“Six Sigma”, a statistical concept employed by various industries is used to analyze the quality of a process by minimizing errors and defects. They use many tools and techniques in Six Sigma management systems. Generally, these are used to reduce the wastage involved in a process. As a result, customer satisfaction, increased sales and gain, low process variability, and overall improvement in the efficiency of a process is achieved. But what is lean six sigma Well, Six Sigma is a complex functional system. In order to reduce its complexity, it is broken into various levels called belts indicating the levels of certification.

The following shows the responsibilities each belt possesses.

What is Green belt six Sigma and how it works.Green belt six Sigma certification course details ,job profiles and average salary details.

  1. Yellow belt Six Sigma: All the basics to step into Six Sigma Projects are emphasised here. Introduction to the methods and techniques used. Usually for team members
  2. Green Belt Six Sigma: All the basic tools used in Six Sigma are familiarised in this Green Belt Six Sigma.This is for team leaders.
  3. Black Belt Six Sigma: Advanced tools are used to manage and lead a team.
  4. Master Black Belt Six Sigma: Expert in Six Sigma Projects who steers the Six Sigma project and coaches other team members as well.

How Does Green belt Six Sigma work?

Green belt Six Sigma constitutes a set of Employees who already work in quality improvement and are keen to become leaders in their sphere.DMAIC, the foundation of Six Sigma is the major procedure followed by Green belt Six Sigma professionals. Hence the projects related to this are called DMAIC projects. Basically, DMAIC signifies the tools and techniques used by Green belt Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

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Transcription Of DMAIC

  • D-Define: Outline the project/process to be improved

Tools used: Project charter, Voice of Customer, IPO DiagramSIPOC Model, FMEA, Task Summary, etc.

  • M-Measure: Adopt the right measures for the collection of data. By the end of this phase, you’ll have all the data and project charter. Process Flow Diagram, Measurement System Analysis, Process Capability Analysis, Nominal Group Technique, Time Value Map, Waste Analysis, etc are the tools.
  • A-Analyze: Collected data is analyzed for detecting the problems. Data is visually analyzed using Tools for Data Analysis for proper investigation. Brainstorming, E-test, F-test, Cause and Effect diagram, Affinity Diagram,5Why’s, Scatter Diagram, Historical data Analysis, Reality tree, Fault Tree Analysis, etc are the tools used.
  • I-Improve: When you get the wind of the situation and problem at hand, then it’s time to come up with possible solutions. Along with that, you have to construct a future outcome map and then use that to solve the problem. Finally, measure the improvement in the process and check whether it is as good as what is expected. Work Cell Design, Kanban, Standard Work, Theory of Constraints, Visual Management, DFSS, Mistake-Proofing,5S Workplace Organisation, DOE, etc..are the tools used.
  • C-Control: Continuous monitoring of the process and plan to sustain the improvement techniques implemented are incorporated during this phase. All those working in the particular process are supposed to implement the six Sigma policies. Standard Operating Procedures, Control Charts, Reaction Plan, Control Plan, Run Charts, etc are the tools used.

Role of green belt Six Sigma in DMAIC projects

What role do Green belt Six Sigma professionals play in DMAIC? In a nutshell, they are the ones who help in the proper functioning and implementation of the above-defined DMAIC projects. Now how do Green belt Six Sigma professionals achieve this goal? It’s simple, they master the tools and techniques needed. They then adopt these in each process and service assigned to them.

Evidently, Green belt six Sigma professionals play a huge role in the development and sustenance of a business entity or enterprise. If you are an ambitious professional keen enough to become a leader in your domain then Green belt Six Sigma certification training is the first step you need to take to achieve your goal. As a matter of fact, they not only contribute to the reduction of waste and boost the sales in an organization, but also improve the working environment and relationship among the employees. They also enhance the career and professional upskilling of their employees.

From a distance, it seems like Black belt Six Sigma certification is more important than Green belt Six Sigma certification but in reality, Green belt six Sigma employees are the doers. They deliver a chunk of the quality improvement work. From doing quality checks to improving customer relations, Green belt six Sigma employees steer a process or project in an efficient manner to success.

A short take on the history of Six Sigma and  Green Belt Six Sigma

In 1986, Motorola incorporated the Six Sigma goal in its manufacturing industry. Eventually Honeywell and General Electric also followed the suit. Savings in billions was imputed to the Six Sigma Methodology. Lean Manufacturing, wherein manufacturing and customer response time be reduced, was blended with Six Sigma thus becoming lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is a combo of Lean(reducing defects and waste) withSix Sigma (quality improvement and reducing variation). While Six Sigma was developing, various tasks were assigned at various levels. For example, CEO-level employees set up the strategy of Six Sigma, while lower-level employees provided support to and implemented these strategies. Apparently, a ranking system close to martial arts i.e belt levels were introduced. And Green belt is the set of employees who implements Six Sigma under the black belt’s supervision.

Details of Green belt Six Sigma

Now that we have a basic idea of Six Sigma, and various belts, let us explore what is Green Belt Six Sigma in detail. A robust system relies on the proper functioning at each level. As mentioned above green belt Six Sigma involves the understanding and usage of relevant tools. Moreover, Green belt Six Sigma is the supporting hand for the black belt in solving quality enhancement and maintenance problems.

Major Responsibilities  Of Green Belt Six Sigma Professionals

 The major responsibilities of Green belt Six Sigma  are:

  • Resolve issues affecting the quality
  • Work under Black belt Six Sigma
  • Improve the team skills for better performance
  • Implementing DMAIC (Define,Measure,Analyse,Improve,Control) projects effectively 
  • Helps in the collection of Data

Why is certification in Green belt Six Sigma so important?

Day by day competition in each domain is increasing. More output is expected from employees in a lesser time frame. Additionally, high quality is expected too at each work level. Green belt Six Sigma employees hold the key to opening the six sigma concept and implementing it in real-world applications. A Green Belt certified professional is not necessarily a leader.

Advantages of green belt Six sigma

For a clear understanding we need to first understand its benefits. They are:

  • A Green belt Six Sigma certification helps in boosting the general confidence plus it also helps in breaking the most complex process into simpler parts.
  • More efficiency in completing the process. This leads to financial gain in the organization which in turn leads to the professional growth of the employee.
  • Customer satisfaction can be achieved when good quality products are provided in a limited time frame, again resulting in the overall growth of the organization and the employee as well.

The above advantages show us that Green belt certification is a logically essential part of an employee’s resume which can contribute to the upsurge of an organization’s performance.

Distinctive Features of Green belt Six Sigma Professionals

  • Communication Skills: Should possess awesome communication skills to keep the whole team working together without any falling out.
  • Positive Attitude: Must be optimistic in completing the process.Moreover, must not be over-sensitive and dictatorial.
  • Decision making: Should possess good decision-making skills as Green belt Six sigma professionals make most of the decisions on quality improvement and problem-solving.
  • Strategic thinking: They should master the skill of strategic thinking.This is because they should be aware of the next step to be taken at each and every step.

Job Profiles after Green belt Six Sigma Certification

Major job Profiles after Green belt Six Sigma certification are:

  1. Lean Six Sigma Consultant
  2. Manufacturing Engineers
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Reliability Engineer
  5. Warehouse Operations Manager
  6. Process Development Engineer
  7. Business Process Analyst
  8. Operating System Specialistetc.

Companies hiring Green belt Six Sigma professionals

  1. Wipro
  2.  Reliance
  3. Walmart
  4. Honeywell
  5. Whirlpool
  6. TATA 
  7. General Electric
  8. Asian Paints 
  9. Dell
  10. Coca Cola
  11. Boeing
  12. Motorola etc..


Green belt Six Sigma Certification Exams

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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There are two main accredited Green belt Six Sigma certificate providers: IASSC(International Association of Six Sigma Certification) and CSSC(Council for Six Sigma Certification). The major difference in each is the levels of certification which are

  • IASSC offers Yellow belt, Green belt, and Black belt certifications while CSSC offers all the above 3 plus an extra level i.e the white belt at the lowest position.CSSC also has advanced Green belt certification and advanced Black belt certification under special conditions.
  • The cost of exams also differs in each case. For example, Green belt Six Sigma certification costs $295 under IASSC and $119 under CSSC.
  • Exam pattern is also different like in IASSC for Green belt Six Sigma certification exam. You have to answer 100 questions in 3 hours, closed book and100 questions with no time limit, and open book.
  • The cut-off score is 70% in both cases.
  • No training is provided by IASSC but CSSC provides training for students and professionals.
  • For a single payment, IASSC gives only a single attempt while CSSC gives 3 attempts in a 12-month span.

In addition to these, there are ASQ(American Society for Quality), ISI(Indian Statistical Institute ), etc.


Eligibility for Green belt Six Sigma certification

You need 3 years of experience in a full-time job.No part-time job or internships are eligible for Green belt six Sigma certification. If you have worked on two projects, then you can skip the 3 years experience requirement.

Salary of Green belt Six Sigma Professionals

  • Mechanical Engineer-INR 660651
  • .Quality Manager-INR 1018255
  • Operations Manager-INR 951773
  • Quality Assurance Manager-INR 1098837
  • Operations Team Leader-INR 469259
  • Business Optimization Specialist-INR 11,00,000

Green belt six sigma courses:

Many institutes in India and abroad are offering courses in Green belt Six Sigma. Henry Harvin, a global Ed-Tech company is offering a Six Sigma Green Belt course that is affiliated to IASSC and ASQ.20+ tools 24+projects,1year project mentoring are key highlights of this course. While choosing the best Green belt Six Sigma course, you have to keep in my mind the following points:

  • If the course explains the basics like what is Green belt Six Sigma, Why is it rendered so important, and so on?
  • It covers almost all tools and techniques of a basic DMAIC process.
  • If it helps in cultivating all the qualities of an excellent Green belt Six Sigma Professional.
  • If the Green belt Six Sigma course actually provides hands-on training in various projects by using the tools and techniques.

 The above points can be used as a checklist while choosing the best Green belt Six sigma course.

Examples of Green belt Six Sigma Projects in various fields:

  • Banking-Customer care is defined, then the data for the customer relation and financial status is measured.Finally, all the transactions of the customer are analyzed,.This in turn improves customer relations by providing a hassle-free transaction. Update and follow up the improvement measures for fully satisfying customer experience.
  • Manufacturing industry-Six Sigma originated from the manufacturing industry and then gradually spread its wings in other areas. It was implemented to reduce defects and wastage in this industry and the main objective was to harvest full customer satisfaction along with immense profits.
  • Information Technology-helps highly in Software development and thus helps in rendering IT services to other industries.
  • The Aerospace-Aviation industry is packed with huge amounts of data. However, this is controlled using Six Sigma tools and techniques for improvement in future services.
  • Telecom industry-This is a highly competitive industry and new additions and features are getting added on a daily basis.But with each new feature, new data pours in and old data is analyzed systematically. With the of DMAIC technique and tools, this has become easy and thus the telecom industry updates and provides quality assured services to its customers.

Additional Benefits of Six Sigma Green belt certification:

In addition to acquiring a job after Green belt Six Sigma certification, you also have a good chance of getting a promotion Greenbelt Six Sigma certification along with hands-on training in projects that can help you in the long run. For Acquiring a green belt Six Sigma certification, you need not go through a yellow belt or white belt, if you have the relevant credentials. The course fees vary with the institute that offers the Green belt Six Sigma certification.

Some of the online Green belt Six Sigma courses are

Course name

Institute Name

Course fees

Six Sigma Green belt Certification

Henry Harvin

INR 15,750(self-paced)

INR 17,500(instructor-led)

Six Sigma Green belt Specialisation



Six Sigma Green belt+Six Sigma Black belt

IIBM Institute of Business management

INR 25,000

Green belt certification



Six Sigma Green belt certification



2 days Six Sigma Green belt certification

Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi

INR 11,800

The admission process for Green belt six Sigma courses is as follows

  1. For online courses, register through the online portal or the link provided in the brochure. However, for offline courses, visit the website, fill the registration form and pay the fees
  2. There are no admission tests for the certificate courses . But you have to give the IASSC or ASQ or CSSC exam depending on the institute you are choosing.
  3. Both online and offline modes of giving the exam are available.


     High-quality service deliverance, high efficiency, excellent customer relations, Good communication skills are all attributes to a Green belt Six Sigma Professional. In order to achieve this a certification or training program would be worth the effort.Before you indulge in such a course be sure to check the curriculum of each course and then apply accordingly.Hope you find the above information useful.

Frequently asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I do a Six Sigma Green belt course after class 12?

A.No Green belt Six Sigma courses are for professionals with at least 3 years of experience in a full-time job.

Will there be an Exam after the training?

A.Yes, there will be an exam for Green belt Six Sigma certification after the training or attending the course. For details refer to Green belt Six Sigma certification exams.

Can I get a promotion after green belt Six Sigma certification?

A.Yes you can get promoted from the role of a team member to team leader.

Is IASSC or CSSC better?

A.Both have their own pros and cons but it all comes down to the affiliation of the institute you have enrolled into.

Is there an expiration date for Green belt Six Sigma certification?

A.Yes after 3 years the certificate expires and you have to renew it through an email to [email protected]

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