Have an interest in Accountancy and want to know the different courses to pursue; let me introduce a new term, Financial Modeling Course. Generally, Students who wish for a career in Accountancy opt for CA and CS. 

If you stay in Mumbai looking for the best Financial Modeling courses in Mumbai, then you have landed in the correct place.


Here you will get the details of the institutions in Mumbai like duration, course, and many more.

But before understanding the concept of the Financial Modeling Course in Mumbai.

A Finacial model is an outline of a company’s presentation based on characteristics that help in forecasting the future financial performance of a company.

In addition, expert knowledge of the company’s operations, accounting, corporate finance, and Excel spreadsheets is necessary for the measurement.

Top 12 Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

1. Henry Harvin : Best Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

Henry Harvin Contact No : +91 9891953953 | Chat on Whats App with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Logo

Henry HarvinⓇ Finance Academy is a recognized institute providing professional skills through an action-oriented learning system. Establish the institution under the inspiration of Mr. Henry Dunster’s service to the education industry. Its vision is Value Creation by presenting skills-centric courses to students in different fields. Moreover, the curriculum provided by Henry Harvin is handcrafted and based on the current requirements of the industry. 

The Main features of the Financial Modeling course are-

  •  Hands-on projects for practical training
  • Internship opportunity to gain practical exposure to Financial Modeling
  •  Placement assistance for one year after completing the course
  • Besides, Global credential as a certified financial modeling professional
  • Regular boot camps for one year
  • Besides E-access to upgraded tools, assignments, video material and techniques, and many more
  • One year gold membership in HENRY HARVINⓇ FINANCE ACADEMY
  • Grooming with  more than five soft skills courses that help you to increase your employability
  • Free participation in Hackathons and other competitions. 
  • Live projects: Helps to understand practical aspects of financial Modeling
  • Unique pedagogy:  focused on action-oriented programs and numerous activities like presentations, hands-on projects, brainstorming sessions, group activities, etc. 
  • Appointed by international brands like Google, JP Morgan, Amazon, and many more 
  • Improve your CV and Linkedin profile
  • Earn a certificate from government recognized institution.

Henry Harvin Financial Modelling course fees:


Cities where Henry Harvin courses are provided:


Henry Harvin® Financial Modeling Course Ranks #1 in India by The Hans India

Henry Harvin Provide other courses:

Check Henry Harvin students reviews

  1. Rahul Byas


The Trainer really knowledgeable and shares knowledge basis his experience. His Examples are so relatable that it continues to stay in mind for a longer period. The way he motivates to do the project is really helpful.

2.  Harshitha Jain


This is my first training program in Henry Harvin and my experience till now has been great. My trainer Amrish Sharma explains the concept with utmost clarity and live examples. He Clarifies every student’s quire and makes the concept understandable. Thank you

3.  Alano Miranda


When I first ask about the course, they gave proper information about the course and how they will go about it and they even will check if the student is ready to attempt the exam. Plus the mentor is every helpful whenever there is any problem.

2. Imarticus : Best Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

Contact No. – +91-8484932054Imarticus Learning logo

Imarticus offers one of the top financial modeling courses in Mumbai. They also have a variety of programs related to this field. So The most practical course that teaches Financial Modeling is ‘The Financial Analysis Pro degree. This course duration is four to five months, preparing you for jobs. You gain knowledge through both experiential and blended learning. The course uses case studies, classroom lectures, and hands-on projects to make it quick for students to wrap their minds around the topic. They are also famous for providing excellent placement services.

Fees: INR 75,000 (offline mode); INR 58,000 (online mode)

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees: INR 65000/-

Course Duration: 3 months

Address:  Imarticus Learning, 5th Floor, B-Wing, Kaledonia, HDIL Building, Sahar Rd. Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400069.

Location: Mumbai

Website Link:  https://imarticus.org/

3. EduPristine : Best Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

Contact No: +91 8002005835


EduPristine is another best institution for the Financial Modeling courses in Mumbai. Here, you can learn MS Excel from the very basics; so by the end of the course, you will be able to build financial models independently. Besides the online Financial Modeling course delivers discussion forums, pre-recorded videos, 24×7 support, access to online material, etc.

They have two options of training programs:

  • Classroom Training: While it’s a traditional method of training
  • Corporate Training: It’s a more customized and also specialized kind of training

       Fees: INR 12,600

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees:  250 USD

Course Duration:  150 hours 

Address:  44, 3rd Floor, Regal Cinema Complex, Connaught Cir, near Khadi India Store, Panchkuian Road Railway Colony, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Location:  Delhi

Website Link:  https://www.edupristine.com/

 4. CFI : Best Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

CFI  logo

In their financial modeling courses, CFI teaches various financial models that help you understand all kinds of models required by a firm where you might work in the future. Additionally objective here is to learn about accounting, MS excel, finance, forecasting, presentation, strategies, etc.

Further, the students have access to their course library for two years and over 120 downloadable templates to prepare them to make better, self-explanatory, and more attractive models and charts. Therefore the course is six months long.  

Price: INR 13000

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees:  INR 39000/-

Course Duration: 2 months

Address: 1392 – 1771 Robson Street Vancouver, BC V6G 3B7 Canada

Location:  Canada

Website Link:  https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/

5. BSE : Best Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

Contact no.-  +91 2222721233

bse logo

BSE provides Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai to provide a practical management approach to enhance performance in related areas. 

So understanding spreadsheets and Excel is not a prerequisite for their students. So the program starts with teaching the basics of spreadsheet modeling. Moreover, It is a two-day program.

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees:  6000/-

Address:  Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers Dalal Street Mumbai- 400001

Location: Mumbai

Website Link:  https://www.bseindia.com/

6. Proschool : Best Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

IMS Proschool logo

IMS Proschool is India’s leading Financial Modeling Course provider. Besides It offers training on weekends & weekdays, making it available for students and working professionals to take the course.

 Besides, the students here get trained by industry experts and get a certificate from NSE. While the training duration lasts around 70 hours. Further Students are provided with live projects to give them real-life industry experience.

 Fees: INR 40,000 

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees: INR 12.5 K – 4.5 L

Course Duration: 18 hours-3 years

Website Link:  https://www.imsindia.com/

7. Jaro education : Best Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

Its Corporate Finance and Analytics Certification Program is the best financial modeling course.

Further, this course comprises six months of virtual learning, usage, experience in various peer networking, tools, and technologies, 

Undoubtedly, this program will help you to build analytical and financial management skills that are required for a firm to evaluate. They also control their income and expenses to achieve long-term goals.

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees: INR 96,000

Website Link:  https://www.jaroeducation.com/

8. Academy of Financial Training

Academy of Financial Training delivers one of Mumbai’s best-known Financial Modeling Courses. You’ll be given more than 1000 hours of training to provide overall transformation. 

They have more than 25 experts in various domains. Till now, they have trained 6000 students.

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees: INR 12000/-

Address:  C-33, 2nd Floor, near Nirulas Hotel, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Location:  Noida

Website Link:  https://acfacademy.com/

9. ATM Training Financial Training Courses

ATM has numerous workshops and courses related to Financial Modeling. In addition, They have highly experienced faculty who ensure you learn everything in the best possible way. While students can access their digital library to get the latest version of resources. 

Fees: INR 12000

10. The Wallstreet school

Contact No: +91 9953729651

The Wallstreet School logo

The instructors are highly experienced. Moreover, the training materials are well-versed, and case studies are solved to understand various concepts properly.

This is six weeks and 180+ hours long course. 

They also assist in placements and internships.

Fees: INR 22,000 ( self-paced)

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees: 40000/-

Course Duration:  3 MONTHS

Address:   9-A Phelps Building, 3rd Floor, A-Block, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

Location:  Delhi

Website Link:  https://www.thewallstreetschool.com/

11. Udemy 

. Udemy logo

Udemy offers one of the most inclusive financial modeling courses in Mumbai. Besides, it covers the theoretical and practical aspects of financial Modeling.

 They’ll also teach you how to create more appealing excel sheets and charts.

 12. EDUCBA 

educba logo  

Among various top-rated professional courses provided by EDUCBA. Further, the Financial Modeling Course is one such program that has come up with a massive turnover. Especially for thousands of people who have graduated from the institute. 

Moreover, the financial modeling course curriculum covers all the basic and advanced topics that a professional must know. 

Fees: INR10000

Bottom Line

Financial Modeling may not appeal so, but it is a vast field. However, If you are interested in this area, you can establish in it. 

Hopefully, this article about Mumbai’s financial modeling courses was helpful and also gave you some clarity regarding it. 

Financial Modeling Live Projects and Internships

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    Perhaps the finest way for a newcomer to begin their transporter and settle in for the future is this one. I may recommend that all incoming students enroll in Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai at least once.

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    Perhaps the finest way for a newcomer to begin their transporter and settle in for the future is this one. I may recommend that all incoming students enroll in Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai at least once.

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    I enrolled in the modeling course in Mumbai and was pleasantly surprised. The trainers were supportive, focusing on both skill development and self-confidence. From makeup tips to posing techniques, everything was covered extensively. The practical sessions were my favorite, as they prepared me for real-world challenges. Highly recommended

  8. As a professional seeking to strengthen my financial modeling expertise, I found Henry Harvin’s course in Mumbai incredibly valuable. The trainers were industry experts, sharing practical tips and tricks. The course materials and hands-on exercises were instrumental in honing my modeling skills. Nice to share

  9. Within reach financial modelling classes give students hands-on exposure with financial modelling strategies and aid in their development of a thorough understanding of the tools and methods used in financial modelling. To keep students abreast of changes in the finance sector, these courses are created.

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    After researching extensively for a financial modeling course near me, I discovered an exceptional one that exceeded my expectations. The comprehensive curriculum equipped me with practical skills, advanced techniques, and hands-on experience. The expert instructors and interactive sessions made learning enjoyable and impactful. Highly recommended for aspiring financial analysts!

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