Do you want to teach English as a foreign language? Then the most important requirement for you is certification. Now, you must be wondering how much a TEFL certification will cost. Cost of the TEFL certification depends on certain key criteria. In general, minimal online certification will cost you $200 and $400-500 USD for an online certification with enough training hours to get you most of the jobs. If you want to choose university-level online training or an onsite TEFL course then it will cost you around $1000-$2500 USD which is higher than the rest.

In this article, we are providing you with details of TEFL certification and TEFL certificate cost.

What is a TEFL course?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This course is for teachers who look forward to a  global teaching opportunity. English is a language which is used widely and so many individuals are looking forward to learning the language through a skilled teacher to guide them. 


If you become a TEFL Certified Trainer you will get opportunities to work in Schools, Universities and other education platforms.

TEFL certification is mainly for countries that do not have English as their primary language but due to the arising requirements, they are trying to learn the languages like Russia, Argentina, France, and many other countries including China.

Is TEFL certification worth it?

TEFL courses can be taken by anyone who aspires to teach. It doesn’t matter if you are from the non-literature stream. You can still change tracks to become a Certified TEFL teacher. Many schools expect you to have a TEFL certification, among other qualifications. So,  it is obviously worth a shot.

You will also be able to learn and experience new cultures. If you don’t wish to travel, you can always work from home.  The tricky part is- where you decide to do your TEFL certification. Depending on the TEFL certification cost and other benefits, you can choose the best for you.

How much will an online TEFL Certification cost?

There are many people who get TEFL certified online. Most of the institutions accept Online TEFL certification. This is a positive thing because it is comparatively cheaper and is easily accessible. They are very flexible as well.

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When you browse for online TEFL certification, you will be able to find a range of TEFL certification costs from $150 to nearly $1500. The average 120- hour live online course with a tutor would cost you around $300-$600.

What is the reason for the online TEFL Certification cost difference?

You may wonder why there is such a huge variation in the TEFL Certification cost. It is due to certain factors that cause this change.

  • The number of hours of certification- Most of the time, the cost increases according to the number of hours of the course. Most of the teaching jobs expect you to have at least  100 hours of training. So, courses having less than 100 hours may cost less. These courses will cost you around $150-$350 usually. When you take up a course with more than 100 hours of training it will cost you nearly $300-$600.
  • The number of tutors involved in the course- The amount of training you get from a trainer also affects the cost of trainers. There are some courses which offer you practise quizzes without the guidance of a trainer. These courses will cost you very less. Other TEFL courses will have tutors. Tutor involved courses are far better because you will be able to get feedback. Interactive online TEFL certification cost you $900-$1500 which is the most expensive TEFL certification. 

In-person TEFL course

Online TEFL Certification will cost you less than in-person TEFL certification. In-person TEFL certification will cost you around $1500-$2000. Some institutions will choose in-person trained professionals over online trained ones. Certain people will find classrooms better than online training platforms.

Anyways it is wise to choose the best cost-efficient course despite it being an online or in-person course.

The TEFL course providers

TEFL certification by accredited and recognised courses will be more expensive than others. Some best courses will be less too. To help you conclude, we are providing you with a comparison of ten TEFL certification costs.

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin TEFL Academy provides you with a 120-hour online self-paced AAEFL (American Association of EFL) certified course. You will be expected to complete this course within a year of enrollment.

Henry Harvin is one of the best TEFL Certification. It comes with so many other benefits. The course fee is $600. Owing to an ongoing offer, the current fee is $299. It is an affordable course.

Henry Harvin TEFL course provides you with access to Henry Harvin’s online LMS Platform. The LMS platform has so much content in it. That will benefit you in your TEFL certification. The trainers at Henry Harvin are senior domain experts who take up the course with ease. They are completely dedicated to their students. They are trainers with experience of 10+ years. 

They also provide you with post-training support which is a 24-hour live brush-up session. You will also get a Henry Harvin alumni status. You will get one year Henry Harvin membership.

Benefits of Henry Harvin membership

  • You will be provided with access to E-learning. It also includes recorded videos, games, projects, case studies.
  • A guaranteed internship will be provided with Henry Harvin and their partner companies.
  • You will be provided with support to face interviews.
  • Job opportunities will be sent regularly on your mail.

Henry Harvin provides you with job opportunities from 1200+ placement partners in more than 7 countries.

In less than two weeks after the completion of the course, AAEFL accredited certificate will be sent to your email and this certification has lifetime validity. There is no need for you to renew it again.

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2. International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy offers you the most popular and accredited course available both in the onsite and online form. The classroom form course is available in different locations. It is available in 25 locations all over the world, but the count is very less in the Asian countries for providing TEFL certification.

The course fee for TEFL certification onsite is more than the cost for online TEFL certification in the International TEFL academy. The onsite course fee ranges from $2300-$7000 (including the housing charges)  depending on the country. 

Online TEFL courses at International TEFL Academy will cost you $1399. The TEFL certification from International TEFL Academy is acknowledged by most of the institutes. They don’t provide you with any job support or offer.

3. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

The International TEFL and TESOL Training provide you with both online and onsite classes. They have an onsite classroom set up in several locations.

The 120-hour course is globally accredited and recognised. The curriculum matched the international standard. The training from International TEFL and TESOL Training will hopefully fulfil the criteria of growing modern times.

The in-class course cost starts at $1500. The online course fee is $240. Though their price is reasonable, they don’t provide you with job support.

4. The Language House TEFL

This course is a Prague based TEFL certification provider. The location becomes a huge barrier in making the course reach a large number of students. They believe in interactive based learning in an intimate manner. 

Now their website is providing us with online courses which have five accreditation. The course provided by The Language House TEFL is accredited. It is certified as well.

It is a month-long training program in Prague. It also includes teaching survival Czech for social communication.

The course fee for online certification is $1399. The onsite standard course fee is $1525. They also offer job opportunities. 95% of the students get employed in Czech and Asian countries.

5. I-to-I TEFL

I-to-I TEFL has been there for around 25 years. More than 182000 students have been certified here. They are known for offering a TEFL course with accreditation ODLQC (Open Distance Learning Quality Council).

The course is available both online and onsite form. It is of international standards, as mentioned on their website.

The 140-hour online and offline course costs $275. They also provide you with paid internship programs in Thailand ($1400), China ($1300) and Vietnam ($1300).

The drawback of this course is it is a little bit expensive since internships are critical features for placement.

6. Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL offers you with an accredited and certified TEFL course. The 120-hour course is internationally popular and acclaimed. You will have to finish the course within six months of enrollment.

The TEFL app provides 24/7 study access. They also offer you with a study plan and grammar learning e-materials.

The course will cost you from $150-$400. They also provide you with paid internships.


MyTEFL is an onsite course provider in Argentina, Spain and Thailand. They also provide you with an online TEFL course. It is a 120-hour course. 

The online TEFL certification in MyTEFL cost is $300. It is an international acclaimed certification.

The course fee for onsite training in MyTEFL in Thailand is $1990, in Argentina, it is $1980 and in Spain, it costs $2195.

They offer internship opportunities in Argentina, Thailand, South Africa and Myanmar but with the disadvantage of paying which is exclusive of paying. They also say the course is not that structured.

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8. TEFL Worldwide Prague

This is a training course in a TEFL training institution in Prague. TEFL Worldwide Prague provides you with an internationally acclaimed and accredited course on TEFL with certification, in the city of Prague of Czech republic. 

The 4-week course provides you with course books and other study materials. They also give you interview assistance.

TEFL Worldwide Prague’s TEFL certification will cost you around $1275. They also conduct a TEFL job workshop and they provide post-course assistance to the students. The alumni network has reached 60 countries. 

The course though promising is hard to access globally because of the location. The expense is also a little bit high.

9. Maximo Nivel 

Maximo Nivel is an internationally acclaimed TEFL certification course. They have their teaching centres in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Maximo Nivel has had more than 5300 TEFL graduates since 2004. 

The Maximo Nivel tuition will cost $495. The course contains 12 hours of practical teaching and observation as well. They will teach students real ESL classes. They offer lifetime job finding assistance after the completion of the course.

10. Teach Away

Teach away is a program offered by the University of Toronto. Toronto is a world-class university. This initiative of Toronto university is a 150-hour TEFL course.

TEFL course from Teach Away is completely online and it is self-paced. This course also offers job assistance. After the completion of this course, you will be able to teach in China, Japan, Hong-Kong and many other countries. 

The Teach Away TEFL certification will cost you $1495.

All these courses are carefully ranked for you to choose the best cost-efficient course. Hope this helped you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-1. What is the benefit of a TEFL course?

 A TEFL course would help you in becoming an effective teacher. The skills provided by these courses will help you regardless of the students you teach. It will help you in developing your very own teaching methodology. It will help you in thinking out of the box.

Q-2. Will the course include the certificate? If not how much will the certification cost?

If you are taking up an online course, they will send you a mail where you can download the certificate. Some may even provide you with a portal where you can download the certificate. You can use this downloaded copy while applying for jobs. 

If you are receiving a hard copy, then you will be asked to pay extra. This will mostly cost you around $50-$75. This is because they need to print the certificates and get it sealed.

Q-3. I am from a non-literature background, can I take up this course?

Yes, you can. All you need is an interest in teaching for you to take up this course.

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