Business management skills are essential in current times and it will be excellent if your child has them as a teenager. Starting the knowledge of the entrepreneurs from the initial stage helps students with a clear perspective of the corporate world. The MBA course for teenagers has an extensive advantage in terms of their future growth. The purpose of this course is to build confidence and make them feel like they are one step closer to their dream. So that they can understand the challenges and improve the skill set in their early life accordingly.


Such Teen MBA programs are offered by Henry Harvin Education and Clever Harvey that mainly focus on teenagers building their careers from a tender age.

Henry Harvin is considered one of the strongest Clever Harvey Competitors. When we compare both the courses, Henry Harvin is a clear winner owing to its better course structure, mentor’s expertise and competitive fee structure.

The course is designed for teens to enhance their business skills and gain expertise in practical knowledge. Henry Harvin Education is a foremost online market-demanding skill training program and competency improvement institute. It is a trusted name for delivering groundbreaking and quality training programs globally. The institute has got certified recognition from the American Association of EFL, UKAF, MSME, and UK Cert & Project Management Institute. Moreover, they partnered with well-reputed colleges such as IIT Guwahati, IMI Delhi, IIM Visakhapatnam, IIT Bombay, FMS Delhi, IIT Delhi, and many more.

The Teen Academy program will act as a stepping stone between academic learning and the career ambitions of a teen. It will influence the developing mind with a life-long skill set that will greatly benefit any intended future career choice.

Junior MBA online training program by Clever Harvey for teenagers was established by the Ivy League and IIM alumni and certified by Ivy League faculty. The online Junior MBA program is specifically designed by IIM graduates for school-going students. The students after completing the course become familiar with innovation, entrepreneurs, critical thinking processes, masterminds, and can learn to represent their business plans to industrialists & corporate leaders.

The program also gives broad exposure to co-corporate roles and responsibilities to students which is not taught in schools and colleges. The program helps in sharpening the presentation skills and prepare them to be a leader in the real world. Junior MBA is an innovative program to build commercial insight for school students to have a sneak-peak of the business management environment and provide entrepreneurial foresight in the children. This program helps the students in their career decisions without wasting any time. It comprises an easy-to-understand and practical curriculum.

Why Junior MBA?

Today’s kids are way ahead of time, they are smart to implement their knowledge and only need a little guidance in their careers. The courses help teens to get a clear idea about business skills which will eventually impact their future career choices. 

It will polish up their entrepreneurial skills and help them understand the business strategies in a better way. It also teaches the skill of producing an economical marketing strategy that will open a new way of success. It will be beneficial for the child’s professional growth in later years.

Here is a comparative review between the Clever Harvey Junior MBA program and Henry Harvin’sTeen MBA program.

1. Course Curriculum

The Henry Harvin teen MBA course contains 8 modules. The aim of each module is to develop your business skills step by step. The course is divided into 2 phases.

  • The first phase is about Teen CEO- building business skills. This phase focuses on different business approaches and the ability to bring them into reality. Key skill sets taught in this phase are business planning, team management, and decision making. For example, build business Intelligence like Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple.
  • The second phase is the next step in which one can go for a specialized plan such as:

Teen CMO– Develop skills like the head of the marketing department of your company. Key skill sets taught in this plan are digital marketing, market segmentation, and steadfast market strategy. For example, creative marketing skills like Kelly Bennet, CMO of Netflix.

Teen CFO–  Learn to plan, implement and manage all financial activities. Key skill sets taught in this plan are budgeting, financial planning, and negotiation. For example, develop essential financial expertise like Ruth Porat, CFO of Google.

Teen CTO–  Learn to develop business ideas to solve world problems with technology. Key skill sets taught in this plan are tech problem solving, tech insight, and tech ideation. For example, knowing the industry technology ideas like Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon.

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Junior MBA courses by Clever Harvey are categorized on the participant’s interest. The program is divided into 3 main categories, so one can choose which program to enrol.

The aim of each category is to build you a business expert in that specific field and excel your career as a whole.

The categories are listed below: 

  • JuniorMBA in Strategy

This program is co-designed with Samsonite provides extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and business analytics.

It gives a broad understanding of value proposition, market sizing, team design, business prototypes, unit economics, and data interpretation for marketing and sales strategy

The course will help you to improve your decision-making ability, long-term thinking strategy, and ability to identify opportunities. Along with these skills, it will also help better your financial planning, budgeting skills, and data understanding. The industry tool used is Google data studio.

  • JuniorMBA in Technology

This program is focused on recent technology that includes the understanding of algorithms,  virtual reality, and its uses, applications of AI and ML, technology as a problem-solving tool.

The program is co-developed with infinity cars to educate students on how tech products are prototyped to achieve specific user goals. The industry tool used is Marvel Rapid Prototyping. The course helps you build an analytical mindset, computational thinking, innovation, versatility, and problem-solving skills.

  • JuniorCEO

This program is designed for those who want to get combined knowledge of Strategy and Technology. The course gives blended information about Strategy ​JrMBA, Technology JrMBA, and, Marketing JrMBA ​with lifetime benefits.

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2. Content description

Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA course that is amongst the top Clever Harvey competitors,helps students acquire knowledge about business management skills, business planning, and people’s roles in multiple faculty of business.

  • Learn to create own business design, consumers, and value propositions, and build CEO- confidence which is a supreme quality to lead the business.
  • Learn about fundamental resources in business modules. Knowledge about cost structures and earning streams.
  • The CEO module offers understanding about roles and responsibilities of the CEO, logo making for your own business, it also offers basecamps and googles calendar for managers. In addition, the understanding of the team and time management, along with control management and change management.
  • Learn about technologies in business, Figma, UI Design, and industry 4.0.
  • Learn brand management skills, market strategy, market research, market automation, and communication.
  • Get knowledge about financial analysis, google keywords and trends, and different approaches for getting loans for Startups.

The course content of Clever Harvey is based on project-based learning principles that improve students’ creative thinking ability.

  • The program provides knowledge about building business models, market data analysis, and sales strategy.
  • Learn the basis of value proposition, market sizing, finance, team design.
  • The purpose of the study is to solve real-life problems through assignments.
  • Clever Harvey uses case studies to bring to life the key concepts of an MBA which students then apply to a challenge.
  • This approach helps teens to understand complex ideas and they can manifest their understanding through direct application.

3. Program Methodology

Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA program process is as follows:

  • Enroll in Henry Harvin teen MBA program(t-MBA).
  • Learn the skills taught in the session as it will be beneficial for you to complete the projects and assignments assigned in the classes.
  • After completing the project deliver the mini-projects
  • Gain credits by attaining mentor-led training. To become eligible for the certificate you need to gain 20 credits. You can also view sessions recording in case you missed the live class.
  • After completion of the course get a certificate and share it on social media and build your academic profile.

Junior MBA program by Clever Harvey’s process is as follows:

  • Enroll in the Clever Harvey Junior MBA program.
  • Develop the skills and learn by interacting with mentors.
  • Practice the skills by applying your own understanding and knowledge.
  • Apply your new ideas by solving the company’s real challenges.
  • After delivering projects receive the certificate.

4. Course Schedule and Fee 

Henry Harvin 

The course is delivered through online mode

Duration: 24 Hours, per class session: 1.5 hrs – 2 hrs on weekdays/weekends

Fee: Rs. 7999/-

Clever Harvey

(JuniorMBA in Strategy, JuniorMBA in Technology)

The course is delivered through online mode

Duration: 25 Hours, 5 hours/ week

Fee: Rs. 15000/- for each course 

Junior CEO

75 hours of learning

Rs. 35000/- 

5. Who can enroll

Henry Harvin Teen MBA course-Students in Grade 8-12 can enrol

Clever Harvey Junior MBA-Students aged 13-18 i.e., entering 8th standard to those that have completed 12th can enrol

6. Mentor information

Henry Harvin’s mentors of the Teen MBA course are industry experts having experience working with CEOs, CFO’s, CMO’s and CTO’s. The faculty is expert in the field and has extensive knowledge in the respective domain.

The junior MBA course of Clever Harvey have mentors who are educated on the post-graduate level and have several years of teaching experience in the related age group. Many of them have teaching experience in international schools as part of their parent organization (Callido Learning).

Mentors understand teens and are friendly which is an important characteristic for that age group.

7. Benefit and Certification

Henry Harvin provides two certificates after the completion of the Teen MBA program. The first certificate is for the basic program and the second certificate is for the specialization. 

  • Get benefits of 1-year gold membership of henry Harvin Teen Academy. It includes access to online sessions, an E-learning portal, Recorded videos, brushup sessions, games, Profile Building, and case studies. Furthermore, get access to free interactive Bootcamp sessions for teenager’s mental growth for 12 months.
  • Get exposure to the business world and get hands-on business tools.
  • Learn to survive in a challenging business environment by entrepreneurial skills and creative thinking.
  • The classes are available for 24 hours as well as on Weekdays / Weekends
  • Get lifetime support, access, and free upgrade
  • Get career guidance and develop skills required for clearing interviews and build a superior profile

Junior MBA Program by Clever Harvey offers an industry-recognized certificate to give teenagers career clarity and industry exposure

  • Learn industry-relevant skills along with industry exposure, by working on a real company challenge. 
  • Design an interactive tech prototype on MarvelApp to promote sales for Infinity cars.
  • The program on Strategy and Technology guides you to launch your own tech idea and your own business plan accordingly.
  • Develop the ability to use your skills in real-world environments to solve problems that are new to the market.
  • Develop your communication skills and understand financial planning.


The concept of teen MBA for today’s kids are new and it seems impractical to many parents, as they still think it is for adults. Nevertheless, many people are now understanding the value of entrepreneurship education and its requirement at an early age. It will help the child to develop their innovative thinking as well as the development of CEO-like skills.

Many MBA courses for teenagers teach them about the basics of economics and management, along with the development of a diverse range of soft skills needed to succeed in their lives.

Advantages of Henry Harvin Teen MBA over Clever Harvey Junior MBA:

  • The major advantage is 1-year gold membership of henry Harvin Teen Academy. Get recordings and videos for additional support.
  • Access to free interactive Bootcamp sessions for 12 months.
  • Availability of classes for 24 hours and on Weekdays / Weekends
  • Career guidance and direction for clearing interviews
  • Faculty is an expert in the field and have wide experience 
  • The curriculum is broadly categorized into modules and designed as per the requirement of the teens
  • The program fee is also affordable and covered all curriculum content. Unlike Clever Harvey Junior MBA program which costs a high fee for each category.

From the discussed review, the students can clearly choose their training institute. After going through all the aspects of the course it can be concluded that Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA course is the best program to learn business skills which is amongst the closest Clever Harvey competitors. They have global recognition and were awarded by Business World Top Education Brands Award. 

The faculty has extensive knowledge in the respective field and offers courses at affordable prices. Also, the course curriculum is broadly categorized including all the essential skills required to succeed in business.

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Q1. What is the aim of the teen MBA program?

This MBA program is designed to educate and train young entrepreneurs. The course encourages them to think like innovators, acquire knowledge about business management skills, and business planning from an early age.

Q2. How to Interact in an online course?

The instructors are friendly, ready to help students and understand teens. Students can directly interact with mentors in similar ways as the classroom session. If a student faces any query during class they can directly ask the instructor and get it resolved. However, if some topics are not clear then they can watch the recorded session multiple times and understand the concept.

Q3. How can a teen MBA increase your child’s future opportunities?

MBA program for teenagers teaches a complete business discipline such as finance, marketing, and human resource management at an early age. They get to understand how the business operates which make them critical thinker, good decisions maker, great strategic problem-solvers. Doing MBA also pushes the kid to step out of their comfort zone, deal with pressure, apply management skills by solving challenges in the business world.

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    You have given complete details about the two-course providers- Henry Harvin and Clever Harvey for the Junior MBA program. Since Henry Harvin is the strongest Clever Harvey competitor. A deep comparison between the two courses is properly mentioned step by step in your blog.

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    The junior MBA program is a great initiative provided by some of the institutes. Henry Harvin is a strong Clever Harvey competitor offering this course. And your blog explains in a better way how these programs are much useful for the children in regards to their future career progress.

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    Amazing henry harvin junior mba course with an amazing teacher.

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    Additionally, I found the supplemental materials very helpful. Finally, sharing past student work with current students helped clarify the subject matter and gave me perspective on the required assignments. I wish more instructors did that!


    This Teen MBA course is essential and best learning experience.

    Thanks to Henry Harvin.

  10. Awesome, Wonderful concepts explained with lot of illustrations and quizes to help concept is well assimilated in mind and ready to apply. Its a best Teen MBA Course provided by Henry Harvin.

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    good opportunity to know about marketing concepts in digital prospective

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    Great introduction to marketing and its application in the Digital World. best Henry harvin teen mba training.

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    This Henry Harvin Teen MBA training is very help and gives you needed skill to apply at work .

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    Very detailed junior MBA course by Henry Harvin, you will no need the book to get through the course. All the content you will NEED is in the videos.

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