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This is a guide blog for 20 high paying foreign language jobs in India.

India, Home to 1.3 billion people has the skills and connections to lead a truly global world. Indians are found in all corners of the world, from the crowded metropolises in the United States to the State of art research facilities in Antarctica and the South Pole.

The Globalized world today is accessible to individuals with a firm grasp in the local tongue.

What is a language?

Firstly, A Language is essentially the method of speech people of a locality use to communicate with each other effectively.

Why Should I learn a foreign language?

Learning a Language, especially a foreign Language is an excellent asset for various reasons, students find it absolutely wonderful to learn that the foreign languages they have learnt over the years opens them pathways to jobs and career opportunities worldwide.

Benefits of learning a language for students 

Recently, there has been a surge in students aspiring to study abroad, and many oprganizations arising to cater to the needs of students who wish to pursue their career abroad.

Students studying abroad in reputed institutions have the chance to connect with locals and alumina, and knowing Foreign European Languages is a big boost in this regard.

Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for Adult Professionals

In addition to the benefits for Students, Adult Employees of a large company situated abroad can also use the golden opportunity provided to learn a foreign language and adapt to local culture, which will heighten your chance to find high paying Foreign Language Jobs in India and abroad.

By virtue of the high paying foeign language job, you can get residency permit and eventually full citizenship for the target nation! 


Finding High Paying Foreign Language Jobs in India is now made easy with the new list of 20 high Paying Foreign language jobs in India for April 2022.

How to achieve a high-paying foreign language job in India?

Firstly, In Order to apply for a high-paying Foreign Language job in India, the Interview will check the candidates proficiency with the dominant foreign language used.

The Candidate will have greater chances if they have cleared the minimum necessary CEFR grade of practicing a European Foreign Language.

Now, What is a CEFR grading? 

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages( CEFR) is a system to provide standardization to the grading, assessment of European Languages, 

The System is best explained by the form of the grading parameters- the A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2. 

CEFR Grading Parameters

The A1,A2 refer to the Beginner levels- Intended for persons who have just started to learn a European Language, or are beginning their progress to use the language in a social setting.

 B1, B2 are Intermediate levels- Which are achieved after clearing the A2 CEFR examination and are usually suited for learning students who are currently learning an european Language, by either transferring and living in the cities around Europe.

 C1,C2 are Advanced level- Signifying the proficiency of an language in a personal/professional setting.

 This is a level of great interest by the employer to hire you for an high-paying foreign language job in India. 

What do Employers want?

Employers usually prefer B2 and above CEFR Level candidates to apply for the opportunities provided in India. 

C1 and C2 are usually taught and assistance to clear examinations are provided by the company upon hiring.

 the applicant if successful can leave the company in future with a mastery level grasp of the target Foreign Language and can apply to any high-paying foreign language jobs in India and even abroad at their convenience!

How to Learn a Foreign Language in India?

To learn Modern-day Foreign Languages and achieve CEFR certifications, Head over to the Henry Harvin Education- Their Foreign Languages academy.

About Henry Harvin Foreign Languages Academy

Here you can learn 7+ languages at your Convenience, with classes held regularly, 

Internship guarantee and bootcamp sessions and webinars held frequently to improve your skills,

Henry Harvin Gold Membership details

 The Gold Membership provided by Henry Harvin also allows you access to the LMS and Internationally accepted Certification from the Henry Harvin Education, 

Trainers will assist you with steps to ace your competitive DEFL, DSH and other examinations!

List of Jobs

The Following are high paying foreign language jobs in India, which focus on European Languages with a certification of CEFR, B2  or above, and jobs with links to work in future in the cities such as Paris, Berlin, London among others.


India and France share a long bond, crafted from the first French Expeditions to set up trade colonies in the early 1600s to the present day. 

Many Noted personalities from India- JRD Tata, SH Raza, have visited, studied/ worked for a considerable amount of time in France many french artists were commissioned by Indian rulers and Politicans in the past and numerous citizens have frequently travelled to India on a spiritual mission/ vlog their experiences in India.

About French Language

French is a language with roots from Latin and France, Now having its roots everwhere, it is one of the most popular languages to study.

It has its bases in 29 languages with over 80 million citizens speaking French, It is also famously known as the language of Romance and Love, with many TV shows and Films referencing French Idiioms and common phrases frequently. 

A detailed blog on the beauty of French Language is here by the Henry Harvin AskHenry Blog, Do check it out!

Famous Cities in France


Paris is the capital of France.

It is also a hub for Art and Fashion in the Western World.

Many Artists and Scientists visit Paris and experience French culture.

Some Famous sites in Paris Include the Eiffel Tower, Arc of Triumph among others.


Marseille is a French city located in the Mediterrranian Sea.

Its Inhabitants are called Marseillers, and is the birthplace of the French Revolution.

It is Home to the French Football club Marseille FC .

Matches are played in the Veldrome Stadium in Marseille.

How to Learn French?

Henry Harvin Provides French Language courses in their Foreign Language Academy, allowing aspirants to learn French from the comforts of their home.

Course Benefits of Henry Harvin

In addition to the features offered by the French language course and the Foreign Languages academy, they also provide assistance to clear the DEFL and the DESL examinations with success.

Henry Harvin Gold Membership 

Along with your course you have unlocked access to Henry Harvin Gold Membership, which allows you access to many features such as the LMS Portal where you can attend live online lessons by Expert Trainers.

Recorded Sessions are also available via the LMS, the candidates are such able to watch classes freely whenever possible.

Class Structures

Henry Harvin offers you training in specialized batches for students, from A1-beginner to C1,C2- Advanced levels 

It helps their Students to clear the DEFL examinations and provides trainings with trainers of experience, and recorded sessions to watch if classes were missed.  

Other Benefits Of Henry Harvin French Language Course

A job search portal with thousands of jobs for applicants are also available in its dedicated webpage.

Plus Guaranteed Internship opportunity and an internationally valid certificate is also available after completion of the course!

Now, here are some high paying Foreign Language jobs in India. 

A2 Minimum

1. Wine Sommelier

  • A specialist role in the culinary Industry, Sommeliers are specialized individuals who research and select food pallets for individuals who have ordered a dish, recommending wines and other appetizers and desserts to enhance the experience of food savoured.
  • Sommeliers are hired extensively in Michelin rated Restaurants /Aspirants restaurants, Bristos in India.
  • Master Sommeliers have the opportunity to serve important people from the industry, business, and political represenatives from Frace and the rest of the world, Thus having an knowledge of French is essential to achieve this prestigious job title.

B2 and above

2. French Tutor

  • Truly, one of the most preferred careers, A career as a French tutor is a high-paying foreign language jobs in India.
  •  As a French Tutor, you can apply for Educational enterprises in Henry Harvin Education, Alliance Française among other commercial institutions.
  •  Students apply for the courses in thousands every year for numerous reasons and it is your ability to teach the students to come out as able speakers of French, ready to ace their DEFL examination.

3. Work as an French translator

In India, There are numerous high-paying jobs for French Translators in India.

Content translation is one of highest paying Foreign Language Jobs in India, Translators are required to translate classic and new french literary works to Hindi and numerous other regional Languages in India. 

Translation of French content is a lucrative profession with content on various information- History, Philosophy, Economics, Social Studies and others in high demand.

French Translated works have been immensely helpful for Indian thinkers over the years to develop frameworks for our current political, social philosophes and doctrines. 

For Instance- The Constitution of India as indeed inspired by The French Constitution of 1789 ( the rights of man).

 Translated work by Indian Authors have made it big in Local literary communities, some adaptations even being showcased in Drama labs, Bollywood/Sandalwood Productions and in International Film Festivals held in India and around the world.    

C1 and C2 

4. French Interpreter

  1. Interpreting, refers to the professional service provided by people who Interpret conversations between people in real-time and translate information, tone,inflection and mannerisms of the clients 
  2. They then translate it into a working contract for members of the other end and the collective workers under their command. 
  3. French Interpreters are mainly used in Ambassadorial duties by French dignitaries- French Political leaders visiting India and vice versa. 
  4. French Intepreters are also used in numerous International Business transactions and during presentations and programmes to a non-French audience.

5. Film Scriptwriter

  • French Films are one of the largest film industries worldwide, Films are generally based on themes and topics.
  • Firstly, as a film scriptwriter, You have the opportunity to work with leading artists and directors such as Celine Sciamma, Jean-Luc Goddard to write film scripts for upcoming films and productions.
  • As a French Film Writer, you are fortunate to learn from major themes of French history and the film movement in post-war Europe. 


Germany– Known for its role in the foundation of the European Union, has come to great acclaim for the policies on free education for Indian International Students, it is being frequented by many Indian students in pursuit of higher education.

Some Famous places in Germany


  • The capital of Germany, has been the seat of German Nationalism and Imperial power for hundreds of years. The city is famous for its many architectural designs such as the Brandenburg Gate, The Holocaust Memorial and Victory Memorial.
  • Berlin has come to many Sudents and Professional Interest due to prestigious Institutions in Berlin-  Friere University Berlin, Touro University Berlin being some notable ones.


Munich is one pf the most populous cities in Germany and the capital of German State of Bavaria. It is known worldwide for Oktoberfest and the German Football Club- Bayern München.

The Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is an annual cultural event held during the months of October-November, where anyone can experience best beers of their lives and participate in Sports and cultural events organized throughout the fest. The fest lasts for 17 days and is visited by individuals from all around the world.

Bayern München

FC Bayern München is without doubt one of the best football franchise teams in the European Circuit.

  • The Men’s Football team have won 31 Bundesliga titles, the most by any team in German football history and by their terrific season in 2020, are the only German team to have won a seasonal treble twice! ( Bundesliga, DFB-Polkal, UEFA champions Trophy).
  • They play their home matches in Allianz Arena, Do visit if possible!

Why should I work for a German Company?

  • Many have lofty aspirations to study, work, live and settle in Germany.
  • Germany welcomes Indian students to pursue their further education/ work in their established companies for a living.
  • By proving your mettle, you also get opportunities to live in German cities, eventually even acheiving full citizenship in Germany!
For all your dreams and aspirations, This guide of top 20 high paying foreign language jobs in India is your answer. 

How to learn German?

To help you, Henry Harvin Education- foreign languages academy has come up with German Language Training Course namely, the German Language proficiency course by Henry Harvin is a great asset for anyone wishing to see the sights of Germany.

Course Benefits of Henry Harvin

In addition to the features offered by the German language course and the Foreign Languages academy, they also provide assistance to clear the TCE and the DSD examinations with success.

Henry Harvin Gold Membership 

Along with your course you have unlocked access to Henry Harvin Gold Membership, which allows you access to many features such as the LMS Portal where you can attend live online lessons by Expert Trainers.

Recorded Sessions are also available via the LMS, the candidates are such able to watch classes freely whenever posssible.

Other Benefits Of Henry Harvin German Language Course

Job search portal with thousands of jobs for applicants are also available in its dedicated webpage.

Plus Guaranteed Internship opportunity and a internationally valid certificate is also available after completion of the course!

List of high paying foreign language jobs in India for German clients

A2 Minimum

6. Work in Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz(DSD) as an Invigilator

Working in the DSD as an Invigilator/Examiner is an example of an high-paying foreign language job in India,

What is the DSD?

The Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz (DSD) is an paid German Language Competancy Exam which aims to grade German skills of its non- german applicants. 

The DSD II exam certificate is equivalent to C2 CEFR level, allowing applicants to study and work in Germany.

Roles of work

As an Invigilator, you have the role to ensure that the examination is held smoothly and fairly, and provide assistance to candidates with special needs when asked.

The Invigilator supervises different sections of the class where the examination is held, collection of papers, distribution, breaking the seals, distribution of additional material- papers, stationery as requested. 

Role of Head Invigilator

The Head Invigilator for the hall has the additional responsibility to read sections of the paper for clarification and to announce the deadlines of time.

How can I be a DSD Invigilator?

To be an Invigilaor, Interest in the field is essential with a basic knowledge ( A2, A1 is acceptable), the Organizers themselves frequently provide seminars using which you can improve your German Language skills and yourself clear the DSD examinations!

7. Work as a marketing  agent for German Universities

In addition to world class laboratories and training facilities by reputed staff, Many German Universities offer great discounts on Student Finances- including Student Loans, Grants and Bursuaries.

What do I do?

As an agent for German Universities such as Friere University,Berlin , Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich, your job is to informthe potential applicants through brochures, informational material,flyers to attract prospective Indian Students to study in said German Universities.


It is one of the best high paying foreign language jobs in India, as you would be paid keeping in mind the German national laws on Minimum Wage, which on conversion and subsequent taxation- is a high paying figure nonetheless.

What skills do I need to have?

A prior experience in working as an education representative is necessary, but as a rule no indepth knowledge of German is required to succeed in this role.

8. German Virtual Tour Guide

Virtual tour guides are nifty software applications which are used by Tour agencies, Museum curations and departments all over the world to better showcase their wares.

Who are your employers?

German History is a living and breathing golem, There are still thousands of Picturesque castles, forts owned by members of German Royalty, who love to explain the glorious histories of their ancestors.

Which cities in Germany are they commonly found in?

With Many tourists visiting Berlin,Munich,  Frankfurt and even Neighbouring Austrian Cities such as Vienna and Salzburg, The promotion of Historical sites in Germany becomes absolutely necessary to diversify the tourists experience.

Your Roles

This is where you come in, You are required to develop/ keep check on any issues which may turn up in the Virtual Tour Guides

You also ensure there is language compatibility – for English, French, Italian even Hindi, Kannada and other Indian regional Languages.


It is a high paying foreign language job in India which you can work from the comforts of your home, with no prior experience in German Language necessary, it is an ideal start to your career in Germany.

Career advancement+Benefits

If you have the interest and the drive to further improve localization and improve content of the guide, the company may send you on an all expenses paid trip to the following sites in Germany to further hone your skills.

B1 and above

9. Work as an Healthcare Representative/Attache to German Hospitals

German Hospitals always have heavy demand of human staff- be nurses, hospital Administrators and fully qualified doctors.

 Job openings are made available on Job hiring platforms and applicants are requested to check the validity of the job openings before applying to said job.

What skills do I need to have?

German Hospital workers need to have atleast B1 level of German Knowledge to be able to work easily in German hospitals.

Who is the job for?

The job is ideal for you if you have an intrest/ working experience with Professionals in Hospitals or aim to look for a stable medical career in Germany.

In addition to this,Also check out Henry Harvin numerous course on the paramedical sciences for a further boost to your medical resume and dossier.

C1 and C2

10.  Work in the Engineering sector in Germany

One of the most common methods to travel to germany by professionals.

How do I do this?

The common route is to be selected by MNCs in India to be a part of their German Establishment, the company you work for would deal with the German Authorities to expedite your process to travel to Germany.

This selection process is highly competitive and it is best to have your aims clear when applying for the job.

Blockchain, AWS

I got my placement for a German firm, What do I do now?

As an professional living and working in Germany you are expected to have  B2 command of the German Language and have cleared one of the competitive German Language Proficiency exams.

A beginner here, Where can I learn German on Short notice?

You can learn how to crack the exams in your spare time/ or via courses such as Henry Harvin German Language proficiency Course. 


Spain is a country in the Mediterranean, with high quality of life. It along with Portugal has been credited for the European Age of Discovery.

In its Colonial Hayday, Spain had Colonies in Mexico and South America, as well as control over the Holy Roman Empire and Italy.

Spain is also remembered for its beautiful Plays and Music, in the early 19th and 20th Century 

Spanish Cities now are vibrant tourist spots where people from all over the world visit and have fun!

Some Notable Cities 


The City of Madrid is the capital of Spain, is  one of the most populated cities in Europe and has been the Administrative Capital of Spain since 1561!

Worldwide, Madrid is known for its Open- Air culture, such as Las Ventas, a grand stadium where Novice Bull-fighters are showcased to the world.

Spanish Literary clubs and Music societies hold an important place in Madrid such as the National Library and Royal Library which hold regular events for public consumption, Zarzuelas which are Light operatic musical events held in the city.


Barcelona is a city located in the north-eastern section of Spain, the capital of Catalonia State.

It (Barcelona) is famous for its local football club FC Barcelona and the stunning art and architecture in the city.

Modern Architectural Masterpeices such as the La Sagardia Familia( also referred in Origin by Dan Brown), Casa Basito among its many modern wonders.

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is a football club based in Barcelona which competes in La-Liga.

It has the highest fan-engagement for their content in the world, with over 100 million active fans.

They have their home in Camp Nou, the largest football stadium in Europe, boasting a capacity to accommodate 100 thousand loyal fans. It has also been the scene to the Football Olympic Finals in 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

About Spanish

Spanish is a language primarily used in Spain and in South America, Conservative estimates put spanish as among the top 3 most spoken Languages in the world.

Spanish is one of the most widespread languages used, with its speakers residing in all parts of the world. 

How do I learn Spanish?

As you are here, we would like to introduce Henry Harvin’s Education new Spanish Language Course, which have been proven effective time and again to make its candidates confident and proficient in Spanish at all forms- speaking, reading, writing and Listening.

Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course is best for students learning from India!

Benefits of Henry Harvin Gold Membership

And with Gold Membership provided by Henry Harvin, Students can learn live in a virtual classroom with certified trainers, have access to dedicated LMS Portal for their Spanish Studies and guaranteed internship.

Henry Harvin LMS

Learning Module System(LMS) is an innovate tool used by Henry Harvin Education to teach Spanish to its students.

Students can learn from anywhere, They will be reminded of upcoming classes, deadlines for assignment submission  and chat with trainer/support in website.

Online classes are held regularly via Zoom and Recorded Sessions are availble to view, anytime anywhere. 

List of High paying Foreign Language jobs in India for Spanish Clientele

A2 Minimum

11. Pool lifeguard

Pool Lifeguard is a protective role assumed by licensed professional swimmers to keep an eye for and protect people swimming/diving in a water body.

Roles of job

The role is useful in places which allow people to swim for leisure, Pool lifguards have the responsibility to watch pool swimmers for any signs of distress and take seps to protect them and resolve the situation effectively.


To be a Pool Lifeguards one must have qualified with appropriate certifications, or be an expert swimmer, and have basic knowledge of first- aid and CPR.

How to apply for job?

Pool Lifeguard for Spain is a high paying Foreign Language job in India, which you can apply from home and travel to Spain when Contact requires you to. Knowing basic Spanish is helpful in this line of work.

B2 Minimum

12. Become a Spanish Cricket Coach

Cricket is Spanish is managed and promoted through Cricket Espana, which focuses on building and connecting teams and academies to find and scout talent.

About Spanish Cricket teams

As a result, Spanish Teams have a lot of depth, with stars who can shine in the national Spanish Team, and It is your chance to lead one of these teams to Glory as a Coach/ Scout.

Indians in Spain

Due to the Intrest shown by the local Indian Community to play Cricket in Spain, Indian Coaches of recognized experience can aim to be Cricket coaches of major League teams in Spain.


This is a high paying Foreign Language job in India, Working for a Spanish can be done from anywhere in India, with your requirement to tour with them during Cricketing Season.

Language Skills

As a coach, in order to converse easily and effectively with Managemet and Local players, a competence of B2 CEFR grade Spanish is expected but not enforced,

an Intepreter is always provided to assist any International Coaches and to smooth communication during press conferences.

B2 and above

13. Be a Sports Analyst

Anyone can be a sports analyst in Spain. It is also one of the most sought after,high paid foreign language jobs in India, for the added benefits that one can work from home and reap all benefits f being associated with a spanish club.

Who plays for Spain?

Many Spanish Clubs- in Cricket and other sports are comprised mainly of Immigrated Individuals playing for glory of Spain.

Roles of Job

As a Sports Analyst, It is your job to predict trends of match using available data such as pitch reports, win-loss statistics and keep an eye on team balance, chemistry and overall fitness of players. 


Sports Analysts also can move around from one club to another as contract stipulates and provide their services for a generous fee- hence, rightfully a high paying Foreign Language Job in India.

Language Skills

Spanish Skiils are noot necessary to apply for this coveted role and if interested the analyst can alays learn Spanish, which is fully funded by the club they represent.

C1 and C2 Preferrably

14. Become a war historian/consultant

Europe untill recently has been a great battleground between great empires for numerous reasons.

Post World War 2, There has been active coomitment to repretirate the lost/damaged possessions to the descendants of families in the wars or just keep a highly detailed record of human cost- crops, equipment, livestock and other personal effects.

About Career

Becoming a part of this noble commitment is something which can be achieved by Indian Youths here in India. It is also a high pay foreign Language job in India, with frequent trips/ zoom meetings with bereaved families, or pursual through national archives and private collection.

Role of job

As an associate/member, you are expected to host regular discussion meetings with applicant families and record the details they provide. So a B2( Upper Intermediate) or above knowledge of Spanish- in all its four aspects, Listening,Speaking,Reading and Writing.


Japan has one the oldest cultures in the world, It is also known as “The Land of Rising Sun”.

Their culture is said to have descended from the Sun God, The emperor and his children are direct progeny of gods, hence revered all over japan.

It has also hosted the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, where India has achieved its biggest ever haul of Medals.

Some Famous sites in Japan


Tokyo is the Largest city and the Capital of Japan. It has the largest population of city-dwellers in the world!

Tokyo is the administrative capital, housing the Parliaments of Japan and the residence of the Emperor of Japan.

Tokyo also hosted the recently Concluded 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and the 1962 Olympics.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are large Metropolises in Japan and the capitals of Hiroshima Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan.

Both Cities have the dubious distinction of being the sole cities on which Atomic Bomb Attacks were conducted- By the American Forces at the end of the Second World War,

The Atomic Bomb Attacks forced Japan to capitulate and Surrender to the Allied Forces.

Soon after the end of the war, Citizens and the local governments reorganized and rebuilt their cities, to now one of the largest and most prosperous cities in Japan.

How can I learn Japanese?

To Learn Japanese for Work or Pleasure, please visit Henry Harvin’s Japanese Course, where you will also gain a boost to your dreams to work for a japanese MNCs and achieve a high paying foreign language job in India. 

Course Benefits of Henry Harvin

In addition to the features offered by the Japanese language course and the Foreign Languages academy, they also provide assistance to clear the JT examinations and gain N1 Certificate with success.

Henry Harvin Gold Membership 

Along with your course you have unlocked access to Henry Harvin Gold Membership.

Gold Membership gives you the LMS Portal

where you can attend live online lessons by Expert Trainers.

Recorded Sessions are also available via the LMS, the candidates are such able to watch classes freely whenever possible.

Other Benefits Of Henry Harvin Japanese Language Course

Job search portal with thousands of jobs for applicants are also available in its dedicated webpage.

Plus Guaranteed Internship opportunity and a internationally valid certificate is also available after completion of the course!

List Of High Paying foreign language jobs in India for Japanese Clients.

A2 Minimum

15. Sake Supplier/Taster

Sake is an alcoholic beverage served by Japanese Hotels. It is made from fermenting rice, has a sweet texture and has 14-16% alcoholic content.

Roles of job

As a Sake Supplier and Taster, you are part of the elite in the Indian Brewery and Distillery business. You can distribute your wares to bars and Pubs all around India with the proper Licenses.

Quality of Sake

As a Sake Supplier, It is also important to ensure that your wares are not counterfeited or tampered with.

You will have many rivals in your business life, be wary.

Thus it is also important to have frequent checks on the quality of goods and take customer feedback.

Who wants it?

As an Enterprising professional, Sake has a large market in India.

Large chain hotels and restaurants now are aiming towards japanese diets

with proper planning and research, you too can grow your business and establish a sake empire!

B2 and above

16. Work as manga artist 

Manga is a form of Visual Comics or Graphics which originated in Japan. Manga follows a particular style for the purposes it is drawn- Comics, Cartoons have one style

Graphic Novels or Periodicals have another style.

Can I write a manga?

As long as you the artist have a vision/idea for you upcoming work, anyone can become a manga artist.

Themes and rules

As an Indian Manga Artist, It is not required to use traditional Japanese settings for your works.

The themes can be anything, locations character placement etc as long as the artist adheres to basic rules of writing Manga.

Contracts and Pay-grades

A successful manga artist has all the abilities to earn big,

truly your content you write will make your profession a high paying foreign language jobs in India.

C1 and C2

17. Be a Psychiatrist

Japanese Students are reportedly of of the most stressed out students ever,

with daily average time of study exceeding 10 hours.

As a results, students undergo frequent bouts of mental breakdown and isolation from family and friends.

Role of a psychiatrist

As a Psychiatrist, your job is to keep tabs on your clients mental and emotional health.

Psychiatrist Sessions are held in-person or online via Zoom.

Where can I work?

A psychiatrist for Japanese Students can be one of most noble jobs anyone can assume and by course of sessions with you,

students/ other members learn to express their emotions freely and lead a happier life.

Sign Language Jobs

Indian Sign Language is the primary mode of communication among the Deaf Community in India.

Our Indian Sign Language, along with expressions via fingers and movements of palms, also depend majorly on body language and head movements to convey clear understanding of a subject.

Here are a few jobs you can aim for by learning Sign-Language in India.

B1 and B2

18. Speech Language Pathologists

Speech Language Pathologists are learned experts on Communication.

Who can they help?

They help individuals to improve their Speech skills for orators, Seminar heads and presenters and anyone else interested.

They also help people with birth speech defects and help them bring out their best voice.

Roles of Job

A speech language pathologist mainly focuses on the speech of the individuals with special emphasis on

  • Speech sounds
  • Language
  • Social Communication

On Group Sessions 

They also assist in short sessions to anyone interested

Numerous Companies and MNCs all over the world have high demand for Group sessions with a Speech Language Pathologist.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are available worldwide, in platforms such as Monster, Linkedin and even on Social Media Websites.

Thus, with such heavy demand worldwide,

working as a speech language pathologist is a good high paying foreign language job in India.

C1 and C2 only

19. A Sign Language Interpreter for Television

Governments all over the world have long supported the development of the deaf community to integrate with each other.

Roles of Job

As a sign Language Interpreter for Television, It is a high paying Foreign Language job in India,

It is your responsibility translate news reports read by News reporters for media channels for members of the general public.

Additional roles

You are also responsible for translating content used in Quizzes, Certain Educational shows aired in TV for your deaf audience.

20. Sign Language Trainer

As more and more people want to learn Sign Language,

there is a great need for trained and experienced individuals to act as trainers to learn sign language.

About Career

In India, Sign Language training is also an high paying foreign language job in India.

Classes with Facilities, books and reference material are provided.

Classes are held either in Person or Online via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

It is truly a pleasure to watch Individuals, who wish to train others in to practice signs and

we hope that this art of teaching and learning continues evermore.


Truly, Knowing and Learning a Foreign Language is worth all the effort.

Knowing and Learning a Foreign Language helps you stand out from the crowd,

boost your skills in CV or Resume or just a powerful tool to attract people.

It is our hope that learning a foreign language will help you immensely in your career aspirations

Also make you a better poised to work better and make new experiences on the way!

Do let us know how our guide for 20 Amazing  High Paying Foreign Language jobs in India was?

Leave a comment and share with your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q.1 What is the difference between local and foreign languages?

Local Languages for the purposes of the blog are languages which have a root base in India or have a considerable amount of speakers in India.
Foreign languages on the other hand are languages/dialects used by people outside India.

Q.2 Why has there been no mention of jobs I can attain by using English in this blog?

English is the universal language of business and world trade, Owing to our long intervened history with Great Britain and the Astoundingly large amount of proficient English speakers in India, Many senior and high paying jobs in India require proof of the candidate knowing English. 
To differentiate our crowd and to provide information on other high paying jobs foreign language jobs in India, English has not been included.

Q.3 What is CEFR?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages(CEFR) is a standardized testing and grading system to grade the proficiency of a candidate in a European Language. The results are determined by comparing them to the results obtained in proficiency exams such as DSD, TIC, IELTS, TOEFL and many more.
A1-B1 is the beginners level, whilst C1 and C2 are advanced level qualifications suitable for jobs/study in European countries/reputed universities in Europe.

Q.4 What is the Japanese grading system?

Japanese Course is divided into 5 separate levels, the elementary N5 to the advanced N1 levels, it focuses on reading, speaking and listening and also assists you with writing Japanese in its 4 unique scripts. Clearing all 5 levels bags your mastery of the Japanese language.

Q.5 I am an IT Professional with 5+ years in a reputed software company, Can I apply for any of these jobs?

Yes, you can! All jobs mentioned here are high paying foreign language jobs in India, which you or anyone else can do with little to no experience in Foreign Languages too!

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