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France needs English

Teaching English is Fun

Options for Teaching in France

The teaching options in France are exceptional at schools and colleges. The learning experience is exceptional.  Teaching is one of the highest-paid jobs in France. People want to teach English in France as the opportunities there are exceptional.

English is taught here to develop basic conversational skills. The school time is a little higher here. It’s between 9 am and 6 pm.  French educational authorities prefer experienced teachers. If you are from the E U, a visa is not a problem, but if you are from another country, a visa is mandatory.

Salary benefits 

The teachers working in international schools get around $ 2,000 USD per month, based on the experience it may increase also.

Teach English in France-Hiring

Teaching jobs are mostly released from June to August for sessions starting in September.

What you will need to teach in France

Qualifications required to teach English in France

To work in schools in France, teachers must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant subject A Master’s degree is preferred. .English instructors must have a Bachelor’s degree as well as TEFL certification. So what’s a TEFL certification?

TEFL Course

  • TEFL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. These are the two best courses for teachers who want a good career opportunity.

  • As English is in high demand, students want to learn from a skilled teacher.

  • TEFL certified trainers can work in schools, colleges or Universities

  • TEFL programs are for countries where English is not a primary language but due to global demand, they are using it like France, Japan, China, Russia, etc. This will make teaching English in France easy.

TESOL Course

  • A TESOL course will provide any individual to become a qualified all around teacher.
  • It also helps in developing a lot of skills.
  • The experience anyone will gain will utilize in creating their own teaching methodology.
  • This course will also help them to think out of the box.

TEFL Course Is for Whom?

  • A certified TEFL course is for anyone who wants to do well in teaching fields
  • The person can be from a linguistic area or a non-linguistic area.
  • They can be IT professionals as well.
  • For many of them work from home opportunities are also there.
  • A TEFL certification opens up doors for a lot of job opportunities.

How to choose the correct TEFL course 

  • Choosing the correct course is very much important in deciding the correct path. Because there are a lot of courses open in the market. So, we have to make the correct decision.
  • According to international surveys, the TEFL Course should have taught of 100-150hours. The pricing of the course fee ranges from $500-$1200.
  • The course which provides a trainer must have a senior degree and be well experienced in the teaching field. The institute should also offer job support after the course. This can all make teaching English in France easier.

Some Best TEFL CoursesThere are a lot of TEFL Certification Courses available in the market, which provide online classes, But the comparison is very critical and based on several points they are;

  • Accreditation
  • Curriculum and course span
  • Course fee
  • Trainers
  • Projects
  • Certification
  • Job support

Henry Harvin offers a TEFL certificate which is ranked #1 in TEFL teaching 

  • Henry Harvin offers about 120 hours of learning certified TEFL course. This should be completed within a year of enrolment.
  • The course fee is $600 but now on offer is $299, which makes it absolutely cost-effective. This makes teaching English in France much easier.
  • Henry Harvin also offers a lot of job support with 1200 partners and placement is in 42 countries in all 7 continents. Media partners of Henry Harvin are Russia Today, Bloomberg TV, Japan News English, and U.S News, etc.

Internationally Henry Harvin is Ranked #3

Living in France

Living in France is really a dream come true. As you know that France is a very beautiful country and it is surrounded by vineyards. But you will be living where you find work like Paris, Montpellier, etc. If you are a TEFL certified teacher then living in these cities is pretty good because you will be earning a handsome salary.

Beautiful France Evening

You will be getting $2000.So you can live a comfortable lifestyle. The working hours there will be 20 -25 hours per week, so a lot of time will be there to explore something. If you don’t know even French try to learn a few. Attempting to learn a few words will be helpful in several ways.

Go To France

The majority of language schools in France hire English teachers. Each year thousands of teachers find their jobs in France. Because there are a lot of openings there. So, be prepared and make plans to go, and be prepared to be hired as an English teacher or a person who can teach English in France.

Now, you have to arrive in France with enough resources, at least so that you can support yourself for about 4-6 weeks without salary because the international schools will not pay you initially. So, you have to be well prepared for that.

To get a student visa.

Before Reaching

  • Citizens of Britain, Ireland, and other EU countries do not require any visa or work permit.
  • Citizens of Canada, Australia may also find it hard to get the visa but they can get a student visa or a working holiday visa.
  • If you are new to the place and don’t know anyone then you can live in hostels or P.G.
  • Always use budget-friendly accommodations. Use resources such as Lonely Planet.

After Reaching

  • As soon as you arrive, get a local phone number and keep all the details in it and make sure that this number is in your resume.
  • Have your resume translated into French and also make business cards for yourself and try to be listed as a certified TEFL.
  • The TEFL Academy will give you the job references for top international schools and institutes.

How to Start Job Search –

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  • Many corporations or business trainers will require English teachers who can teach English in France.
  • I also recommend posting notices on bulletin boards etc.
  • Posting ADs in local newspapers will also be of great use.
  • So, make business cards and ask friends if they have any requirements for English teachers.
  • Start making publicity of yourself as a private tutor.
  • Search for local teachers and talk to them and make relationships.
  • Dress professionally and neatly.
  • Always arrive on time for interviews.
  • The corporate world will ask you to do business marketing of the English language.
  • For people looking for summer jobs a lot of jobs are there where schools offer summer jobs.
  • Most of them will hire  local English teachers between 20-30 yrs. of age,

Teaching Scenario in France

The teaching time in France is 20 hrs. a week so you will get plenty of time to explore. Teaching abroad is an enriching experience that anyone can imagine is really a dream come true.

Being an English teacher in France is rewarding, but it can often prove to isolate. As an instructor, it is very difficult to deal with the students and their parents since a heavy responsibility falls upon you. 

  • But as a teacher, it is very obvious that it may happen. Your intentions are good but how do you apply tools and the methods? For this, you have to be associated with the English writers who write blogs because they can give you some great ideas.
  • English teacher’s blogs are very useful as they are ready to share all the important things.
  • Blogs can also help you to develop lesson plans for the upcoming year.
  • You have to keep your English lessons surprising and interesting so that the students love it.
  • On their blogs, English teachers share their knowledge in an authentic way. It’s a safe place for them to express their personal thoughts.
  • Teaching is great but like any other profession, there are high and lows.
  • Reading teacher’s blogs will help you if you are stuck somewhere or lacking skills.
  • Knowing that others also go through the same ideas might be helpful.

Do you know that living in France is a great pleasure? There are big cities like Paris. From street corners to fashion streets Paris is always my favorite. Outside Paris, there are big vineyards and some big villages also. It really has a rich history. Whenever you are free or during the weekend you can come to enjoy and explore the places. France is an ideal option if you want to be in Europe.

Here are some good things to consider before you move to France.

  • Food – France has got some great food recipes in the world. From crepes to iconic baguette, you will never be hungry. All kinds of meat such as duck, chicken, rabbit, and beef are popular there. Fruits, dairy products are also very famous there. Cheese, wow you can get plenty of varieties of cheese. But if you go there you should also learn to cook.

  • Expenses – the expenses in France is 1800$-2000$. So it is very comfortable for a person with a TEFL salary to live there. You can also travel a little bit. However, don’t expect to save much.

  • Weather – weather in France is really awesome. France has temperate weather and four seasons. But due to its landscape, France is divided into four climatic zones. The oceanic climate may bring rain, while the central and eastern areas have continental climates that have cold winters and hot summers. In south France, there is a Mediterranean climate which has hot summers and rainy, cold winters. In the mountains, you can experience cold and snowy winter.

A program run by Government

There are certain programs run by the Govt. of India which provides a better opportunity to work in France. If an English speaking person lives in France they can improve knowledge of French also.

They also share their knowledge skills by teaching at various institutes and colleges.

 There are certain programs run by the ministry of education in France. According to the program, about 100 Indian students are selected for different profiles in France.

The program also allows Indian students to experience French culture.

  • English language professionals would stay there for a period of seven months.
  • To teach English in France the applicant must be an Indian citizen with student status.
  • Not have benefited from this particular exam in the past.
  • It should be a maximum of 35 years of age.

The main perspective of this exam is to allow people to teach English in France

  • To support the English language in French schools.
  • Cultural and language mix up.
  • Getting to the usual teaching practices of a French school.
  • Creating mutual understanding between French and Indian cultures.

Teaching at a private or an international school.

Depending upon the school you work for the age group class etc. you can opt for.

  • There are a variety of ways where you can teach either you can apply for the selected post or you can go there directly.
  • You can also teach private lessons in schools.
  • Always apply at the right time.

Americans can apply to the program through TAPIF.

Teach at home 

  • Teaching at home will not provide you enough money but being unemployed it’s better to teach private lessons at home.
  • You may also make an ad of your tutorials in a local newspaper.
  • There are some places in France where the student ratio is more like Grenoble, Montpellier, and Toulouse are good.
  • One can charge 20$-28$ USD an hour for lessons on average.

Who is eligible for the job?

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Applying for a job in Paris and getting a job is hard yet one can apply anywhere. You can also try for the countryside or suburbs.

Get your bachelor’s degree in any relevant subject especially in English. Get a certification course like TEFL which is mandatory to teach English in France.

TEFL courses of only 120 hours of learning are required, less than this is not valid. Learn French which will be very good to get the job.

1.  Be of proper age preferably students age 20-35 years is good. Some Institutions will only accept applications of this age only.

2.  Always try to hold a good command in English as well as in French.

3.  It would be better to have some teaching experience prior.

4.  If you are a foreigner not from the EU then visa formalities will be a little tough.

In case a school contacts you about the job then ask from them some contacts of the nearby teachers from whom you can consult.

Additional Points to Keep in Mind

  • Rented houses are cheap compared to hotels. Hostels too can be an affordable option.
  •  Reading the contract carefully is very important. Always you should pay attention to your contract carefully, like what’s written in the contract salary, holiday leave, etc.
  • If you want to be an entrepreneur you can be.
  • You should always take enough money with you at least for expenses of two or three months. so that you can survive.

Teaching English in France some useful tips 

  • There are some useful tips in teaching like whenever you are hired for the academic calendar always make lesson plans.
  • Lesson plans are very important in teaching well.
  • Try learning from your students which will help you a lot.
  • Engage the students in motivating English culture.
  • Always give a real idea of English culture so that teaching English in France becomes fun.
  • Listen to your audience to make the lessons relevant to the students.
  • Teaching English in France is not an easy task, it requires a lot of hard work and determination. You have to stand with the questions of the students every day. You have money. English camps are running in France since 2004.   
  • Here you should be also aware of modern teaching techniques which are very useful for children.
  • Explaining the children or students with graphs or images which are more useful in teaching and learning.
  • Always be confident in teaching and be aware of modern and digital tools. 
  • There are certain programs running which are very important and known as summer jobs.

Live with a family teach France

In this program, you have to live with a family and they will share you with their house, food, meals, and give you a place to stay.

Placements are generally in southern France. You have to teach them 15 hours of teaching.

Summer Camps – you can get a better chance to teach the kids in summer. It can also pay you a good amount to get a good experience, good money, you can learn how to make lesson plans. For teachers who are taking classes for the kids can explore more on the ground than in class.

There are various other jobs also available to teach  in France like be an English Assistant

  • If you are interested in this kind of job then you have to fulfill certain criteria 
  • You have to be of maximum of 35 years of age.
  • The recruitment starts at the beginning of September to April.
  • For any training academies will help you financially.

Where to go for a job in France? 

For a job in France, you may go to main cities like Paris, Montpelier, etc. but the expenses here are more. So, the salary in these areas is 40% higher than the usual one.

  • If you want to go to mainland France then there the salary is a little less because of fewer expenses.
  • But you should be more flexible for you should be ready to relocate where you get a job.

If you know a person in a specific place in France then you should mention the place and the reason for accommodation. Assistants working currently can also apply for the next consecutive year. This will make teaching English much easier in France.


Now I want to quickly summaries my message.  My main message in this blog was to

  • tell people about how they can teach English in France,
  • What qualifications or criteria is required for them?
  • What type of courses would they do?
  • How to go there?
  • What type of challenges they might face?
  • Some solutions to their challenges.
  • Some information about France.
  • What salary they might get.

They should do the courses of TEFL from INDIAs no#1 Henry Harvin education Noida, Which provides better learning opportunities.


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