Don’t just Manufacture, rather Invent!

Started with an orientation towards space and defense technology with developments into the field of consumer electronics like Transistors, Radios, TV, calculators and other audio products, the electronics industry has witnessed rapid growth with a pace that made it the fastest growing industrial sector in the world. Gradually it stepped into the domestic markets and soon the entire market was covered with electronic items. Things don’t work like a switch now seems obsolete.


In order to achieve defect free throughput and customer satisfaction, implementation of Six Sigma Course in your company is a must. Now electronics have direct dealings with the layman and when customers come into the scene it’s the right time to remember our friend in need, Six Sigma.

Since electronics involve manufacturing at large levels so it is better to employ strategies that involve minimal wastages and result into least amount of re-work. With Six Sigma’s methodologies of carefully structuring the problems into modules and analyzing the tasks, it becomes easy to perform. Direct proportionality relation of Six Sigma with customer satisfaction often leads to products which achieve just not the desired quality levels but rather sustain in the market for long. And with a good reputation in the market, things usually fall in place even in the adverse times.

One more aspect which is important in the domain of electronics and communication is cause and effect relation. With Six Sigma value mapping and process modeling techniques, the added advantage is that accuracy is achieved in both the software and hardware models. Production happens with reduced cost and this acts as a cherry on the cake.

So while the other electronic firms are yet juggling with the common problems faced, you with Six Sigma just don’t get an extra edge of producing flawless products but also gain the capability to maintain better relations among your customers. Since now you don’t need to worry about the old problems like production costs, defect % and product finish, you can devote more time into the invention of new products. And the person who comes first in the market goes last but with Six Sigma you’ll never have to leave since we always have something to offer. We just not go with the trend, we even create sometimes!

Check Here: Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

What are the different tools to learn Six Sigma?

DMAIC, 5S, Seven wastes, Value stream mapping, Visual workplace, Flow.

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