Are you looking for the best product management courses in India? And if I am right, uplifting news for you that your search for the best institution to apply for a product management course ends here. In this blog, I am going to present to you the top 10 product management courses in India and the benefits offered in each institution. I hope this listicle will help you to apply for your desired course.

In case you have any doubt whether taking up this course is worth it or not. Let me clarify product management courses have huge demand and scope in India as well as abroad. The average income of a product manager is INR 1,669,290/- and it can have a raise up to 16,00,000 to 30,00,000 depending upon the experience of an individual in the field.

Product Management

Product management involves the entire process from introducing the new product to the demand and supply of the product in the market. In this process, many stages are involved like Research, market analysis, product strategy, product launching, collecting feedback, reviews from the customers and dealers. Finally, analyze the life cycle of the product so that we can promote the product according to its demand and popularity.

Let’s begin with a listicle of the 10 top product management courses in India.

1. Henry Harvin – Product Management Courses in India

Henry Harvin is one of the best Product Management courses in India learning academy. and they offer multiple management, quality, and Technology oriented courses. Their courses are well designed and fulfill all the expectations of a candidate who would like to enhance their skills in their area of interest. Henry Harvin offers product management courses in India and the sessions are conducted by the best product experts in the industry who have experience in working with tech giants and manufacturing industries in India and abroad.

The course structure covers 9 different attributes which will fulfill the candidate’s expectations and they are training from industry experts, placement and career-building Bootcamp sessions, access to their learning management system in which you can watch recorded videos in multiple batches, PowerPoint presentations, and dashboards which will help you analyze your performance during sessions and assignments.

Course Duration: 32 hours of live online interactive sessions

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

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Contact Number: 9891953953

Course Fee

Self Paced: Rs. 20250/-

Online interactive sessions: Rs. 22500/-

2. IMCI India

IMCI stands for institute of marketing communications. It is a government-recognized institution. They offer a post-graduate diploma in a product management course and an executive diploma in a product management course in India. The Product Management courses in India plan to assemble strong competencies in the essentials of the products and the skill of monitoring items across their life cycle – from commencement to development and showcasing. 

The course will prepare the students to work on products across industries however a special prominence will be given to products and their development in the media and advanced areas. Their course structure is broad and The modules have been thought upon and examined among experts. The course will help to analyze multiple products and mirror the real essence of the field.

Eligibility: Graduation or relevant experience in the sales and marketing field

Course Duration

Post Graduation on Product management course:12 months

Executive diploma in product management course:6 months

Contact Number: 9650304949

3. Upgrad – Product Management Courses in India

The product management course in India is offered by duke corporation education. This is one of the best institutions that offer exclusively training on product management. The training program includes 200 hours of one on one interactive sessions by experienced trainers. You will get access to work on multiple case studies and assignments. Hand on experience on live projects, resume-building sessions, and career-building sessions, etc.

They will also help you with the interview preparation by providing commonly enquired interview questions, job opportunities, and mock interviews.

Course Duration:6 months to 11 months

Eligibility: Graduation

Course Fee: INR 15000/-

4. Great learning

Great Learning is one of the best institutions in India offering management and IT training programs online. They offer product management course in India. In this course, you will learn about how to utilize the Product Design and Development Process, by taking a thought from idea through model creation to advertise the product. How to promote an insightful attitude and tackle issues in an information-driven way. 

You will gain proficiency with a time-tested philosophy to enhance items and fabricate your very own development project. You enhance a product outlook that will empower vital and strategic direction. You will get access to multiple techniques and tools like google analytics, tableau, excel, SQL, Excel, and many more during your training period.

Course Duration: 6 months online sessions

Website: great learning. in

5. Pragmatic leaders – Product Management Courses in India

Pragmatic Leaders leaders is a new B school for those who aspire to become business management professionals. They offer two certificate programs in Product Management course in India. The post-graduation degree in product management is exclusively for freshers who completed their graduation and the diploma in product management is for experienced professionals who have a minimum of 2 years of experience in sales and marketing or any other relevant domain.

The sessions are conducted by experienced product practitioners in India and the sessions are mostly activity based where there will be live discussions on issues during launching the product and how to tackle the problems during the life cycle of the product. You will also learn about the promotions and supply and demand operational analytically.

Course Duration

PG program in Product management: 10 weeks

(graduates, freshers)

Diploma in product management:10 Months

(working professional with min 2 years experience)

6. Coursera

Coursera is a massive online open learning academy offering multiple courses to enhance your skills and to explore more job opportunities. In Coursera, you will find multiple reputed and award-winning educational institutions across the world offering online sessions to aspirants who would like to enhance their skills in their area of interest

Coursera offers digital product management course in India and the training program is conducted by the University of Virginia. You can access the course for free for a certain period and post that premium charges will be applied towards the same. 

This Specialization is for both freshers and experienced product managers working in a digital environment. This course is for those who need to apply present-day practices to foster their products. Through five courses, you will cover the utilization of product plans, speculation-driven turn of events, and nimbleness, all at the core of current products.

Course Duration: 5 Months

Course Fee: Free trial for a certain period

7. Udemy – Product Management Course in India

Udemy is a massive open learning academy. Where you will get to access many Product Management course in India which will help you to enhance your skills. On the Udemy website, you will find many courses posted by the instructor, and the course fee will be very low compared to the courses available in various edtech organizations. However, Udemy is always criticized for its limited content. The courses are mostly preferred for beginners in their respective domains. Udemy offers product management courses in India.

The course content includes 11 hours of prerecorded video, 3 articles, downloadable resources, and lifetime access to course content. The sessions are conducted by Raj Elakkara, He is a well-known product manager and entrepreneur. The review rating for this course is 4.7, which is a good rating.

Course Duration: 11 hours (pre-recorded video)

Course Fee: INR 385/-

8. Mbatrek

MBAtrek is a Gurgaon-based career-oriented consulting firm. They offer business management courses across India. MBAtrek offers product management workshops in India and it is a 7 days workshop. This program is prepared for students who aspire to become product owners, product managers, designers, and product marketers. The sessions will be conducted by product experts in the industry.

In this course, there will be videos, chart sheets, and test papers delivered by the top IIM alumni and product managers working on amazon and uber. The course covers all the concepts related to product management. The instructors will also help you with the frequently asked interview questions related to product management and career-building programs.

Course Duration: 20 hours which includes both interactive sessions and pre-recorded videos

Course Fee: Rs. 7500/-

9. Nextbigwhat Academy – Product Management Course in India

NextBigWhat Academy is one of the most amazing institutions in India and they offer product management course in India and this course is pointed toward creating basic thinking around building the right product and understanding its features.

In this course you will figure out how to assess thoughts, utilize viable ways to deal with comprehend your clients, Focus on highlights, Build key and strategic guides Kick off your product with the board vocation, Solve true item issues from new businesses, Life-long learning utilizing sessions, AMAs and local area, Services/Traditional organizations figure out how to productize utilizing this course

Course Duration: 40 hours

Mode: Self-paced course

Course Fee: Rs. 37500/-

10. Brightigo Product School

Brightiitgo product school is a Delhi-based learning academy and they offer exclusively product management course in India. Their time-bound course guarantees that each student who enjoys the program gets top-notch schooling and prepares for a situation that isn’t given inside the educational plan of organizations and is prepared to make available before they hit the stopping point!. 

This training program includes case studies, regular assignments, and test papers. One-on-one sessions with experienced product managers. They also provide mock interview sessions to build your confidence. This Product Management course in India will help you to grab job opportunities in your desired domain.

Course Duration: 60 hours on interactive sessions

Contact Number: 9871079180

The Benefit of Product Management Course in India

  • Product Management is a wide space where we will talk about particular attributes and why they matter. Great product procedure is tied in with making compromises that line up with your vision.
  • This course will dive into a usually key structure to assist you with settling on the right compromise choices and it will likewise get a profound comprehension of Retention similar to an essential to product development.
  • This course will help you to investigate how to approve your business thought utilizing lean methodologies, just as, stroll through a road mapping cycle that drives significant advancement.
  • We will cover the 4 stages in the road mapping system exhaustively: gathering inputs, focusing on inputs, making a guide, and conveying a guide.
  • As a Product Manager, your job reduces to 2 things and they construct the correct product and product delivery.

Eligibility to apply for Product Management Courses in India

  • To get entrance into various foundations that offer the Postgraduate course in Product Management or diploma in product management course in India. It requires specific qualification measures. Those are as per the following:
  • Students should be alumni in a recognized educational institution. They should have a degree from any perceived board or college.
  • Students from Science, Arts, Commerce, Business Administration or some other foundation are qualified 
  •  can apply for a product management course in India. Be that as it may, they might have to qualify for the placement test.
  • In any case, any student who has effectively finished his/her post-graduation level review in any discipline and is attempting to decide on this course may likewise apply most assuredly.
  • As per a large portion of the foundations that offer Product Management courses, take competitors with a base total of 50% during their UG course. Be that as it may, students from the held class have no base imprints measures for their affirmation.
  • There could be no upper age limit for an applicant who is looking for affirmation in this course. Notwithstanding, he/she should be somewhere around 20 years of age or above to be qualified to get a confirmation in those particular establishments.

Scope of Product Management Courses in India

  • Taking into account that we live in the time of digitalization, the traditional approach for demand analysis will undoubtedly become old-fashioned sooner rather than later. For example, no association will put their time and exertion into creating and tweaking their CRM(customer relation management) stage.
  • With so many first-class CRM sellers in the market today, you can undoubtedly buy a CRM device to exploit a set-up of extensive devices, standard accepted procedures, quicker execution, all at a much lower cost.
  • This precise methodology will apply to Product Management. Albeit presently the Product Management activities and methodologies contrast from one organization to another, soon associations will be inclining towards standard industry rehearsals. 
  • Thus, manual work processes and assignments will clear a path for digitalized processes. Organizations will explore different avenues regarding a chosen handful of PM devices and structures depending on which they’ll decide all their street planning, navigation, and key execution markers.
  • The expense of designing products will fall. With regards to IT innovation and programming products, Software Developers/Engineers ruled the space for quite a long time. Be that as it may, with fast innovative progressions, the expense of designing products has essentially decreased.
  • Hence, at whatever point organizations in a similar industry witness a specialty opportunity, they participate in neck-to-neck rivalry – who will foster an exceptional arrangement first!
  • The decreased expense of designing specialty products unavoidably prompts an ascent in the number of rivals on the lookout. As the opposition expands, improvement costs and the expenses of first class.
  • Product Management apparatuses and structures will likewise drop, in this manner making it open for all. Also whoever can benefit from this chance by utilizing pertinent information and PM devices, will eventually acquire the high ground in a specific area.


Product Management Course in India will change and move up to where all the current product cycles and strategies will become outdated. Fuelled by troublesome advancements and always changing customer drifts.

The Product Management courses in India will widen generally. Organizations will spur the interest for gifted Product Managers who are flexible all-rounders, ones who comprehend the subtleties of item idea and plan, advancement, and showcasing. The future looks brilliant for you, as the interest for Product managers is simply going to increase over the long haul. As it were, an administrator seriously coordinates the organization later on. 

Assuming that you’re intrigued to turn into an incredible manager, you want to exhibit characteristics of initiative, look at the Product Management Certification Program for it is you who’ll direct your organization towards the way of accomplishment.


Q1. What is the average income of a product manager in India?

Ans. For freshers INR 1,102,000/- and for Experienced the salary hike will go up to INR 30,00,000/-

Q2. What kind of jobs will be available post completion of this course?

Ans. Product manager, product designer, product engineer, and product marketer, also this course will help you to promote your products as an entrepreneur.

Q3. What kind of tools do we use in product management?

Ans. Designing, analytics, product management tools, survey tools, and many more.

Q4. What is the use of a product manager in an organization?

Ans. A product manager is an individual who recognizes the client’s need and the bigger business destinations that an item or component will satisfy verbalizes what achievement resembles for an item, and rallies a group to transform that vision into a reality.

Q5. Is there any valuable certification for a product management course?

Ans. There is no specific international certification for a Product management course. However, taking a product management certificate course will add value to your certificate and will help you explore more job opportunities.

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