The medical coding courses is one of the best courses in the paramedical field. Are you thinking of starting your career as a medical coder? A medical coder helps to store all the information of the patients using universal medical alphanumerical codes. After analyzing the medical reports, the medical coder performs his duties of assigning the codes. Day by day, the work in the healthcare sector is getting digitalized. Using technology and with the best coder, the work is getting easier.

But do you want to know how to become a medical coder? Many medical coding courses in Gurgaon provide the best course curriculum. So check out the blog to know Gurgaon’s top medical coding courses.

1. Henry Harvin – Top Medical Coding Courses in Gurgaon


Henry Harvin Contact No:- +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp With Henry Harvin  Henry Harvin Online Classes

Henry Harvin is the best medical coding course provider with AAPC and UKCertifications recognized. It also comes under the top institute that provides upskilling courses in India. Institute provides more than 7000+classes per month. Henry Harvin ranks at the top under the news media and Google rating.

Why should you choose Henry Harvin?

Institute provides the option of nine-in-one training. Candidates can avail the benefits by enrolling in the medical coding course. The different benefits provided by the institute are:

  • Training– The course consists of ninety hours of two-way online interactive sessions. Institutes also give the option of self-based learning to medical coders.
  • Projects– Different projects related to medical codings like HCPS, CPT, etc.
  • Internship– Internship opportunity to get exposure to the practical field of medical coding.
  • Certification– Completion certificates for every medical coder.
  • Placement– 100%guarantee placement assistance to every student after completing the course.
  • E-Learning– Students can learn the concepts in their free time by logging into the LMS portal. All the resource material taught by the trainer is uploaded to the LMS portal.
  • Masterclass– Enhance the skill by getting access to 52+master classes.
  • Hackathons– Participate in Henry Harvin competitions by #AskHenry.
  • Membership-Take the benefits of gold membership and watch the lectures for one year.

Medical Coding Courses Details

  • There are twenty-six modules in the medical coding course.
  • The duration of the course as per the institute is ninety hours.
  • The course fee for the medical coding is INR 44,500/-.

Henry Harvin Medical Coding Course Fees Structure:-

Henry Harvin® Medical Coding Course Ranks #1 in India by The Economic TimesNews18

Indian Cities Henry Harvin provides Medical Coding Courses physically

Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Online, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh

Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:


2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best institutes to provide medical coding courses at an affordable price. There are different topics related to medical coding available on the website. Udemy gives the option of self-paced learning with affordable fees. Some of the top medical coding course topics are

  • understanding the medical coding CPS,
  • diagnosis evolution, and
  • approach to learning billing and coding.
  • The fee for the course as per Udemy starts from INR 449/-

Why should you choose Udemy?(Best Medical Coding Courses)

  • Udemy is the best platform as it provides the option of self-paced learning. There are many chances you do not get the time to attend the live lectures. Or maybe you are stuck in healthcare-related work.
  • You can get courses related to the particular course with different topics. Students can choose the topics in which they lack knowledge.
  • The trainers are highly industrial experts who teach students the best course materials. Even they clarify the doubts of the students by replying to the query box.
  • There are different levels available in the course structure. The fee structure depends on the levels and the course chosen by the student.

3. AAPC – Medical Coding Institute in Gurgaon

Contact No:- 0-626-2633

AAPC is one of the largest education providers for medical coders. It provides the best training and certifications to medical coders.AAPC comprises different training courses for students with special offers.CPC training is one of them where the course is provided in physical mode. Other advanced certification courses are available to the students after completing the introductory courses.

You can enroll in the CPC training course.

Medical Coding Courses details:

  • CPT,
  • HCPS Level-II, and
  • ICD-10 Ce.

4. Elate Academy – Medical Coding Training in Gurgaon

Contact No:- 85068 03446

Elate academy is the best medical coding training that teaches medical coding fundamentals. The online academy brings confidence to every student with its best course module. They get a free externship and one more training after the course completion. Elate academy is AAPC approved institute in India. The online training provides the best

  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • interactive lectures, and
  • discounted lectures.

The institute provides many medical training courses with the best placement options.

5. Academy of Medical Coders India – Medical Coding Classes in Gurgaon

Contact No- 85878 38177

AMCI provides many programs under IGMPI. The institute offers many courses under PG diploma programs.AMCI gives the option of paying fees in installments. There are different professionals available in the institute. The institute provides different skill-based courses.AMCI gives the option of both regular and online modes. Courses are approved by the Quality Council of India, Government of India. Various courses are available, like post-graduate in medical coding. Faculties available are from different backgrounds.

6. AOP Training Institute – Medical Coding Academy in Gurgaon

Contact No:- 90333 05099

AOP training institute uses the art of promotion and various techniques for teaching medical coding. There are reputed trainers who guide the students in the best possible way. Many placement opportunities are provided to the students as AOP ties up with the top healthcare industry. You can become a health expert by taking the medical coding course offered by the institute. Medical coding helps students build careers in the most demandable fields. The course structure of the medical coding consists of different medical terms, pathology, basic pharmacology, anatomy, etc.

7. Xpert Healthcare Group –

Contact Number –  088260 37252

Xpert Healthcare Group is a one-stop destination for every medical coder. It is certified by the American Association of Professional Coders. The services provided by the institute are from top niches and help the healthcare industry to perform in a better manner. The medical coding course prepares a document for every patient.

8. Cigma Medical Coding Academy – 

Contact Number – 0484 402 0640

This institute is founded in the year 2014. The institute’s vision includes integrity, accountability, compassion, and teamwork. The medical coding course is one of the best courses the institute has provided for a long time. There are eight modules available in the medical coding course. The program provided is as per the AAPC criteria. The institute provides other programs like internships in medical coding. According to the norms of the institute, the candidate needs to take training programs first, and then mocks and preparation for exams are conducted by the institute.

9. Magnet Medical Coding Solutions –

Contact Number – 095406 00910

Magnet Medical Coding Solutions is the best medical coding provider for all new birds. The constant efforts and dedication since 2014 institute overgrow in the medical coding course field. According to the course description of the institute, there are three main coding books. The course’s objectives include different practical applications of operative coding reports and studying all the coding guidelines with different procedures.

10. Odyssey Informatics –

Contact Number – 09818174285

 Odyssey Informatics is one of the best institutes to provide higher growth to every medical professional. The institute gives the professional the to choose either classroom or online training. The duration of the CPC exam training is three months. The fee for the online sessions is INR 30,000/-.Institute provides both US and American training.


Firstly the above blog consists of top medical coding courses in Gurgaon. Secondly, if you want to choose the best institute for learning medical coding. Make sure you get all the benefits, and it fulfills all your requirements. Thirdly the medical coding course is in great demand in the healthcare sector. To become a medical coder, you must first take proper training at the best institute. Hope this blog gives clarity with the names of different institutes providing medical coding courses in Gurgaon.

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Ques1: What is the fee structure for the medical coding course in Gurgaon?
Ans: Every institute provides medical coding courses in different modes. Some provide online training; some give the option of taking regular classroom sessions. But the average fee structure for the medical coding course starts from INR 20,000/-

Ques2: Can I learn medical coding course on my own?
Ans: You can learn the medical coding course independently, but it requires some study materials. You can get the reference books, or you need to buy the lectures. To become a medical coder, you need to get the certificates and apply in different healthcare industries.

Ques3: What is the salary of a medical coder?
Ans:According to the data, the starting salary of a medical coder starts from INR 12,500 per month.

Ques4: What is the step followed by the institute to become a medical coder?
Ans: To become a medical coder, you need to follow specific steps:

  1. Become a graduate/postgraduate in any health-sector-related field.
  2. Choose the best institute and take the training programs related to the medical coding field.
  3. After completing the training programs, apply for the medical coding exams.
  4. Passing the exam will help to get the certificate and help in the career field.

Ques5: What is the duration of the medical coding course in Gurgaon?
Ans: Medical coding doesn’t require investing two years or applying for a college program. It is a short-term duration program that ranges from three to six months.

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  1. The program offers comprehensive knowledge and practical skills essential for a career in healthcare. The dedicated faculty and modern facilities make learning enjoyable. I’m confident this course will prepare me for a successful future in the medical coding field.

  2. The comprehensive curriculum and dedicated instructors have provided me with valuable insights into the world of medical coding. This experience has been both enriching and inspiring, equipping me for a successful future in the healthcare industry.

  3. sakshi gupta Reply

    The reputation of the institutions offering these courses is impressive, and I believe this program aligns perfectly with my career goals. I look forward to gaining valuable knowledge and skills in medical coding

  4. The comprehensive curriculum and skilled instructors have empowered me to excel in this field. The hands-on training and support have been invaluable in shaping my future as a successful medical coder.

  5. Sita Udhwani Reply

    The provision of specific information in this post makes me happy.Thanks to the HENRY HARVIN institute, me had a great time learning about the coding classes in Gurgaon dat cover all the course information.

  6. Gurgaon me was looking for medical coding classes in my city, and I’m glad to have found the list online. Although I’ve read many blogs, I’ve noticed that every institution provides training of a similar talented with comparable advantages. However, I am able to see sincere explanations of each offer institute.

  7. Your offering of some unique information in this post makes me glad. Thanks to the HENRY HARVIN blog, I had a great time learning about the medical coding courses in Gurgaon dat include all the course information.

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    me am from Gurgaon and looking out for medical coding courses in Gurgaon, me am glad dat me found the list online. me has been through multiple blogs but me see every institute offer similar kinds of training wif the same benefits. But me can see genuine explanations about each offer institute.

  9. After reading this blog I contacted Henry Harvin to enroll n medical coding courses in Gurgaon. the institute is very near to my place and they informed me that they are offering both online and offline sessions you can choose any of the modes as per your requirement. you can also go self-paced if you are unable to attend sessions on the given batch timing. I have enrolled in an online session.

  10. You make me happy for sharing , in this post some special information.thanks and I really enjoyed learning about the coding classes Gurgaon which covers all the information of the courses and thanks to HENRY HARVIN institute.

  11. Very best details of the medical coding courses information is here and so quality content I’ve learnt so much, and my confidence as a writer has grown and grown. I’m so excited about my future in medical writing.

  12. The institute of the HENRY HARVIN is very diffrent from others and the courses strcuture t have is so good like of medical coding services courses and It is an incredibly supportive, helpful, and diverse group of professionals with a passion for health literacy.

  13. The content of the blog is so informative which supports all kind of queris in course and the HENRY HARVIN institute have all the courses I will be able to overcome any challenge that comes my way medical coding interview questions.

  14. I strongly advise anyone looking for a career in to take advantage of this best coding institute in Gurgaon medical coding interview questions and answers for freshers pdf because it will provide you with everything you need to succeed in life.

  15. I really enjoyed this coding center. It is highly recommended for all those who want to write articles, present grants, clarify doubts about the researcher’s career and learn all this from experts. I really enjoyed this medical coding course fees during my internship.

  16. I have completed my medical coding trancing institute, and I am really happy to study there. The team is very kind and patient, and they make sure that you understand the material before moving on to the next topic. Thank You Henry Harvin Team!

  17. Medical Coding is a process that allows healthcare professionals to assign codes to medical procedures and diseases. Medical Coding classes in gurgaon is used in many different ways, including:

  18. The best coding classes are ones that medical coding courses are logically organized and thoroughly researched. That’s why I created The Best Coding Courses.

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  20. Hello, I have completed my medical coding course fees, and I am really happy to study there. I was very impressed with how patient and kind HENRY HARVIN is to clear my doubts. Thank You so much,

  21. The moment I entered the website, they took me into a world where everything was so organized and clean. The people there were so helpful, kind and friendly government approved medical coding course. They made me feel like home. This is the place where you can learn something new and become a better person in life too!

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  24. Yashit jain Reply

    The program is easy to understand and follow along HENRY HARVIN. The instructor walks you through each step of the process so that it is easy for anyone to understand diploma in medical coding. It was a great experience, and I think it helped me understand the strategic point of view.

  25. The best coding classes are ones that are logically organized and thoroughly researched. That’s why I created The Best Coding Courses. I really enjoyed learning about the coding classes Gurgaon difference between the Code and Protocol for coding as well as learning about the G-codes that are critical for every medical assistant.

  26. Medical Coding is a critical medical coding interview question, because it demonstrates your ability to think critically and analyze data magnet medical coding solutions. It’s also a good way to show off your problem-solving skills, so make sure you can come up with a plan on how to code accurately.

  27. The coding management course gave the skills and confidence necessary for my employer to recognize that I was ready to step up to management level.

  28. I would like to thank everyone at the HENRY HARVIN Institute, for their support throughout my studies in medical coding. I found the course very relevant and it has certainly broadened my ability to improve my performance in my current position.

  29. I would like to say thank you to all your staff coding classes. Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure learning with medical training is good course and valuable this course.

  30. The quality of the medical coding course in Gurgaon material was excellent and easy to follow. The are knowledgeable, approachable and genuinely interested in each student’s education. Response from best institute was immediate and helpful.

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