In the current competitive job market, taking over exceptional interview types skills is critical. Further, This guide aims to furnish you with the necessary knowledge and techniques while facing different types of Interviews and will take you to excel in all Interview types.

We will now explore Some methods to provide some valuable tips to face the Interview and interviewer with complete confidence.


Whether you are a professional or a fresher job seeker, different Interview Types will guide you to navigate the interview process and maximize the chances of obtaining career-defining opportunities too. While trying to find new employment, you may have to face different types of job interviews.

It’s essential to first understand the different types of Interview criteria so that you can practice techniques to help you perform well. 

Let’s first understand “ what is an Interview?”

Finding out what an is an Interview?  It is, moreover very complicated since there are so many Interview types. To describe it precisely, an Interview is a formal process where the Interviewer assesses a candidate’s Qualifications, skills, and knowledge for a particular role.

It serves as a critical stage in the selection process for the Interviewer to assess the candidate’s experience, ability, and capability to fit within the organization.

The Interview Involves Two key Roles:

  • The Interviewer
  • The Interviewee

The Interviewer is usually the representative of the hiring candidate and is responsible for conducting an Interview by asking related questions to evaluate and by Conducting various Interview types to decide if a person is best suited for the position.

On the other hand, the Interviewee or the candidate further presents their skills and suitability for the role. Job seekers must effectively discuss their capabilities to impress the interviewer with their potential for the Organization where they are willing to work.

An Interview offers different benefits while conducting Different types of interview like Some of the Major skills are :

  1. Building Rapport
  2. Showcasing skills
  3. Gathering information

Let’s now find out some Different types of Interview candidates may come across in the Job search:

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1. Telephonic Interview:

A telephone interview can often be the first step in the interview process. Most companies carry such interview types to screen the candidate. Usually, It takes place before a face-to-face interview. They must be prepared for this crucial task. It will help the employer to find the impression that the candidate is eligible for the desired job.

How to Prepare for a Telephonic Interview?

  • Prepare some basic questions
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Listen and calmly respond to questions
  • Avoid all the distraction 

2. One-on-one Interview:

A one-on-one Interview can be known as a face-to-face Interview, where the Interviewer and the candidate meet in person, allowing for direct interaction to evaluate the candidate’s fit in the organization. 

It is an opportunity for the candidate to showcase their skills and knowledge. Candidates should prepare by exploring and researching the company to succeed in such interview types and to present themselves proficiently. 

How to Prepare for a One-on-one Interview?

  • Firstly, conduct some research before the interview
  • Practice your answer to some common questions
  • Use techniques to keep calm and relaxed
  • Try to develop rapport with the employer
  • Moreover, remain professional while the interview is going on

3. On-The-Spot Interview:

As the name suggests, it is an unscheduled meeting that happens instantly with no time for preparation. Usually, right after the job seeker applies, This is the best way to find the potential candidate. On the contrary, this communication part is also well known as a walk-in interview out of many Interview types.

On-the-spot interviews are a way of screening applicants by immediately getting a sense of what skills they have and what qualifications they hold.

How to Prepare for an On-the-spot Interview?

  • Practice and Prepared
  • Research about the company
  • Professionally Dress up
  • Reach on Time
  • Update your Resume

4. Informal Interview:

Informal Interviews are not finely structured. They resemble casual conversations. They are often to screen the candidate and are usually in getting to know whether the person is best suited for the company culture.

To begin with, the employer might not ask typically designed questions While conducting different types of job Interviews, and this is the best way to meet an employer to discuss what skills a candidate could bring to their organization.

How to Prepare for an Informal Interview?

  • Dress Professionally
  • Arrive early
  • Clear Understanding of the Organization
  • Be a good listener
  • Show Gratitude
  • Ready for Frequent Questions

5. Group Interview:

Generally, this type of interview involves multiple candidates being interviewed simultaneously for one or more job vacancies. It is one of the interview types where Interviewers may choose the interview style for screening the candidates more efficiently and how effectively they can cope with group tasks.

An employer can likely find out their interaction in a group, where the candidate must behave professionally, treat politely, and present themselves Uniquely.

How to Prepare for Group Interview?

  • Be Prepared with your skills
  • Be professional
  • Keep calm
  • Listen well and speak up to mark

6. Behavioral Interview:

Behavioral Interview is the stage where the interviewer will greet you and Initiate the conversation. The candidate must maintain eye contact and display a professional attitude. This interview is to assess the performance in a specific situation at the workplace. 

The interviewer may ask the candidate to describe how they dealt with situations in a previous job to find their attitude. At the same time, the Interviewer may also create a scene of some challenging situations and find out how to deal with the situations. Candidate must be in the presence of mind to find out the way.

How to Prepare for a Behavioral Interview?

  • Study well the job description
  • Review your Previous Projects
  • Ready with your Professional achievements
  • Be honest with your answers
  • The response should be clear and loud

7. Case Interview:

Case Interviews can be performed to find out about theoretical business situations and to come up with solutions. These interviews are usually for different positions in Technology, management, banking, and many more. The interviewer tests the candidate’s skills,  like logical thinking and problem-solving. 

In the case interview types, the Candidate was given instructions to review within the given time. The purpose of this kind of interview is to see how the candidate would proceed toward a problem and is a great way to find out the thinking process of the interviewee.

How to Prepare for a Case Interview?

  • Research the framework of the case
  • Be cautious about what the organization is looking for
  • Review questions an employer may ask
  • Deliver your responses well

8. Stress Interview:

A stress interview is most commonly used to assess how gradually the candidate responds to stress and pressure, as compared to other Interviews. Comparing different interview types where the Interviewer will make an effort to make you feel easy, this will not happen in a Stress interview. More importantly, the hiring manager will try to determine how well the interviewee could handle stressful situations at the workplace. Stress Interviews involve various questions meant to put the interviewee in an uncomfortable or stressful situation to find out how a candidate will respond to a particular situation. 

How to Prepare for a Stress Interview?

  • Conduct research of the Company
  • Practice more and seek the response
  • Use stress management techniques
  • Be a participant in practice Interview

Finale Step

To nail such Interviews, Henry Harvin is the best place to guide and groom you well.

An Interviewer for everyone plays a vital role in achieving the dream job. They prepare for different types of job Interviews. In spite of all the Interview Types, not only the Interviewer’s style but the questions are also different. What remains constant is the basic questions like introducing yourself, to bang on a Job interview, you need to respond smartly and confidently.

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The interview is the process of question and answer. It is a type of round where a person asks questions and the other person answers. It is of equal importance in recruitment and selection. Thus, the Interview assesses the candidate on various parameters such as the candidate’s fit for the organization’s work culture, and if their resume aligns well with the interviewee’s profile. There are different types of interviews, including contacting shortlisted candidates, technically assessing the candidate, and negotiating with the selected candidate.

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1. What is Interview?

Ans. Conversation between The Interviewee and The interviewer to assess the best candidate.

2. What are the three types of Interviews?

 Ans. Unstructured, semistructured, and structured.

3. What are the two types of Interviews?

Ans. Screening Interview and Selection Interview.

4. What are the 3 C’s of the Interview?

Ans. Confidence, Competence, and Credibility.

5. What role does the interview play in any organization?

Ans. The interview plays a major role in finding the potential candidate who fits well in the organization.

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