainers with good subject knowledge
  • Well equipped classroom techniques
  • Online self-study diploma
  • Tailor-made courses for corporates 
Course Fee Webinar – INR 25000/-
Online – INR 27000/-
Live Webinar – INR 20000/-
Duration  Webinar – 1 day
Online – 2 days
Live Webinar – 4 days
Asian College of Teachers

5. KPMG 


About the institute:

KPMG is India’s well-recognized Learning and development course,  provider. They empower learning and development professional to reach their true potential in a holistic manner. The future of learning and development could be governed by KPMG. 

About the Course:

Development leadership program offered by the well-renowned department of Learning and development provider KPMG offers a holistic module of Essential skills and training programs for the trainers across various sectors. They aim at creating people capability, developing learning strategies, and sustaining a learning culture. 

They also aim at helping the learning and development professionals to build a roadmap for a bright future by focusing on developing their core skills and power skills. 

Key Features:

  • It’s a continuous program, holistic program plan
  • Future-oriented training program plan
  • Lear by doing and practitioner-led program plan 
  • Experienced professional trainers with a minimum of 4+ years of experience in the corporate.
  • Focus on instructional designers, learning technologists, professional trainers, facilitators, consultants, and training officers to get a holistic view of the learning and development function
  • Facilitates the content design and takes on the roles of training managers, aiming at growth perspective.
  • Encouraging the entrepreneurs who are in the learning space, and are now looking to make a foray into the corporate world.
Course Fee INR 64500/- plus taxes
Duration  Approximately 100 hours (65 hours of live master class
spread over three months)

6. Indian Leadership Academy 

About the institute:

The Indian Leadership Academy believes in leading through learning and empowering people to achieve fulfilling results. The curriculum is structured in a way to makes a positive impact in the candidate’s own world. They have next-generation tools and techniques. 

About the Course:

Considered No # 1 Train the Trainer program n India that is created to build a strong foundation for the training and facilitation. It provides aspiring trainers to complete guidance on how to kick start in the training field and the journey thereafter. Therefore if you are truly passionate about becoming a trainer then this course is ideal for you. 

Key Features:

  • One-month internship as a trainer
  • Easy modules to begin the training journey
  • Lifetime access to all the monthly meetings with the coaches for the up-gradation 
  • Free access to Alumni community and east meetings
  • Audience engagement techniques
  • Instructional design for the content self-development 
  • End to end cycle 
  • Many public workshops are organized
  • Fame and brand establishment as a budding trainer
Course Fee INR 18599/- ( Call the institute for the latest fee structure)
Duration  3 months ( 5 hours per week)
Indian Leadership Academy

7. Ripples Learning 

About the institute:

Ripples Learning is a cohen learning partner for several corporations both in the private and public sectors. They go the extra mile to understand the similarities and differences between various industries and geographies to bring in unique and highly engaging training methodologies. They will aim at accelerating the growth process. 

About the Course:

As the companies are growing and are not being aligned with the rate at which people can pick up skills through experience, it is imperative that the organizations invest in the training and preparing their employees for the challenge and opportunities. Balancing the tremendous demand for training the trainer in Essential skills and training programs for the trainers, especially in Bangalore for both technical skills and behavioral skills. 

Key Features:

  • Cover everything from analyzing learning needs to conducting post-training evaluations.
  • Cater to requirements of individuals who want to become trainers for consultants independently 
  • ADDIE is covered – Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate 
  • Aids in walking out with all necessary skills to either have a job in learning and development of organizations or become an independent consultant delivering a variety of learning interventions.
Course Fee INR 14000/-
Duration  Training duration is for 45 days  
Ripples Learning

8. Cambridge University Press & Assessment

About the institute:

The reason for their popularity is because they have built a strong relationship with all other organizations around the world. By collaborating and working with other experts and educational professionals they have combined the strength to offer learners enhanced quality, choice and opportunity. They have a global network of around 130 countries. 

About the Course:

Train the trainer is a face-to-face course for all the experienced teachers, thus enabling the participants to develop their knowledge and skills. Offered in groups focusing on building sustainability. 

Key Features:

  • The course provides generic training skills
  • Helps to design and deliver sessions and coaching effectively
  • Observation skills and giving supportive feedback
  • Understand how to develop further as an evolving trainer
  • Familiarising with the specific course
  • Enabling the participants to become trainers on essential skills and training programs for the trainer’s expertise.
  • Case studies 
  • Experienced teachers and trainers 
Course Fee Contact for current details
Duration  Training sessions – 30 hours
Post Training sessions- 10 hours  
Cambridge University Press & Assessment

9. International House Lima

About the institute:

Internationa Houe Lima is a global network firmly committed to the highest standards of quality and innovation in education and training. They have a wide range of resources for personal and professional development. Opens a whole world of opportunities for possibilities together with the International House lima family. 

About the Course:

The candidate will learn to develop the knowledge and the skills they require to train the teachers working in sectors. The training is awarded by the University of Cambridge Assessment meaning to say that you can rely confidently on the quality of the program. By the end of the training program, the candidate will be fully equipped to start in the field immediately. 

Key Features:

  • Design and deliver the sessions and various courses
  • In Hybrid mode(asynchronous & synchronous through zoom)
  • Will also learn to run the training sessions, observe the teachings and render feedback.
  • Will receive Certification Completion only after attending the whole course and activities.
  • Access ELT materials, articles, and resources
  • Online library access
Course Fee $595.00 USD
Duration  Semi Full Time – 2 weeks/2 class(50 hours)
Part-Time – 1 live class every 2 weeks (50 hours)
Intensive Full Time- Day live class(50 hours)
International House Lima

10 TrainSmart 

About the institute:

TrainSmart specializes in aiding the identification of the people and process challenges that may prevent the organization from achieving optimal results. The collaborative approach to creating a tailored strategy makes them succeed in the market. They aim in partnering with the companies to assess, envision, develop and execute powerful training that increases productivity and confidence. 

About the Course:

Train the Trainer certification program offered by TrainSmart is an international trainer certification. It will add value to your signature line. Therefore in your profession, everyone you associate with will visibly know your credibility. Typically it is a semester-wise long university-level course that covers complete Essential Skills and Training Programs for the Trainers within a short time.  

Key Features:

  • Discipline of design 
  • Audience evaluation and documentation
  • Creating a clear purpose and topic plan
  • Techniques to design sessions and grab attention discussion
  • Enhance learning and retention, create visuals
  • Demosnstatrate methods 
  • Self-assessment and review
  • Preparation of final practice activity
Course Fee $ 1895 
Duration  3 Days  

Now that we have become aware of the Top notch institutes that provide the best training, let us get to understand some of the essential skills that are most important to succeed in a Training career. 

Deep Dive into Essential Skills for a Trainer. 

What is meant by Essential Skills?

Essential Skill means the necessary developed ability or capacity required through deliberate, systematic, and sustained efforts to smoothly adaptively carry out a complex task, activity, or a job function efficiently involving ideas, things, and/or people.

The basis of basics workplace essential skills include working with others or teamwork, using the computer, oral communication, writing, etc. 

Tips and Techniques to develop the Essential Skills? 

Broadly there are six simple principles through which you can build and develop essential skills effectively. They are as listed below:

  1. Keep it simple and tangible
  2. Consistent / start early
  3. Measure the progress
  4. Be focused
  5. Continuity & practise 
  6. Put it in action / Apply it

Why are Essential Skills important for the Trainer?

Essential skills help the trainers to perform the tasks required by their occupation effectively, provide the trainers with a foundation for learning other skills and enhance people’s ability to innovate and adapt to workplace change.

Top 10 Essential Skills for a Trainer. 

For a professional trainer, the greatest measure of success is the success of the participants, therefore it’s vital to have a special set of talents to impact the course participants. As much as the product knowledge, Essential Skills also play equal importance in adding to the holistic development and success of a trainer. 

Let me list down the top 10 Essential skills which the trainer must possess at all costs. 

1. Presentation Skills:

Simply means presenting the information you want to convey clearly and effectively. Using different ways and means, methods visually and verbally to ensure the participants get the message without getting deviated or distracted. 

2. Communication Skills:

Communicating with clarity, precision, influence, root for interaction, and discussion, keeping the participants engaged. As the key strategy is to keep an active approach. Knowing how to explain complex concepts in an easier way so participants can grasp them. 

3. Organizational Skills:

Organize the tasks to save time and effort, not to sound mechanical and script-based while explaining or elaborating concepts. An effective is well aware to utilize every minute to process information properly, therefore having well-organized materials and lessons will certainly help in remaining consistent focused. 

4. Analyzing Skills:

While always being focused on the needs of the audience as some trainers get caught up so much in training that they lose the audience. Therefore one of the main tips for being a good trainer involves conducting a needs analysis, and understanding through a needs assessment of what needs to be learned by the participants, hence trainer can prioritize accordingly.  

5. Skills of Entertaining: 

Most trainers underestimate the importance of entertaining, but it is the easiest and the most effective way to keep the participants engaged. Not all have can manage to possess a fine sense of humor for instance to entertain the masses, but having this quality will prove beneficial. It will add interest and enthusiasm to the subject. 

6. Skill of Active Listening: 

To listen in a way to understand and respond suitably. Active listening enables the trainer to understand if there are any issues, inability to  focus, distracting environment, confusing directions, or technological  challenges encountered. Understanding, Interpreting and listening to the trainees is key to finding an in-depth solution for them.

7. Motivational Skills:    

Motivation is a crucial element that makes a whole lot of difference to the approach towards the trainees. A good trainer is capable of providing the staff with enough confidence to do their jobs in the best possible way. By motivating the trainer will direct learners toward the learning goal, thus change happens and gradual performance improves. 

8. Strategic Thinkers Skills: 

Thinking strategically involves the process of thinking, planning, and doing the work that will lead the organization towards the most prominent future. A good trainer will have a good grasp of how the training process directly affects the business in the long run and will try to manage to think ahead on how to train employees regarding responsibilities efficiently. 

9. Skill of Self-Evaluation:

The trainer should be very sensitive about the performance by measuring the objectives that the trainees have achieved. By doing this genuinely, welcoming feedback with a broad mind will prove beneficial. They can seek an evaluation with their professional network, and other domain experts to keep track of changes.

10. Skill of Time Management: 

This means the trainer must know how to prioritize, set goals, and delegate for better productivity. An imbalance in this can cause giving in too much irrelevant, unwanted information or too little information making it a failure of the training program. 


Therefore to conclude, the Australian Skills Quality states that the most vital skills a trainer needs are the subject knowledge and practice of the training. Alongside these requirements, the trainer should also possess other attributes to make the whole program effective. Hence it is understood that the Essential Skills and Training Program for the trainer are of utmost importance for a professional trainer and the organization to succeed.  

Hope these details will help you, trainers, to acquire the skills and qualities and the employers use these guidelines to identify a good trainer. 


Q.1. What qualifications do you need to be a good trainer? 

Ans. The answer to this question depends on what and in which field you want to deliver training.
However, my suggestion is to do a good amount of research in the area of interest and then specialize and get equipped, then get certified.

Q.2. What are the 3 types/methods of Training generally?

Ans. The 3 types of Training are:
1. Induction
2. On the job
3. Off the job

Q.3. What does the Train the Trainer program qualify you to do?

Ans. Focuses on:
1. Equipping the skills you need to train others.
2. Combing the training program with another subject in which you have immense experience, knowledge, and qualification
3. Opens the opportunity to leverage your experience even if you don’t have relevant qualifications

Q.4. What is the objective of Train training programs?

Ans. The main goal of training the trainer is, Firstly prepare instructors or the trainers to present information effectively, respond to participant questions and lead activities that reinforce the learning. Secondly, ensuring that the trainers can direct students to supplementary resources.

Q.5. What are the career opportunities for trainers?

Ans. Some of the career opportunities in corporates for trainers are Public speaking coach, Corporate subject trainer, Corporate soft skill trainer, Learning and development head, and more.

Career Advice


  1. The instruction was excellent, and it was simple to understand. The trainers are pleasant and helpful, and intensive classroom training on the essential skills and training programs for the trainers including micro e-learning sessions. This is a course that I would recommend. Everyone will be astounded to gain useful information.

    • Dear Aarav, thank you so much for your valuable and encouraging feedback. We are glad we could help you. Wish you all the best in all your endeavors. Keep growing.

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