TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification course provides you an opportunity to teach as an English teacher in Nigeria, you will gain the opportunity to play an integral role in the lives of young Nigerians by helping them in honing their skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the global economy.

It will probably help create a more literate society, one with better job prospects and a more informed citizenry. You can also take part in the vibrant culture and language of Nigeria, immersing yourself in its unique history and customs. This course is easily accessible in offline as well as in online mode. This blog is about the Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in Nigeria and worldwide.

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Course

Henry Harvin Contact No: +1 (253) 7858210

Henry Harvin Online Classes


Henry Harvin is ranked no.1 under the Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in the world. It offers the best of trainer expertise, E-learning access, internships, guaranteed job and many more in just one platform. It provides you with plethora of opportunities to teach in Nigeria as well as in other continents across the globe.

Henry Harvin TEFL Course Duration and Fees:

  • Core-Interactive 40-hour sessions led by the best trainers.
  • 24-hour Community Sessions covering 12 months period.
  • E-Learning Access of 56 hours with the help of different teaching techniques and tools like animated videos, lessons, assignments, etc.
  • 1-year free access to as many batches from day 1 without paying any extra charge.
  • For Fees Information Visit:


  • AAEFL Certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Course Certification from Henry Harvin®.
  • TEFL Certificate provided by Cambridge after succeeding in the Cambridge TKT test.
  • Another TEFL Certificate provided by Trainings Qualifications UK after succeeding in the test.
  • You can also get a Microsoft certificate after completing the Microsoft Certified Educator Program.


  • Trained professionals the expertise of 10+ years in teaching English to foreign students. Their   experience and skills to train lead to the best learning results.
  • The trainers guide you with experience teaching 900+ students across the globe.
  • Access to multiple sessions from different trainers.

Gold Membership Benefits

To avail of the following benefits get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® TEFL Academy:

  • Interview Post Course-Completion: Full guidance on how to attend and succeed in an interview.
  • Internship: Attend the full Internship provided by Henry Harvin®.
  • 100% Job Support: Regular Job Assisting E-mails and opportunities.
  • E-Learning Portal plus LMS Portal Provides Projects, Self-Studies, Recorded Lessons, Games, and much more.

Why Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Course?

The beauty of this TEFL/TESOL Certification Course lies in its versatility. Almost everyone is concerned and involved in the teaching profession.


The course is best for:

  • Amateur Teachers seeking Teaching as a Career.
  • Already Experienced Teacher interested to apply abroad.
  • Any Employee switching to Education Industry.

Other Henry Harvin TEFL Course

Post Graduate Program in TEFL

Henry Harvin Students Review

1.Nikhil Singh

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Till now it’s been a wonderful experience for me and I hope this will continue. Pranav bataskar sir is an exceptional trainer the way he teaches is wonderful.

2. Anirudh

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Regarding my trainer Pranav Baraskar, I found his classes very knowledge oriented and very friendly for doubt clearing and interaction. i enjoyed learning from him since he has wealth of knowledge and patient to teach and enrich a student.

3. Vaishnavi Deshmukh

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Sunil Aggarwal
His method of teaching is excellent. Instructor’s knowledge and presentation skill(with experience) is amazing,course is well-structured.This is very interesting course with techniques and processes that I can definitely implement in my working environment.
Thanks you Sir Sunil Aggarwal

 2. The Language House TEFL

Contact no: +420 773 935 048

Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses


  • The Language House TEFL is a teaching abroad company in Prague. You can apply anywhere on the globe after getting the certificate as this company has worldwide ties.
  • It is one of the most considered teaching English abroad programs across Europe. This is why an award-winning TEFL certification course is highly recommended to graduates.

The Language House TEFL Course Duration and Fees:

  • The total duration of the course is 4 weeks. After completing this accredited course, you can easily teach English without any degree.
  • It is not just a 4-week course, but you will also get to learn about how to manage your new lifestyle abroad. At the same time, job opportunities will knock your door under a week.
  • Certain criteria are required to qualify for this TEFL course. You must speak the English language fluently and the age should be minimum 21 years. No teaching experience is required instead you must have a BA/BFA degree, current students can also apply.
  • Fees Detail: Visit Site
  • Address: Education Center SPUSA Na porici 1038/6 110 00 Prague 1 Czech Republic
  • Website Link:

3. International TEFL Training Institute Lagos (ITTI)

Contact no: +234 810 526 0306


ITTI is one of the topmost institutes under the Top 10 TEFL Certification Program in Nigeria. It offers specifically one of the best faculties to provide you with real-time teaching experience, practical sessions, free certificate and much more in Nigeria.

ITTI TEFL Course Duration and Fees:

  • 4 weeks (120-Hour) of intense training.
  • 8 weekends (120-Hour) of extensive training.
  • 120-Hour practical combined sessions both in the offline and online mediums.
  • Total fee $1000 (pay only $300 initially and save $700 for later).
  • The course fee also consists of course material along with the certificate.
  • Address: 57/59 Owutu-Isawo Rd, Owutu 104101, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Website Address:

Why ITTI Lagos?

  • ITTI Lagos offers an attractive coastline that is open to the sun across the year.
  • Lagos Island Market in Nigeria is a hub of exclusive native-foreign jewelry to clothing and a place for shopping lovers.
  • Spread over many layman streets like Balogun and Breadfruit Streets undeniably it is the biggest shopping district in West Africa. It enchants most of the tourists towards its markets.
  • You can complete the 120-Hour online TEFL Certification at your own pace i.e. up to six months extension.

TEFL Course Features

  • 120-Hour assignment-based intensive TEFL certification course is considered by all schools worldwide. This course is mandatory for some of the schools and owing to that point they cannot run without accessing this particular program offered by ITTI.
  • The daily curriculum and teaching methodology addresses the trainees to illustrate on how to manage the class, make grammar an interesting topic; teach with an easy and understandable accent.
  • No doubt, this 120-Hour offline TEFL training will give you a position as an English Trainer in Nigeria and several Middle Eastern countries including South Korea, Japan, and Dubai, Saudi Arabia at a high-paying salary.
  • In due time you will get the opportunity to teach actual EFL/ESL students in a 7-day consecutive session post completing the course at the TEFL training center (Lagos). Those golden hours will give you real-time teaching experience and practice.

Certification Process

  • Earn TESOL / TEFL certificate online recognized and accredited at an international level. Teach your favorite subject to foreign students from anywhere in the world.
  • TEFL Training offers you with latest TEFL / TESOL programs which are technically updated with an interactive training team and media therefore enhancing the learning exposure. Without a doubt the trainer will assist you in each step as you learn.

4. Agape Volunteer

Contact no: +44 (0)845 519 8469


  • Agape Volunteers is known for its program of teaching English abroad since 2011 under the Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses. This is one of the best opportunities for those who want to travel abroad or teach English without completing a degree.
  • It works in several African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania, with this purpose in mind to focus on volunteerism, tourism, and general development.


  • In the present time it is a UK-registered charity, made up of experienced volunteers who have relevant knowledge in the field of teaching abroad. Volunteer English lessons in Ghana as there are many children who are eager to improve their English but usually don’t get the chance. As a volunteer English teacher in Ghana, you need to teach at a local school that works with Agape Volunteers.
  • In addition to teaching 5 days a week, you will also have free time to explore the country, relax, and immerse yourself in the country’s culture and natural beauty.

Course Fees and Duration

5. International TEFL & TESOL Training (ITTT)

Contact no: +44-800-680-0663

Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses


  • In the Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in Nigeria, ITTT offers you a passport with exclusive English teaching overseas programs to make you teach like a professional anywhere across the globe.
  • Their package of courses includes online courses, in-person courses as well as combo courses to choose from as per your comfort and requirements, and that too without a degree.
  • With ITTT’s high-quality and accredited courses aspiring applicants can easily get a job in foreign lands without any past teaching experience.

ITTT TEFL Certification Course Duration and Fees:

  • ITTT gives you a 4-week i.e., 160 hours course duration with the guaranteed job after the completion of the course.
  • In addition to that they give you other different programs i.e.  60- hour intro TEFL sessions and 470- hour core session packages.
  • Course Fees: US$ 299
  • Address: 3680 Wilshire Blvd Ste P04 – 1562 Los Angeles, CA 90010 U.S.A
  • Website Link:

Teach English in Spain

  • In the long run, ITTT is accredited by the BOAA as one of the most considered courses for teaching English in countries like Spain.
  • After a 4-week classroom course, you can easily teach the Spanish students.
  • Being a teacher, you are required to invest 12 to 25 hours per week which will give you enough time to enjoy the Spanish culture.
  • With a TEFL certification you will get chances to start personal coaching in Spain to save yourself a further amount of money.

Teach English in Italy

  • Italy is popular for its food and decent culture and all this together it is a big job market for English teaching professionals in abroad.
  • ITTT is a suitable teaching English abroad platform while in the meantime provides you to cherish Italy to the extent.
  • TEFL certificate will probably increase your chance to acquire a job as an English teacher but doing thorough research on your contracts would be helpful. Before applying to any school, know the details of the education system in Italy.

6.  Plan My Gap Year

Contact no: +1 206-582-7687

Plan My Gap Year


  • As under the Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in Nigeria, Plan My Gap Year’s programs aid for teaching English overseas, you can engage kids who genuinely need your direction for a better future. It offers you employment options in numerous nations across the world, such as Ghana, Bali, Cambodia, Fiji, and Morocco.
  • New volunteer programs are launched every year that include nations like Costa Rica, Peru, etc. These programs provide you the ability to work with a wide range of pupils from underprivileged young people in Asia to young adults in the South Pacific.

Plan My Gap Year Course Fees and Duration

  • Plan My Gap Year began its adventure in 2011 and has since recruited more than 3000 volunteers worldwide. To learn the fundamentals of teaching English, it provides 60-hour TEFL Express online courses.
  • The courses are accredited internationally in teaching English abroad in addition to that a knowledgeable team continually monitors and evaluates your performance every year without any delay.
  • Course Fees: Visit Site
  • Address: Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA, 98122
  • Website Link:

Why pursue My Gap Year Program?

  • With My Gap Year’s programs for teaching English overseas, you can encourage young students not to leave school between semesters thus motivating them to finish their education and have a brighter future.
  • Your university degree and this Plan My Gap Year TEFL certificate will undoubtedly help you land a position to teach English in Morocco, where you’ll need to stay for nearly six months to make a significant difference.

7. i-to-i TEFL

Contact no: +44 113 205 4610

Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses


  • Since 1994, i-to-i TEFL has provided programs for teaching English overseas of the highest caliber. Tourists who want to instruct English abroad these programs are specifically designed for them.
  • The best aspect of i-to-i TEFL is that it has connected with 300 schools and organizations, on account of which ensuring a stronger network for those who wish to teach English overseas without a degree.
  • As under the Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses i-to-i is a part of the TEFL experience, this program provides travelers with both long and short-term trips to many nations throughout the world, including China, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and more.

i-to-i TEFL Course Duration and Fees:

  • The 120-hour TEFL program is one of many courses offered by i-to i, and it is quite well-liked. You can apply to better schools to teach English overseas with a higher salary if you have this certificate.
  • You can also enroll in a 60-hour TEFL program. More while all of these courses combine all crucial components, making them extremely helpful in preparing people for teaching English abroad. It ensures that every graduate is hired to teach English abroad after completing the course.
  • You will be prepared to teach English anywhere in the world with precise concepts of grammar and vocabulary, classroom management, lesson planning, and of course a sample teaching session.
  • Course Fees: Visit Site
  • Address: 4th Floor, Wilson House, Lorne Park Road, Bournemouth, England, BH1 1JN, United Kingdom
  • Website Link:

8. The International TEFL Academy (ITA)

Contact no: +44-203-318-6930

The International TEFL Academy


  • The International TEFL Academy is an excellent resource for ESL teachers looking for a better teaching English abroad curriculum. Under the Top10 TEFL Certification Courses, ITA offers recognized TEFL courses in various nations. After finishing the course, you can also access part-time online education and job advice.
  • You might find it interesting to know that ITA has more than 25,000 alumni who can provide you with travel advice and teaching manuals for teaching English abroad.

The International TEFL Academy TEFL Course Duration and Fees

  • You may learn all the necessary skills for teaching English overseas without a degree through ITA’s online courses, including how to manage the classroom with confidence. If you are entirely prepared to teach English overseas then ITA professional advisor will help you get started with the process. You must devote 10–12 hours per week to the online lessons.
  • You will be able to teach English abroad with the help of the authorized TEFL certification from ITA without a degree. Throughout your job hunt, you can also seek assistance from ITA’s career counselors in person. They will lead you effectively because they have been in your shoes before.
  • Course Fees: Visit Site
  • Address: 916 West Diversey Parkway Chicago, IL 60614
  • Website Link:

9. Maximo Nivel

Contact no: +1 800 866 6358

Maximo Nivel


  • Maximo Nivel offers one of the best courses in the Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses. It introduces a program of teaching English in Nigeria and abroad to give away English teaching plus internships provided in Latin America.
  • It has collaborated with many NGOs and local schools in Costa Rica, Peru, and Guatemala to teach English without any degree ensuring at the same time to get you a job as an English teacher.

Maximo Nivel TEFL Course Duration and Fees:

  • The program includes a 4-week TEFL course along with other varieties of programs.
  • Costa Rica is a big job market for teaching English and that too without any degree. Over 100 language institutes recruit around 1000 foreign teachers every year.
  • The course provides 15-hour long practical sessions along with the feedback from already experienced teachers.
  • Course Fees: Visit Site
  • Address: Av. El Sol 612, Cusco 08000, Peru
  • Website Link:

Why study at Maximo Nivel in Costa Rica?

  • In addition to getting a teaching job in this platform it also provides you with plenty of other opportunities to earn overseas.
  • Settle-up prices are less in Costa Rica so you have to invest less and save more to support your budget.
  • The live teaching session makes your mind clear about the idea of real classroom teaching experience. You will be prepared to work in foreign countries like Costa Rica or elsewhere in the world.

Tips to get a job as an English teacher in China

  • On the whole China is considered to be the biggest job market and teaching English becomes easier because of the 300 million Chinese who seek to learn English in their daily curriculum.
  • You will become a professional English trainer with this TEFL program. No doubt, you will earn a handsome amount of salary which enables you to save almost $500 – $1000 every month. It would be better to do a good amount of research and consult with an expert to clear your doubts and queries.
  • At the final stage, apply for positions and online interviews. Remember to get all your important documents ready to start your new work journey quickly.

10. Abroadly

Contact no: 852-7111-766



  • Abroadly is a platform under the Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in Nigeria where you can teach English abroad and get a TEFL certificate with an affordable and quality English study abroad programs.
  • In the light of that you can join any of the position as a volunteer or paid intern or teach English abroad with their connections. That will give you access to a variety of noteworthy programs around the world.
  • Abroadly works primarily in the fields of children and youth education and development, so aspiring travelers can take part in over 150 special programs to make a social impact.

Why Abroadly?

  • In addition to that education and development, they also work on construction and community development, sports, health, human rights, and wildlife protection while abroad. This will also allow you to contribute to the betterment of the world at large and teach English abroad without a degree.
  • Also, you will also have the opportunity to receive a $500 scholarship, which you can effectively use at any stage of your journey.
  • Abroadly connects you with Camp Thailand, which offers a three-week trip to Thailand to teach English as a volunteer. Moreover, it provides both an opportunity to educate students by improving their English skills as well as an opportunity to get to know Thai culture from the ground up.
  • Address: 31/2, Second Floor Ashok Nagar, New Delhi
  • Website Link:


These Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in Nigeria are one of the most desirable courses across the world. In the same fashion, it offers you a lot of advantages so that you can live a life of your dreams. You can choose any of the best courses as there is plethora of them available.

If you love to teach English then this course is just made for you. Give wings to your career by teaching in countries like Nigeria, China and Italy after all exploring the world would be fun!

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Q.1. Is this course accredited?

Yes, this course has the highest level of AAEFL accreditation and is recognized worldwide.

Q.2. How will the TEFL Certification Course in Nigeria will benefit my career?

At the end of your TEFL certification, you will be able to earn a trusted and recognized credential. Enjoy unlimited job opportunities from around the world.  Access a unique platform of the highest paying jobs as a TEFL teacher.

Q.3. Who can take the TEFL course?

The online accredited TEFL Certification Course in Nigeria is open to anyone with a good command of English with a passion for teaching.

Q.4. What is the certification process after completing the course?

After the sessions are over, the candidate must take the test and submit the projects assigned during the session. Once this process is complete, the TEFL certificate will be issued via email.

Q.5. How long is the certificate valid?

The TEFL certificate is valid for life also there is no expiration time for this.

Q.6. When can I start the course?

The course can be started as soon as the registration process is complete. There is no fixed time for this.

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL Course

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