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Choosing the French Language as a career option will help you to broaden your expertise. It will also help to strengthen the skills in the native language. It is fact that knowing multiple languages helps in developing “problem-solving” and “critical thinking skills” that would automatically help in generating better memory and listening skills. On an average, there are around a wide variety of languages that are spoken on a global scale, among which one of the most popular segments in the French Language. In terms of speaking and studying the French Language is considered to be the most selected aspect. The demand for French Language Learning is huge in India and taking up such a vibrant career option not only opens up new opportunities but at the same time helps the candidates to adjust themselves accordingly with the culture.

Top 10 French Language Courses in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin Language Academy (French Language Course in Bangalore)

The French Language Course undertaken by Henry Harvin is designed in such a way that it would enhance the process of learning the French Language. After completion of the course, the students will be open to a wide range of options through which they would develop the capability of writing a variety of texts on a whole. Henry Harvin ® will help the students in speaking the French Language fluently. The candidates would become experts in language speaking after completing the course. The French Language Course in Bangalore undertaken by Henry Harvin is globally accepted among all.

Generally the training imparted by Henry Harvin regarding the French Classes and learning of French Languages is divided into 6 levels, which are shown below:

A1: The Beginners Level – This level deals with the basic idea of the “French Vocabulary”. It helps the students to make themselves familiar with the process of greeting someone in French, basic grammar skills by using the expertise of Noun, Pronoun, Verbs, Plural and Adjectives. The students will be provided with an interactive section of the French Classes that would extend for 30 hours or more to make them skilled professionals in the language and the basic grammar knowledge.

A2: The Upper Beginners Level – This level normally deals with a slightly advanced version of the beginner’s level. Here the candidates would be able to express their own decisions, make comparisons, and indicate the chronological events taking place. In addition to this they will be also be able to know the details of grammar like the future tense, relative “pronouns” including the comparative and the superlative sentences, adverbs and the demonstrative “pronouns”. The French Classes will generally take place in an Online Interactive Classroom for 30 hours.

B1: The Intermediate Level – In this level the students will learn the basic skills of writing, reading and listening. Moreover, the student will also gain the knowledge of framing the sentences in the French Language.

Moreover the French Classes will generally take place in an Online Interactive Classroom for 40 hours.

B2: The Upper Intermediate Level – This level normally deals with the extra learning which includes the French-Speaking Styles and the Complex Texts. This is a bit advanced level through which the student will also learn the process to construct long speeches in French that will also give rise to the smooth explanation of the thought process.

The French Classes will accommodate the candidates for 40 hours in a process through the Online Interactive Classroom sessions.

C1: The Advanced Level – In this level, the student will be able to understand the mystery behind forming longer texts through which they would be able to decipher the meaning. After getting over with this level the students will know to express on a fluent basis. Moreover, while expressing themselves they do not have to search for the appropriate expression to speak.

The Advanced level will follow the Online Interactive Classroom sessions where the students would be trained for 40 hours.

C2: The Proficiency Level – Through this level, the students would be abler to get hold of all sorts of virtual and readable information. The candidates after completion of this level would be able to make summaries of the information gathered from different “spoken and written” sources. They would be also capable of reframing the arguments and present an appropriate version of themselves. 

The proficient level will make the students get in touch with an extensive 40 hour of Online Interactive Classroom Session.

The module of this French Language Course as carried on by Henry Harvin follows a 9 in 1 module which has the following components:

  1. The student will be able to undergo different projects based on French Language and its implementation.
  2. They will also get the necessary internship help which will also enable them to gain proper knowledge in French Language.
  3. The students will get free certification in French Language Training Course from Henry Harvin ® that has been recognized as an award winning institute.
  4. They will also get 100% placement guarantee prior to 1 year post completion.
  5. The students will get access to the abundant tools and techniques that would contain of video content and assessments.
  6. Regular “bootcamps” would be spread over the next 12 months.
  7. The students will get a 1 year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin ® language academy that would be related to the French Language Training Course.

Trainers present at Henry Harvin

  1. Most famous industry experts who have gathered more than 15 years of working experience.
  2. The trainers have been recognized after careful scrutiny depending upon their professional insight.
  3. They have been invited self by Henry Harvin for giving “100+ Keynote Classes” on French Course.
  4. They have delivered more than 350+ lectures and currently they have been recognized as domain experts in assistance and collaboration with Henry Harvin ® Language Academy.


The fees offered by Henry Harvin for the purpose of providing training on French Language depends on each individual level which is mentioned below:

  1. For Level A1 the duration of is being set at 30 hours and the fees has been fixed at INR 8999/-.
  2. For Level A2 the duration is being estimated at 30 hours and the fees has been determined at INR 8999/-.
  3. The B1 Level would last for 40 hours for which the estimated fees has been fixed at INR 11999/-.
  4. For B2 Level the estimated duration has been fixed at 40 hours and the fees have been fixed at INR 11999/-.
  5. The C1 Level would last for 40 hours whose fees have been fixed at INR 14999/-.
  6. The C2 Level would be carried for 40 hours whose fees would be fixed at INR 14999/-.

“Gold Membership Benefits”

  1. The students would be able to get one year gold membership of Henry Harvin ® Language Academy which would include recorded videos, games, projects and “CPDSPe” Studies.
  2. They will also be able to avail the free bootcamp sessions which would last for 1 year.
  3. The candidates can also avail the prestigious Henry Harvin ®  Alumni Status and can also become the member of the 3,00,000 Henry Harvin Alumni on a global scale.
  4. Per week the candidates would be getting 10+ job opportunities.
  5. The candidates can also get live experience on the industry projects during the training phase.

Learning Benefits

  • The students will be in a phase to initiate conversations and talk about the past, future and the present events.
  • They can also explain the “habitual action” where they would be capable to talk about the memories.
  • They can also describe feelings and express present and future events.
  • They can also learn the basics of the sentence building and “word framing”.
  • They can also express opinion and argue with people.
  • They can talk and describe past events and at the same time can express “doubts and probability”.
  • They can make hypothesis about the past events and explain them.
  • The candidates would also be given the exposure to learn about the Advanced French Language Grammar.

Career Benefits

  1. Exposure to a wide range of jobs on a global scale in the field of French Language Course in Bangalore.
  2. Opportunity to get hired by the International Brands such as Google, Amazon and JP Morgan.
  3. Exposure to be either a “highly paid freelancer” or a “full time professional” after the completion of the French Language Training Course in Bangalore.
  4. Improve CV and LinkedIn profile with the help of technical and professional development on the field of French Language.
  5. Better Job Security and exceptional growth.
  6. Flourish exceptionally.
  7. Good Salary Hike by working over existing skills.
  8. Get your career in demand by differentiating self from the regular competition.
  9. Get promoted in your current position with relevant skills.

Other Cities where Henry Harvin courses are available


Henry Harvin Also provides these Courses-

2. Speaking India (French Language Course in Bangalore)


It is considered to be the largest training centers for French Language Courses in India. This institute is mainly situated in Bangalore.  Speakeng India, takes up the responsibility to offer the best French Classes in Marathahalli, BTM Layout, Madiwala, Kormangala and JP Nagar in Bangalore. In Speakeng India, a practical and activity based training is followed that makes the process of learning easier and at the same time effective. Speakeng India has the combination of both Indian and French “native speakers” who are highly experienced in the course of providing training.

French Training Profile at Speakeng India

  1. 20 years of work experience in French Training.
  2. Real time experience on French Projects.
  3. 60 hours of “job oriented training” in Bangalore.
  4. Successfully trained more than 1500 Professionals.

Types of French Classes in Speakeng India

General Batches

Weekend Batches

Fasttrack Batches

3. Prizma Academy

Prizma Academy is one of the leading institutes in Bangalore that provides world-class coaching in French Language Courses in India. The training centre provides practical and activity-based training which makes the process easier and interesting to follow. This French Language Course in Bangalore helps to prepare the students with the essential vocabulary aspects including the alphabets that are used on an everyday basis. The students will also get to know the proper use of pronunciation and grammar. The candidates will also get the opportunity to improve themselves in the reading, listening and writing perspectives

The Learning modules that are followed in Prizma Academy are synchronized accordingly with the main requirements of the benchmark that has been set by the “council CEFR”, (“The common European Framework of Reference Language”).

French Language Course Level in Prizma Academy

  • Level A1, is for the beginners.
  • Level A2, is for elementary.
  • Level B1.1 and B1.2, for the Intermediate.
  • Level B2.1 and B2.2, for the Upper Intermediate.
  • Level C1, for the advanced.
  • Level C2 for the Masters.

Benefits of French Learning Classes in Bangalore from Prizma Academy

  • This academy has a highly structured teaching faculty which is interactive and at the same time “insightful” for each individual level.
  • Each and every level is followed by discussions, explanations and steady review of the study materials.
  • The French Learning Classes in Bangalore designed at Prizma Academy is focused upon making the candidates skilled in reading, speaking and writing.
  • The tutors present at Prizma Academy have possessed 10 years of experience in training the students.

Language Proficiency according to the levels

Level A1 – The Beginner Phase

This is the basic level that is used to determine everyday expression. One can interact in a simple way which is used to construct simple sentences.

Level A2 – The Elementary Level

One can understand the expressions that are used commonly. Through this it would be easy for a student to communicate in a simpler manner that could help to construct simple sentences and common terms.

Level B1 – The Pre-Intermediate Phase

In this level it is very easy for an individual to discuss different topics that are faced in daily life and give opinion as per the need.

Level B2 – The Intermediate Phase

At this stage an individual can understand more advanced topics which gives them the exposure to speak about such topics and participate in public discussions.

4. RIA Institute of Technology (French Language Course in Bangalore)

The RIA Institute of Technology in Bangalore provides an easy understanding of the French Classes. For the academy learning French is considered to be a part of the course structure that helps the candidates to prepare themselves for professional jobs in the Multinational Companies. The academy has their own franchises spread across Bangalore which promises to provide the students a professional outlook and upgrades their skills in the field of French Language. 

RIA Institute of Technology provides French Classes to cover different educational segments which cover the First and Second PUC College Students, Working Professionals, Business Travellers and various language learning professionals. This institute mainly follows a structured course framework for which RIA Institute of Technology has been selected as one of the best Training Institutes of French Learning in Bangalore. The academy has selected professionals who have gained years of experience in this field.

Benefits of Learning French Language from the RIA Institute of Technology Bangalore

  • Exposure to adopt French Language as “working language” which would be used for official purposes also in dignified organizations such as the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross and International Courts.
  • French is an easy language to learn.
  • Around 220 million people speak French spread over five continents.
  • Speaking French opens up new opportunities for higher education and job aspects.
  • Most widely used language.
  • The ability to speak French is one of the biggest advantages on the International Job Market.

5. Multibhashi

Course Overview

This institute in Bangalore follows a holistic approach in French Classes which ensures the systematic follow-up till the completion of the course. After the student completes the course a self-evaluation checklist will be provided that would determine the result of the training based upon necessary parameters. In addition to this the students will also get a live placement assistance and at the same time get a certification of the same.

Course Structure and Syllabus

  • French Culture and Civilization
  • French Basics
  • French Greetings
  • Short self-introduction
  • Numbers

6. Ocean Language Academy (French Language Course in Bangalore)

This is one of the most prominent institutes in Bangalore that provides best education ion terms of French Language Courses in Bangalore. This particular academy in Bangalore provides teaching in French like the same way as it is spoken in France. This course combines all aspects of reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and even vocabulary. The course structure is designed in such a way that it can prepare the students and at the same time can give them a global exposure in the language and proficiency measures as conducted by the “French Ministry of Education”. This is normally designed to meet accordingly with the guidelines of the “Common European Framework”.

This course normally includes:

  • Study Material
  • Face to face training which also includes personalized attention.
  • Audio and Video Sessions
  • Assessments
  • Global Exams
  • Assistance for Global Exams
  • Certificate of Completion

7. Foreign Edge Institute of Languages and Training

Foreign Edge Institute of Language and Training caters to the increasing demand of different corporates and working professionals. They can choose from the variety of international languages which are meant for employment, studies and even migration. On the other hand, the students are also trained on various cultures that enables the students to easily settle down in foreign countries. In addition to this service the students are also prepared for the English Language Proficiency Tests that helps them to clear various exams.

The faculty in this academy is highly qualified and at the same time experienced who come from different fields such as IT, Education, HR and even technical.

8. SM Academy

SM Academy in Bangalore is an organization that has gained an exceptional image and reputation over the years. The institution has developed an unparalleled growth in the education and training industry. The SM Academy is identified to be one of the prime institutes in Bangalore which helps in providing quality courses that are based on the content research aspect and upgradation of the panel “Education experts”. The academy ensures that the trainees get the hassle free and personalized experience in the decision making field.

Services offered by SM Academy

  • Smart Learning aspects.
  • “Diversified Course Materials”.
  • “Quality Training”.
  • “Best resources and infrastructure available”.
  • “Personalized and Customized Assistance”.

Mission and Value of SM Academy

The Academy believes that success can be achieved if the students get the appropriate amount of knowledge and personal attention from the trainers with proper quality education. The academy has comprehensive training programs which are accustomed with proper study materials.

9. Inlingua (French Language Course in Bangalore)

This institute provides a full-fledged French Class that are mainly tailored to meet the needs of the Learners including different alphabets, words and daily phrases. This academy mainly provides one of the most selected French Language classes in Bangalore. Through this course the candidates would be able to make themselves professionals in the field of French Language.

10. FITA Bangalore

This academy in Bangalore provides one of the premium French Classes. This academy is mainly designed to meet the needs of the candidates that would include “daily phrases”, “grammar” and “pronunciations”. This institute in Bangalore helps the candidates to get proficient with reading, listening and “speaking skills”. After the end of this course the candidates would develop the ability to speak fluent English and at the same time become experts in French Language.

Features of FITA Bangalore

  • In the FITA Academy the students will get the opportunity to learn from the Industry Experts who seem to be passionate enough in extending their “knowledge and skills”.
  • The students will also get the opportunity to get an exposure to work in real time that would help the candidates to get a deep experience.
  • The students would also get the opportunity to get project experience and increase the chances of getting hired.
  • Get certified by the FITA Academy that would increase the participation of the students on a global basis.
  • The students experience an affordable fee system that would also enable them to pay the money in installments as affordable price is the main motive of FITA Bangalore.
  • “Ultimate Flexibility”.
  • The students will get a placement support which would provide an exposure in their career.

Trainer Profile

  • The French Language tutors in FITA Academy helps in enriching the knowledge of the candidates by giving them equal focus on the concepts of French.
  • The French Language instructors helps in widening the knowledge of the participants by training them efficiently on the fields of listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.
  • The trainers have an experience of 10 years in French Language Training.
  • The trainers enables the candidates to structure the language and grammar efficiently.
  • The trainers also guides the students about the process to clear the “global certification exam” successfully.

Methodology to determine the best online courses to study French Language

In order to offer a complete picture about the process to learn French a three segment methodology is very important to be processed. This method normally determines the exact cost of the course which turns out to be the main primary factor, but not the only factor to consider while undertaking French Language as a career progression. Therefore, at this point it is necessary to think about the level of flexibility so that the basic needs of the students can be met.

  1. Affordability

There is a range of options which are available for the candidates for the purpose of learning the French Language, but it is very important to get hold of the cost of the course. The main idea is that we all want to improve ourselves and this is the reason we want to explore a range of opportunities but cost and affordability are certain aspects that should be kept in mind while going to learn the French Language.

  • Flexibility

Before choosing any classes it is important to understand the level of flexibility of the sessions. There is no point of undertaking the training if the classes do not match with the schedule.

There are many cases where the courses are found to be open-ended. The students have the freedom to study at their own pace. Such French Language Course in Bangalore on the basis of their flexibility are ranked below:

  1. Highly Flexible: 2 points
  2. Moderately Flexible: 1 point
  3. Low Flexibility: 0 Points

There are no courses in the fraternity of French Language that are considered as “low flexibility ones”. Just be aware that the courses exist in real sense.

  • Learning Level

Besides being affordable a French Language Course has to be at the correct learning level also. In French you can easily switch over to a beginner course which would prove beneficial for the learners who have no such experience in the language. You can also find a lot of experienced and advanced learners who deal with more complex content.

In the rankings estimated the learning level is generally ranked as follows:

  1. “Advanced – 3 points”
  2. “Intermediate – 2 points”
  3. “Beginner – 1 point”  

But the above rating system is not the final decision maker. There are a lot of best French Courses whose inception is found at the beginner level. To get proficient with the advanced courses, the beginner courses turn out to be the most beneficial which at a later stage can enable the candidate to get along and develop “tangible and complex features”. These features helps the candidates to carry conversations in French.


India is identified as one of the countries with rich diverse cultures. In addition to this French Language is one of the widely spoken languages. Each and every individual have their own reasons behind learning French among which the most prevalent is the ability to find jobs as a “French Learner”. The language has endless benefits among which one of the main reason is the popularity of French as a language and as a study option. Moreover it is a known fact that “multilingualism” generally forms a part of the new cultures, tradition and the societal life that gives more exposure to the aspects of “French Language Courses in India”. With the advent of time human beings become more open to jobs and thus explore a wide range of career opportunities that makes an effect on their daily living and even personal relationships. It is important to understand the culture and the communication aspects from people belonging to different countries. Adaptation of this habit helps in building the self-confidence and pushes an individual to be different from others. India has always been on the verge of developing and this is the main reason for which it has become easy for India to adapt itself with the changing environment and recent technological developments. It is the nature of the inhabitants of Indian Culture who always have this thirst of learning new skills and keeping up with the existing pace of knowledge.


Q.1. Which is the best institute for getting trained in French

The best institute for getting trained in French Language Course is none other than Henry Harvin Education.

Q.2. What are the factors that need to be kept in mind before enrolling for the course?

The factors that need to be kept in mind are affordability, flexibility and level of learning.

Q.3. What is the importance of learning French Language?

Learning French opens up new opportunities through which a candidate gains the freedom to express themselves with full confidence. They can also get better job opportunities which automatically would increase their level of knowledge and learning.

Q.4. Which are the sectors using French Language?

French Language is widely used by different multinational companies, travel, tourism, hospitality, BPO, Embassies, Fashion and Retailing sectors.

Q.5. How many people speak the French Language?

On an average, it is estimated that over 200 million people spread over 5 continents speak French either as a First Language or as a Second Language.

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