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This post will explore the nature of Financial Modeling, how it might benefit your career, and the best Financial Modeling courses online. Originally devised in the late 1970s by Dan Bricklin, the Financial Modeling spreadsheet allows firms to calculate ‘what if’ circumstances and, thus, a better notion of whether the results will be lucrative. The definition of financial modeling is crucially important to both private firms and governments. A spreadsheet decision-making tool provides a report of an organization’s revenues and expenses, which is then used to forecast the outcomes of strategic decisions or events.

What is Financial Modeling

Financial modeling is basic fundamental expertise or proficiency required and nowadays being compulsory for any person who would want to build a profession in Finance.


 It is very crucial if anybody wants to venture out creating their enterprise and also very helpful for any sales/marketing specialist as it’s very useful in seeking for projects establishing Payback or utility of campaigns etc.

Financial modeling depends on financial forecasts i.e it takes a forecast’s expectations and portrays them out using enterprise’s financial statements to display or demonstrate how those statements or reports or declarations may appear shortly. As these models are created from financial data hence they frequently produce results on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

The various Financial Modeling Courses online are listed down as follows :

1. Henry Harvin : Best Financial Modelling Course Online

Financial Modeling Course Offered In Henry Harvin :

The Financial Modeling Course offered by Henry Harvin’s Finance Academy Online is a 9-in-1 Course that presents the following salient features and benefits :

  • Training: 40 Hours of Live Online Collaborative and co-operative Classroom Sessions with live interactions with candidates
  • Projects: Provision to take up projects in Escalation Resource Management, Benefits realization, Stakeholder Management, and more; provision to undergo various Hands-on projects for practical learning of the course
  • Internship: Internship Support to achieve practical experience of the various online learnings
  • Certification: Differentiate your profile with the global credential of the Certified Financial Modelling Professional Course and display your knowledge by using the Hallmark of CFMP next to your name
  • Placement: 100% Placement Guarantee Support for 1-Year after completing the course
  • E-Learning Access with ample Tools and Techniques, video subjects, evaluations, and more
  • Bootcamps: Regular Bootcamps scattered over the next 12 Months
  • Hackathons: Free Entry to #AskHenry Hackathons and Contests
  • Membership: Get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Finance Academy for the Certified Financial Modelling Professional Course.

Course Particulars of Financial Modeling Course

The entire course structure can be considered of having 6 modules or let us call them as 6 units, 2 Case Studies, and 2 complimentary modules or Units.

1. Tips on Microsoft Excel, its shortcuts, usages

The 1st Module or Unit deals with the various usages, tips, and tricks to use MS Excel.

The various topics and sub-topics this would deal with would be knowing and establishing a Template on a Financial Model, data structuring work i.e structuring data and creating summaries, and providing in a presentable format. Also, we can do format changes on the imported file by converting text to columns, transforming data in tabular format, extracting required information from data doing left & trim calculations; Recapitulate the sum of sales with Pivot Tables, finding out high-ranking profit sales using conditional structuring.

2. Statement on Financial Report and Analysis on Ratios

The 2nd module or Unit deals with the various features related to the Financial statement like -giving a brief tour and introducing what a financial statement is, the overall mechanics of financial reporting, decoding, and more knowledge about the Income statement, Balance sheet, and Cash Flow statement, techniques involving financial analysis, inventories and long-lived assets, peer to peer analysis and preparation of financial Analysis report of industry.

3. more about Financial Management and Corporate Finance in overall

The 3rd module or Unit deals with the various factors like – the value of time and money, financing done on a long-term basis, details on the cost of capital, and measure of influence.        

4. Project on Financial Modeling

The 4th Module or unit deals with details about project financial modelling which involves – a detailed outline of why do we need project evaluations, the different stages of a project, know-how on phases involving Construction & development, more particulars on funding & costs during the investment phase, more on the life of a project, taking decisions cash flow waterfall and determining circular reference.

5.  Modeling on Equity Research

The 5th Module or Unit deals with preparing a financial report or statement, to research and find out and predict more on revenue & costs & debts, deal with adjustments, computer margins, chalk out a presentation list, company overview, or sector overview.

6. Report writing on Financial Report & Statements

The 6th module or unit deals with preparing and finalizing a report based on financial modelling facts and providing an overview of different sectors like retail, IT, Telecom, Oil and Gas, etc.

The Financial Modeling course also deals with 2 case studies.

1st Case Study: deals with various factors and processes involved in modelling practice. These include a basic gathering of data and structuring it, apply checks or test the set of data and information, knowing the facts about a typical business model and operating model. Next involved modelling the various features or facets like – modelling about the historical statement, assumptions for future actions, modelling the Revenue and cost build-up, and asset schedule.

Other tasks also involve working capital and term loan modelling, tax modelling and equity modelling, retained earning schedule modelling, etc.

2nd Case Study:  It deals with information collected from various public sources, knowing the details or particulars of the business profile of a company, modelling income statements, modelling statements, costs, and drivers, balance sheet predictions.

Complimentary unit 1: soft skills training and development on topics like business communication, preparing for an interview, and presentation skills.’

Complimentary Unit 2: Tips, tricks, and a general overview of good resume building technique

Henry Harvin Financial Modelling course fees:

Cities where Henry Harvin courses are provided:


Henry Harvin® Financial Modeling Course Ranks #1 in India by The Hans India

Henry Harvin Provide other courses:

2. Coursera : Best Financial Modelling Course Online

Coursera Inc. is a huge American Online Course provider which works with universities and other organizations to give online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects.

The Business and Financial Modeling specialization course From Wharton Online by Coursera :

The company Coursera offers a specialization course on Business and Financial Modeling from Wharton Online (University of Pennsylvania) which stands out as best overall because of the university’s overall exceptional reputation and the class’s expenditure, content, and self-paced format. The other positives are – having a low monthly fee, no earlier experience being needed, and a 7 day free trial period.

But the ‘Cons’ being that the Certificate on completion is issued by Coursera, not The Wharton School, and the course only starts on set dates, so one has to wait for the next admission period. Another disadvantage is all of the course contents are pre-recorded, so there is no way to communicate with instructors if one needs customized assistance.

On completion of this course, the financial skills one can gain are – knowledge of summary statistics, Financial Modeling, diversification in finance, and knowledge in Investment.

The access to the lectures in this course depends on the type of enrolment one does. If someone takes a course in Audit mode, then most of the course particulars are free. But if one needs to complete graded assignments to earn a certificate then one has to buy the certificate.

Here, Henry Harvin scores over the above course, since HHE (Henry Harvin Education) gives a lot of flexibility to its candidates as every week a new batch starts and one can take unlimited sessions from different trainers and live classes with a hands-on approach with assignments are the key highlights and these immensely benefit the candidates.

3. Udemy : Best Financial Modelling Course Online


Udemy is an American huge open online course provider aiming at professional adults and students.

Udemy offers a couple of courses in Financial Modeling from beginners to Advanced Level which are :

  • Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners
  • Financial Modeling methods & practices for professionals like Business Analysts and Consultants
  • Financial Modeling practices especially for Startups and Small Businesses
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation concepts for Beginner to Pro in Excel
  • Financial modeling methods related to Project Finance & Infrastructure sectors
  • Financial modeling practices for Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind sector
  • Financial Modelling basics in detail from the beginning using Microsoft Excel
  • Financial Modeling & Fundamental Analysis
  • Project Finance Modeling for Renewable Energy
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling methods and practices – The Complete Guide

Out of the above ones for trainees, beginners and novices 2 courses would be great to start which are – Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners and Financial Modelling from Scratch using Microsoft Excel. Once a person gains fundamental knowledge and understanding the remaining courses would be easy to comprehend.

Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners course

It deals with teaching the below given fundamental facts –

  • Knowing the basics and concepts of financial modelling using Excel
  • Comprehend the financial modelling process
  • Being capable to build the first financial forecast model using Excel
  • Being capable to build the first financial reporting model using Excel
  • To be capable to build one’s first financial decision-making model using Excel
  • Be skilful concepts of financial model design
  • Knowing core concepts in finance

The Requirements for doing this course – Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer

Course Fees: Rs. 490/-

The  course particulars are :

  • 6 hours of on-demand video
  • 3 articles in overall
  • 18 resources in downloadable format
  • Full lifetime access in overall
  • Access provided in mobile and TV formats also
  • Provides Certificate on completion

The Course on Financial Modelling from Scratch using Microsoft Excel deals with teaching the below facts –

  • Study the structure of a basic financial model
  • To create a financial model from scratch
  • Gain know-how about building Profit and Loss statement
  • Gain basic knowledge about building Balance Sheet
  • Study and know basics about building Cash Flow Statements
  • Opportunity to Add Financial Modelling skill to your CV/ Resume

Course Fees: Rs. 504/-

The  course particulars are :

  • 2 hours of video in an on-demand format
  • 1 resource in downloadable format
  • Full lifetime access provided
  • Access also provided in mobile and TV format
  • Provided Certificate of completion

4. Wall Street Prep Basic Course : Best Financial Modelling Course Online

WallStreet Prep Institute focuses mainly on financial statement modeling.

This is a condensed version of its higher premium package which focuses solely on preparing financial statement modelling where the trainees would be learning the best practices used in financial modelling and then creating a building a complete financial statement model in the best possible manner.

This course has the below-given highlights and the specialities –

  • Deals with developing 3 statement model completely from scratch by giving inputs of historical data and assumptions to display financial statements using step-by-step guidelines on selecting, locating, and developing proper projection drivers.
    • Learning basic concepts for building a strong conceptual foundation for other main modeling methodologies as included in their flagship program of ‘financial and valuation modeling
    • In-built, Self-Paced and All-inclusive is the Wall Street Prep’s Basic Self Study Program in which one should expect to spend approximately 20-30 hours to complete it.
    • The program deals with online video lessons, Excel model templates, and various financial filings to teach students how to create, analyze, and understand financial models in a step-by-step fashion at their own pace.
    • Practical World “On the Job” Investment Banking Training is provided in which the Basic Package links the gap between academics and the real world to arm students with the practical financial proficiency and other required skills that they will need on the job.

Prerequisites of the Course :

The program needs basic introductory knowledge of accounting (e.g. interaction of balance sheet, cash flow, and income statement) and expertise in Excel. Students with no earlier background in Accounting should enroll in the Accounting Crash Course. Students with limited experience using Excel can enroll in the Excel Crash Course.

5. Wall Street Prep Premium Course : Best Financial Modelling Course Online

This is the premium version of the WallStreet Prep basic course of Financial Modeling and this premium course deals with teaching the core financial and valuation modeling skill set for students and professionals.

This is the premium version of the above-mentioned basic course and this premium course deals with teaching the core financial and valuation modeling skill set for students and professionals who are chasing a career in fields of investment banking, private equity, corporate finance, or equity research.

Students on completion of the course will get a chance to create financial models in Excel from scratch using actual case studies and best practices as followed in the industry. They will chance to Learn in-depth concepts in the areas of financial statement modeling, DCF, Comps, M&A, and LBO modeling.

6. Learn at Forbes

This course from Forbes is an introductory course which is relatively cheaper and has the following features –

  • 14-day free trial period to take up the course
    • Flexibility to choose between a constant fee or a monthly subscription to continuity of the course access
    • Contains highly beginner-friendly materials for the study

Some drawbacks of this course are also there which are –

  • No issuance of certificate on completion
    • Only 1.5 hours of the course content which is relatively much less and not
    • The course particulars are not recognized by major companies hence this seems to be lesser credible than other similar courses
    • Since the course is of very short duration hence it may not boost one’s resume.

Nevertheless, this course can be extremely helpful for people who are completely new to this field and this subject area and who want just a basic introductory course without having to spend a huge amount.

7. LinkedIn Learning: Course on “Financial Modeling Beginners Foundations”

This course helps to teach the candidates how to create financial models which can be used in fields of corporate finance, banking in investment sectors or investment banking, commercial banking, and the field of portfolio management. By filtering out key major information concerning cash flows and risks, this financial modelling course might help the decision-making people to make proper choices depending on data analytics.

Key Skills covered in this course – Corporate Finance, Microsoft Excel, and Financial Modeling

The Key Topics covered in this beginners course are :

  1. Utilizing MS Excel for tasks in financial modelling –  this will cover the topic of how to build financial models for corporate finance investments usage and also in banking. It will also cover how to predict financial forecasts in a model to know how a company can look in near future. Also will come to know that how we can estimate or assess the financial models to answer important questions for the company.

  • Basics in financial Modeling – this unit will cover the fundamental core concepts like what exactly is a financial model and why is it so important, different business queries related to financial modelling, data & information for a model, the different sources of data

  • More knowledge in corporate financial modelling using the 3-statement financial model  – this unit will cover, foundations or key concepts of the model, connecting financial statements or reports, more understanding on the 3-statement financial model, setting up source parameters, dealing with expectations & forecasting in financial model and improving model quality.

  • Determining the corporate financial models using the 3-statement financial model – this module or unit gives us more knowledge about strategies related to financial modelling, sensitivity analysis about financial models, and adding visual parameters or visual content for a financial model       

  • More about Investment Models like DCF Models – giving basic know-how about financial valuation models, the different cash flows and terminal values in a valuation model, and understanding a DCF Model or discounted cash flow model.

  • More about Banking Models  and Buyout models
  • How financial modelling is done across Industries
  • Creating and maintaining models

8. From Corporate Finance Institute: Course on “Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst”

The FMVA (Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst) program is designed and created to deliver the candidate with in-demand skills and knowledge that will help the candidate to outshine others in competition and become a confident financial analyst.

Why one should take up this FMVA course?

  • Improvement in our basic knowledge and skills which helps further in picking up advanced concepts easily
  • Study online at one’s speed and pace
  • Get certified in just a few months without any hassles
  • Opportunity to learn from industry experts
  • Reasonably priced course fees

The different topics one would learn are – financial Modeling, Finance, Excel, Valuation, Budgeting & Forecasting, Presentation & Visuals, Accounting, and Strategy

Course Fees: $497

Course Particulars :

The FMVA program is comprised of various steps and phases and the completion of each phase is a stepping stone for further advanced course details.

Step 1: Preparation courses to be thorough and complete with the fundamentals of – accounting concepts, Capital IQ fundamentals, basic knowledge of MS excel & spreadsheet formulas for finance, Introduction & Maths for corporate finance.

Step 2: Core CoursesThe Core or Main Courses are required to be done for laying a strong foundation in understanding Financial Modeling and valuation.

These main courses are –

  • Accounting Ideologies and Standards
  • Doing a study on Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Business Valuation Modeling Part 1
  • Business Valuation Modeling Part 2More information on Dashboards & Data Visualization techniques
  • Financial Analysis basics & Fundamentals
  • FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model
  • PowerPoint presentations & Pitchbooks
  • Professional Integrity & Ethics
  • Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis using Excel

Step 3: Elective Courses

A minimum of 3 electives have to be chosen to explore and find out more on advanced topics and specialized subjects

  • Course on Advanced Excel Formulas
  • Corporate & Business Strategy area
  • Excel VBA for Finance subject area
  • Leveraged Buyout LBO Modeling practices
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Modeling subject area
  • A type of Mining Financial Model & Valuation
  • Presentation of Financial Information facts
  • Financial Modeling in Real Estate
  • Solar Financial Modeling Course in Renewable Energy
  • Financial Model & Valuation Course for Startup / e-Commerce

Step 4: Taking the Final Exam  – After successful completion of all the required courses, the candidate has to take the FMVA® final exam (with a minimum passing grade of 70%) to earn our program certification.

Step 5: Getting FMVA® Certified

Upon fruitful completion of the program, the candidate will receive a blockchain digital certificate with the candidate’s new credentials. Also one can order a physical certificate to be mailed to one’s residence.

9. From Finocontrol: Course on “FMBV (Financial Modeling and Business Valuation) training program”

Finocontrol provides journals and newsletters to help people gain sufficient knowledge in finance and technology.

This course from Finocontrol is called a Certified Trainee in Financial Modelling and Business Valuation.

The course highlights and its particulars are –

  • Training schedule and proceedings as per corporate standards meeting the required guidelines
  • Lifetime access to all the recorded sessions conducted
  • Extensive & Comprehensive Content support Material
  • Live training and interaction with industry experts to clear all candidate’s doubts
  • Quizzes and Case Studies to be conducted for better understanding
  • Candidates can undergo a Virtual Live Project
  • Personalized career guidance & placement Advisory cum assistance
  • Helping to build candidate’s Resume and CV
  • Also, assistance is provided for overall Personality Development

The overall Training Outline can be categorized into 3 parts namely :

  1. Introduction to FMV & Scope of Services (6 Hrs)
  2. Basic, Intermediate level of Advance MS Excel and Powerpoint (6Hrs)
  3. Financial Statement, Analysis & Projections (10 Hrs)

On a more detailed level, the above 3 courses have been outlined more extensively as given below –

  1. Introduction to FMV & Scope of Services :
  2. Understanding Financial Statements
  3. Creating Financial Statements for a simple business
  4. Understanding the relationship between all the Financial Statements
  5. Importance of Valuation and Modelling
  6. Future Corporate & Business Exposure
  7. Introduction to 2 major methods of valuation – Intrinsic and Relative

  • Basic, Intermediate level of Advance MS Excel and Powerpoint
  • Excel for Finance
  • Hang on all Financial and Macro functions
  • Financial Analysis with MS Excel
  • Tricks, Strategies & Shortcuts – Excel
  • Investment decision making on excel – IRR, NPV, PBP
  • Preparing Brain-storming UI on PowerPoint presentation

  • Financial Statement, Analysis & Projections
  • Diving into the Income Statement
  • Diving into the Balance Sheet
  • Importance of a finely formatted model
  • Identifying model drivers & Assumptions
  • Financial Forecasting – filling in the missing pieces
  • How to error-proof your model – getting than the balance in check
  • Finalizing the model – let your model tell a story

Other Course Highlights from Finocontrol :

  • Overall 40-45 Hours of Training
    • Lifetime access to recorded sessions
    • Guaranteed Internship into Core Finance
    • Course Fees – Rs 9999/– slashed to Rs. 6999/-

10. Financial Modeling Course From IMS Pro School by IMS Initiative

The course of Financial Modeling (FM) from IMS Pro School is a core skill designed to understand better Financial Analysis and especially for anyone who does business, ranging from an industrialist or an equity analyst or an investment banker. The IMS Proschool’s Financial Modeling training has trained 6,000+ students by now. This course has helped many candidates ranging from BCom students, MBA graduates,  CFA® shareholders to skilled professionals.

The features of this course and its particulars are :

  • Combined certification from different institutions i.e NSE Academy, NSDC, and IMS Proschool
  • Training imparted by Industry experts
  • Online study material being given 24×7 access
  • 70+ hrs of training program would be conducted
  • Live Projects to give you a realistic industrial experience

The various Study Options are –

  1. Classroom Program :
  2. Live Online Training
  3. Distance Learning

Financial Modeling course benefits by IMS ProSchool :

The Financial Modeling course by IMS ProSchool teaches us to work with past historical information of companies and analyses the company’s performance on basic financial constraints. This analysis is then utilized to build financial models which later plan the future financial performance of the project/companies and late help to make financial decisions like the sustainability of projects, valuation of companies. As Financial Modeling is a fundamental skill hence it can be applied in almost every area of finance which can be – Equity Research, Investment Banking, Project Finance, Credit Rating, Corporate Finance

Skills that you can acquire by completing this course :

  • Basic Conceptual Knowledge of Financial Statements; Financial Management and Ratio Analysis; Valuation Methods Practical Skills and working knowledge of Excel, Advance Excel, Financial Modeling, Report Writing, and Presentation skills
  • Functional Skills to further enhance Logical and Rational thinking – Critical Thinking, Analytical Skills, Decision Making

Why Financial Modeling from IMS Preschool?

The key benefits the institute offers as Faculty of Industry experts in their respective domains, updated syllabus designed keeping industry demands & its application, Flexible learning option as per student’s convenience and provision for online learning too. On completion, it gives Certifications by issuing joint certificates with NSE  Academy & NSDC – An initiative of Ministry of Skill Development, Govt of India. It also helps every student with 100% placement assistance.

Syllabus :

  • MS Excel proficiency in formatting and structuring of Excel Sheets and other topics like Advanced Modeling Techniques and Excel functional knowledge like Data Filter and Sort, Charts, and Graphs, Table formula and Scenario building, knowledge on Lookups, Vlookup & pivot tables
    • More detailed working knowledge in Financial Statement Analysis and Ratios like  Financial Reporting Mechanics, Understanding Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Financial Analysis Techniques, Inventories, Long-Lived Assets,e
    • Financial Management and Corporate Finance, Long term financing, Cost of capita
    • Project Finance Modeling basics like Why Project evaluations, Stages of project, Construction & development phase, & Costs Funding during investment phase, Life of project; decision making
    • Equity Research Modeling
    • Report Writing and Sector Overview
    •  Overview of diverse and various sectors such as retail, telecom, IT, Oil & Gas, etc.
    • Investment Banking – Merger and Acquisitions i.e Types of M&A: Merger, Acquisition, Consolidation, Spin-off, Drivers for M&A, Accounting for Mergers, Differentiate between financing and operating synergies, M&A Regulatory Environment, Developing M&A Models, Integration of Financial Statements
    • Advance Financial Modeling concepts dealing with a detailed course of industry models with video lectures on the following sectors -IT, Oil & Natural Gas, Automotives, Banking, Telecom, Solar Project Finance, also in Real Estate Project Finance and Transport service Project finance sectors too.

11. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

The Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) program offered by the Corporate Finance Institute is a comprehensive and in-depth examination of a few of the essential concepts and applications of the financial modeling course online. Beginning with optional preparation classes is a clear advantage of our program for full beginners.

The pertinent topics are corporate finance mathematics, accounting basics, Excel, and understanding financial statements. This choice is reassuring for new students considering enrolling in a course. In contrast, more advanced students can proceed directly to the core courses, such as the principles of financial analysis, forecasting and budgeting, and building a three-statement financial model.

In the third stage of the Financial Modeling course online, students are required to take at least three elective courses that are more specialized and include areas such as advanced Excel, real estate, and renewable energy. After completing all needed courses, students will take the final test, which must be passed with a score of 70%, before receiving their FMVA certification via blockchain certificate.

The Corporate Finance Institute offers two price structures for the Financial Modeling course: a self-study option for $497 per year and an immersion program for $847 per year, with the average student completing the course in less than six months.

12. Financial Edge

Financial Edge’s Financial Modeling course online is an excellent choice for students and professionals who seek to specialize in studying the financial modeling of investments. While universal certification can be beneficial, the fact that several investment banks recognize the micro degree provided upon successful completion provides an excellent opportunity for first networking.

Alastair Matchett, a former J.P. Morgan financial expert specializing in private equity, founded the company in 2016. While not a cheap alternative, it appears to provide good value for money. The Financial Modeling online course program and modules are exhaustive, including a course app, interaction with teachers and financial experts during the course, and access to course materials for life.

The investment banker course (comprised of four smaller courses) is available for USD 499 and includes 43 hours of content and hundreds of Excel exercises. If the course materials have already been downloaded, there is no assurance of a return.

Students must pass four tests to earn a micro-degree; however, they have lifetime access to course materials, allowing ample time to finish them. An app is a beneficial tool for allowing busy students and professionals to study and participate in the course during daily breaks.

13. NSE Academy Certifications

NSE Academy has authorized one of the most prestigious Financial Modeling course online out of the numerous courses available. This Financial Modeling course is funded by the National Skill Development Corporation, a PPP supported by the Union Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

Its goals are to provide skills-based education and administer certification tests in conjunction with the National Stock Exchange’s NCFM. This course has been approved by the CFA Institute, United States, as a preparation provider for the CFA Program and by CIMA, United Kingdom, as a learning partner for a management accounting certificate.

It is the gateway to a prosperous career in business analysis, credit rating, project finance, equity research, and investment banking. Prepare summaries of financial studies, evaluate various companies, and train students to create capstone projects.

14. Investopedia Academy Financial Modeling Course 

Financial specialists from Fortune 500 firms teach this online project-based course. The Financial Modeling course online is designed with future industry requirements in mind. It addresses both academic and practical aspects of financial modeling. The most important lessons taught are establishing the financial model and analyzing the financial performance of the project and the organization. It also addresses the valuation of the company and the creation of financial projections.

Important Features of Financial Modeling online course:

  • The Financial Modeling course outline is organized into eight sections, which include exercises, homework, and key concepts.
  • The course consists of forty lessons with nearly eight hours of study material.
  • A practical application of financial skills that costs $199 for lifetime access and an enrollment certificate.

15. The Chief Financial Officer Program by London Business School

London Business School, founded in 1964 and is a federally financed branch of the University of London, provides degrees in multiple post-graduate and doctoral programs. The London Business School Chief Financial Officer Program is open to senior finance industry executives (CFO). This Financial Modeling course online program’s curriculum focuses on themes related to the specialized business sector.

The CFO program’s essential components include a six-month course completion period with an AI and analytics-based curriculum. The opportunity to join the alums of London Business School.

The highly effective Training Methodology by Henry Harvin’s Finance Academy :

  1. Live Projects: Live Projects are executed during the training duration to develop practical learning for the participants which helps in better grasping the concepts and obtain in-depth practical knowledge.
  2. Unmatched Pedagogy:- Uses a combination of techniques associated with our unique G.C.A.O. pedagogy which allows participants to gain focused-action-oriented results from the training.
  3. End-to-End Engagement:-  Participants will be involved throughout the training through reverse presentations, group events, brainstorming meetings, and hands-on understanding over both statistical and nonstatistical tools in which the main thought is to focus on value creation.

Learning Benefits from Henry Harvin’s Finance Academy :

  • Create a Strong Financial Model
  • Procure knowledge & understanding about Advanced Financial Techniques
  • Get familiarized with the formatting & structuring of MS Excel Sheets
  • Understand & get familiarized with the Mechanics of Financial Reporting
  • Grasp the basics of  Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement extensively
  • Discover & understand  the application of Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis
  • Get familiar with the Projects Evaluation and its different Stages & Phases
  • Formulate a Financial Statement and Analyze & Forecast, Revenue & Cost
  • Develop a Presentation Sheet, Company Overview, Sector Overview
  • Compose a Report based on Financial Modeling

Rewards & Recognitions of Henry Harvin® Education

  • Champion of Highest Corporate Training Award, Gaming-Based Educational Company of the under 40 Business World Award
  • Affiliated & Associated with American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI), and ISO 29990:2010 certified
  • Highly-ranked & top-rated Reviews that of Google related Reviews crossing 1400+, also with  200+ of  highly-acclaimed Testimonials on Youtube with 4.5+ Rating top-Rated on Goabroad, Trustpilot, GoOverseas & much more

Career Benefits Henry Harvin offers you if you complete their course in Financial Modeling:

  • Become visible and available to opportunities in Equity Research, Investment Banking, Credit Ranking Analysis, Financial Analysis, Business Analysis, Project Finance, Fund Management, and Commercial Banking
  • Get Experience to Millions of Jobs Globally in the Arena of Financial Modelling
  • Get employed by International Brands like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, and other top brands in the industry, as a Certified Financial Modelling Professional
  • Be eligible to get higher remuneration as a Freelancer or as a full-time Professional after the Successful accomplishment of CFMP
  • Enhance & Upgrade your CV & LinkedIn Profile with Technical & Professional enhancement & growth
  • Differentiate and make your Profile stand out from peers and get Elevated in Current Profile with most needful Skills
  • Earn a Rewarding & satisfying Certification from Henry Harvin® – Certified Financial Modelling Professional Course (CFMP)

Other Financial Courses offered by Henry Harvin’s Finance Academy in Online Mode:

Given below are the Industry Leaders who recognize and trust Henry y Harvin’scourses & course certificates :

  • IBM
  • HP
  • Adobe
  • GE
  • Accenture
  • SAP
  • Philips
  • McAfee
  • New York State of Opportunity

The Corporate Clientele List of Henry Harvin:

NTPC, Lufthansa, Tech Mahindra, NIIT, IBM, KPMG, GAP, Satyam, Wipro, WNS, Bajaj Finance, EY, BT, UK India, Punjab Kesari, Howden, Fidelity Investments, Grant Thornton, HDFC Bank, GENPACT, AXA Technology Services, SCOPE International, MJ Logistics, BakerHill, ALSTOM, is, NAESYS, Colonels Academy, SAB Miller, HOLOSTIK, Fidere, AIM- Association of Indian Magazines, CII, WAPCOS, Techprocompsoft.

The College Clientele Base of Henry Harvin :

MDI Gurgaon(Management development Institute), BITs Pilani, IMI New Delhi(International Management Institute), IMT(Institute of Management Technology), FORE School of Management, DIT University, WeSchool,  IIT Patna, IIM Rohtak, DELTECH (Delhi Technological University), IIM Guwahati, IIM Calcutta, XIM Bhubaneswar, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Bombay, NIT Warrangal, VIT Vellore, Somaiya VidyaVihar, DaulatRam College, OEC Bhubaneswar, Kaziranga University, Mewar University, Pt. DeenDayal Petroleum University.


Financial Modeling can be understood as a synopsis of a company’s accomplishments built on specific variables which assist in doing business forecasting or predictions for forthcoming financial performances. It also acts as a tool that acts like an assembled software like MS Excel to predict a company’s financial outcome in the future days to come.

Hence, out of all online Financial Modeling courses available on Internet the course offered by Henry Harvin stand out and scores the best than the above-listed training institutes since of its all-around benefits and facilities like – being a Top-Ranked Course by as per rankings, Practical hands-on approach by the very talented and distinguished faculty, 24×7 Lifetime support and Access to its highly valued LMS or online learning management system with a vast collection of useful tools & techniques, helpful & effective recorded video contents i.e PPTs and study Notes, guaranteed internship after course completion and 100% placement support extended for 1 year, Alumni status from Henry Harvin®, Affiliations and Connections from the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME from Govt of India.

This wide spectrum of highly effective and useful benefits scores the best among an entire lot of Financial Modeling courses available online all over the Internet and the effective training methodology and its training benefits are listed below.

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Q-1. What are the main important topics to know to sharpen our financial analysis?

Ans.1) Ans. The main areas to cover to be a good financial modeller would be :
a) why we need to build a financial model
b) different MS Excel Tips, Hints, Tricks, and shortcuts as add-ons.
c)Delve more into knowing Modeling best practices and operations
d)Linking the Financial Statements
e)Further deep-down analysis on DCF, sensitivity, M&A, and many more
f)Presenting and showcasing the results in the best possible manner

Q-2. Why is there a dire need for good Financial Models and who needs them?

Ans.2) a)  1st need is of Cash Flows :
· To realize the need for good financial models we should spend time knowing what a financial sector typically deals with or trades with. Starting with cash flows, we view our customers with products and services offered by banks securities firms, and insurance companies. The financial establishments obtain our deposits, savings, and insurance premiums and give us a plethora of choices for different kinds of investment ideas, loans types, insurance cover, and pensions.
· The cash flows handled or dealt with by these organizations can be vague or unsure at some point in time and there would arise a time when some typical cash flows can not be predicted of what size they might be like for example yield on bonds or equity. To be exact, some future-bound cash flows may end up being zero or non-existent because the provider might default in such a case or the situations for payment might not be favorable.

b)  2nd need for a good financial model is about dealing with uncertainty and stability.
It is the firm responsibility of any financial establishment to discover stability or a minimum or tolerable level of imbalance or discrepancy or inequality that it deals with. This balance or stability should be achieved after the completion of all desired liabilities to customers and at the same time meeting the goal of equilibrium or stability of the financial sector.   The inconsistency or vagueness or ambiguity of reaching this balance taking into account all sorts of financial and operational risks leads to the increasing demand or need for very good financial models and companies would never shy away to try and incorporate any good idea to meet a good balance or stability.
Another very good rationale or motivation for the need for good financial models is an opportunity for seeking or striving to understand and comprehend the various financial processes utilizing financial models. As time passes by, better understanding and execution of good financial processes will lead to all-around success and improvement in gathering information and knowledge and higher expertise in this sector.

Q-3. When is Financial Modeling used and who uses it?

Ans.3) As Financial modelling is a case of making desirable interpretation of the financial position of a company, hence it is an important instrument that facilitates business thoughts and risks to be calculated cost-effectively.
Therefore, Financial models are used to calculate approximately the evaluation of a business or to compare businesses to their peers in the industry. They are also utilized in strategic planning to test various settings, determine the cost of new projects, make a decision on budgets, and distribute corporate resources.
Financial models are mostly used by a financial analyst to realize the company’s performance and to forecast its future. Being competent enough to develop a financial model is a necessity for jobs in investment banking, credit rating, risk management, and so on.
As Financial Modeling is the main instrument for fundamental analysis and valuations, hence an Investment banker uses it to come to a valuation in M&A or fundraising transactions.
 Equity Analysts also utilize it to value stocks and arrive at buy/sell/hold recommendations.

Q-4. What are the different types of Financial Models?

Ans4) The top 5 most commonly used financial models used in corporate finance by financial modelling professionals are as follows :
1. Three Statement Model
2. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model
3. Merger Model (M&A)
4. Initial Public Offering (IPO) Model
5. Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model

Q-5. What is the scope of Financial Modeling in the Financial World?

Ans.5) The scope of financial modelling applications is very vast since models are needed for a wide variety of decision-making ideas– ranging from those related to mergers, acquisitions, capital raising, internal planning, budgeting, forecasting, investments, and valuation.
Financial modellers are employed by Banks, Equity Research firms, Credit Rating companies & Project Finance. The scope of Financial modelling is ever increasing all over the world day by day. The financial modelling aspect is not the same as financial accounting & audit jobs. Sometimes, it is not required for a candidate to have any formal degree to prepare a financial model, rather it is important to grasp & understand the business well something like the revenue drivers or cost drivers.

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