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Need to undergo a good blockchain course in Bangalore?

Technological innovations recently performed spontaneous and thunderous growth in most fields. Especially, when it comes in the form of currency and its security via blockchain technology.

In this digital era blockchain courses achieved a great boom in major cities especially in the information technology hub ie, Bangalore.

Blockchain courses in Bangalore attract a great intake. Apart from being scoped in the market, many young minds are keen on learning the aspects of security-key technology. 

Blockchain basically keeps a secure track of your previous digital transaction with a crypto code and each track is linked with a hash for the next block, chaining each and every block.

This highly sensitive code technology is called blockchain technology.

Are you interested in giving a shot at gaining the most wanted technology in the financial field? If you are working in or near Bangalore we have a wide choice to learn blockchain courses in Bangalore. 

Let us discuss different institutions and academies which provide blockchain courses in Bangalore.

1. Henry Harvin Academy : Blockchain Courses in Bangalore

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin logo

For learning blockchain courses in Bangalore,  Henry Harvin’s Blockchain courses rank top among other institutes in many ways. The primary factor is their learning convenient approach, which makes learners from different sides can easily enroll and complete courses with many benefits. Their training method involved firstly setting up a personal network of blockchain using a composer called hyper ledger. And implement smart contracts through Ethereum.


Once you are done with this basic blockchain course, you can achieve insights into different mechanisms, various advancements, and more structures on blockchain technology.

Online Blockchain course

The other main advantage of the blockchain course in Henry Harvin is the training in real-world application implementation with this technology is worth your penny spent.

Henry Harvin Blockchain Training Certification Course Fee

Top 10 blockchain courses in Bangalore include 32 hours of online instruction and access to 50 hours of E-Learning.


The course costs Rs. 22,500.00 (Live Online Classroom).

Cities where Henry Harvin Blockchain Courses are provided:

AgraAhmedabadNoidaMumbaiBangalore, Delhi, ErnakulamKolkataKanpurOnlineChennai, Gurgaon

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Also, check this video:

  • Two modes of learning are available either you can go with self-paced or online learning.
  • Lifetime memberships in learning management systems available, and different instructors recorded classes are available at your fingertip.
  • Orientation through zoom is available for resume writing, placement assessment, interviews, and all-time assistance provided.
  • The internship is provided after the course duration with certification.
  • As part of the exposure, a hallmark-certified blockchain expertise certificate is provided.
  • Monthly Boot camp sessions typically provide for sharpening your skills with the help of industry experts.
  • Hands-on training for nearly 12 projects including different structures on Bitcoin, Ethereum, multichain, and hyperlink.

Course Duration

  • 32 hours of instruction apart from boot camp sessions, Orientation sessions and internship training are also available.

Certification and Course fee

After the successful completion of the course, we get a hallmarked certification which has a global acclamation and the course fee ranged from Rs. 20,250 to Rs.22,500 according to the mode of learning.

Other Similar Courses

From these many above factors, Henry Harvin’s blockchain course in Bangalore has many advantages in many dimensions, and also your investments will not be in a vain.

Also after completing a basic course you can enroll in advanced learning. Since this blockchain course has a huge demand seats will be filled fast.

Henry Harvin Student Reviews

The faculty is excellent. I hope they are a little more punctual with the classes. Apart from that, the teaching style is placid and easy to understand

Trainer Study Method is Awesome. Clear doubt on the spot and give complete information about the course. Provide Proper support with Henry Harvin Faculty.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Training and guidance given by trainer is very valuable. knowledge and expertise of trainer was very good. i appreciate our trainer for the wonderful session and knowledge he has imparted to us.

2. E-commerce Consultants: Blockchain Course in Bangalore

Contact No: +91 9315554601 

Also known as the EC Council is an international council that majorly focuses on providing training on information security, educational solutions, and assurance of information.


Their certifications in the blockchain courses in Bangalore are globally Industrial recognized. They are providing services for more than 100 countries including many professional students and industry professionals.

Apart from their global acceptance, their content quality and services stand out. EC council also provides both self-paced and online training which makes it another important institute for blockchain courses in Bangalore.

Highlights of Blockchain course

  • The curriculum is designed in a way that stack developers will get knowledge ranging from basic to advanced. That help in understanding blockchain technology completely.
  • Focuses on advanced technological applications and where to incorporate those algorithms in the real-world scenario.
  • Mostly the learning aspects will be on the technology and what the future of this technology will be.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is instructed in such a way that all the characteristics related to that technology will be covered.
  • Training blockchain technology in deep and cryptocurrency mining is also an added advantage.

Duration of blockchain courses

  • Instructor mode course – one year  
  • Online learning mode- One year

Certification and course fee

The international council approved certification and the fee of both modes is more than    Rs.54000 plus taxes.

This makes it convenient due to the high fee structure for a normal person to learn Blockchain courses in Bangalore at EC academy.

Address: 6-3-883/4/2, Panjagutta Hyderabad, Hyderabad TG 500082

Location: Hyderabad

Website Link:

3. Blockchain Council: Blockchain Courses in Bangalore

Contact No: +1-(323) 984-8594

This council is mostly providing Blockchain certification courses. These blockchain courses in Bangalore will help you to achieve advanced knowledge in this blockchain field according to the current technology.

Blockchain Council

In addition Blockchain council, is an authorized group of highly skilled professionals and trending enthusiasts. The authority helps to promote, research, innovation, case studies, and knowledge-based training for improving blockchain knowledge in our society.

Hence if your concern is basically about advanced training in blockchain technology, Blockchain council is a good choice for blockchain courses in Bangalore.

Highlights of the Blockchain course

  • The Blockchain Council course is designed in such a way that first, the concept has to be cleared. After the conceptual learning, the syllabus will take a deep delve into advancements in blockchain technology.
  • Complete training on the platforms such as CordaR3, IPFS, Hyperledger, and Ethereum.
  • Spontaneous training on fabric platforms of hyper ledger especially in deploying Ethereum contract. 
  • Deep understanding of R3 Corda.
  • After the completion, you can feel how a certified blockchain developer would be and the accessibility of blockchain content for a lifetime.

Duration of blockchain course

This course is basically a self-paced mode of more than 15 hours of learning. The exams will be conducted based on online platforms.

Certification and Course Fee

After successful completion, you will be certified as a Blockchain council’s blockchain developer. The fee structure is Rs. 17,999 and this is a fair range for a normal person.

Hence the blockchain courses in Bangalore provided by the Blockchain council are very much affordable and approachable in digital learning.  

Address: Blockchain Council, 340 S Lemon Ave #1147 Walnut, CA 91789

Location: California

Website Link:

4. EDUREKA’s : Blockchain Courses in Bangalore

Contact No: +91-80 4042 3754

Among all the blockchain courses in Bangalore Edureka gained much popularity among the experts and professionals of the blockchain industry with their preference for Edureka’s courses.


Their curriculum also maps from concept clarity to the familiarization of blockchain technology. Their content also has these platforms in blockchain technology such as 

Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

Highlights of Blockchain course

  • The courseware is structured by experts in the blockchain industry. They designed this course in such a way the standard of current situations is met. 
  • The best side is the experts who design the syllabus will be training you if you enroll here.
  • They provide a real-time platform to perform the training of the concepts we learned and the contents to analyze our knowledge.
  • Learning modes are both instruction mode and hands-on experience basis.
  • Simulation-based on working models, evolutions, and properties of different relevant algorithms available.

Course Duration

 Edureka’s blockchain course basically enrolls in a batch-wise manner, where each  will be up to six weeks.

Certifications and Course Fees

Edureka certified completion certificate on blockchain developer will be provided since the name has great acceptance among the industrial groups.

The course fee is Rs. 17,995 which is quite affordable and can be considered for a budget-oriented certification.

If you are looking for a job based on blockchain technology in industries  Edureka’s Blockchain courses in Bangalore will be a great choice.

OUTER RING ROAD, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka, 560048

Location: Bengaluru

Website Link:

5. CYBERBAHN Federal solutions: Blockchain Courses in Bangalore

Contact No: +1 443-817-0817

One of the revolutionary firms where a small collective group of women is running it as a benchmark for information technology. They are providing management consultancy services to government contracts and also they cater their services commercially to clients.

CYBERBAHN Federal solutions

For improving performance by keeping cost reduction in mind, they will assist the c clients to rectify their complex algorithms eventually increasing efficiency.

Not only with the business solutions, but they are also providing courses in blockchain development, mastering blockchain, and professional and master tester, framework works of bitcoin.  If someone like us is looking for blockchain courses in Bangalore, without a doubt they can prefer CYBERBAHN. 

Highlights of CYBERBAHN

  • They provide the fundamental understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain algorithms which is very much needed.
  • Hands-on training on the foundation aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain is delivered.
  • Projects for gaining knowledge and understanding complex designs.
  • Instructor assistance for a few days is also provided.

Duration of Blockchain course

The course duration varies from 24 hours to 4 days. This variation is applicable to the course combinations we choose.

Certifications and course fees

The blockchain courses in Bangalore provided by CYBERBAHN will provide you with a blockchain developer and blockchain master according to your preference.

The fee structure ranges from Rs.20,152 to Rs.25,191.

If you are running short of time and busy with your work-life balance, blockchain courses in Bangalore the developer course in CYBERBAHN is just a training of 8 hours. And a master’s course duration is less than a week time for you.


Location: Madurai

Website Link:

6. Great Learning Courses: Blockchain Courses in Bangalore

Contact No: +91 8448092400

Great learning is one of the best and most affordable digital platforms for learning blockchain courses in Bangalore. Not only for blockchain courses, preferably many information technology-related and cloud-based courses are available under their bucket.


Blockchain courses in Great learning are designed at an advanced level, so the certification is basically an advanced certification. Their certification is approved by the Indian Institute Of Technology Madras.

Highlights of Great Learning

  • Recognized by one of the prestigious institutions in India, their technological approach will be the most updated one.
  • Since an advanced certification, it is basically useful for a person who is experienced in a particular field for a few years.
  • Proper Mentoring and assistance interaction have been given to candidates who are successfully enrolled on a weekend basis.
  • The curriculum is designed in the dimension of industrial perspective which makes it approachable for experienced candidates. 
  • Training during the course is purely based on Hands-on experience.
  • Placement assistance is given to the candidate after the successful completion of the course.
  • As great learning has the syllabus based on industries, customized job placement will be given. 

Course Duration

The certification in Advanced Blockchain has a learning period of 10 months and those classes are mostly online mode.

Certification and course fee

The course fee varies according to the level of learning




Each level has a different structure you can choose accordingly.

The certification as earlier mentioned is approved by IIT Madras.

The Great Learning platform has some short-duration courses also but achieving an advanced certification is best for your career switch to blockchain courses in Bangalore.

Address:  Orchid Centre, 2nd Floor, Golf Course Rd, Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Location: Gurugram

Website Link:

7. INTELLIPAAT: Blockchain Courses in Bangalore

Contact No: +91 70223 74614

Another good option for blockchain courses in Bangalore is INTELLIPAAT’S blockchain courses. Their courses can drive your career growth and increase your skill.

INTELLIPAAT: Blockchain Courses

Surprisingly INTELLIPAAT has a humungous number of learners more than about 1 million students. Basically, they are degree course providers. They provide two modes of learning self-paced and online instructing mode as other institutions do. Without a doubt, INTELLIPAAT has large subscribers which can eventually lead to an attraction for blockchain courses in Bangalore.

Highlights of INTELLIPAAT

  • Instructors for online learning are globally acclaimed to be expertise in the field.
  • One-to-one interaction with mentors is a bonus for the students who are enrolled for clearing their doubts.
  • They have an immense partnership with more than 450 worldwide companies.
  • The courses have collaborated with good universities and companies around the globe.
  • A handful of placement assistance is provided.

Duration of blockchain courses

  • The timeline of the course is distinguished into two segments, firstly more than 25 hours of live online training and secondly more than 26 hours of recorded videos. 

Certification and course fee

Intellipaat certified Blockchain certified course which is globally acclaimed and the fee range for self-paced training is Rs.12,027 and live online training is Rs.19,038. The fee structure is quite affordable for a normal middle-class candidate to upskill.

Address: 1219 E. Hillsdale Blvd. Suite 205, Foster City, CA 94404

Location: USA

Website Link:

8. CCC: Blockchain Courses in Bangalore

Contact No: +1 (650) 798-5160

 Cloud Credential Council is an agency neutrally designed for enhancing information technology and financial services including business solutions. This council provides courses and certifications in nearly 80 countries. 

cloud credential council

These certifications are recognized by federal systems and also by multinational companies. Formal certifications are their priority and they mostly provide certifications to enhance the skill of business people and industrial employees.

Highlights of Blockchain courses

  • If you are not satisfied with the course for a few percentages, you are perfectly liable to get a cashback guaranteed.
  • They are also providing self-paced and online access modes of learning.
  • After upgrading your skills your certification of completion is accepted globally.
  • Their curriculum is incorporated with updated concepts and platforms.
  • Once you are certified, your skills are developed to be industry oriented.
  • Their courses are basically designed to be foundation courses.

Duration of the course

Since it is a foundation course, the basic learning hours are up to 16. 

Certification and Course fee

The foundation certification of the Cloud credential council is mostly recognized by major industries. The fee structure is about Rs.27,900, since formulated in dollars it will change according to inflation and deflation.

The fee range for a foundation course is a bit higher compared to other academies. But if you are looking for an industry-specified blockchain course in Bangalore  Cloud credential council is a fair option.

9. IIIT.B: Blockchain Courses in Bangalore

Contact No: +1 (650) 798-5160

Indian Institute of Information Technology Bangalore does not need an introduction to how the institute will be. It is one of the best offline options we have for blockchain courses in Bangalore.

IIIT Bangalore

We can enroll in top-notch information technology courses with cutting-edge technology and updated content for learning. They are providing courses for the need for employment in industries and their advancements.

The federal system and central organization are recruiting candidates primarily from IIIT.B. Since they have a well-versed academic design from the past many years so adapting to new trends is easy.

Highlights of IIT.B 

  • Live lecturing and also online interactive sessions are available in IIIT.B
  • One to One mentoring session for improving the quality of learning and experience.
  • Exclusive Job opportunities around the globe since it’s a central government-certified course.
  • Lifetime alumni association membership in IIIT.B Academy.
  • Keep the students updated and quality-based learning to improve the student status.
  • Their courses specifically focused on Blockchain technology only.

Duration of the course

The blockchain course in Bangalore IIIT.B is nearly a semi-diploma program which is about more than 12 months.

Certification and course fee

Thus it is an executive program provided by a central authority it has high transparency among most companies. The fee amount is about Rs. 2,49,000 which is basically an executive certification.

If you are looking for a perfectly mastered course for blockchain course in Bangalore  Indian Institute of Information Technology is the best option. But not convenient for a short-term study.

10. TalentSpirit: Blockchain Courses in Bangalore

Contact No: +040-67663535

NSE TalentSpirit is a group of companies that have the determination of training the young generation who are interested in informational and business strategies.


Combining advanced technology and a skilled platform for training along with highly experienced instructors is an added advantage while studying at NSE TalentSpirit academy.

Their course design is especially a combined mode of offline and online instructional modes.

Highlights of NSE

  • Format of learning is a better suit for blockchain technology learning.
  • They have a perfect group of instructors with updated content and the design of the curriculum.
  • The certification is in advanced blockchain technology and it is approved by the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.
  • They basically focused on providing hands-on experience in industrial projects and were involved in a lot of hackathon seminars.
  • After completing the course we will be able to become an expert in blockchain technology.
  • They are equipped with well-efficient faculty in the country.
  • The best candidates can be availed of some conditions and scholarships.

Duration of the course

The course is basically an executive certification which will be around six months of exclusive learning and training.

Certification and course fee

Candidates are categorized into local and international where the certification is provided after successful completion of the course.

The fee structure is Rs. 1,40,000 for Indian students and for international students it is Rs. 1,75.000.

Some eligible international students can avail of scholarships.

Since these NSE courses for Blockchain in Bangalore are a bit high due to the advanced level of certification, you can choose according to your convenience.

Address: Plot No. 2, 2nd Floor, Kapil Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034

Location: Pitampura,

Website Link:


Blockchain Technology is a well-advanced course that is relevant to technology in the current financial scenario. Many young minds are rushing to do the course, so find the course which is customized for your work-life balance and choose specifically.

This technology is highly in demand for job opportunities and also to gain knowledge in cryptocurrency. If you are choosing the course keep strict notice on what you have to do and which certification you prefer. Your passion obviously paves the way to get expertise in this cutting-edge technology.

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Ques 1. How does blockchain technology work?

Ans. Financial tracking records, digitally storing the data in one set of blocks in some platforms using different algorithms which eventually generated a secret key and every block has a pre-hash that connects all your transactions.


Ques 2. Is there any eligibility for learning Block chain technology?

Ans. No, the only concern will be you must be familiar with some programming skills and basic operation of the computer technology. Ultimately passion is the key-driven factor.


Ques 3. What is the career opportunity we get after learning Blockchain technology?

Ans. UX designer, Blockchain developer, Project manager, Blockchain Quality Engineers, application developer, and legal consultants. For these above roles, we have to choose to learn the course accordingly to your taste and flexibility.


Ques 4.  Is Blockchain a worthwhile course in getting jobs?

Ans. Absolutely yes! There are tremendous openings and a huge rise of more than 500% of opportunities each year exposed from a lot of MNCs.


Ques 5. Which academy is good for learning Blockchain fundamentals?

Ans. Henry Harvin ranks top among other institutes according to the flexibility and modes of learning. They also provide a postgraduate diploma in Blockchain Courses in Bangalore.

Post Graduate Program in blockchain by Henry Harvin®

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

View Course


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