We frequently hear the terms called machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Python. A machine learning system updates itself according to the collected data and experience without being explicitly programmed. There are many applications for Machine Learning, including Medicine, E-commerce, Gaming, Fraud Detection, etc. Because of this, the domain has grown enormously.

Additionally, this growth spurt in the domain catalyses the demand for various courses in Machine Learning. This blog gives you a detailed list of India’s 10 best Machine learning course. To choose the best from the list that follows, let’s explore a few aspects of Machine Learning.

What are the best Machine Learning with python course in Delhi?

The goal of a machine learning course in India or anywhere else is to teach algorithms that use machine learning. In this way, you can select the course that suits your needs. The course you take should be relevant to the area you are working or aspire to work in.

India offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses. Additionally, there are many Machine Learning certification courses in India. For example, the following list of top 10 Machine Learning course in India pertains to the online certificate course in Machine learning.

The Top 10 Machine Learning with python course in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin: Machine Learning with Python Course

Henry Harvin logo

The Henry Harvin Institute’s courses aim to upskill the educated in various domains to make them more employable. A well-structured pedagogy allows It to educate its students to Industry standards through a global Edtech company. Henry Harvin offers Machine Learning with Python course and Machine Learning courses. IIT and IIM students highly regard and revere Henry Harvin’s Certified Machine Learning Practitioner(CMLP) course. Henry Harvin Machine Learning is ranked as the number 1 in the top 10 Machine Learning course in India.

These features include:

  • A 32-hour instructor-led course
  • Includes all the tools related to Python, R, and Excel
  • Gold memberships give you access to recorded classes, internships, job opportunities, and brush-up sessions for one year.
  • Over five projects during the course, such as optimising multi-domain business analytics, predicting department-wise sales, analyzing website trends, and analyzing ETF trends.

Benefits of the course:

  1. Experts can provide neccessary insights into factory practices.
  2. Become familiar with the basics of Machine Learning through intensive training, in general
  3. Understand how to make better decisions based on data.
  4. Learn more about customer behaviour by predicting lifetime value
  5. Furthermore, learn how to make medical predictions, uncover financial fraud, improve your financial decision-making, etc.
  6. Adapt predictive models to macro changes
  7. Supporting startups, so they have a high return on investment
  8. The most important abroad work process the machine learning domain.
  9. CMLP’s hallmark certificate will make your profile stand out in a crowd of peers.
  10. Start a company in the most promising field of machine learning.             

Henry Harvin Machine Learning with Python Course fees:

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course in Provided 

Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata , Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida

Other Henry Harvin Courses

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2. Great Learning: Machine Learning with Python Course

Great Learning Logo

 A part of the prominent BYJU group, Great Learning offers online, offline, and hybrid courses in a wide range of fields. In addition, they offer courses in collaboration with international universities such as Stanford University, Texas University, etc. Great Learning’s postgraduate course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is industry-relevant.

These features include:

  • An online course with mentorship lasting 12 months
  • Support during placement
  • This course includes Python, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Computer Vision.
  • Combined with the above are industry sessions, hackathons, 1:1 career coaching sessions, case studies, etc
  • There is also the option of learning through recorded classes for working professionals.

Website: www.mygreatlearning.com

3. Edureka: Machine Learning with Python Course

edureka logo

Online continuing education is what Edureka specializes in. There is a dedicated team of mentors and trainers who strive to elevate the educational qualifications of their students through various courses. The Edureka Institute of Education offers a postgraduate diploma course in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Additionally, E 7 ICT Academy, NIT Warangal has designed the vocational curriculum.

These features include:

  • Training of 450 hours
  •  After completing the course, Edureka issues a certificate from the E & ICT Academy, NIT Warangal.
  • Graduates and diploma holders with programming knowledge can apply.
  • Support from subject matter experts 24×7
  • Assistance with placement
  • More than 20 projects relevant to the industry
  • A total of more than 100 tools

INR 2,22,450+GST is the course fee, and the EMI option is INR 13,125 per month

Website: www.edureka.co

4. upGrad: Machine Learning with Python Course

UpGrad logo

We provide educational courses to working professionals in diverse domains through our edtech platform, UpGrad. They aim to upskill professionals to do not remain stagnant in a single designation throughout their careers. There are six types of courses in Machine learning. These are:

  • Master of Science in Machine Learning (20 months)
  • The MS in Machine Learning and AI course will take 18 months in addition to the above
  • The executive postgraduate program in artificial intelligence and machine learning will take 13 months to complete
  • This course is a 12-month course on Machine Learning and the Cloud
  • A certificate in machine learning and deep understanding is available for seven months.
  • Last but not least, Advanced certificate in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (8 months)

A bachelor’s degree and coding knowledge are required as the eligibility criteria for the above six courses. However, each course has its unique characteristics. For more information, please visit the website. There you will find the curriculum and fees for each course.

Website: www.upgrad.com

5. Analytixlabs: Machine Learning with Python Course

analytixlabs logo

Analytixlabs is one of the top data science institutes in India. To highlight this applies only to courses in Data Science and related fields. The next course on my list of the Top 10 Machine Learning course in India is Analytixlabs. Analytixlabs’ machine learning is ranked among the best in India.

These features include:

  • Online classes for 12 hours and self-study for 60 hours
  • There are eight projects and assignments
  • They update their curriculum with the changing trends from time to time
  • In addition, candidates should be familiar with Python programming
  • Assisting with building profiles, finding jobs, and preparing for interviews 

Course fee: INR 20,000 (self-paced) plus taxes

  •   The cost of live online classes is INR 25,000+taxes
  •   Classes and boot camps cost INR 25,000 plus taxes

Website: www.analytixlabs.co.in

6. Intellipaat: Machine Learning with Python Course

intellipaat logo


Intellipaat stands out among the edtech companies in India offering Machine Learning courses thanks to its life support and access to course materials. In collaboration with IIT Madras, Intellipaat provides a Machine Learning course in India. Various experts from the Industry and the faculty at IIT Madras train the students in the course.

These features include:

  • 7-month course with more than 50 live classes
  • Self-study course of 218 hours
  • Projects and exercises for 200 hours
  • Data analysis, data science, Python, etc., and more than ten tools
  • Job fairs and hackathons
  • Creating a profile and preparing for interviews, followed by certification in machine learning

Fees for online live classroom courses: INR 85,044

Website: www.intellipaat.com

7. Educba: Machine Learning with Python Course

educba logo

Educba specializes in providing skill-based education through online learning. So, they also claim to prepare their students for employment after completing the respective courses. There are 19 Machine Learning course in India available in India. Educba Machine Learning course in India can be described as holistic since they start with the basics of statistics and progress to advanced Machine learning topics.

These features include:

  • Self-paced training is available for more than 170 hours
  • A comprehensive and careful curriculum
  • During the course, Python and R programming will be covered
  • During the course, participants gain the confidence to construct their models.
  • Over 25 projects
  • The course is accessible for life

Fees: INR 34,999 (original)

There are only a few seats left at the offer price of Rs 6,999. 

Website: www.educba.com

8. Amity Global Institute: Machine Learning with Python Course


The Amity Global Institute offers higher education courses on a global scale as part of the Amity Education Group. Among the various courses offered is the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, which includes artificial intelligence and machine learning and a curriculum. It is one of the top institutes in India that offers extensive training in Machine Learning through the diploma program.

These features include:

  • Six-month course with at least eight hours per week
  • Mode of operation: online
  • Credits from studying in the UK or Singapore can be leveraged
  • Access to video recordings of the training 24/7
  • A variety of mini-projects, case studies, and assignments to help you improve your skills. You also have the option to select optional modules.
  • The prerequisites are a bachelor’s degree and IELTS 6.0

Fees: INR 1,20,000

Website: www.amityfutureacademy.com

9. Madridsoftware: Machine Learning with Python Course

madridsoftware logo

The Madrisoftware training institute is based in Delhi and was founded by former Cognizant employees. As such, they offer courses in various IT fields. Also, Industry experts design MadridSoftware’s Machine learning course in India according to global standards, so it covers all the topics related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These features include:

  • The training is available both online and in person
  • Project-based learning
  • Support available 24/7
  • Assistance with placement
  • Session recordings of the class
  • Most importantly, partnered with Hewlett-Packard

Details about fees are available on the website or by requesting them.

Website: www.madridsoftwaretrainings.com

10. Imarticus Learning: Machine Learning with Python Course


Imarticus Institute offers investment banking, business analysis, and other courses. Their major privilege is providing training based on the learner’s abilities and requirements. The learner is evaluated regularly to ensure that the course and training benefit them the most. They delivered a course in artificial intelligence and machine learning in collaboration with IBM. Because of this, this is one of the most industry-relevant Machine Learning course in India.

These features include:

  • At least 8 hours of live online training per week
  • With a GPA of at least 50%, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is required in computer science/engineering/statistics/math/science/economics.
  • Certificate from the E & ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati
  • E& ICT Academy 3-day Campus Immersion
  • Projects in real life
  • Career support and hackathons
  • After passing the required test, you will be eligible for scholarship funding.

The course fee is INR 2,40,00 (Scholarships up to 40%)

A real-life application of machine learning

  • There are many surveillance cameras used in traffic monitoring, parking lots, etc. Most of you are familiar with them. For example, these object detection systems pick out targets from standard images.
  • Using machine learning to recognize images is the best example of image recognition. A variety of algorithms are used for this purpose, which helps the system identify the pattern and, ultimately, the image.
  • Would you recommend any products to someone who regularly shops on Flipkart, Amazon, or another online marketplace? You probably have seen auto-generated product suggestions like ‘Customers who viewed this also viewed. The system is also learning from the sales patterns, which is another machine learning method.
  • Translation of thousands of languages is possible with Google Translate- “Google Neural Machine Translation”.
  • With the advent of Machine Learning languages, stocks market investments have become easy and provide steadfast insights into the market’s patterns.

The well-known names, Alexa and Siri from Amazon and Apple, have their roots in machine learning.

What are the advantages of Machine Learning course in India?

It is clear from the above applications that Machine Learning is a very significant and established field. If you understand machine learning, you can achieve great things in your career. A Machine Learning course in India can help you to accomplish this. There are countless Machine Learning Courses available in India. Taking all things into account, I have compiled a list of the top 10 Machine Learning course in India. These courses cover a wide range of Python and R-based algorithms. You will gain a solid understanding of Python through the lessons. Moreover, Python can implement the vast majority of machine learning changes. Because of this, it is the most commonly used programming language for machine learning. 

The machine learning algorithms covered in Machine Learning course in India.

In the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning is considered a subdomain. Using machine learning algorithms, predictions can be made about the future. Machine learning creates a model from acquired data based on these algorithms. Like humans, machine language algorithms help improve data processing over time as circumstances change. This is why computers self-improve over time. In machine learning, classification and regression are two of the main processes.  Among the main algorithms are:

  • The linear regression process establishes a linear equation in which input and output are coupled with specific weightings for the information. So when there are more than two classes, linear discriminant analysis is used.
  • In binary classification problems, logistic regression is used. Similar to linear regression, they predict output based on logic functions.
  • The binary or decision trees for predictive modelling are also known as classification and regression trees.
  • To estimate a quantity from a data sample, bagging and random forest are used.
  • The Adaboost algorithm is used for binary classification and is a type of boosting algorithm.
  • Boosting is the process of constructing a classifier from weak classifiers.
  • Creating predictive models for a new set of data and the most similar collection of data is easy and effective with K-Nearest Neighbors.
  • A support vector machine (SVM) finds the coefficients to separate classes by a hyperplane.
  • Utilizes codebook vectors that significantly help to rectify the limitations of the KNN algorithm with Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ).


Other institutes and universities in India are also offering machine learning courses. However, based on my research, I compiled the above list of the top 10 Machine Learning course in India. Machine Learning course in India will define the future of various technology domains. In addition, most industries use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This creates an unlimited number of jobs. To stay ahead of the game, it is advisable to take a Machine learning course in India. Furthermore, this is an excellent time to take a Machine learning course in India that demonstrates you have a good head on your shoulders! Take the plunge!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far has Machine Learning reached in India?

In any technology-related field, machine learning is ubiquitous. They use machine learning and artificial intelligence in everything from CCTV to humanoid robots.

2. Is machine learning the same as artificial intelligence?

The subfield of artificial intelligence that deals with the algorithms used to develop artificial intelligence is called machine learning. The same applies to many other subfields, such as Big Data, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Robotics, etc., that work synchronously in an artificially intelligent system.

3. Does drones use machine learning?

Drones use machine learning to improve performance.

4. What is the need for machine learning?

Nowadays, everything is a data-driven process. The ability to make future predictions based on past data is achieved through machine learning. Without explicit programming, the system makes decisions based on the data.

5. Does the aviation industry use machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used in the Aviation industry. These include revenue management, maintenance and safety of airlines, crew management, messaging automation, etc.

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