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The French language is one of the most popular foreign languages in India. French is taught as a third language in schools due to its popularity and demand. Learning French involves 6 levels which are widely referred to as CEFR Levels.


A1 and A2 (elementary)

B1 and B2 (intermediate)

CA and C2 (advanced)


 French can be learned from attending classes. There are various French language courses in India, being offered online and classroom training.

Let us know, Top 10 French Language Courses in Chennai

1. Henry Harvin (French Language Course in Chennai)

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin



Henry Harvin is known as the best platform for foreign language training. In the current scenario, many multinational companies use French as a working language.

 Henry Harvin supports students to acquire knowledge and fluency in the levels like A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 of the French Language. Henry Harvin’s French Language Course helps in understanding the basic theory and practical knowledge through projects.

 Some of the key features of doing the course with Henry Harvin include includes

  • 9 in 1 course
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • 100% practical training
  • Mobile app and e-learning portal
  • 24/7 lifetime support and access

French Language course by Henry Harvin in Chennai

 The French language course in Chennai is designed to support understanding the topics and grammatical concepts to make you language proficient in French.

Henry Harvin will assist you in understanding the language, speak the language fluently, and also write a variety of texts. The course is provided on various levels which are

  • A1: The Beginners Level
  • A2: The Upper Beginners Level
  • B1: The intermediate Level
  • B2: The Upper Intermediate Level
  • C1: The Advanced Level
  • C2: The Proficiency Level

 Learning benefits from the French course

You are trained to Initiate Conversation. Explain Habitual action, you can describe feelings and express opinions. You learn sentence formation and increase advanced French language grammar knowledge. You can your goal of speaking fluent and authentic French, with the help of Henry Harvin. You can get a good grasp of the French language and ace important French language exams such as DILF, DELF, DALF, DCL, and TCF if you follow our course

 French Language course certification process

  • Registration after counselling
  • Complete the course syllabus
  • Complete the projects
  • Learn Language certification

 Fees Structure:

LEVEL       Duration       Fees
    A1         30 Hours   INR: 8999/-
    A2         30 Hours   INR: 8999/-
    B1         40 Hours   INR 11999/-
    B2         40 Hours   INR 11999/-
    C1         40 Hours   INR 14999/-
    C2         40 Hours   INR 14999/-

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Henry Harvin Provides Six Sigma Course in these Cities:

 DelhiBangaloreNoidaMumbaiPatnaPuneKolkataHyderabad,Gurgaon, ChandigarhAhmedabadKanpurOnline


Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World


2. Alliance Francaise (French Language Course in Chennai)

Contact No: +098735 15610

Alliance Francaise has been providing support for the French language since 1953. This is a nonprofit organization. They offer classes based on innovative learning techniques, Suitable materials and organize events to promote cultural diversity.

 Benefits of course in French from Alliance Francaise

  • French courses are categorized based on age group for effective learning
  • The categories are Adults, teen, kids, and online training
  • They provide counselling support for suitable courses
  • They offer registration in person and only pre-registration
  • Customized one-to-one courses are also offered according to availability and need.

 Other cities where Alliance Francaise is located

 Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Trivandrum, Bangalore, and more.

Fee Structure

 The fee structure is divided based on the categories for the course. You can refer to course details for October by clicking here.  

3. ACTE (French Language Course in Chennai)

Contact No: +

 ACTE is known as several training institutes for software (IT). They are known as leading online and classroom training providers. The courses are designed by industry experts, they have been named as the most influential and no 1 educational brand by LinkedIn.

 They are flexible to suit the needs of students. They provide hands-on training with an updated syllabus. They have courses at affordable fees and provide study material for a lifetime. The trainers are industry experts.

 Benefits of doing French certification from ACTE

  • French training is provided in more than 27+ branches.
  • The faculties are industry experts
  • Lifetime support is provided
  • Industry recognized certification is provided

Features of doing French certification from ACTE

 The duration of the French language course is 40 hours. This course is 100% job-oriented. The course is divided into 3 modules and an Internal assessment. 

 Fees structure

 The course fees are divided as per regular, weekend, and Fastrack batches

  • Regular batches are Monday to Friday 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM
  • Weekend regular is on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 01:30 PM
  • Weekend FastTrack are from 09:AM to 02:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday

4. Here and Now (French Language Course in Chennai)

 Here and now focus on the joy of learning initiative for their students. They aim at bringing Flavour of French to the neighbourhood with their service. 

 The training programs are designed for Teens/ Pree teens, the age group covered here is 8 to 12 years. Adolescents who are school and college students. Adults who are Working professionals, Housewives, and any passionate learner.

 Benefits of doing French course from Here and Now

  • The training is provided for 6 different levels
  • The courses are designed from beginner to professional level.
  • The translation interpretation services are provided
  • Training and Counselling are also provided.

Feature of doing French course from Here and Now

  • There are various categories of courses like General French, corporate French, Summer crash course, and Diploma in business French.
  • The course is offered as classroom training and online training
  • The classes are available on weekends and weekdays

 Fee structure

 The fee’s structure is as per the batches that you can enroll. The batch details are here.


5. Lets Talk (French Language Course in Chennai)

Contact No: +098401 11660



Let’s talk has been providing learning services for over 16 years. They are known for the quality of service that they provide among national and international societies.

 They provide various types of training in group training for 8 to 10 students per batch. One-to-one training for students with individual tutors. Private

group training for a particular batch as per need. Corporate training for companies, corporate houses, and organizations.

 Feature of doing French certification from Lets Talk

  • They provide training for the below levels: 

                 A1: – 70 hours

                 A2: – 80 hours

                 B1: – 100 hours

                 B2: – 150 hours

                 C1: – 250 hours

  • The course material includes ebook and textbooks
  • Online course material for reading, writing, and audio practice.

 Fees structure

The fees structure as per batches

6. VLC institute (French Language Course in Chennai)

 VLC institute was established in the year 1998. This institute is equipped with a language lab. The learners are trained to improve their speaking skills and understanding of various accents and different dialects.

 The faculties are trained experts and are up to date with the new environment. They have a track record of training thousands of students by enriching knowledge and development. 8 centres are located around Chennai. 

 Features and Fees

The fee structure is based on the courses that are offered. The course offered is

  • Foundation training for 60 hours which helps in understanding basics, vocabulary, and simple conversation.
  • Advance Grammar training is for 120 hours, this covers the grammatical structure, Advance structure, advanced vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and advanced conversations.

7. Inlingua (French Language Course in Chennai)

Their strengths are the methodology and materials which provide a clear understanding of languages. The training is focused on practical experience to enable students to be fluent in the language.

 The classes are conducted to meet the needs of clients. The batches are small in number to enable focused learning. The training is made effective through presentations, public speaking, creative thinking, and role play.

They have 150 trainers, 3789+ students enrolled in 100 certified courses, and have received 15 awards in education.

 Features of doing French course certification from Inlingua

  •  Group courses: This is conducted in a group of 8 students. The classes are made interactive by focusing on two-way communication. The classes can opt on weekdays or weekends. The final test is also conducted for certification. 
  •  Diploma courses: This course focuses on preparation for embassy examination and university examination.
  •  Private and Intensive courses: This is based on individual students and tutors. These classes are flexible.
  •  All the levels of courses are offered from A1 level to C2 Level. The focus is on the level from beginner to advanced.

Fees structure

 The fees structure is based on the monthly batches and levels

8. Sofltogic (French Language Course in India)

Sofltogic is known as the best training centre for the French. Softonic helps in placement assistance, Hands-on training, Interview assistance. It provides flexible class timings and a customized curriculum.

They have 76 It Courses, 50 real-time trainers, 600 IT clients and 65000 placed students.

 Benefits of learning French from Sofltogic

  •  The courses are customized as per need
  • The trainers are well trained in French culture and ethics
  • There are a lot of opportunities which you will learn from French.

Fees Structure

 Fees structure varies on batches which the student chooses.

  • The regular track is of duration 45 to 60 days with 2 hours a day in Live classroom mode.
  • The weekend track is for 8 weekends with 3 hours a day in the live classroom mode.  

9. Duolingo (French Language Course in Chennai)

Duolingo supports learning with its game-like lessons. Spending 5 min a day can help someone learn French. They provide learning to all categories, from beginners or someone looking to practice speaking, writing, and reading. Scientifically, Duolingo is proven to work for teaching French.

 Benefits of learning from Duolingo

  • The lessons are bite-sized to make it easy to learn
  • The lessons are free with fun
  • The learners make quick progress as research proves
  • This provides personalized learning ‘
  • Learners stay motivated with its Challenges and game-like features
  • The learning experience is enhanced with the help of Exercise and characters.

 Fees Structure.

 Duolingo is free and app-based learning on Android and iPhone.

10. FITA Academy (French Language Course in Chennai)

FITA is a leading training institution and placement company. They provide a practical approach and real-time exposure in the training. Training is offered by industry professionals to give corporate-like exposure to students.

They have helped more than 25000+ students. The enrolment of students per batch is approx. 6 to enable Individual attention and focus. They have placement tie-ups with many companies and ensure that students are placed after the course.

Benefits of doing French certification from FITA academy

  • Expert’s trainers with exposure to the real world
  • The live project helps in better understanding and provides hands-on experience.
  • Certification provided are globally recognized
  • The course is flexible in nature as per the need and demands of the student
  • The placement support is provided to students are course completion.

Features of doing French certification from FITA

  • They provide two types of learning
  • Classroom training- These trainings are classroom-based from the center in branches,
  • Online training- These training are instructor-led training where the recording of the training is provided.
  • The modules are comprehensive and aligned as per the recent syllabus
  • The French language tutor has experience of over 10+ years in this industry
  • The course helps students to learn fluency in writing, reading and speaking.
  • The French classes provide beginner to advance certifications

Fees structure

Fees structures are based on different batches. The batches are as per below. These batches are based on the availability

Weekdays which are from Monday to Friday Weekend batches are on Saturday and Sunday.


The above mentioned are a few French language course in Chennai and training centers. All of these institutes provide French classes from beginner to advanced level. The training center is located at various places in Chennai and also provides online support. The training institute has various batch dates and based on availability and need you can register in any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CEFR Levels

Ans. CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference. This standard is applicable to languages. This is classified broadly into Basic, Independent, and proficient users. There are six levels that are standardized in language. The levels range from A1 to C2, denoting beginners to advance knowledge.

 2.  What is the importance of CEFR level

Ans. These levels signify the knowledge a person has in a language. This can be speaking, writing, or reading skills. The language learner often uses these levels to denote their proficiency in the language. The levels can be made official with certifications. The certifications can be obtained from examinations.

 3. What is Level A?

Ans. Levels are divided into A1 which is beginner and A2 which is elementary.
 At A1, the learner can,
Understand the basics and can use the basic expression of language
Can have a basic conversation. They can introduce themselves and ask questions about others. The questions are basic that include place, things and know-how.
Can interact in simple language and at a slow pace.
At A2, the learner can,
Can understand sentences and questions, which are relevant to everyday life. Example: Shopping, employment, local geography, family information and more
Can interact on routine matters requiring simple exchange of information.
Can have conversation based on regular background information.

4. What is Level B?

Ans. Level B is divided into B1 which is for Independent and intermediary. Level B2 in upper-intermediate.
 AT B1, the learner is
Can understand clearly points relating to leisure, work, school, and many more.
Can identify and deal with questions arising while traveling.
Can describe and write simple content relating to topics of personal interest
Can describe opinions and explanations about dreams, ambitions, events, and many more
 At B2, a learner can
Can understand the text on technical discussion, complex text, on abstract and concrete topics.
Can interact fluently with the native speaker of the language
Can give a detailed explanation, clear opinions, and viewpoint stating pros and cons of a topic.

5. What is level C?

Ans. Level C is segregated into C1 known as advanced and C2 known as proficient
 At C1, the learner is
Create text on complex topics in detail and clear
Understand Demanding text and can have a conversation on an advanced level
Can speak without much research and express ideas
Can interact on Social, academic, and professional topics
 AT C2, The learner can
Can understand everything easily heard or read topics
Can make a summary of information from various sources which are spoken, written, from presentations, and reconstructing arguments.
Can express in complex situations.

6. Where CEFR Level matters

Ans. The CEFR level matters when an individual wants to pursue a career in the field of language. This is required when the individual is seeking employment or training, someone. Certifications denote the level of CEFR. The certifications increase the value of the resume. They do not expire and are a time lifetime credit. The certifications are proof of efficiency at a particular level. These levels serve as a foundation of knowledge an individual must have and take necessary certifications to pursue them.
 The certification is required while
School admissions
The course which are long term or short term
To become a tutor

7. What are career options after learning French?

Ans. Learning French can open a wide career option for an individual. French is a foreign language and is widely used in various organizations and institutions, some areas which can serve as career options are
Employment in Mnc, IT, BPO, call centres, and many more. Many companies have their operations in various countries where the language is required to interact with local populations
Foreign embassies- As French is a forgoing language, learning them can help to secure a job in foreign embassies.
Translator or interpreter – Learning French can help one be a translator for companies, educational institutions or work as a freelancer as the requirement is. Similarly, interpreter jobs can be obtained.
Tourism and Travel- The requirement for a foreign language is high in the tourism sector. This can help one in interactions with the tourist and become a guide. This can also help in research and knowledge sharing.
Hospitality and Hotel industry– As the hotel has many guests visiting, it is beneficial to have a customer executive trained in a foreign language to support and assist.
Trainer – Individuals with knowledge of the French language can work as tutors, teachers, or corporate trainers.
Business: The individual who would like to grow its business with export and import from countries can learn to improve its scope of business as it can ease having conversations with native speakers.

8.   Why is French popular

Ans. French is the most used language after English. A widely used foreign language., which is taught in every country on different levels. This is taught in school. Universities and training centres. This increases the visibility in the world markets with language knowledge

9.Few common French words


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