You often wonder, is it possible for a player who plays with words to earn a living from becoming a Copywriter? Do you want to learn the process of generating and delivering content? Do you desire to write a copy for business promotions or selling your product?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then you’ve identified your passion for the profession of becoming a successful Copywriter. Now you have to play with the competition, but you have to get started with understanding your client. Every copywriter may be a fresher, but a copywriter has to act smartly and apply creativity to the copy. More graphics with less text is a key to good copywriting. 

What is Copywriting?

There are different purposes to influence a specific group of people to take a specific action. Writing content for marketing or creating brand awareness is of utmost importance. 


Copywriters help to create newsletters, product brochures, social media posts, advertisements for all types of online business.

In short, copywriting is rearranging words to make things sell better.

Copywriting jobs are high in demand in India. Copywriting is a profession that involves creative ideas, graphic designing, content creation which interests many young graduates and people who like creativity of all ages.

Copywriting courses help you to become a professional writer. Let’s take a look at top copywriting courses in India as well as around the globe.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin has world-class copywriting courses.

Henry Harvin offers a Copywriting course that enables you to polish your writing skills for the text, or sales copy, for digital marketing, creating promotional materials for copywriting projects.

Copywriting courses from Henry Harvin help you to discover your writing skills, research skills, editing, and proofreading too. Blend every piece of copywriting with the Henry Harvin Copywriting course to bring out the best copywriter in you. You can understand the concepts in the writing process with a well-structured copywriting course. To give a winning approach for a particular piece of writing,  do not waste hours, sometimes days, fumbling over your words, give a right start to the complex copywriting techniques with the best Copywriting course in India from Henry Harvin.

There are top 5 reasons to be a part of Henry Harvin Education. They are:

  1. Proven record of providing quality learning with comprehensive study material
  2. Globally Certification is provided.
  3. Offers best Online E-learning options
  4. Experienced Copywriters, authors, Industry experts to provide practical training
  5. Vast curriculum with guaranteed internship and Job support. Henry Harvin Writing Academy provides training, online as well as in-person training in copywriting courses. Mentors provide live practical sessions covering major topics. Trainers provide assignments, case studies, in house discussions to help upcoming writers to convert their ideas into words.

Students have the opportunity to improve their mistakes. Expand your vision as well as knowledge and assess your grey areas in different fields of writing with the help of one of the oldest writing academies in India named Henry Harvin. Whether you are a blogger, digital marketer, entrepreneur, or willing to make your own website, the copywriting course at Henry Harvin will help you become a dynamic and excellent writer. Internet-friendly courses at Henry Harvin may help you in emerging as a copywriter.

Why Choose Henry Harvin?

  • For the upliftment of your writing career.
  • For Career growth
  • Improving our grammar and language skills
  • To learn from best writing experts, authors, bloggers, and social media experts
  • Knowledge expansion

Copywriting course helps you to learn copywriting concepts and also how to manage projects and tasks. You establish yourself as an efficient copywriter with live Projects & Case Studies. Bootcamps are conducted monthly to brush up on a writer in you for a year.

Copywriting Course by Henry Harvin

Industry experts and best trainers, authors, writers share their best knowledge with the students. A certificate is provided after regularly attending the classes. Copywriting course helps in sharpening our writing and selling skills. 

You can learn about the industry-specific research database, reports, and social media tools with many other creators and learners. Students are allowed to attend multiple sessions with multiple mentors, trainers, and dedicated teachers at Henry Harvin.

Benefits of Gold Membership Program

Aspiring writers get E-Learning Access to recorded videos, online study material, games, research projects, case studies, and writing samples. 12 Brush-up Sessions can be availed in a year ( 1 session in a month). Internship opportunities are there with Henry Harvin or with other collaborative companies. Email is sent for available job opportunities. There are mock sessions to improve Interview Skills. 

Alumni Status

After completion of a copywriting course from Henry Harvin, you can be a part of expert copywriters with an 18,000plus strong Alumni Network and supportive online community.

Takeaways from the Copywriting course

You can create sales copy/web copy, learn copywriting for acquiring successful sales

Polish your copy, find the right style of writing and know your reader

Transform your writing journey with the latest trends from industry experts

Write persuasive copy with practical tools and techniques

To acquire knowledge of the importance of writing research-based concise copy

 Know more about different types of writing

Importance of Graphics designing, visual conceptualization

Creating unique text according to Social media trends

The cost incurred: These self-paced courses cost 8,550 INR and if you go for the trainer-led online classrooms, it will cost 9,500 INR. EMI option is available.

Course Type: Classroom or E-learning

Duration of the Course: 16-Hours

To know more: Contact:+919015266266

E-mail ID: [email protected]

Related courses provided by Henry Harvin

Content writing course

Digital marketing course

Technical writing course

Medical writing course

2. Coursera

The Strategy of Content Marketing offered by UCDAVIS University of California. This online course offers different strategies content marketers use to generate leads and influence buyers. Planning and managing a content marketing strategy will benefit copywriters.

Writers will also gain an insight to analyze and measure the efficacy of content marketing in the competitive market. To write compelling copy and build your own USP. You will also learn how to manage the ideas presented to you into action and promote your own personal brand through content marketing.

E-Certificate provided upon purchase of the course.

Two types of enrollment are provided.

1)In audit mode, course material is for free.

2)You need to pay to earn a certificate.


The Complete Copywriting Course Write to Sell Like a Pro: This course offers copywriters to write sales copy to generate sales and flourishes their business. This copywriting course compels readers to look into the products offered. 

Udemy offers online courses in Content writing, copywriting, SEO, content marketing, and many more.

This copywriting course is suitable for Business owners, Content Writers, copywriters, and upcoming freelance writers

You get exposure to different business tools. There are repeatable formulas and timeless sales psychology tactics offered. To boost your confidence with sales techniques and persuasive writing is included in the course. 

Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and Competition Analysis is included in the course.

Templates and graphics are being provided to provide the basics of copywriting for beginners.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers an array of free courses for students.- Pixar in a Box: The art of storytelling is a unique writing course. Pixar used to create engaging and award-winning stories which influence the audience.

Writing methods used in Pixar gives an insight into different storytelling techniques in copywriting. As this course is free, copywriters will find it more valuable. Copywriting projects will get more lively with this copywriting course in India. 

Duration: Short Term Course

Mode: Free

5. Skill Share

Copywriting Basics for Successful Sales: Time-Tested Tactics that Prompt Action Copywriting basics for successful sales are an Online self-study course.

In this copywriting course, you will learn about entrepreneurship, CTA tone, Writing styles & Publishing, Marketing techniques, Business tactics,  Advertising, Graphics, Copywriting.

Master in copywriting with short-term course with 75-minute class. You learn how to identify audiences, writing techniques, and creating engaging headlines. This course is an online self-paced course. 

Duration: Short term

Level: Intermediate level.

6. Institute of Data & Marketing

IDM Award in Digital Copywriting by Institute of Data & Marketing.

The IDM Award in Digital Copywriting is recommended by many copywriters. It is a detailed examination of the psychology of digital copywriting. It includes techniques of copywriting. Persuasive writing is a major medium.

IDM is one of the elite academies in the UK. 7 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours cover concepts in copywriting. This course is expensive.

7. The Digital School

Online Copywriting Course with Certification: The Digital School offers short-term and long-term courses in copywriting, content writing and social media marketing.

In this course, video lectures are provided with a validity of 1 month. After completion of this online copywriting course, you will be able to write sales copies for digital platforms on social media. You persuade clients and customers to buy from you, after expertise from the course.

IIDE provides a certificate for this online copywriting course. Get trained from experts proficient in storytelling, content creators. This course is economical as well as the syllabus includes copywriting and design.

 8. Digital Marketing Institute

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing: This diploma course is the world’s most recognized Digital Marketing diploma course. Updated and trending courses by Digital Marketing Institute provide knowledge on digital marketing techniques and soft skills.

Recognized course with certification in Digital Marketing, landing pages, Google Ads, keywords, social media marketing, SEO, and techniques in copywriting. Become a certified digital marketing professional with online learning. One of the drawbacks is that the course is a bit expensive. 

9. Institute of Copywriting

Institute of Copywriting is located in Delhi, India. This institution is specifically focussing on copywriting courses only. Their official website is elegant and you may find the copywriting courses offered by the institute. 

The copywriting courses offered are in person only. To show your interest in applying for the copywriting courses, you need to send an email to the institute of copywriting.

The Six-Week Foundation Course on Copywriting: This copywriting course offers techniques in copywriting, sales copy, social media campaigns, and advertising styles to convert readers into buyers.

This course is open to all. The course has physical classes, assignments. The Foundation course is not available all year round with specific batches only.  

The 3-Month Copywriting SuperClass: This is an advanced level course with a focus on experienced copywriters who are suitable to enter the Industry. Upon successful completion of the six-week foundation course will take you to the next level of the copywriting superclass course. Topics covered are Copywriting techniques, brand positioning, various campaigns, social media types.

The 3-Month Portfolio Creation Course: The portfolio creation course is meant for those who pursued the Copywriting superclass course before. For writing and conceptual abilities, the Portfolio course helps in building a portfolio that may be helped in entering the highly competitive market.

How to apply: Contact [email protected]

10. Upgrad

Copywriting courses

Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication: Upgrad offers an advanced-level course with certificates provided by MICA and Facebook. In this online course, Industry experts provide training for digital marketing. 

The course can be completed in four levels: Branding and communication, Social Media and content marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Marketing Communications – Public relations. You have the option to choose whether you wish to pursue all the above-mentioned courses or choose any specialization.

Eligibility: Sales Professionals, amateur copywriters, Entrepreneurs

11. Universal Computer Art:

This institute situated in Thane offers one of the best copywriting courses in India. What makes their copywriting course with certification stand out is they have a copywriter as a trainer. This will help the learners to learn the course practically. Universal Computer Art is a training centre that offers many courses such as web designing, graphic designing, and many other related courses. The course will last for a total of 3 months along with a project for 1 month. Both regular batches and weekend batches are available. The course is mainly for those who want to improve in the aspects of creative writing. Not for technical or academic writing. 

12. Miami Ad School:

It is an institute that basically focuses on creativity and improving the students to develop their creative skills. They offer copywriting certification courses based on both academic and creative aspects depending on the student’s choice. It offers basically two types of copywriting course with certification and they are considered the best copywriting courses in India. The two copywriting courses are

  • The Copywriting Master’s Program – It is an academic program which offers students the opportunity to learn with the Florida International University.
  • The copywriting Portfolio Program – It helps the learners to get a career in the field of copywriting after completing the course.

Other than copywriting, the Miai Ad Schools many other programs such as photography, art designing, etc. 

13. Omnivore Academy:

It is an online learning academy that focuses only on copywriting certification courses. However, getting into their copywriting certification course can be difficult as it requires the student to pass a test called Advertising Creative Aptitude Test (Ad-CAT). It can be considered one of the best copywriting courses in India because they have award-winning writers as its trainers. The course comes with 2 months of internship assistance. Apart from that, students will have the opportunity to learn one-to-one from creative directors from the industry. To enrol, one must register for the AdCAT. After registration, the students will get the questions in the mail which they have to answer within 72 hours. Once you passed, you can enrol in the course.

14. MyCaptain:

This is an online learning platform that offers many skill-based courses to students including copywriting certification courses. The copywriting course with certification comes with a combination of content writing courses as well. MyCaptain also offers courses in the field of design, technology, and marketing. However, the courses are a bit costly here and come in packages where students can take a combination of courses. It is one of the best copywriting courses in India and costs Rs.55,000/. Guaranteed placement support is provided to the students. The total duration of the course is 3 months and covers various aspects of writing. 

15. The Knowledge Academy:

It is situated in Hyderabad and offers copywriting certification courses and many other courses in the field of design, technology, marketing, etc. This copywriting course with certification is a masterclass course that is only for a day but almost covers every aspect of copywriting. There are no prerequisites and anyone who is interested can attend this course. The course is there both online and offline in various locations. This institute claim to provide the best copywriting courses in India and globally. Apart from this, they also conduct a web and email copywriting masterclass course. The course fee starts from $11995 euros and dates and locations can be known on their website.

Fundamentals of Copywriting

In the ocean of words, copywriters play an important role. For a  press release, or product launch, or for all types of internal or external communication, copywriting skills are the key to success.

To improve your copywriting skills, analyze the common writing mistakes which should be avoided. Creativity, unique selling skills will make a copywriter achieve their goal of creating value-added content.

Who Should Opt for Copywriting?

Copywriting and marketing. Marketing and Copywriting go hand in hand. Understanding both fields can lead to pursuing a good course in copywriting.

Copywriting is a vast subject. Techniques that apply to the purpose of making a copy you’re writing include so many areas of digital marketing such as Google Analytics, SEO, brand positioning, brand awareness, and many more marketing skills.

A copywriting course will make you a professional copywriter. How to create the content smartly is the main object of writing.

You need to trust the educational material. We need to research the subject/product. The educational material provided will give you the methodology to go deep into your subject of copywriting in the right way. So have faith in your trainers and the material provided by your institute.

What does a Copywriter do?

For Marketing, digital marketing, copywriters pitch the brand to the target audience for driving sales or for lead generation.

Copywriters have an impact on readers to take action.

Copywriters play with the words, use emotions to close the deal.

For making a huge impact on social media, Copywriters put words related to emotions, positivity, to convince the buyer to look into the product. 

For advertisements, product releases, newsletters, product brochures, catalogues, or social media posts, copywriters generate graphics with little text to attract their target audience.   

We do agree that in every profession we may face some challenges and implications and so it is highly applicable in Copywriting too. You need to face competition.

Having patience with unique ideas is a key to success in Copywriting. In Copywriting, a writer should be able to meet his commitment and understand the target audience. 

Time management and discipline will add good implications in content creation. Respect for the client’s expectations may help a writer to establish himself in the market.

So a good content writing course will give you success in achieving your writing goals.

I am sure you must have reflected that for establishing yourself as a good copywriter, a good course in copywriting is a cherry on the cake. In this digital world, there are so many courses in copywriting in India and around the world that can help you shine as an efficient content writer. 

Copywriting courses in India have given a lot of exposure to aspiring writers. There are online copywriting courses as well as In-person copywriting courses available in India. Even some copywriting courses are free or with little amount. 

Copywriting courses in India attract youth, creative writers, people from all professions who want to seek extra income, entrepreneurs who wish to increase their product sales. Beside Copywriting courses in India, there are diplomas, degrees in advertising, Digital marketing, SEO optimization, Content Writing too.

Skills Require

Being a copywriter requires a lot of skills. A good copywriter must possess excellent communication skills, marketing knowledge and technical skills combined. By doing Copywriting Courses in India, one might be able to gain skills like researching techniques, grasp at the workings of SEO, being in the current trend, knowledge of social media, connecting and engaging the audience and increasing the brand’s awareness.

A copywriter must be a wordsmith, making the content clear and precise to the readers thereby engaging and connecting with the target audience through the words. 

Copywriting Courses in India Jobs

Being a copywriter opens up to jobs on various media formats, from radio to tv and for websites, catalogs and advertising. There is a huge opportunity in the advertising field where the copywriter is highly involved in the creative sessions while branding the product, marketing it through several media and revamping it for the required medium.

On the sole writing side, one can become a content writer for sales copies, product descriptions, technical guides and reviewing and editing the content that comes under the job’s description. Copywriters are required in every company and the opportunities are wide open.

Copywriters Salary

Copywriters in India have a decent pay scale from the beginning of the job. Freshers can be paid an average of 5000 per month. And the salary differs from company to company and the place that the company is located. And the average salary for copyright with under a year’s experience can range from 20,000 to 24,000. A well-reputed or a well-experienced copywriter can be paid in lakhs even!


Customers do not buy products, they buy utility. Persuasive writing may influence the buyers to be convinced by the brand positioning.

From amateur copywriter to professional copywriter needs to understand the value of retaining customers or businesses. Copywriting courses help us understand various copywriting techniques, tips on how to write sales copy, target new customers as well as retain old customers. 

The importance of Digital Marketing and growing trends in the sales market can be learned through mentors, industry experts. You may find thousands of copywriting courses in India, online as well as in-person training, though you are the right person to choose from.

To gain a competitive edge and to write persuasive copy for our target audience, we need to be proficient in copywriting. Copywriting courses may give us the vision to grow and progress with a level of professionalism. 

Copywriters might use marketing tools to inform, advise, influence or persuade buyers. Courses are so many but how you choose the best suitable course for you depends on the topics covered and are trending to become a successful copywriter.

Online copywriting courses may be in demand, so you may choose the right course for you from your home only. As writing as a career is already gaining popularity, what are you waiting for? Go and grab a course that will make you a wordsmith.

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Q-1. Why do you want to become a Copywriter?

Ans- Being an aspiring copywriter, an individual must analyze what inspires him/her to become a copywriter. You can reflect upon:
To persuade readers
To bring Creativity in writing style
I am having strong research skills
Trying to sell
If I need to work upon my Language Skills?
My reading habits
Writing as a passion
Understanding the needs of our target audience
Understanding Web Content and Social media tools such as SEO, SMO, Google Analytics
Bring life to a content

Q-2. How would I judge which Copywriting Institute is best for me to join?

Ans- Certified courses to be preferred
Check the duration of the course
Analyze your need
Who are the trainers for the program
What is the course curriculum

Q-3. Which online Copywriting courses are trending?

Ans- Creating content, sales copy can be challenging. Right Copywriting course can create wonders. A budding copywriter should search for:
Call to action (CTA)
A course that helps in creating powerful and value-added content
A course that helps you get traffic to your website
Get fans, followers, subscribers, and more sales
Establish expertise in copywriting
Attract readers to your website

Q-4. What is the course curriculum for a good content writing course?

Ans-Basics of Content Writing
Going digital with Website hosting and designing
Content creation
Language skills
Digital vs Non-digital content
Writing Styles
Different tones in writing
Research for Writing
Search Engine Optimization    
Logo designing

Q-5. Who should go for Copywriting/Content Writing courses?

Ans- Aspiring Writers
Students having a passion for writing
Social Media Strategists
Mass communication specialists
Aspiring journalists
Content creators

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