Is the Korean language on your mind? You are on the right page. As soon as I say ‘Korean’, the first words that come to mind are ‘K-drama’, ‘K-pop’, ‘K-culture’, and ‘K-food’. The Korean language is very interesting and spoken by more than 8 0 million people, out of which 48 million people live in South Korea and around 24 million in North Korea. The Korean language Course consists of its alphabet and writing systems. It was voted the ‘most interesting language in the world, as the basic consonants were created in replication of the human pronunciation organs, imitating the shapes of the organ as soon as it was pronounced. It is the official language of North and South Korea, and it’s also spoken in the Yanbian region of China.

The most obvious question is, ‘Where and how to learn the Korean language?’ you need to study the language from an institute with a proven record that gives placements and guidance. In this article, we name the top 12 institutes for a Korean language course in Pune.

Top 11 Korean Language institutes in Pune

1. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the top institutes in India. It ranks among the top 500 Global Edtech Companies across the World and the Top 100 Ed Tech companies in India. It provides over 200+ courses, 500+ trainers, more than 3,00,00+ alumni and 900+ B2B clients.
Henry Harvin’s study methodology provides projects, internships, certificates, placement, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership for Korean language courses. It provides a guide on clearing TOPIK 1, which has 2 sections i.e., reading and listening. TOPIK 2 has 3-6 sections combined. Advanced in 3 sections reading, writing, and listening. Henry Harvin provides 100% practical training and learning with projects focused on learning while working.
Learning Korean language courses in Pune from Henry Harvin is very convenient as learning materials are available 24/7, and one can access the learning platform, (LMS) anytime, anywhere. Use the given credentials on the Moodle app. The best part of this institute is that, if a student is unhappy with the course post-completion of the first session, the money will be refunded 100%.

Henry Harvin Korean Language Course Fees

Henry Harvin® Korean Language Course Ranks in India by India Today

Henry Harvin  provides other language courses 

Spanish Language CourseGerman Language Course, Japanese Language CourseHR Generalist Course

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Korean Language Course is Provided:

Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Online, Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chennai, Cochin

2. The Oriental Dialogue

Contact No: 099228 63342

The Oriental Dialogue logo

The Oriental Dialogue is India’s premier language institute for Mandarin Chinese and Korean language courses. They are based in Pune and offer virtual classes to learners across the world. Mandarin and Korean language seem the most difficult languages to learn, aiming to simplify learning. They have over a decade of experience in teaching, and they have developed their lessons and methodologies. The courses are divided into various levels, from beginner to advanced, and they are suitable for all age groups and all backgrounds.
The Korean language course in Pune is conducted via virtual classes. They are conducted in small batches to provide individual attention to each student. They provide access to classroom material, extra handouts, audio recordings, and textbooks. They also provide access to ongoing sessions to revise or acquaint themselves with the Korean language or any other preferred language courses. You can contact them for more details.

The Oriental Dialogue Korean Language Course fees:-4720


Contact No: 093710 04329

iteskul logo

Pune’s premier language training institute for more than 20 years. ITESKUL was established in the year 2001. They have a combination of expert advisers, experienced faculty, and a learning-focused environment. Since its inception, they have trained around 50,000+ students of different age groups and varied professional backgrounds at its institute.
The Korean language course allows students to explore their creative side through innovative learning. They have trained faculty, certified courses, individual focus, and outside classroom learning through seminars and placement services. One can contact them directly for more details. The best part is since it is locally based, learning Korean language courses in Pune from ITESKUL can be more convenient and fun.

4. KIWA India 

KIWA India logo

KIWA is the first Indo-Korean center established by the MITCON Foundation and KIWA Consultants Pvt Ltd. MITCON is an educational trust registered under valid acts supported by the Indian ministry of HRD Government of India. The current Korean language course will start from May 30th to June 16th.
The students can choose between, online weekdays, offline and online weekends. All Korean language course in Pune programs is designed with Sejong Hangugeo TB and IKC propriety language application. After completing the course certificate will be provided by the Indo-Korean center as per their guidelines.

KIWA India  Korean Language Course fees:-8000 

5. Linguapura 

lingupura logo

Singapura was established in the year 2008, they are dedicated to offering quality classroom training and online training at an individual and corporate levels. Their trained faculty boasts of over 15 years of experience and 2 lakh hours of training. Linguapura aims to set their students for growth, security, success, and prosperity.
The centre has many language programs, the Korean language course is segregated into two levels- TOPIK 1 and TOPIK 2. As mentioned before in this article, TOPIK is a Korean language proficiency test that measures a non-native speaker’s ability to express and comprehend the Korean language. TOPIK measures proficiency based on reading, writing, and listening comprehension at three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Furthermore, in the Korean language course in Pune, a test is further evaluated through six grades with two matching levels for each. One can contact them for more details.

6. Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages 

‘Symbiosis institute is a saga of excellence; it was registered in the year 1950. Their motto is “World is one family”. Symbiosis is a family of 48 academic institutions, imparting quality education for over 45 years. It has over 34,000 Indian and International students on campus.
Symbiosis teaches 5 international languages- German, French, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. The Korean language course duration of 90+ hours. The Korean language course in Pune is taught up to 4 levels. It does not mention placements. The new batch starts on 4th June.

7. The Foreign Language Institute

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages logo

The Foreign Language Institute is the sister concern of the Shri Vinayak Academy of Excellence. This institute was established 7 years back, their sole aim is to educate and strengthen students to deal with languages specifically. They boast of trained and experienced faculty to aspire to and inspire students to achieve more. They also have tie-ups with Symbiosis, Namo Rim’s college, M.P College, Noble Junior college, Education career foundation, and many more. The Korean language course in Pune is incorporated seeing the rising demands among students. They also provide placement support after completion of the course.

The Foreign Language Institute Language Course fees:-9,500

8. TheLanguageSkool 


It was incorporated in 2010, and the best part of the Language Skool is its people. The students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends in communities are dedicated to education and fostering an inclusive environment. They have more than 15 trained faculty and 300 students enrolled in various language programs. The teachers prepare the students for abroad studies, common proficiency tests, and teachers’ training courses.
Tours, entertainments, and community activities take place around the year. They have centers in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Indore, Kolkatta, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. They teach Korean language courses in Pune and other languages. The environment is very young and friendly.

9. The Lingo Lad

The Lingo Lads LOGO

Currently only the Instagram page is available, they are working on their website. They teach English, French, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Malayalam, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Marathi, and Mandarin. They have completed over 70+ batches and taught over 250 students. There are no mentions of their methodologies of teaching and placements. One can check out their page to know more about Korean language courses.
10. Suchitra’s Foreign Languages Institute- They have a unique teaching method for foreign languages, which makes language learning easier. They cover languages from roots to advanced modules. The Korean language course in Pune is designed to cover all aspects of the language. They aim at providing complete language solutions to students and professionals making them proficient in any language of their choice. They provide a very supportive language learning environment.
They teach multiple languages like Russian, Chinese, English, and Japanese and prepare students for competitive exams. It’s working since 2012 and they take only 12 students per batch. One can choose between classroom and online. They practice exam sessions like professional exams and provide certificates.

The Lingo Lad Korean Language Course fees:-7,200

10. Universal Language Hub

Universal Language Hub LOGO

This is a relatively new institute launched in Pune. They aim at providing language training in Pune and around the world. They boast of trained faculty members and modern teaching methods. They teach 6 foreign languages, namely Korean, Japanese, French, Russian, Mandarin, and German.
They teach the basics of the Korean language. The Korean language course is divided into two levels. Level 1 is around 30 hours, and level 2 duration is 30-35 hours. The Korean language course in Pune is the highest trending language. These 2 levels only cover basics.

11. Lingo Thoughts 

Lingo Thoughts LOGO

Lingo Thoughts was established in the year 2015, they have trained over 1000+ students in various languages. There are 10-12 students in each batch to enable a better teacher-to-student ratio. They conduct regular tests to keep a track of the progress of students, and they aid in clearing all international tests required for certification. They provide standard courses, online courses, and corporate training. They currently have 8+ trainers and train in German, French, and Japanese. The Korean language course is yet to be introduced.

Few reasons why Korean is the leading language?

– It is one of the highest paying language jobs
– Korea is one of the fastest-growing economies, 4th in Asia and 10th in the world
– Companies are spread across Globe; hence it is always a good idea to learn a few other languages
– South Korea has grown from an undeveloped to a developed economy in a very short period
The word ‘Korean’, can refer to the people, language, or an aspect of the culture. The Korean language is ‘phonetic’, you must sound out individual alphabets to make words. The grammar and sentence structure of the Korean language is structured like Japanese, but many words originate from China, though the tone varies a lot. Many new words are now part of daily vocabulary called, ‘Konglish’. The Korean Alphabet is called ‘Hangul’, one can learn Korean even without learning the alphabet, but it is advisable to learn with alphabets, as then you can read the words too. The official test of the Korean language is ‘TOPIK’. TOPIK is administered by The National Institute for International Education (NIIED). It operates directly under the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and is responsible for the general management of the test. The Korean Language course is widely available everywhere in India.
Some additional information about TOPIK- test of proficiency in Korean
– TOPIK is divided into two levels- TOPIK 1 and TOPIK 2
– TOPIK 1 is the beginner level and is further divided into 1 and 2
– TOPIK 2 is an intermediate-advanced level that has 4 sub-levels 3,4,5, and 6
– 3 and 4 are intermediate levels, 5 and 6 are advanced levels
– Test takers get a level between 1-6, which determines their proficiency

Brief about all the levels-

Level 1- This is designed for beginners, one will learn survival Korean phrases, and basic everyday commands in Korea. You will be taught around 800 words in the Korean language.
Level 2- By the time we reach level 2, we should know around 1500 Korean words and phrases. One should be able to discuss familiar topics, at this level formal and informal language is taught
Level 3- In this level, one should be able to live and converse comfortably in Korean. One can even socialize and discuss in the Korean Language
Level 4- You can now comprehend the easy content of Korean News broadcasts and newspapers. You will be able to understand frequently used idiomatic expressions and participate in conversations about social and cultural subjects based on understanding Korean culture.
Level 5- will teach you the language skills you need to succeed in a professional environment. You will be able to understand and appropriately use expressions related to even unfamiliar aspects of your surroundings, be it political or cultural. You will be able to use native expressions properly depending on the formal or informal context spoken or written.
Level 6- This is the advanced level. You can communicate and perform functions that are needed for research and tasks in professional fields with ease and accuracy. Although your level of fluency may not be quite the same as a university-educated native speaker, you will be ready.
The levels and study materials may differ from institute to institute, this is to give a basic understanding. The TOPIK exams are conducted 6 times a year and your certificate or score is generally valid for 2 years.


One can pursue a Korean language course in Pune, from any of the Institutes. All institutes mentioned, teach Korean language courses in a simplified manner, which encourages the students and helps them in learning the language better. A few pointers to keep in mind while selecting an institute are-
• Institutes which simplify language comprehension
• Communicate natural habits more clearly
• Develop organizational skills by actively reading and writing the Korean alphabet
• Enhance career or learning prospects
• Provide aid to become a highly trained content writer or language expert
• Get Industry approved certificate
• Aid in becoming a freelancer or a translator
• Connect with millions of people who speak the Korean language

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Q1. Is the Korean language difficult to learn?

Ans- The Korean language is one of the most interesting languages. Though it sounds difficult, it is easy once you learn the basics. For typing purposes, a branah keyboard can be used. The language has 14 consonants and 10 vowels and symbols which combine to make words.

Q2. How much can a Korean Translator earn?

Ans- It depends on the industry one is working for. Apart from that, a Korean language expert can also earn as a teacher, instructor, or proofreader. There are multiple options.

Q3. TOPIK score is valid for how many years?

Ans- TOPIK score is valid for 2 years from the date of examination. Once it expires, you will have to take the test again.

Q4. When will I be able to speak Korean fluently?

Ans- There are three levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. At the beginner level, only basic introduction and conversations are taught. So, fluency will require more upskilling like an intermediate or advanced level

Q5. What are the reasons to learn the Korean language?

Ans- South Korea is one of the developed countries in Asia. It has a lot of job opportunities, a good TOPIK score will ensure admission to one of its universities. South Korea is one of the 7th fastest-growing economies.



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