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All thanks to the mountaineering popularity of OTT and the netizens era, due to which cross-cultural influence is on a hike. This has led to narrowed physical boundaries. This air adding to the existing globalisation atmosphere has rose the demand for foreign language courses. So we have listed 12 top Korean language courses in Indore which will put an end to your search.


 “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” is an ancient Sanskrit phrase that means the entire world is one family. This has been optimally proven by globalisation today. Plus internet has served a huge hand in making this concept a success. Now a student sitting in Indore can learn from foreign experts. You do not even need to step out of the home to either learn or after that earn.Keeping the advanced learning platform in mind we have shortlisted 12 Korean language courses in Indore.

Irrespective of the fact that no well-established institute provides Korean language courses in Indore, you can avail of education online. This will give you exposure to the best institutes around the world.

Before moving further let us check the

 Eligibility criteria for taking Korean language courses in Indore-

Korean language courses are provided in both online and offline modes. There are available at three levels




There is no restriction in pursuing a language course which is online. But usually, students who wish to build their career in this field undertake BA in foreign languages.

In order to pursue that you must have passed twelfth with a minimum of 45%.

The complete list of 12 Korean language courses in Indore is as follows-

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an unparalleled institute when it comes to training and certifications. It has an experience of more than a decade in the transfer of first-class education.

There are 11+  offices situated in the USA, UAE, and India.

All the staff is strongly dedicated to providing top-notch skills and intellect to the aspirants. It has successfully trained and placed 3,00,000+ students all over the world.

  Recognitions And Accreditations

  • Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, MSME, UKAF, UKcert, ministry of corporate affairs, ISO 29990:2010, project management institute(PMI).
  •   Winner of Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the under 40 Business World Award.

 Why Henry Harvin-

  • Training + Projects + Internship + Certification + Placement + E-Learning + Masterclass + Hackathons + Gold Membership( all in one box)
  • 56 hours of classes in which 5 hours of exam preparation is included.
  • Gets you fully trained for TOPIK and KLPT exams.
  • They will refund your 100% fee if you are not satisfied with the course.

  • All lectures are taken by native teachers.
  • All the experts are certified in the respective subjects that they teach.
  •  More than 25 assignments are given during the course to asses your skill development

  •  Teaching add-on skills like resume building soft skills,12+ Bootcamp sessions. 
  • Placement drives are held after completion of the course customarily.
  • All the course material is available online with a 24*7 helpdesk.
  • A separate LMS account is allotted to every student so that they can access study material, coordinate with instructors and submit assignments.
  • The instructors are very cooperative and solve every query and doubt with ease.
  • It is a 6 level course starting from Beginner till advanced level.

Course Duration: 56 hours(level 1)

Location: Henry Harvin House, B-12, Sector 6, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


2. 90-Day Korean

top 12 korean language courses in indore


source-google sites

Firstly this institute’s management is a cocktail of natives and foreigners, which is the best combo for students. As you get perfect insight from every point of view.

Secondly, this institute supports after-course updated knowledge through their blogs and youtube channel.

All the classes are conducted online through zoom meetings, you just have to visit the website and join their inner circle course.

Why 90-Day Korean?

  • Supported and guided by native Koreans.
  • Customisable learning, set your goals.
  • Learn while having fun,11 plus easy-to-learn lessons.
  • Audio vocabulary is provided to improve your pronunciation.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.

Course Duration:90 days

Course Fee:VIP package -$49/month

Location: 680 S Cache St. Suite 100-9670
Jackson, Wyoming 83001


3. Italki

top 12 korean language courses in indore


source-google sites

It is the only platform where you can avail of one-on-one classes and choose from over 20,000 teachers. They provide multiple options for training. One can opt for individual, group or practice sessions. This site is amazing if you want to get deeper exposure to the Korean language, as it has podcasts, articles etc to keep you engaged.

Why Italki?

  • Flexibility in choice of teachers.
  • Each and every teacher has been certified.
  • A 30-minute trial session before starting the class.
  • Multiple price and timings options, you can undertake sessions according to your budget
  • They have a community of learners, podcasts, articles etc to hook you.

Location: italki HK Limited · Suite 2004, 20/F, Tower 5, · China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, · Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Ratings: 4.5***

4. Talk To Me In Korean

Talk To Me In Korean - YouTube


source-google sites

Finally here is a platform which not online serves you with video lessons, but has a plethora to opt from. They have video, audio, textbooks and combinations of all, with a vast variety of courses to choose from. There is a filter on the website that will assist you to choose your level and mode. You can effortlessly seek the right course for yourself.

Why Talk To Me In Korean?

  • You can choose your study mode according to your own comfort and ability.
  • Textbooks along with the course and as individuals are provided on-site itself.
  • Full access to 1600 plus videos on an annual subscription.
  • Comprehensive quizzes, sample dialogue videos and unlimited guidance are provided.
  • Grooming lessons, practice lessons, and vocabulary lessons for future assistance.

Courses Provided-

Level Audio lessons Video lessons
Beginners YAGI Read and write in Korean
Intermediate bibimchat Korean sentence building practises
Advanced   Long sentence training

Course Fee:$10.19/month

Location: 394-74, Seogyo dong, Mapo gu, Seoul, South Korea

Ratings: 4***

5. Future Learn

U-M Expands Online Course Portfolio with FutureLearn Partnership – Center for Academic Innovation


Source-google sites

Firstly the courses provided with this online platform are affiliated with topmost universities like Cambridge, throughout the globe. Secondly, you get unlimited to any short-term course for a year on an annual subscription .which itself is an opportunity not to be missed. As they have more than four fully certified Korean language courses to become a master in it. So, if you are looking for a CV-ready course you can consider this one.

Why Future Learn?

  • Excellently trained and certified personnel from well-reputed universities
  • Courses which are affiliated with more than 260 universities.
  • Completely flexible as all the courses are self-paced.
  • Decorate your CV with multiple courses with a single subscription.

   Courses Provided Along With Their Duration And Fees-

Name University duration Fees
Introduction to Korean Hanyang University 6 weeks Rs 3675/year
Introduction to Korean:2 Hanyang University 6 weeks Rs 3675/year
Intermediate Korea: Exploring the language and culture of Korea
Hanyang University
6 weeks Rs 3675/year

6. Memrise

Memrise - Wikipedia


source-google sites

This very website provides all types of languages including Korean. Secondly, they also give their lessons through audio and visual mode. All the classes are undertaken by native teachers. They promise to teach Korean in a very simple and interactive manner so that you can speak Korean like a native.

Why Memrise?

  • Their learning ways are extremely easy, and the stress-free ways of teaching are unique.
  • The students effortlessly learn to speak fluent Korean.
  • Over 50 million language learners in 189 countries.

Location: London,UK


7. The Cyber University Of Korea

Cyber University of Korea | LinkedIn


source-google sites

This university is created by philanthropist educationists, who have uploaded the Korean language course free of cost. This course is accessible to all through youtube and various other platforms. Although it is the leading university in Korea, it aims at spreading top-quality education to everyone. This very university is run by visionaries of Korea.

Why Quick Korean?

  • Course is directed by the topmost educationist in Korea itself.
  • This course is free of cost and easily available.

Course Fee:Free

 8. Coursera

Coursera | Degrees, Certificates, & Free Online Courses


source-google sites

    It is an ocean of learning for students who are seeking online courses. You can find thousands of courses and each one is affiliated with a well-established university. Talking of the Korean language Courera has in total six courses to choose from. All the courses are adequately budgeted and can put a star on your CV.

Courses Provided And Their Duration-

Course  University Duration Level
1. First Step Korean Yonsei 1-3 months Beginner
2.  Learn To Speak Korean 1 Yonsei 1-3 months Beginner
3. A bridge to the world-Korean language for beginners Sungkuankwan 1-3 months Beginner
4. A bridge to the world-Korean languages for intermediate Sungkuankwan 1-3 months Intermediate
5 .A bridge to the world-Korean language for advanced Sungkuankwan 1-3 months Advanced
6 .The korean Alphabet-An Introduction to Hanguel Sungkuankwan 1-3 months Beginner

9. Udemy

What to Know About Udemy


source-google sites

This is also one of those sites where each and every course is available. You can choose any course at your pocket and convenience. There are in total 7 Korean courses present on the website.Each course is taught by certified trainers.

Why Udemy?

  • You not only get to learn but also practise your skills.
  • Pronunciation lessons to help you speak like a native.
  • Video on demand which could be accessed on mobile and TV.

 Courses Provided Along With Their Duration And Fees-

Course Duration Fee
The complete Korean course for beginners 49.5 hours  Rs 3299
Complete Korean course: learn Korean for beginners 41.5 hours Rs 3099
Learn Korean for beginners: the ultimate 100 lesson course 5.5 hours Rs 3199
Learn Korean! start speaking Korean now 5 hours Rs 2999
Learn Hangul: the ABCs of Korean language 2 hours Rs 2499
Learning from scratch 1.5 hours Rs 799
Core Korean 4-complete your Korean language foundations 17 hours Rs 1999

10. Pimsleur

Pimsleur Review 2023: Mystery Subscription Is Cheaper!


source-google sites

This very organisation teaches any new language in just 30 days by implementing there highly effective scientifically proven Pimsleur method. They guarantee that your brain will get hard-wired to a new language by using this method. They teach in a unique productive manner which enables a person to converse a new language as fluently as his own mother tongue.

Why Pimsleur?

  • Learn through a new method formulated by Dr.Pimsleur himself.
  • This technique improves the language learning centres of the brain which is beneficial after also.
  • No rot learning only effective memorising that sharpens minds.
  • All instructions in English.
  • Kick off the conversation from day one itself.
  • Recommended by The New York Times.
  • All classes are accessible on mobiles and tablets
  • A complimentary E-book by Dr Pimsleur

Courses Provided And Fees-

Level  Fees
Level 1 $99.5
Level 2 $107.95
Level 3 $107.95

11. Cudoo

Cudoo - YouTube


source-google sites

This is one type of website which offers more than 160 plus language courses which are spoken  around the world. Korean is among the top six most learnt languages on the website. They provided Cv ready course and after-course support too.

Why Cudoo?

  • They guide you towards your profession by providing industry-ready training.
  • You can get a better understanding of Korean culture through this course.
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships with Korean personnel through conversational training.

Courses Provided And Fees-

Level Fees
Level 1 $12.99
Level 2 $12.99
Level 3 $12.99

12. Learn Korean In India

Learn Korean in India


source-google sites

This website has centralised its focus on teaching the Korean language. Hence they provide 4 levels of training so that you can become a pro in this language. They have both weekday and weekend classes,

Why LKI?

  • Career-oriented course, full assistance in career building.
  • Get full exposure to Korean culture in detail.
  • Helps in clearing entrance for a Korean university, prepartion for TOPIK.
  • Full guidance and support from the end of instructors and alumni.
  • Regular practice in classes.


Now talking of career after completing this course, we have listed a few career options along with their salaries. It will become easier for you to choose the right course, once the roadmap is clear. After choosing the career you can choose the optimum college that serves the best requirements and opportunities to pursue your career afterwards.

Career Options After Completing Korean Language Courses In Indore

1) Korean translator-

As a translator, your work is to read, access, evaluate and convert the documents into your native or home language. As our overseas business is flourishing there is ample demand for Korean translators with handsome salary packages.

2) Korean interpreter-

Unlike a translator who converts the written text, interpreters have to convert spoken language. This makes the task a little tedious, as you need to be as fluent as a Korean native. Moreover, you need to pay focus on each and every word spoken by both parties for accurate interpretation.

3) Korean teacher-

You can always teach a skill to others when you master it yourself. For becoming a teacher you need to pass all the levels of the Korean language. After that become eligible to teach in schools, coachings, colleges and online too.

4) Jobs in MNC-

Knowing the native language of the company is always a boon. Those students who aim in working In Korean-based companies must learn Korean by heart. As it will help you step ahead of others and maintain interpersonal relationships with native employees.

5) Job at the Korean embassy-

Doors get opened in public offices and the Soth Korean embassy if you are well learnt the Korean language. This is one of the major reasons why students go for Korean language courses. The status of working in an embassy is incomparable.

So, there are ample career options to choose from once you get certified as a learnt in the Korean language with multiplying salaries.

Now you must have got an idea of what you can do after getting certified. Let us get acknowledged about the various universities which will lead you to these careers.


    Taking into consideration of the global financial scenario and the harvesting popularity of Korean entertainment, your career is going to skyrocket without any doubt. But the foremost thing that is need of the hour is to choose an adequate Korean language course. Which will ultimately lead you to a bright future. We have listed 12 top Korean language courses in Indore. All the pros and cons are included in the list which will help you in weighing the courses.

So, Korean lovers hopefully this article has put an end to your dilemma. We wish you all the best for your shining future ahead.

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Q1 How much time does an average Indian takes to get a hand in the Korean language?

A1. As per the latest stats, an average Indian needs at least three months to reach an intermediate level. Becoming an expert will take a minimum of 3-4 more months.

Q2 What Is the difficulty level of the Korean language?

A2. Though it is the 18th most useful language still it is one of the hardest to learn. You need devotion and dedicated study hours to become fluent.

Q3 Which Korean-based companies running in India hire Korean learnt candidates?

A3. There are many Korean companies which have a huge demand for Korean learnt candidates such as LG, Samsung, Lotte, Kia, Posco etc.

Q4 Which is the closest language Korean can be related with?

A4. Korean is most similar to Japanese. If in case you know Japanese learning Korean becomes child’s play for you. Even many of the words originated from Chinese too.

Q5 How many levels do we have in the Korean language?

A5. There are in total three levels-Beginners, intermediate and advanced. You need to clear all the levels to gain proficiency in this language. Moreover, if you are looking ahead to TOPIK exams you need skills taught in all three levels.

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