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Why go for Project Management Certification Courses?

The sky’s the limit in terms of possible knowledge. The finest project managers recognize the value of constantly learning new techniques to complete their projects better. Project management books, productivity apps, and online Project Management Certification courses in Nigeria can help employees manage projects more effectively.


Traditionally, education has only occurred in formal settings with teachers and students. In contrast, recent technological advancements, such as online course platforms and virtual learning websites, make it convenient to attend classes from anywhere.

If you found your way to this website, it’s likely because you were looking for online courses in project management. There is a tremendous quantity of knowledge available on the internet, but if you’re here, it means you were looking for something specific.

This article also compiles some of the best online resources for free and commercial project management training courses to make getting started as easy as possible.


Project Management Certification

Nigeria is the world’s second-largest film industry and is Africa’s fashion, tech, and creative powerhouse. Nigerians are recognized for their warm, creative energy.

Nigeria project management course Lagos Nigeria has a PMI-accredited project management center. Piston & Fusion Business Academy is a PMI Accredited Centre.

PMP Training in Lagos and other Nigerian cities is open to anyone with a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or worldwide equivalent).

  •  7,500 hours of project management.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • 4,500 hours project management course
  • 35-hour project management training.
  • It provides Project Management certification

1 . Henry Harvin Project Management Certification

Henry Harvin Contact No: +1 (253) 7858210

Project Management Certification

Nine Courses in One for the Project Management Certification Professional Exam

  • Live, online, interactive classroom training for 36 hours
  • Projects: Capability to Carry Out Projects, Including Scheduling, Scope Management, and More
  • Practical Experience Gained Through Internships
  • Receive your Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification from Henry Harvin®, a well-known training company worldwide.
  • Placement Rate: One hundred percent assistance for an entire year following completion
  • E-learning provides easy access to various resources, including instructional videos, quizzes, and other evaluation forms.
  • Bootcamps: A Year of Consistent Bootcamps
  • Ask Henry Hackathons and Other Free Competitions
  • Henry Harvin® Management Academy Membership: One-Year Gold Membership to the PMP® Training Program

Learn More About Our PMP® Exam Prep Course

  • Project Management Professional (P.M.P.) certification is also widely acknowledged worldwide to set qualified project managers apart from the competition.
  • The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification program will help you become more efficient and drive improved project performance, even if you’ve never been interested in managing projects. The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification course validates your competence to manage projects, much like the Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) credential does for accountants.
  • It’s a great asset to your resume, current job, and professional portfolio. Professionals in India who complete the PMP® certification program see a significant increase in their compensation. As far as I can tell, certified P.M.P.s should expect a salary increase of around 25% compared to non-certified project managers.
  • A PMP® training course is your ticket into the world’s most exclusive club of project managers. P.M.P.s are encouraged to join online communities where they can meet other people and share information about what’s new in their field.
  • Education leading to the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification can pave the way to a prosperous career. Polls have shown that project managers with P.M.P. credentials are more likely to get their dream job.
  • This provision is because P.M.P. certification signifies a candidate’s project management skills and knowledge.
  • Executives at some of the world’s most famous corporations are PMP®-certified.
  • If you sign up for the PMP® Certification Training Course, you will also get a free Business Analytics Course.

PMP Functions

  • Project managers worldwide who oversee the development and completion of several projects in their organizations can benefit from earning the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential. Some of the essential tasks that PMP®-accredited project managers take on include the following:
  • Establish the goals and parameters of the project.
  • Organizing and prioritizing tasks to ensure a smooth project launch
  • Analyzing the risks
  • cost and time estimates
  • Allocating resources and making expenditure plans
  • Documenting procedures and creating flowcharts and timetables
  • Tasks are to split into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • The process of monitoring and reporting project development
  • Controlling team dysfunctions and developing solid teams
  • taking charge of team processes and exerting influence at the strategic level
  • Utilizing the PMP® methodology’s best practices
  • Staying in full compliance with all laws and rules during a project
  • Retain the interest of the project’s stakeholders.
  • Keep private information secret and secure.

The Training Methodology of Henry Harvin®

  • Currently Active Projects: During the program, participants work on real projects, which gives them valuable hands-on experience. This Project management training helps them understand the ideas and gives them practical hands-on experience.
  • The methodology that’s One of a Kind incorporates a variety of strategies that are in sync with our One-of-a-Kind G.C.A.O. (goal-centric and action-oriented) approach to teaching. This training ensures that the movement naturally affects the people who get it.
  • Using Real-World Examples: With Henry Harvin Cutting-Edge®’s L.M.S., which has more than nine industry case studies and 16 real-world examples, you can learn about the challenges of project management in the real world and the best ways to handle them.
  • End-to-end Participant Involvement: The training is interactive from the very beginning to the very end, using a range of tactics such as reverse presentations, group exercises, brainstorming sessions, and hands-on practice with both statistical and non-statistical tools. The goal is to create value.

Henry Harvin® Management Institute educators

  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) instructors who have worked in the field for more than ten years are known worldwide.
  • Our trainers are experts in respective project management fields and have taught more than 900 students worldwide, so they have a lot of classroom experience.
  • Multiple training sessions with various instructors are also available to students.

Learn Project Management Professional Skills With Henry Harvin’s PMP® Certification Training Course

  • Project managers who have also earned the PMP® (Project Management Professional) Certification have demonstrated expertise in their field. The Henry Harvin® Management Academy’s Project Management Professional (PMP®) course also certifies that graduates have reached a high level of skill in their area.
  • Our Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Training in India equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to direct and coordinate extensive, multifaceted projects successfully. You will get access to a worldwide network of experts and enterprises owing to the skills you acquire in this course, and the global perspective on project management is one of the topics that training will fully explore.
  • You can reach your business and organization goals using PMP® techniques, such as starting, running, managing, and finishing projects.
  • We offer PMP® training in Delhi, PMP® training in Bangalore, and PMP® training in Chennai. These courses also focus on the most up-to-date project management curriculum, practices, and core skills.
  • The course design is to help students develop their strategic and business acumen while also highlighting the importance of the work of a project manager. Henry Harvin’s PMP® training is your ticket to high-paying jobs in various industries.

The top ten reasons why you should enroll in our PMP® certification course:

  • Participants in Henry Harvin’s PMP® Certification Course are also to equip with the knowledge, assurance, and leadership abilities necessary to complete projects. Please look at the top ten reasons why you should study with us.
  • It teaches project management, resource management, risk management, value management, integration, change, control, schedule management, Gantt charts, and more.
  • Develops your business understanding and ability to manage projects to a new level.
  • Because it is the standard for project management, the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification program can help you move up in your field.
  • Allows project managers to use what they’ve learned in the PMP® certification course to manage any type of project at any level.
  • It helps you spot, analyze, and resolve problems in project management with more ease.
  • It teaches you how to lead and manage projects, guide teams, think critically, and keep your client’s needs in mind.
  • Superior time management skills increase workplace productivity.
  • Allows you to apply for over 3,000 job openings worldwide that specifically want PMP® certified trainers.
  • Learn how to manage projects using the most up-to-date methods, such as breaking tasks down, making a plan, assigning resources, making a Gantt chart, estimating costs, and keeping track of expenses.
  • Create strategies that it can also mold to fit the parameters of each project—complete tasks on schedule and within the set financial and resource limits.

The Return on Your Money

  • Henry Harvin Management Academy Lifetime Membership
  • A Directed Training Session After the initial training is complete, and there will be follow-up sessions of up to 24 hours spread out over the following 12 months.
  • New and Improved Course Notes
  • Gaining admittance to the L.M.S.
  • Videos of multiple sessions that lectures recorded. 
  • PMI’s 100% job placement, internship, and project support guarantees are only available to students in PMI’s PMP® certification training program.
  • Logo to display with your name. Consider Karan Singh (PMP®)
  • Superior expertise in advertising across all social media channels
  • possibility to gain experience working with well-known organizations.

Henry Harvin Project Management Course Duration and Fees:

36-hour virtual field trip led by an instructor that looks at the theories, practices, and results of good project management.

For fees detail:

Other PMP Courses

2. Abuja Data School of Project Management Certification

Contact no: 07085804772

  • City: Abuja  
  • Visit Course: Project Management Training
  • Type of Education: Offline Learning
  • A work, event, or another significant objective may also be successfully completed with the help of project management, which entails the organization and planning of available resources within a business or other organization. This might be a project that takes place just once, or it could be a continuous activity.
  • Money, employees, technology, intellectual property, and finances are all examples of resources that may be handled. Your company or organization may also achieve its goals with the assistance of Abuja Data School, which offers all of the necessary training, lectures, and intelligence.
  • Project management is the most effective method for delivering things on schedule, without going over budget, and without exhausting all available resources.
  • The Abuja Data School will teach you the skills you need to ensure that your projects are finished on time and under budget while still providing you with the quality of output that you want. This program will teach you project management principles so you can instantly apply them to your business.
  • At the conclusion of the program, you will have the ability to manage the product scope, develop a work breakdown structure, and create a project budget.

Abuja Data School Project Management Course Duration and Fees

Course Duration: 2 – 4 weeks

Course Fees:

3. Dexnova of Project Management Certification

Contact no: +234 909 533 7324

Project Mangement Training
  • The Year of the Startup in 2015
  • City: Lagos 
  • Visit a website and also the course page to learn about project management professional (PMP) training.
  • Length: 4 Days
  • Price: $555.
  • Type of Education: Offline
  • Join the Project Management Pro PMP Training in Abuja if you want to pass also your exam the first time you take it.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP), a global certification that also recognizes the expertise and knowledge of project managers from all industries, is a sign that you can use best practices to deliver value.
  • Our Project Management Professional (PMP) training in Abuja was also made by experts in the field and is taught by certified experts. Team members, project managers, and other professionals can all benefit from Project Management Professional training.
  • This course is a great resource for people who want to learn about project management and take professional exams.
  • The Project Manager Professional Exam Prep Course Abuja is offered by DexNova Consulting. Participants will get study guides, templates, practice problems, and other tools to help them pass the PMP exam on their first try.
  • The Project Management Professional Certification is given out by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is the world’s leading organization for project management. PMBOK 6 Edition is what the current PMP exam is based on.

Dexnova of Project Management Certification Duration and Fess

For Course fees and duration visit:

4.GoSkills Project Management Certification

Contact no: +1 650 822 7732

Project Management training
  • Among the many things we appreciate about Go Skills are: I like the user interface and the fact that there is a free trial available. It’s great that people can try out the courses for free before committing to paying for them.
  • Savings of up to 90% are yours if you can also complete the course in seven days! However, don’t limit yourself to project management for corporate types merely. Project Management Professional (P.M.P.) certification, Scrum for Project Managers, and more are just a few of the excellent project management course offered by Go Skills . That’s why it ranks so highly among the systems we provide.
  • Take it from the author: If you don’t like paying monthly, buy the Lite version.
  • There are both individual and group subscription options available for Go Skills

GoSkills Project Management Certification Duration and Fees:

  • Price: $199 a year after a 7-day free trial
  • For course Duration visit:

5. Cornell University Project Management Certification

Contact no: +1-607-330-3200

Project Management training
  • Among the many beautiful aspects of this Cornell University course are: in this less than 35-student-per-classroom instructor-led project management course, which implies that the instructor will focus on you as an individual and provide you with lots of one-on-one attention during class.
  • This program also aims to give people a better understanding of project management by showing them tried-and-true methods and valuable tools.
  • Note from the author: When it comes to project management, eCornell puts a lot of weight on tried-and-true methods and approaches that work in the real world.

Cornell University Project Management Training Duration and Fees:

In terms of price, this choice is more expensive than others, coming in at $830 each month. Don’t forget, though, that this is a hands-on process.

For course Duration visit:

6. KnowledgeHut Project Management Certification

Project Management Course
  • Our favorite thing about KnowledgeHut is that all the courses are also current with the most recent PMP® Certification. The test was modified on January 2, 2021, to reflect the increasing need for applicants with a wider variety of skills and points of view. KnowledgeHut courses also cover the full range of value delivery strategies, from the very predictive to the highly adaptive and flexible hybrid models.
  • You’ll need to be available during their live sessions to earn the 35 PDUs available for this course. On January 2, 2021, the test also reflected the rising requirement for applicants with diverse talents and viewpoints.
  • Knowledge Hut courses also cover the full range of value delivery strategies, from the very predictive to the highly adaptive and flexible hybrid models. You’ll need to be available during their live sessions to earn the 35 PDUs available for this course.
  • They also offer a flexible schedule, and you can ask questions and receive responses from the course leaders in real-time. In addition to the 24 PDUs you earn through the on-demand course, you also receive five practice and five simulation exams to help you prepare for the real thing. They guarantee exam success or refund your money.
  • Note from the author: Early bird and group registrations typically qualify for discounts. Ask their KnowledgeHut chatbot about any current promotions.
  • Here’s how to join: View the schedule of upcoming courses.

KnowledgeHut PMP Certification Duration and Fees:

All taxes exclude from the $799 price tag, but you may spread your payments over 3, 6, 12, or 18 months to pay as little as $77 per month.

To Know more visit:

7. Pace University Project Management Certification

Project management course
  • What we appreciate about the Pace course is that it is an online course that also covers the fundamentals of efficient project management, including the identification and management of project scope, the use of appropriate tools and processes, and an introduction to the language of project management.
  • This course is one of the most outstanding projects management courses out there now, covering the fundamentals in a way that makes them applicable to various fields and professions.
  • This course is expensive, but it covers a lot of ground in just two weeks.
  • The course fee for two weeks is $695.
  • To enroll, please visit the Pace University website and submit an inquiry.

Pace University Project Management Certification Duration and Fees

Course fees: $1,999.00

Course Duration and other details:

8. Cybrary Project Management Certification

Project Management course
  • The benefits of the Cybrary program: It’s brief and precise. The P.M.P. training takes 5.5 hours. This course covers everything you need to pass the P.M.P. test and become a certified project manager. You will learn to prioritize time, money, and quality as the three pillars of successful project management.
  • After finishing this, you may enroll in “Practical Project Management.” The course also covers business project management basics, current trends, and the industry’s outlook for the future.
  • Signing up is simple via Cybrary’s website.

Cybrary Project Management Certification Duration and Fees:

Simple personal Cybrary accounts are free to create.

For More Detail visit:

9. InSite by Velociteach Project Management Certification

Project Management Course
  • The Velociteach’s Many Positive Features The InSight Project: Velociteach was established by Andy Crowe, a P.M.P. author, to provide specialized preparation for the P.M.P. certification exam. They also deliver several options for independent study, including the best-selling textbook for Project Management Professional (P.M.P.) exam prep, instructor-led P.M.P. boot camps, and an online, self-paced option via InSite.
  • A total of 47 hours of audio and video instruction, formula sheets, exercises, and 1100 practice questions in a timed exam scenario are to include in InSite’s four online P.M.P. Exam preparation courses. You can also save 20% by purchasing the online bundle, which offers a choice of 1, 3, or 6-month subscriptions.

InSite by Velociteach Pmp Certification Duration and Fees:

  • Course Fees: The complete P.M.P. exam preparation bundle costs $389, but you can also buy the courses individually.

Visit here For more Detail:

10. Grey Campus Project Management Certification

Project management training
  • Our favorite features of the GreyCampus program are: Positively, the Project Management Institute has validated the quality of this training program for P.M.P. certification. This course also provides in-depth coverage of a wide variety of project management-related subjects. Six months of unrestricted access to live boot camps puts this program among the best for aspiring project managers.

Grey Campus Project Management Certification Duration and Fees:

This class will set you back $900.

Visit here for More detail :


Project management is a tool every entrepreneur needs to also reach their strategic goals, establish their business procedures, and follow the steps in their business plan.

Through project management, it is possible to map out what needs to do, who will be responsible for what, and when.

However, various quick, participatory project management methods are also commonly employed. Typically, projects advance in steps or incremental stages.

Project management can use task diaries, work breakdown structures, and Gantt charts to keep track of a project and let people know when things are due and how things are going.

There might be many causes for a project to fail. The project’s management must also decide if the risks are manageable, if the project should go forward, or if Project management should put it on hold.

Instead of being a magic bullet, project management is essential to any company’s never-ending quest for improvement and reinvention. Because launches and operations are more likely to go well and keep going, risks can be lessened or even eliminated.

Because of your expertise in project management training, your employer may count on you to contribute to or carry out any company-wide projects.

The ability to see opportunities for improvement in the workplace and also take the lead on those opportunities is made possible through the study of project management.

Through project management training, it is possible to map out what needs to do, who will be responsible for what, and when. However, various quick, participatory project management methods are also commonly employed. Typically, projects advance in steps or incremental stages.

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Q1. What is PMP Certification?

Ans: The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is the gold standard in project management. Earning a PMP certification demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to lead projects successfully. Better efficiency and output benefit project managers professionally.

Q2.The company I work for has promoted me to project manager. Can I take the PMP Exam Plus?

Ans :The PMP course will improve your project management, resource management, risk management, value management, integration, change management, control, and scheduling skills. After you finish the P.M.P. of course, you’ll be more intelligent about business and better at managing projects.

Q3.To what extent can completing the PMP Will training help me advance my career?

Ans: PMP alumni are leaders in some of the world’s most prominent companies. According to most research, project managers who have completed the PMP Certification program have an advantage when applying for new employment and promotions.

Q4.How long does the PMP Training and Project Management Certification?

Ans: It takes 8-12 weeks to finish all PMP curriculum. You may get your PMP certification in 8–12 weeks after applying to the PMI, depending on how effectively you plan your study time, prepare for projects, and are guided through a PMP course. Read on to acquire PMP certification rapidly.
The course comprises 36 hours of live teaching, projects, an internship, boot camps, soft skills for professional progress, interview preparation, etc.

Q5.Are people with PMP certification in great demand?

Ans:Yes, PMP-certified experts are in great demand because their methods and approaches help projects succeed. Some customers also need PMP-certified project managers.

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