Healthcare institutes invite you to build, grow, and explore the healthcare industry. They offer well-skilled trainers to train the participants in their field. Trainers never get tired of solving unending efficient queries of students. They provide certificates, diplomas, degrees, bachelor’s, and master’s courses to train their trainees. In addition, they have a unique course under them, that is, OTT courses that have been divided into four semesters. The institutes also offer career counselling to trainees under professional trainers of OTT. 


Let us have a minute look at the ten best-ranked healthcare institutions in Yamuna Vihar:

1. Henry Harvin Institute

henry harvin logo

Henry Harvin is the best healthcare institute in Yamuna Vihar. It helps you with OTT courses for people interested in growing their careers in the field of healthcare. The benefits you get along with are: 

i. Best trainers to the curious candidates to uplift their careers. 

ii. Furnishes 12 months of live and interactive sessions. 

iii. Twenty-four hours of Bootcamps sessions for the next 12 months. 

iv. Live projects and case studies for candidates to understand the subject.

v. One year of 100% placement support from the institute. 

vi. 1-year gold membership from Henry Harvin healthcare academy for the OTT course. 

vii. You will be practising detailed reporting and documentation about the course.

viii. Provides the chance to understand the importance of nursing care and management. 

ix. Signifies the importance and working of bodies like NABH.    


 2. Ozone Healthcare Imaging & Diagnostics 

Ozone Healthcare Imaging & Diagnostics is one of the finest healthcare institutes in Yamuna Vihar. The largest diagnostics centre has a highly reputed and impressive reach and responses. Some of the efficient things that they offer are: 

i. They do not compromise the quality of diagnostics services and charitable rates.

ii. They provide all tests to their customers through a robust and effective network of labs and collective points.

iii. They also provide a facility of home collection to their customers.

They have stood for years with their venture embarked on their journey with a long-established dedication, hard-working, commitment, and confidence to reach a broader range specialising in testing services made available to ordinary people. 

3. Krishna Institute of Paramedical & Technology 

It is another significant healthcare institute in Yamuna Vihar that helps the medical profession in more or more forms, e.g. radiography, medical laboratory technology, nursing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc. They also support closely related functions for complete treatment associated with the medical team. As of today’s date, paramedical science has become one of the essential branches of medical science. They have proved themselves a milestone in the treatment process of communicable and non-communicable diseases. The list of courses that they offer are as follows: 

i. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Management – 

It is a certified course.

The duration of this course is two years which is partitioned into four semesters.  

It aims at improving the nature of the human services framework. 

ii. Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology – 

It is one of the developing and ad-libbed courses in the advanced human services field. 

The course duration is three years which is partitioned into six semesters. 

It aims at preparing understudies with the significance of research centres in the current world, lab control, and lab strategies that ought to be followed in labs.

iii. Diploma in Operation Theater Technician – 

It is an essential individual in the dynamic working performance centre group. 

It is a certified course. 

It aims to work under nursing, anaesthetists, and caring faculty. 

iv. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy – 

It is a UG program in occupational therapy. 

The duration of the course is four years and one year of training. 

It aims at graduating with a training permit; one might start working at Government or private medical clinics/facilities/network wellbeing centres. 

v. Bachelor of Radiology & Imaging Technology – 

It is one of the most well-known current clinical advances accessible. 

The duration of the course is three years.

It aims to analyze different illnesses and turmoil in the human body. 

vi. Diploma in X-Ray Technology – 

It is an undergrad radiology course that is electromagnetic radiation that enters the human body and makes pictures of those structures on a photographic film.

It is the creation of clinical pictures ordinarily called X-beams. 

It aims at planning patients experiencing X-beams and electrocardiogram systems and persevering through the methodology. They also perform veni-cut and infusions just as direct back-office research facility tests.

4. Virohan Institute of Health & Management Science 

Virohan institute is a passionate healthcare institute in Yamuna Vihar that focuses on delivering the best learning opportunities to those who want to build and grow in the healthcare industry. Some of the courses that Virohan institute provides are Emergency Medical Technician, Medical Laboratory Technician, Operation Theatre Technician, Hospital Administration, and Radiology Technician. This institute has already trained 5000+ students by 650+ trainers in several healthcare fields, and 90% of trainees got the earning opportunity in several healthcare fields. The features you get along are as follows: 

i. Here, you will get a new-age learning experience at their centres through future-ready classrooms and fully automated content delivery on the myCareer app. 

ii. Along with theoretical knowledge, Virohan provides the trainees 5-6 months of practical training. 

iii. Students get 24*7 support from the facilitator’s side for doubt resolution. 

iv. To assess their progress, they have a facility for weekly revision. 

v. It has placement networking with 650 organisations for the OTT course.

vi. It is an NSDC-affiliated institute. 

vii. It provides the OTT with affordable and accessible courses on the fee-based model, offering financial linkages with instalment-based repayment plans. 

5. Council of Education and Development Programmes (CEDP) 

CEDP is India’s leading skill developmental healthcare institute in Yamuna Vihar. They aim to bring ignited minds to build and grow their career in this field. They are here with short-term professional courses with on-job training. They also provide OTT in Yamuna Vihar. They focus on integrating technology into the new modern world and transforming and building an efficient curriculum, training patterns, and job market to touch 1 million lives by 2022 and 1 billion in 2030.

Things which will benefit you are as follows: 

i. It helps students to enhance their skills in the paramedical courses. 

ii. OTT course is for one year, which includes degree courses. 

iii. It provides the practicals in simulated labs, equipped with modern facilities for hand-on training and student learning. 

iv. You will learn pre and post-surgery procedures after the OTT course.

v. Skills to maintain and prepare an operation theatre for surgery. 

vi. You will understand how to set up the instrument trolley for surgeries. 

vii. You will be assisted by surgeons inside an operation theatre. 

viii. They will help you cleanse and disinfect the surgical equipment after the surgeries. 

ix. You will be learning how to handle and shift patients to wards and recovery rooms after the surgery. 

Some of the best parts about CEDP are: 

i. You are eligible to pursue this course after the 10th class. 

ii. It is a 1-year diploma course and three years degree course. 

iii. Practical learning is there to gain practical knowledge about the course. 

iv. On-job training at hospitals allows students to gain the necessary skills. 

v. Training for maintenance equipment, basic nursing skills, assistance for operation theatre procedures, and critical care. 

vi. Theory classes are provided for OTT courses by educated academics abreast with the changing nature of work in the domain. 

vii. Students will be part of health check-up camps to improve their skill set. 

viii. CEDP provides easy EMI plans for operation theatre technician courses. 

6. Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute (DPMI) 

Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute (DPMI), New Delhi - Admissions,  Courses, Fees, Ranking

Everyone knows DPMI as Paramedical quality as it gets counted in one of the finest healthcare institutes in Yamuna Vihar. You will get qualitative paramedical and technical management if you are under 10th, 12th, graduate, or postgraduate levels. They have 25+ years of experience in the paramedical and technical industry. They offer an experienced team with high qualifications and experienced faculty for comprehensive guidance and imparting knowledge. Their primary focus is to offer career-oriented quality education and training in several fields and professional disciplines in a vitalizing environment. DPMI aims to boost paramedical health education, hotel management, catering technology, tourism, veterinary sciences, etc. They will assist you with OTT courses where you will get the hands of surgeons and anaesthetists in help during an operation. They train students to maintain the OT equipment for surgery to understand the importance of using various diagnostic equipment. The list of unique features you get in this are as follows: 

i. They concentrate on the knowledge and skills of monitoring infection control policy and procedures in the operation theatre.

ii. They prepare students for OT’s significant roles and responsibilities, such as preparing operation theatre for surgery, setting up, checking, and maintaining equipment, etc. 

iii. Certificate of OTT course is for one year, and diploma of OTT course is two years. 

iv. They will guide you under the supervision of senior doctors. 

v. They will ask for a reasonable fee for job-oriented programs. 

vi. They have tied up with healthcare organisations for internship and placement. 

7. Vivo Healthcare 

VIVO Healthcare | Best Healthcare Education and Training Company in India

Vivo Healthcare is a fantastic healthcare institution in Yamuna Vihar in the healthcare industry. It offers theory, stimulation, and practical skills for success in the technical world’s healthcare field and a dozen programs relevant to healthcare. In addition, they will provide you with OTT course training to explore yourself in this field. OTT course is the pillar of Vivo Healthcare institute as this institute is all based on healthcare. Now here is the list of key features you get under this: 

i. They provide the certificate regarding the work and skills of technicians to get the job.

ii. You will get a chance to prepare operation theatre, assisting surgeons and nurses in the several processes before, during, and after surgery. 

iii. You can commence your career as a junior OTT.

iv. They provide different placement institutes to start your career.

8. Tech Mahindra Foundation – Smart Academy 

Tech Mahindra is currently providing the finest OTT course in the healthcare institute of Yamuna Vihar. They have a more comprehensive range of reach; they have 90 centres that offer skill development in 11 cities. They run eight brilliant academics, including four smart academics for healthcare, three brilliant academics for digital technologies, and one smart academy for logistics and supply chain management as its flagship program in employability. Here we will see some of the basic features of this: 

i. You will be provided special scholarships if you are interested in the OTT course. 

ii. OTT course affiliated with the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

iii. They will provide you with leading hospitals, simulated labs, and equipment to aid student learning.

iv. You will be receiving training from highly qualified healthcare professionals.

v. Students are learning as part of on-job training in leading hospitals. 

9. Astron Institute of International Studies 

Astron institute has been the best healthcare institute in Yamuna Vihar to ensure that the students acquire the right amount of expertise to be in the surgical team. This institution has shown immense dedication to global improvement in health standards through education, research works, consultancy, and training and influences efficiency in the field of public health. They also offer practical and interactive online programs and OTT course training to keep up with the operation theatre equipment and other instruments, to check upon the infection control practices and level of sterilisation of the operation theatre. The feature you get along with are as follows: 

i. They will provide you with the reference subject through E-library.

ii. You will get learning materials developed by experts.

iii. The duration of the course is one year.

iv. It equips the assignment after the culmination of every block.

10. Lord Krishna Institute of Paramedical & Allied Science 

Lord Krishna Institute of Paramedical & Allied Science offers the best environment healthcare institute in Yamuna Vihar. They provide you with an OTT course in Yamuna Vihar. They are immensely hard-working and dedicated to guiding interested people.

They offer different kinds of courses, those are: 

i. Medical lab Technology.

ii. Radiology/ X-Ray Technology.

iii. Microbiology/ Medical Microbiology.

iv. Occupational Therapy.

v. Physiotherapy. 

vi. Ophthalmic and Optometry Technology. 

Now here is a list of unique features that they offer: 

i. They offer the best support from the trainer’s side to guide students in various fields.

ii. They bring you an atmosphere of leadership.

iii. They encourage students to study regularly, distance, and online.

iv. Career counseling provided by the interested students for the OTT course.

v. You will get a certificate, diploma, and degree for one, two, and three years. 


The top ten institutes offer the best OTT courses in Yamuna Vihar, India. If you are inside the game of confusion, let me suggest Henry Harvin get started your career for OTT courses as it offers various courses under it, highly skilled and dedicated trainers, and of course, a gold membership. OTT is, therefore, a course that helps you build and grow in the field of industry and prepares students to get a chance to work in the operation theater as a competent faithful technologist among various other teams of the health care sector. Lastly, look into your domain of interest and consider all the points, factors, features and benefits of learning and exploring more in OTT courses.     


Q.1. What is the complete form of an OTT course?

Ans: The complete form of an OTT course is the Operation Theatre Technician course.

Q.2. Describe the role of an OT technician?

Ans: Their roles are-
1. To maintain equipment.
2. To prepare the operation theatre.
3. To assist the surgeon in the theatre room.

Q.3. Mention the duration of the OTT Course?

Ans: For diploma, it is one/two years, for a certificate, it is one year, and degree is three years. 

Q.4. How much do you expect the salary of an OT technician? 

Ans: It starts from Rs 20000-Rs 40000, and it goes to Rs 2.2 lakhs each year in India.

Q.5. What are the chances of placements?

Ans: The result says 90% of the students have already been placed so far.

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