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Writing for web content is quite easy to learn but writing a “copy” is challenging. When it comes to copywriting one must possess a creative approach to persuade audiences/consumers and generate a desire in them. But worry not, if you’re from Nigeria and possess a creative mind or have a skill of persuasion and think that with a little help you can start a career in Copywriting then you have come to the right blog. We have listed below the top 10 Copywriting courses in Nigeria.

1. Henry Harvin Copywriting Course

Henry Harvin Contact No: +1 (253) 7858210

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The number one on the list is the Henry Harvin Copywriting course that you can access it from anywhere in the world and as per your preferred time as well because it is an online course.


Why learn with Henry Harvin?

With more than 200,000 employees, Henry Harvin is the world’s top training and certification platform.

The Academy has more than 3,000,000 alumni, is ranked among the top 100 ed-tech firms in India, has 900+ B2B clients, and 500+ award-winning coaches, and offers more than 200 courses, placing it in the top 500 global ed-tech enterprises. They have customers in over 97 different countries.

Their 9-in-1 course program offers both online and in-person training where they train you appropriately and give you tasks that will help you improve yourself.

Additionally, they provide internships where you can learn about working in the sector. It is a certified program with complete placement assistance.

What will you achieve with this course?

  • Frequent Bootcamp sessions; Live, two-way online interactive sessions; Free Hackathons and competitions
  • A one-year gold membership that gives you complete access to the Copywriting course.
  • Access to relevant learning resources, monthly review sessions, and any other instructional event planned by Henry Harvin, together with 24/7 lifetime support.
  • Adjustable class times
  • You will receive training through an internship, gain insight into how the copywriting industry operates in reality, and have the opportunity to interact with a global network of people.
  • It’s an accredited program that comes with a 100% job guarantee.

Henry Harvin Copywriting Training Course Duration and Fees

  • The curriculum consists of seven modules plus two additional ones on soft skill development and resume writing. The curriculum includes 16 hours of instructor-led, live online classroom instruction.
  • To check the schedule for the upcoming copywriting course and fees check here:-

Henry Harvin Other Courses

2. Udemy Copywriting Course


 The top online learning resource, Udemy, provides a course in copywriting that is taught by professionals with real-world experience. You can explore creative copywriting, blogging, SEO copywriting, freelancing, establishing portfolios, and many other things with their assistance. Since the course is online, Nigerians may readily access it.

  • Unlimited access to the courses you’ve bought. Certification, but only if you buy the course. Please note that the certificate is not officially authorised.
  • You will receive a full refund of your money within the first 30 days if you are unsatisfied with the course.
  • The courses are both free and paid.
  • Latest copywriting strategies and resources
  • For easier comprehension, there are subtitles available.
  • You can choose the language in which you wish to take the course.
  • In addition, practice exams are conducted, and quizzes are presented to help you improve your writing abilities.

Udemy Copywriting Course Features, Fees, and Duration

  • Unlimited access to the courses you’ve bought. Certification, but only if you buy the course. Please note that the certificate is not officially authorised.
  • You will receive a full refund of your money within the first 30 days if you are unsatisfied with the course.
  • The courses are both free and paid.
  • Latest copywriting strategies and resources
  • For easier comprehension, there are subtitles available.
  • You can choose the language in which you wish to take the course.
  • In addition, practice exams are conducted, and quizzes are presented to help you improve your writing abilities.

3. Success Works Copywriting Course

In addition, one of the top copywriting classes is provided by Success Works. They hold the high reputation of being the first agency to specialize in SEO Copywriting and also served as the program’s original creators, back in 2010.

What is guaranteed for you to learn from the course:

  • The three-month certified online course is available to you from any location in the world.
  • You’ll discover the best copywriting niche and learn how to write content for it, develop headlines and captions that work, and practice social media marketing.
  • This course will assist you in concentrating on how to create content for the web and social media, the significance of keyword density in your content, how to create persuasive copy, etc.
  • In essence, this course will cover everything relevant to SEO copywriting.
  • Flexible learning is offered, and they claim that it is the only agency that trains both in-house and independent copywriters.

Success Works Copywriting Course Fees and Duration

  • The main disadvantage of this course is that it exclusively teaches SEO copywriting, so you won’t learn about other topics like branding, marketing, etc., which are just as crucial as SEO. Additionally, compared to other courses, this one is more expensive for three months. When $995 for three months is converted to Nigerian Naira, it equals N4,42,585.

 4. The Creative Copywriter Academy

This course may be the ideal option for you if you are unable to find the time in your hectic schedule to attend live classes. Why? Your question. Since The Creative Copywriter Academy offers a self-paced copywriting course, you may learn copywriting whenever you like and at your desired time without having to miss the live sessions.

You will have everything you need by the end of the course. After learning everything you need to know about marketing principles, sophisticated copywriting tactics, finance, and billing, and how to acquire clients, you’ll be ready to start your freelance copywriting career.

What you obtain:

  • Develop your technical and creative copywriting abilities. utilizing tested techniques from The Creative Copywriter.
  •  Acquire the skills necessary to gain clients with assurance, make them pleased, nurture connections, and ensure continued income.
  • Join their online community to receive comments and advice from industry experts. additional peer moral support
  • Acquire management skills in the business, legal, and financial realms.
  • Develop at your own rate. Your choice
  •  If you’re a competent and capable writer, you can get compensated writing jobs through The Creative Copywriter Academy.

Creative Copywriter Academy Course Fees and Duration

For more information Visit here:

The businesses connected to The Creative Copywriter Academy include:

  • Adidas
  • TikTok
  • Hyundai
  • Geox
  • Thomson Reuters and
  • Debenhams

5. Alison- Advanced Copywriting skills and techniques course

Do you want to write a copy but are unsure of how to begin or design an original text? If you’re seeking online courses to help you create your first copy but aren’t able to afford a formal class? You don’t need to worry since Alison Academy is one of the biggest FREE learning platforms in the world where you can learn and advance your abilities. Yes, what you just read is true. Considering this is one of the greatest institutes, the copywriting course is absolutely free and comes with certification, so you don’t have to worry about the caliber of the job.

What you learn:

  • Creating appealing headlines
  • Creating content that sells
  • How to Write Persuasive Reviews  
  • Writing copy for service companies
  • Writing copy for e-commerce stores
  • Lead Generation Page Copywriting

6. Hustle Post Academy Copywriting Training Course

You may have predicted right based on the name of the academy, “Hustle Post Academy,” that it will assist you in starting a successful side hustle so that you can pursue your interests without having to quit your job or neglect your duties.

This university will teach you how to write a sales copy, how to influence the consumer, and how to communicate your message to your ideal intended audience. Hustle Post Academy assists aspiring copywriters in becoming professional copywriters.

With the master class at the Hustle Post Academy, you will be schooled in all aspects of copywriting as well as current trends in the digital marketing business.

It’s a three-hour copywriting master session that focuses solely on copywriting.

This Copywriting training will be beneficial to all new freelancers and professionals looking for a second source of income.

Hustle Post Copywriting Certification Course Fees and Duration

For information visit:

7. THE BLACKFORD CENTRE Copywriting Course

Contact no: +44 1373 470270

THE BLACKFORD CENTRE Writing Academy is an online learning course that teaches students how to work as freelance writers. This course provides writing instruction for students of various skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

You’ll be led through 11 engaging tasks that cover numerous aspects of copywriting. You may be certain that you will not get lost if you need complete email assistance from a trained tutor.

You will not only study how to become a dynamic copywriter, but you will also learn how to run your own freelancing firm with a focus on obtaining and landing jobs.

You’ll also be added to their writer database, offering you the opportunity to someday land actual, well-paying work. Embrace it as it happens; the scheduling is adjustable, and it is fully online.

BLACKFORD CENTRE Copywriting Course Fees and Duration

A “National Diploma in Copywriting” is awarded to those who complete the course. The price will be around £500 no matter where you’re in the globe.

For more information visit:

8. TransMedia Copywriting Course

Specialists in communications and marketing who want to sharpen their copywriting skills should enrol in this course of professional copywriting. You learn how to understand your target audience, master branding and business image, generate effective headlines and catchphrases, and write for different media.

Potential customers can be influenced by the language you choose to sell your business, product, or service. This one-day class teaches the techniques used by professional writers in the marketing and advertising sectors to draw in and persuade their audience, whether online or in traditional media. 

TransMedia Copywriting Course Feature, Fees and Duration

  •  Yes, you read that correctly; this course lasts for just one day. As a result, you don’t need to take time away from your hectic schedule each day to learn it; just one day will suffice. It takes place from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • You can finish this course by staying at home with a computer or laptop and a strong internet connection, or you may finish it in a classroom at the academy nearby if you can travel. You have an option.
  • The best thing is that you will receive a certificate of course completion in just one day, isn’t that awesome?
  • Since there are only a maximum of 6 persons per class, you will receive personalised learning from certified trainers.
  • Your trainers and the school will provide you with unrestricted support after you complete the course.
  • The price of the course is £345, which is equal to N1,85,896 when converted to Nigerian Naira.

What you’ll discover:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Establishing a distinct company brand
  • Coming up with catchy headlines and taglines
  • Linking words and images, and 
  • writing for various media.

Clientele that Transmedia serves:

  • Apollo tyres
  • Dyson
  • BBC
  • NHS
  • Clarks and many more

9. KopyWriting Kourse Copywriting Course

You can join the thriving copywriter group that is part of this comprehensive course even after it is completed. It explains in detail how to create valuable content, write persuasive copy, and advance as a copywriter in the real world.

KopyWriting Kourse Features, Duration, and Fees:

  • You will learn “successfully structured communication,”. All of the company’s teaching resources are contained in one substantial format.
  • How to use scripts and templates to jumpstart your writing
  • How to market oneself without coming off as shady
  • Develop valuable content; How to become a copywriter; How to approach writing copy like a professional;
  • Organize your emails
  • A 30-Day money-back promise is offered.
  • There is no deadline for finishing this course.
  • After completing the course, you will receive an official certification that you can use as a seal of approval on your marketing materials. You can access the course at any time while sitting at home or at the workplace.
  • You can choose to pay $291 every three months or $750 per year to take this subscription-based course.
  • It covers a wide range of copywriting topics, such as emails, sales copy, and advertisement text.
  • You have access to a community of copywriters.
  • Your copy is examined and questions are addressed within the course.
  • Despite this, the language in the course is challenging.
  • Not all of the fundamentals of branding and marketing will be taught to you.

10. Sell Like Hell Copywriting Course

Contact no: +1 415-455-9955

Sell like Hell is last but not least on our list. This course was developed by acclaimed copywriter Carmine MasterPierro.

One of the hardest fields to master, sales conversion copy, is covered in-depth.

The course’s goal is to teach students how to work more efficiently. Carmine explains the conversion copywriting techniques that will increase the amount of sales content you produce for social ads, sales letters, landing pages, and other types of advertising.

What you’ll discover:

  • The best ways to create sales-boosting conversion copy for any industry or client.
  • Carmine’s unique, step-by-step method for creating text that converts well.
  • Resolving writer’s block
  • A number of copywriting tools
  • A checklist and activities for copywriting
  • An all-encompassing copywriting formula
  • Headlines and elevated copywriting techniques
  • Measurement and statistics
  • Copywriting Psychology
  • Copywriting Tutorials
  • Copyediting and Proofreading
  • Copywriting Layout and Structure

Sell like Hell Copywriting Course Feature, Fees, and Duration:  

  • 10+ modules, 50+ lessons, and video tutorials worth $4000.
  • Exercises, workbooks, and templates worth $1000
  • Access to Carmine MasterPierro’s exclusive mastermind group is available for free coaching and feedback valued at $2000.
  • Instructionals on creating several sorts of sales copy
  • Obtain a certificate of completion
  • receive lifetime access and upgrades;
  • pay expenses related to your job or business;
  • boost your marketer value, and advance your business and professional abilities.
  • All these advantages are yours for the low price of $197, with a 14-day full refund policy.

Companies associated with Sell like Hell:

  • Forbes
  • Fox News
  • DanLok
  • CNN
  • GQ

Few honorable mentions:

  • The Knowledge Academy – Copywriting Masterclass
  • Queen Mary Academy – Copywriting Masterclass
  • Edplx – Copywriting beginner to advance
  • SabiMentors – Become a Copywriting Ninja
  • CIM Copywriting Course
  • DSM Copywriting Course
  • Knowledge Door

These are also some of the best institutes offering Copywriting courses in Nigeria that you can access.


So, that was the complete list of the top 10 Copywriting courses in Nigeria that you can access, as they all are online and flexible. Copywriting is not easy there are many different types of writing a copy, for instance, B2B Copywriting, Brand Copywriting, Email Copywriting, SEO Copywriting, Content Marketing, Social Media Copywriting, etc.

The aforementioned list of copywriting training courses will help you learn these types thoroughly and may help you choose a niche in copywriting. One cannot do everything and that’s why we have certain goals and interests in life. We all only do those things best in which we are good at. Similarly, having a niche in writing is also very important so that you focus on that area specifically, give your best and achieve rewards.

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01. What fundamental abilities are required to be a copywriter?

Ans.  The first skill that one must possess is to have convincing power. You must be able to convince your audience in such a way that you create a desire in them for the particular product or service. The second skill is that you need to be creative in your thoughts and ideas because to convince someone you also need to have a creative mindset, thinking out of ordinary. Next, you must have good communication, research and SEO skills.

02. What makes a successful copywriting niche?

Ans.  In the world of copywriting, the technology sector is a fantastic area to focus on. It provides a fresh viewpoint and can be used to produce material that is unique. This implies that there is a sizable demand for copywriters who can write about cutting-edge technology and how they operate.

03. How many different areas of copywriting are there?

Ans.   It might be incredibly challenging to select one among the many lucrative copywriting areas available. It happens frequently to have a notion of what you want to do and then change your mind about it within five minutes. Technology copywriting, medical copywriting, legal copywriting, and finance copywriting are a few of the copywriting specialities with the highest salaries.

04. Can you begin writing copy without any prior experience?

Ans. The answer is yes. You don’t need to have an experience in the copywriting industry to start your career in copywriting. You just need to be exceptionally creative, have amazing convincing abilities and possess good communication traits.

05. Is copywriting a viable career option?

Ans. Copywriters have a bright and secure future. Whether it is done full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer, copywriting is here to stay.

06. Is a degree required to work as a copywriter?

Ans. No. you don’t necessarily need a degree in copywriting just need persuasive, creative and communication skills. If you can create a desire in people’s minds to know what your audience wants or needs then you can be a copywriter even without any formal degree or qualification.

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  1. The copywriting training that I took was very informative and well structured. I learned a lot of valuable copywriting techniques that I am now applying to my work.

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  3. The copywriting training exceeded my expectations! It provided valuable insights on crafting persuasive messages that truly resonate with the target audience.

  4. I enrolled in the copywriting course in Nigeria and saw an immediate improvement in my ability to write persuasive content.

  5. This is definitely a course worth considering for anyone looking to take their copywriting skills to the next level

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