In India, Entrepreneurs play a vital role in the economy as other lucrative professions. Entrepreneurship has become a key skill with a focus on job creation. From young age itself, the students are being trained in entrepreneurship. It is the most famous and trusted platform for school students to gain knowledge of entrepreneurship. Online junior MBA training program that trains school-going students about entrepreneurship knowledge and management to help the future generation to build their career. Entrepreneur skills and management skills at an early stage empower the children. these skills have significance for success in life The Online Junior MBA program helps to understand the business industry at an early stage. So, here we start to list the Top 15 junior MBA programs and the opportunities offered by them.

1. HenryHarvin Education‘s Junior MBA course

Henry Harvin Education is the leading firm for the online market-demanding skill training program. It is well-reputed in delivering innovative programs. Globally, it is a trusted name for the quality training program. Henry Harvin understands the voyage to develop entrepreneurial skills. This entrepreneurship is the best encourage the kids with Junior MBA courses.

Benefits of  Henry Harvin’s Junior MBA Course

This course helps the children to build self-confidence. This course strengthens positive thinking, Identifying the opportunities, Responsibility, creativity, and Goal setting.

Henry Harvin Junior MBA training schedule

It is 32 hours of training. Instructor-led live online is the mode of training. The duration of the per class is 1.5 hrs -2hrs

Educator of the training

Expert business Educator is the educator of this training. They are professionals. and have experience working with CEOs, CFO’s, CMO’s and CTO’s. Henry Harvin mentors are highly trained to guide the children to dive deep into the business secrets to make an impression in the universe. The children can exhibit their certification. On linked in, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to boost, their confidence and explore different opportunities with motivation and inspiration to face the world 

 The chapter works on business model & identity assets and includes topics like Key resources and partners, The module is an important module that teaches Visionary Bearer, Science of Logo making, CEO Roles & Responsibilities, Basecamps for Managers, and Google Calendar & Excel for Managers.

 module 5 helps the students to learn the core basics of management – Time Management, Change Management, Team Management, and Control Management.

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

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Module 6 teaches you the Chief Technology Officer works like Roles & Responsibilities, Industry 4.0, Technologies build-up within the business, UI Design. Henry HarvinEducation inaugurated an inspiring internship program labelled KITE for school children

Apart from Junior MBA Henry Harvin also offers Teen Mba and Mini MBA courses.

 A) Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA

Henry Harvin Precipitates a Teen MBA online training program is to help the students in their career path. The professional online course offers a skill set to the students to become a CEO, CMO, CTO, or CFO. This course helps the students to understand the business jungle and offers comprehensive governance on making money work. . Henry Harvin’s new course Teen MBA has two different phases .phase1-Develop business skills,phase2-Go for specialization.

This program is considered a voyage of career discovery. This course enhances entrepreneurial skills and gets the CEO, CMO CTO, CFO. This program helps to get an understanding of the business world. Business planning, Team management, Decision-making, financial planning, budgeting, negotiation, Tech problem solving, Tech insight, Tech has 8 modules.

In develop business skill phase, the school-going students will attain the knowledge of decision -making process and transform their ideas into reality. The important skills of this phase are to develop comprehensive Business planning, Team Management skills, critical Decision-Making skills.

In Go for Specializationphase, the students can get skills for the particular position which has three different areas. Teen CMO, Teen CFO TeenCTO.

 In Teen CMO, Digital Marketing, Market Segmentation, Go to Market strategy were the skills developed and needed to become the head of the marketing department.

 InTeen CFO, Budgeting, Financial Planning, Negotiation were skilled developed and needed to become the Chief Financial officer.

To become the Chief Technical officer the students have to develop Tech problem solving, Tech Insight, Tech Ideation and we can attain this skill from TeenCTO.

The curriculum of Teen MBA

The aspect of entrepreneurial and managerial acumen skills are covered in the TeenMBA course curriculum. In Business Management and planning module the student gets to know the roles of people in an enterprise, departments of business, and CEO confidence. In the business plan and creating business ideas module the students learn about business, Customers’ value propositions and channels, and customer relationships. In the business model and identity assets module the students know about key resources and partners.

 B) Henry Harvin’s  mini MBA

Henry Harvin offers Mini MBA programs for teenagers, were interested in MBA. A teenager can get the knowledge of mini MBA skills through this course .mini MBA skills prepare the teenagers to think and act like professional MBA ‘s.various types of skill present in this mini MBA that helps the teenagers to improve their personality.

The significance of the mini MBA

Developing MiniMBA skills has become salient for a teenager because this skill stays with their life. Teamwork, leadership, multi-tasking, time management, communication, and interpersonal skills, problem-solving, analytical skills are some of the predominant key skills of mini MBA

Teamwork focuses to get the best out of multiple people working together. Leadership skills motivate a team and get the best. Multitasking and time management skills are necessary skills that a good leader should have. planning and organizing and multitasking and time management skills are associated with each other. communication and listening capability get from communication skills. problem-solving and analytical skill is the identification of the professional life

Benefits of Henry Harvin’s Mini MBA Course

  1. fast track course.

2. earned a basic understanding of business.

3. helps the students transform into proficient entrepreneurs.

4. obtain holistic knowledge in every domain of business.

5. aspires to be a dynamic CEO

Duration and fee structure of this course 

Six weeks training with 50 hours of e-learning access

With 24 hours of brush-up sessions. The fee for this course is Rs 7199/. It offers versatile learning to achieve the goals in the business segment.

 Henry Harvin’s online summer program for teenagers.

To obtain refined experience, Henry Harvin made the teenager’s education employable, in the world of opportunities.

This online course is based on the instructor level led for three weeks. This online course helps to build skills of specialization in business, marketing, finance, and technology. 

Teen CEO – It sharpens the teenager’s business planning skills. Time management and decision-making are some of the CEO’s key skills.

Teen CMO-Teenagers get the knowledge about how to manage the marketing department. Digital marketing helps them a lot and makes their work easy.

Teen CFO-The CFO specialist means managing all the financial activities and it will help the teenagers to nurture their accomplishments.

Teen CTO-This course has technical expertise. It suits the teens who are highly interested in technology and face the challenge to solve all the technical issues.

2. Clever Harvey  : Top Junior MBA Course In India

Clever Harvey is an educational dynamism established by IVY League 

And focused to guide young school students who were from 13-16 years. They bridge the gap between academic learning and the real world.

The platform is fabricated by IIMgraduates for students from 8 to 12. It is India’s first dedicated 10 days online Junior MBA program.

Clever Harvey empowers all the students to master critical thinking skills, commercial ingenuity, and career opportunities for the future. Junior MBA  Consists of Junior CMO, Junior CEO, Junior CTO.

3. Adventurett : Best Training centre for Junior MBA Course in India

Adventure education tours private limited is India’s fastest travel and tour company. Its mission is to be the world’s best educational travel and tour company in the sector of educational travel. They have launched the junior MBA program. It is a 10-day online program for the students in class8-12. An online junior MBA program1 hour a day for 10 days. this program is developed by IIMand IVYleague alumni to build real-world skills. The students who pursue this junior MBA program will earn an IVY League faculty certificate. The students can obtain the critical skills of CEO, CTO, CMO.

Junior CMO, online program topics covered are market segmentation, product positioning, invisible marketing, and brand communication. It challenges the students to work on creating and launching campaigns. Through this course, students learn to identify patterns, improved research skills.

An online program for entrepreneurship skills is a junior in which CEO  value proposition, market sizing. unit economics, business planning are the topics covered. zero one .creating pitching a business plan to a potential investor., the students work on these challenges. improved decision making, budgeting skills, ability to identify opportunities.

An online program for technology and problem solving is junior CTO.the students will learn algorithms, artificial intelligence,human-computer interfaces, web apps. In this program, they will understand the emerging technologies and how to use them, analytical mindset, innovation, and problem-solving

The registration fee for the first program is.RS4,999/, second and third program is Rs 9,999/

4. Arcadia junior MBA program : Top Training Centre For Junior MBA Training in india

Arcadia junior MBA program is a 12-week program. This curriculum is for primary school students. The core element of the program is to deliver MBA modules to students aged from 6-11 years old. This program has four learning goals, firstly it encourages students to think critically and collaborate among students. It provides basic financial literacy skills to students and the opportunities to learn through talk and talk by the oracy framework. Arcadia Education’s award-winning CEO, Navin valiant, educated in the finest business schools in the world, created this junior MBA program

The eligibility of the course and its structure

Only students at Arcadia School have the eligibility to enroll in the program. All Arcadia students from Year 3 through to Year 6 (ages 7-11) must pursue this course as part of their schedule during Term 1 of the academic year. Year 1 and Year 2 students (ages 5-7) have an elective choice to pursue this course in Arcadia’s Enrichment Learning Programme. This course is a discussion-based format by the class teacher and supported by Mr. Valrani. S the course has a discussion of theory for the first 6 weeks and the last 6 weeks of the course on real-world applications which includes interacting with relevant guest speakers, visiting companies, and the students can learn how to prepare and pitch a business plan in front of an engaged audience.

The objectives of the course

This program is a basic need for the students. It provides entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy skills. The students get the ability to think critically and encourage collaboration and this skill prepares them for their academic and personal journey.

The core topics of the program

The program has been designed according to the age group. The program covers the core topics like Entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, accounting. In Entrepreneurship, students come to know Idea generation, company formation, Social Impact, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).In Marketing, they get the knowledge in Marketing Mix, Branding, Social Media (safeguarding concerns highlighted), preparing pitch decks, and presentation skills. In finance subjects, they understand fundraising through friends and family, commercial Islamic Banking, Venture capital, the stock market (including exposure to life to trade). Accounting topics, they learn about Revenue and Expenses, calculating profit, basics about the Balance sheet, Goodwill, Learning about the case study 0method. This program concludes with all students from years 3-6 preparing and presenting an investment slant of the business venture of their choice.

5. Kidspreneur MBA ; Best Training Centre For Junior MBA course in india

Asia’s first entrepreneurship education provider is Kidspreneur. It is associated with Business school, Washington. Now in India, it provides a kidspreneur MBA, the power of entrepreneurial learning. Entrepreneurship is a skill set or a way of thinking which empowers the kids to innovate, create, and discover the kid’s potentials. It is an online course.

This flagship program teaches the basics of entrepreneurship, business. This kidspreneur MBA program is the project-based learning program (PBL). It provides the opportunity to learn firsthand how to start and operate our own business. In course of 10 weeks, the young entrepreneurs start a fund and run their own businesses by working individually.

This course is for the age group7-18 years with a duration of 58 hours.

 Kidspreneur’s virtual tech MBA

Kidspreneur founded in 2012, believes that students have the power to impact the world. By world-class entrepreneurship, the education they create the next generation of innovators and changemakers. This education is accessible to kids from all around the world. This education empowers every kid to be a champion for entrepreneurial learning.

Virtualtech MBA, away to sharpen the teens ESTEAM skills, and associate with new friends. From the comfort of home the students get the highest quality of remote instruction, it is an online course. This course builds in-demand skills desired by companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Nasa. In this virtual MBA course, teens will understand app conceptualization, UI and UX design, front-end app development, android studio web development with prestigious IBSW faculty.

The students make a pathway for a dream career with a specialized skill set and a solid portfolio. At the same time, they will impress colleges and future employers and launch their own tech startup.

The significance of the course

It is a structured, month-long session in multiple time zones. It has a curriculum in App Development, web development, UI&UX, WordPress.The course is a blend of personalized learning and time to socialize with new friends in the small class size. It is the2 hours of live instruction and peer collaboration +2 hours of self-paced project development.

6. BJS young MBA

Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana-BJS provides the young MBA program.This program allows the kids to discover themselves. young MBA workshop teaches the kids to earn money they understand the value of the money. They inculcate this habits and sharpen them into an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurialism gives the opportunity to experiment and experience it. They learn from their mistakes and this workshop is for the age group 10-15 years.

7. Parent of Coach -Junior MBA

Parent of Coach Junior MBA  is project-based learning for kids. In this program, the children develop real-time leadership experiences in a fun way.

Junior MBA  for 6-9 years old kids and Junior MBA mastery for 10-13 years old children. The Junior MBA program is an immersive learning program. It helps children to connect what they learn in school to real-world problems. They understand that learning by doing is the best way of learning. This program is a platform to exhibit their projects and get the confidence to think and demonstrate the children’s work.

The process of this program is alive and interactive classes that captivate the children and teach them 80 + necessary skills. This program gives an opportunity for them to interact with ISRO and IAS. With the help of the experts, they identify their problem areas and guide their children to find the right solution in solving real-world problems.

The curriculum has 3 levels of development

  1. Creating a working prototype of the idea.
  2. creating content on youtube to spread awareness about one’s idea.
  3. implementing the solutions in the real world and creating a social impact.

8. Metamorphosis Edu ; Top Junior MBA Training Centre in india

The virtual school that teaches entrepreneurship is MetamorphosisEdu.It is a Hyderabad-based school of edutech platform. This is for the class 6th-12th.student. It empowers young minds with entrepreneur skills and guides the students on an innovation and leadership path. Its modules incubator program, school of entrepreneurship, and young entrepreneur classroom. They  Conduct skill development programs for 6 years, old students.

9. Bornpreneur ; Top junior MBA Centre in india

Bornpreneur offers an after-school enrichment program to kids. This program is tailored to engage kids in entrepreneurial thinking and build future leaders in the field.

They offer business and entrepreneurial education through three programs. They are Born prodigy, Born To Hire, and Born CEOs.Kids understand business strategies and entrepreneurship through the case study-based program.

The experiential process of learning helps them to start their business in a fun and productive manner.

10. Entrepreneurship for kids by Galit Zamler

EFK kids program is constructed byMs Galit Zamler. This program is targeted at schools that offer case-study-based entrepreneurial studies from a young age. It is developed as an education project. The EFKprogramme visualizes the entrepreneurial education accessible to everyone. The program has two parts. Empowering young students with entrepreneurship skills is dealt with in part one. Part deals with the Entrepreneurship skills for kids program. This is for fourth graders and middle and high school students. The program has various aspects of entrepreneurship through experiential learning. 

11. Pragya ; Best institute For junior MBA Course in india

In Pragya’s Excellence in junior MBA program, children learn strategic planning and execution, innovation, creativity, risk-taking ability, managing failure, problem-solving skills, creating business models, and entrepreneurship skills. They produce passionate professionals.

Benefits of learning Junior MBA

Kids get a world-class curriculum. The program has a world-class trainer with a world-class training methodology. It provides world-class infrastructure. The duration of the course is 2 months  and the fee is RS16500/

Final words

An imperative breed needs to bring innovation and impact the world were Entrepreneurs. parents and educators have the responsibility to support their children to achieve life skills and establish a new environment during their schooling itself. Entrepreneurial skills get a high grade of versatility and are incredibly valuable for the learning process. By the most important innovations from entrepreneurs, the world is changing at a dynamic pace.


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