Have you decided to learn French? Great!!

My intention is not to sound presumptuous, but I can already think of countless good reasons to learn French. First and foremost French is a very beautiful language to hear and to speak. Learning French is easy as there are plenty of online and offline French Courses available. French is also known as the romance language, the language of love. French is the second most used language in international communication. French is the official language of 29 countries spread across five continents of the world. Learning French also helps us to understand English better. Unknowingly we are speaking French when we speak English as French is the largest donor of foreign words in English. The History part of the French language is very attractive and anyone would be tempted to learn this beautiful language.

15 Good Reasons to Learn French

1. French is All Around the World

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French is spoken in Five out of the seven continents in the world. French helps to understand English better. Learning French is as easy as pie for those who know how to speak English. It is one of the favoured languages in the world. Learning French will open a new world of languages to you.

French is the official language of Quebec, parts of Africa, Switzerland, Seychelles and the list goes on. French is inherently valuable and universally accepted in most parts of the world. Knowing the French language helps for travelling to the nook and corner of the world. Over 200 million people around the world understand French. French is the only language other than English that is being taught in non-native French-speaking countries.

2. French is a Part of Who You Are

French and English have a pretty mixed up history. The English lent many words to the French language. The English language is peppered with originally French words. A person who knows English knows many French words too. Learning French is easier as people who speak English already know many French words.


The people are not aware that they regularly use French words while speaking English. Apostrophe, chauffeur, delegate, energy, fiance, tournament, valid etc are some of the French words that are used in English. Learning French will help people to improve their English vocabulary. Even Though English is a Germanic language it shares a lot of vocabulary with French. Hence learning French is easier and is a part of you as unknowingly you have mastered some French vocabulary.

3. French  a Language of the International Job Market

The ability to speak French is a great advantage to get good jobs in the international job market. Whatever be the industry you are working in, learning the French language gives you an advantage in communicating with the clients, vendors and employees. Many multilanguage companies use French as a working language in fields such as luxury goods retailing etc.

Learning French will open doors for joining the French companies in France and also other French companies in different parts of the world. France is the biggest growing economy with plenty of opportunities. France is attracting entrepreneurs and researchers. Learning French will help you fetch a job in the translation jobs where knowing French is an advantage.

4. Study Abroad by Learning French 

Speaking French will open up plenty of study opportunities in France and many parts of Europe and other continents. France is the third popular destination for international students in Europe. Students with good grades in the French Language may be eligible to apply for French Governments Grants or Scholarships. Higher education in France is considered to be of great value. Their degrees are recognised by employees around the world.

The ability to speak French will open higher educational opportunities to students in French business schools and other universities. Many student exchange programmes are there which will be easy for the students if they learn French as it will help them to express their thoughts and also to communicate with the native speakers. As many students go to France to learn theatre and cuisines it will be easy for them to understand the course better with a piece of knowledge of the French language.

5. French – a Stepping Stone to Other Languages.

Learning French will make it easy to learn many other languages. French will open a new horizon of languages. Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese belong to the same branch of the Indo European family as French. Hence these languages are similar. There are plenty of possibilities for French-speaking people to learn other languages over time without much difficulty.

They can find the advantage of their similarities in their structure and vocabulary. Knowing French will help people to understand a bit more about other languages including English as French has lent many words to the English language. Knowing French will bring you new perspectives on English.

6. French is a Travel Enhancing Language

A good reason to learn French is travelling. France is one of the top tourist destinations nowadays. Knowing French will make your travel more enjoyable. Learning French will be useful not only to France but many other places in Europe and Africa. France is rich in its culture. Knowing French will help to understand French culture and the cuisine better. France has numerous Monuments, galleries, museums and historical sites.

Knowing French will help to understand the history and the heritage better. You won’t be just a spectator but will be more involved while travelling. French language cinema and theatre are highly regarded. You will be able to appreciate it to the core if you know the language. French pop music is also very popular. French artists and their crafts are highly regarded in the field of art. The native speakers will be glad and pleased if the tourists can speak in French to them.

7. French Fashion

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. France is famous for its fashion and perfumes. Fashion weeks are held in Milan every year. If you know the language it will be an added advantage when you go to such events. It would be good if you could converse in French when you go out on a shopping spree.

To pronounce famous French brand names correctly will be a cherry on the cake during your travels. The natives also will treat you well if you are good at the French language. There are so many top brands of perfume and fashion which are of French origin. Knowing French can open job opportunities to people who are interested in the fashion field. Learning French will enhance their knowledge of French Fashion and will open new doors for them in fields of learning and also getting good jobs in the domain.

8. French – A language of International Relations and Diplomacy

As French is a language that is being used by UNESCO, NATO, The Olympic committee, and The International Red Cross as an official and working language, it assists in all sorts of International relations. French has one of the largest online profiles. The French language builds a bridge that ensures the peaceful co-existence of people of different languages and different nations across the world. Proficiency in French is a criterion for people to get good placements in these international organisations. French is acknowledged as a language of diplomacy.

9. French is a Language of Creativity

French is one of the most used languages on stage. French theatre is rich with its culture and heritage. Learning French will help us to understand the French plays. French literature is one of the oldest in the literary world. Learning French will help the students to express themselves and also to gain confidence in performing in front of others. Learning a new language will help you to open up your thoughts from different perspectives and activate your mind.

An active mind is a creative mind. French pop music is also famous. Learning French will help you to enjoy French pop culture. Speaking French will help with divergent thinking. The brain will be more adapted to flexibility, fluency and originality.

10. Migrating to a French-Speaking Country

Learning French is a must if you are planning to migrate to a French-speaking country. Learning French will help to migrate to many European countries and also to Canada (Quebec) where French is the official language.

This will help you to fetch jobs easily in these countries. In the UK, the offices are giving preferences to people who know French as French is spoken in many parts of Europe. Your resume will get priority if you are in Europe and other French-speaking parts of the world.

11. French to Impress Others

The ability to speak a foreign language will help to create a great impression on others. If you are dealing with French-speaking clients or businessmen the impression can fetch you good deals and bring professional satisfaction and happiness to you. You may be motivating your colleagues to learn a foreign language. If impressing others is not your motive but if it is giving an advantage in your work then you should give it a try. You will not be embarrassed when you know the correct pronunciation of French luxury products when you go shopping.

12. French an Exciting Language

Learning French is exciting. You will come to know many common words in French and English. I’m not saying it will be very easy to learn a foreign language. French will seem to be easy for you once you start learning the language. You will be surprised to know that we pronounce many words differently in English and learning French will help us to understand them and also to pronounce them correctly. French is considered a complicated European language but it is not as difficult as you think. Children and adults can learn French through a lot of methods.

13. French is a Beautiful Language

French is called the language of love. There is a reason behind it. French is a poetic and pleasing language. The language is music to our ears. French always sounds like a melodious song. French shares traits such as masculine and feminine order. If you are interested in being trilingual then learning French is the right step to it. French is soft, sensual and seductive, hence many like this language.

14. French to Boost International Information

Learning French will open a whole new and exciting world of knowledge. The language is widely spoken across many countries on five continents. These sources of information will open up for us to know more about the world. Many important works are written in French, knowing the language will help us to get involved and learn more about them. There are many internet communications in French that can be understood by knowing the language. French will help to know about the extended culture of French-speaking people around the world.

15. Cultural Reasons

The French language has the maximum number of Nobel prizes in literature. Translated work can never really match the original language. Even the best translations are always different due to the way languages work. Knowing French will help to understand the literary work in its real sense. Reading French books in their original language will be a different experience. Knowing French will open new windows for reading foreign literature and will open new perspectives. 

Top French Courses 

1. Henry Harvin henryharvinlogo

Henry Harvin French Language Course is one of the best courses in India to learn French. Henry Harvin provides one of the best platforms to learn French. After completion of the course, you will be fluent in French. You will acquire good writing and speaking skills. The faculties will assist you to genuinely mastering the language. There are different levels of the course starting from beginner level to Proficiency level in the French Language. Henry Harvin provides projects, Internships, certification, and assistance in the placements. The faculties are renowned trainers and are pioneers in the field. Henry Harvin provides experienced industry projects during the training period.

Address: Below Marlo Naka Metro Station Andheri East Near Fire Bridge Andheri -Kurla Road. Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

Contact number: 9015266266

Course duration: 30 hours 

Henry Harvin French Language Course Fees

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Henry Harvin also provides these courses

French Languages Courses in other cities:

BangaloreNoidaMumbaiPatnaPuneKolkataHyderabadChennaiGurgaon, ChandigarhAhmedabadKanpurOnline

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Henry Harvin French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World

2. French Academy

French Academy is a French teaching Institute giving French language courses from beginner level to advanced level. The Courses are focused on French vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and conversations. The French teachers assure quality training and the best results for the students. They provide both online and offline courses. This institute is in Delhi. The academy assists in the placement after completing the course.

  • Address: 18 AGCR Enclave (Basement)Near Karkardooma Courts Delhi 110092
  • Contact number: 9811841782
  • Course Duration: 4 months 
  • Course fees: INR 12500

3. World Languages Center

World Languages Center is one of the institutes in India that provides French language courses. They train their students at par excellence. They have online and offline courses and also customized courses. Their faculties are highly professional and guide the students well to be fluent in the French language. They teach the students beyond books and with the latest technology. The institute has a library where students can borrow books.

  • Address: ED 35 B (Madhuban Chowk) In Front of the Metro Station Pitampura New Delhi –110034
  • Contact number: 7042706161
  • Course duration: 3 months
  • Course fees: INR 12000

4. INaWORD Center for Languages

INaWord is a multilingual Language Institute that provides courses in foreign languages. They have courses for the beginner to the advanced levels in the French language. They provide online and offline courses. They assure quality learning in their courses. They train their students in speaking, writing. The faculties are pioneers in the field. The classes are balanced with fun and learning.

  • Address: G Block,2nd Street, Near HCL CDC Kathiravan Colony, Anna Nagar Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600040
  • Contact number: 91- 44 – 42615152
  • Course duration: 4 months
  • Course fees: INR 14960

5. European Institute of Foreign Languages

The European Institute of Foreign Languages is one of the best Foreign language institutes to learn French. They provide French language courses. They train their students from the beginner level to the advanced levels. The faculties are leaders in the field. The course is well designed so that the students will be confident to communicate and write in French after finishing the course. They have modern facilities and conduct classes both online and offline.

  • Address: 15 A / 04 Saraswathy Marg Karol Bhag New Delhi – 110005
  • Contact number: 01145660965
  • Course duration: 3 months
  • Course fees: INR 18000


Should you learn French? French is a good option if you are looking for a good job in the language industry. French is one of the foreign languages that can fetch you a good salaried job. The French language is a must-learn if you are planning to migrate to any one of the French-speaking countries. Learning French is also useful in business as French is one of the main languages used in the business industry.

Knowing French can fetch you good jobs in different industries such as fashion, tourism, business, and also in international organizations. Learning a foreign language especially French will open a wide variety of opportunities for you hence learning will always give you an added advantage in your resume. Learning French will help you to appreciate the culture and the tradition of one of the oldest languages in the world. So Learn French and open a new window in your life which can allow you to travel the world with confidence.

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Q-1.  Is it worth learning French?

Ans. If you are a student aspiring to study in France, Canada, Switzerland, etc learning French will open opportunities to study at renowned French Universities.

Q-2. Is the French language used in the business world?

Ans. Yes, As French is the world’s third most important language used in the business world.

Q-3. Is French easy to learn for English speakers?

Ans. English and French share common alphabets and vocabulary. So it will be easy to learn French for English speakers.

Q-4. Can I learn the French language online or offline?

Ans. There are online as well as offline French language courses.  You can select at your convenience.

Q-5. Do the institutes help with placements?

Ans. Yes, most of the institutes assist in placements after completion of the course.

Q-6. Is learning French expensive?

Ans. Not at all.

Q-7. What is the duration of the course?

Ans. The duration course varies from 6 months to 3 years.

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