Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been. – Albert Einstein

Engineering is the process of applying scientific knowledge and experience to build a man-made world. Engineering is classified into four disciplines. They are chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) is one of the most opted courses in India. ECE degree opens up opportunities in both the core field and IT industry.

What is Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)?

skills for ece resume

ECE deals with the study of electronic devices and communication equipment. Fundamentals of communication engineering, electronic circuits, transmitters, receivers, and satellite communication are some of the topics covered in ECE.

What do ECE engineers do?

ECE engineers design, develop, test, and oversee the production of electronics and communication systems.

Career prospects for ECE freshers and experienced professionals

Graduates in ECE have tremendous opportunities in both government and private sectors. Both these sectors have internship programs for ECE freshers. Experienced professionals too are in great demand in these sectors.

Exciting careers are available in industries like consumer electronics manufacturing companies, telecom and IT companies, mobile and internet technology companies, service industry, support and maintenance, etc.

How a Resume of ECE engineer should look like?

A resume is your first impression. It summarizes your skills, ability, and readiness to fulfill a job requirement. We will discuss now the skills for the ECE resume.

Similar to other industries, the ECE engineer resume should include a professional summary, skills and qualifications, a summary of work experience, and certifications if any.

A fresher’s resume should include the skills and importantly how ready you are for the job. Consider including the knowledge and experience you gained through your project work. It would be worth to include what went wrong and how you learned your lessons. Talk about how you contributed to teamwork and/or group tasks.

A grammatically correct resume is a must either you are a fresher or an experienced professional.

We now know the required skills for ECE resume, so we will see the top 5 skills for ECE freshers and experienced professionals. This will include both technical skills for ECE and interpersonal skills.

Top 5 Skills for ECE Resume in 2020 for both Fresher and Experienced

Skills for ECE Resume
  1. Knowledge of semiconductor/VLSI design, chip design

Fundamentals of digital and analog circuits, design methodologies, design flow, hardware description languages, etc.

  1. Embedded systems

Understanding of memory regions, knowledge of different peripherals, good understanding of microcontrollers, etc.

  1. Software development and visualization knowledge

C, C++, Java, Python, Matlab, etc.

  1. Interpersonal skills

Communication skills, presentation skills, teamwork, respect for others, listening skills, flexibility, leadership, etc are key to success.

  1. Six Sigma Certification

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, organizations are moving from traditional ways of working to Operational Excellence, which largely uses Six Sigma and continuous improvement concepts. This gives a lot of opportunity for Certified Six Sigma professionals.

So you can realize that only the technical skills for ECE will not suffice in today’s world.

Why Six Sigma for ECE professionals. How does it help?

skills for ECE resume

Six Sigma is a customer-centric manufacturing approach to realizing fewer defects and thus lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The engineering fraternity is greatly benefited from Six Sigma certification as it helps to break down a task into a much-simplified form. It will provide tools and techniques to standardize work methods thus reducing rework and wastage.

Six Sigma helps eliminate waste in the process and helps you focus on what is required to add value to the customer. 

Improving productivity and quality are the two most important benefits of Six Sigma implementation. Six Sigma helps you to produce products faster and cheaper.

More and more ECE engineers are implementing Six Sigma methodology after certification as it lays down simplified procedures, helps in correcting and preventing issues during manufacturing thus increasing productivity with reduced cost.

ECE engineers


Most of the large and medium-sized organizations are well aware of the Six Sigma principles and have acquainted themselves with lean principles. However, there is a shortage of certified Six Sigma professionals in the market to help the organizations with Six Sigma implementation.

ECE engineers must enhance their technical skills and compliment with a Six Sigma certification to stand out.

To achieve defect-free throughput and customer satisfaction, the implementation of Six Sigma is a must. Now electronics have direct dealings with the layman and when customers come into the scene it’s the right time to remember our friend in need, Six Sigma.

Since electronics involve manufacturing at large levels so it is better to employ strategies that involve minimal wastages and result in the least amount of rework.

skills for ece resume

Six Sigma provides you some tools and techniques to standardize your establishment. For example, 5S is a great way to organize your workplace.

If you discover a problem with meeting a particular customer’s orders, you may use 5-Why analysis to determine the root cause of the problem and address it.

Value stream mapping is a method used to map your process and understand the non-value added steps. This will help eliminate waste from your process and increase the efficiency of your workforce.

One more aspect which is important in the domain of electronics and communication is cause and effect relation. With Six Sigma value mapping and process modeling techniques, the added advantage is that accuracy is achieved in both the software and hardware models. Production happens with reduced cost and this acts as a cherry on the cake.

So while the other electronic firms are yet juggling with the common problems faced, you with Six Sigma just don’t get an extra edge of producing flawless products but also gain the capability to maintain better relations among your customers.

Since now you don’t need to worry about the old problems like production costs, defect % and product finish, you can devote more time to the invention of new products.


1. What are the companies that hire ECE engineers?

What are the companies that hire ECE engineers?

2. What are the additional technical skills for ECE that will help job prospects?

ECE freshers with skills in advanced technologies like robotics, automation, IoT are expected to get more pay and improve their chances of employment.

3. How can I enhance my chances of employment?

In addition to enhancing your knowledge with core ECE skills, join a professional training institute for Six Sigma Certification, which should increase your chances of getting your dream job.

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