7 Major Career Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in 2021

You must be wondering about which lean six sigma certification is good for you and your career. The most common certification is lean six sigma green belt and lean six sigma black belt. In this article I am going to explain about the lean six sigma green belt career benefits.

A lot of organizations implement lean six sigma green belt certification because it is one of the ways to improve quality service. Green belt certification is professional certification used in an organization like manufacturing firms and process management organizations to ensure quality improvement.

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Many people and organizations wonder about implementing lean six sigma. There are lots of benefits one could enjoy as a certified green belt professional, and we are going to discuss some of those.

7 Major Career Benefits Of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification   

1. Competitive 

2. Self enhancement

3. Strategic benefits

4. Financial benefits 

5. Career paths after certification

6. Understanding six sigma tools and technique

7. Customer satisfaction

Cities in India Where Six Sigma Certifications are provided:

1. Competitive 

Through the implementation of six sigma you can improve your performance, compete with other colleagues and outsmart them.

Six sigma green belt certification will enhance your confidence. 

Your business strategy will depend upon the data collected and analysis which will help you in decision making. 

With the lean six sigma green belt certification you not only stand out in the crowd, you will diversify your job openings as well. As six sigma can be implemented in various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, advertising to name few.

2. Self Enhancement 

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

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With the training provided you will be confident enough in sharing your ideas and solving problems. You can speak confidently. Basically it boosts self esteem.

During the training process you will get to work on real projects which will give you an extra perk of experience. This experience will definitely help in your  career. 

Due to the diversity of six sigma implementations in various industries you can expertise in the industries of your choice. 

Certified green belt professionals will have an idea about the problems. They can eliminate the root cause subsequently preventing it from happening again.

3.Strategic Benefits

Lean six sigma green belt major benefits is that it helps the professionals to implement the strategic approach in the manufacturing process and solving complicated problems.

With lean six sigma green belt training professionals will be able to identify complex problems and solve them within a short span of time thus reducing the cost and increasing efficiency.

4. Financial Benefits 

Certified professionals can help organizations, which need improvement to provide better products or services with minimum errors. They help to improve business processes, reduce inventory and production costs, and quality depreciation, and increase the profit of the organization.

Hence, six sigma green belt certified professionals becomes valuable assets for any organization.

Here are the examples of some companies who had financial benefits after implementing six sigma.

  • General Electric claims to have saved more than $2 billion.
  • Allied signal claimed to save $800 million.
  • The US army claimed to save $2 billion. 
  • Johnson and Johnson reported $6million saving.
  • Texas Instruments reportedly saved more than $500 million.
  • Telefónica de Espana, 3 million Euros saving in first 10 months.

Lean six sigma green belt has financial benefits for both the organization and individual. The average salary of Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Professionals varies from one country to another and the chart below shows the salary range.

Country & CurrencyUSA(USD)UK(GBP)India(INR)UAE(AED)Australia(AUD)
Average Salary83,000-83,10041,000-41,100889,200-889,300223,100-223,200102,300-102, 400

5. Career paths after certification 

Mostly green belts focus on managing projects, improving business processes, and data analysis. Job prospects depend upon the industry and the projects they are handling. 

Here are the list of job titles for certified six sigma green belts

Six sigma consultant: With the management skills green belt will work with black belts and other team members like operations and analyze the business processes, advise business changes that will reduce the waste and increase product.

Process Engineer: As a process engineer green belt supports the leaders in evaluation of the products efficiency and quality.

Manufacturing Engineer: Green belts use the methodology of six sigma to eliminate errors and improve manufacturing processes.

Continuous improvement specialist: They collect the data and carry out analysis to find the root cause of defect or error, report the leader and make recommendations for the change. So their main job is to identify and coordinate improvement initiatives of the industry.

Quality Engineer: They are responsible to maintain customer satisfaction by providing quality products.

Operational Excellence Manager: They work with the team members at all the levels and report to the team leader.They play a key role in improvement projects.

Industrial Engineer: Inorder to improve operations they assess the product quality, production rate, product flow, and identify efficient ways to use equipment and employees.

Mechanical Engineer: They are responsible for the development of concepts for the product, develop equipment and test the products.

Reliability Engineer: They are responsible for making test plans for the product. They work both with the team and the customers to eliminate any defects found.

Project Manager: Project manager makes use of six sigma methodology to complete any project. They are the leaders of the team and are responsible for managing it and provide the best product outcome.

Six sigma green belt professionals can work in various industries like automotive, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and human resource.

Companies that hire six sigma green belt professionals are General Electric co., the Hershey company, 3M, IBM, Abbott laboratories, and many more.

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6. Understanding of Six Sigma Tools and Technique

Six sigma green belt certification provides the knowledge of six sigma tools and techniques. The certified professional can easily identify problems and improve processes using the DMAIC(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) model. With the training and skill-set of six sigma, they can help organizations that need improvement to provide better products and services with minimum error. They maintain the quality of the product according to customer standards.

7. Customer Satisfaction

Six sigma professionals are expert in their fields and know how to gain customer satisfaction. They are the experts responsible for delivering quality products according to the customer standard leading to satisfied customers which ultimately leads to the growth of industries.

Let’s have more understanding about lean six sigma green belt certification.

Value of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six sigma green belt certification is one of the most popular certifications among lean six sigma certification. The professionals are aware of the fact that the effort one has to put into, to obtain certification. Hence, they are benefited in securing jobs more than their counterparts and companies will always look for hiring certified professionals.

The certification also verifies the fact that an individual is a leader, has capability in managing projects and can secure respectable positions or hold the job titles according to their capabilities in an organization.

Six sigma green belt certified professionals are considered to have one of the highest paying jobs.

Roles and Responsibilities of Six Sigma Green Belt.

  • Six sigma green belt works under supervision of black belt
  • They lead improvement projects.
  • Analyse the problems in any business processes, solve the problems and deliver quality products.
  • They become part of the project but are not leaders.
  • Work with the team members for data collection and validation of the measurement system.
  • Handle projects within its own functional area.
  • Project charter development.
  • Development of SIPOC* diagram for project.

           *Supplier, Input, Process, Output

  • They will help in team facilitation skill improvement.

Who Should Take A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate?

It is suitable for professionals who want to work in improvement projects.If the person is looking for the promotion, wants to add a skill set provided by the training should get the certification. 

The DMAIC model is what they get to learn and gain knowledge of different methodologies which one can apply in their business processes. It’s for the one who wants improvement in their business.

People who want  career change can also opt for this certification due to its application in different industries.

You can view the video below for better understanding.

How To Get Certified In Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

There are no central accreditation bodies for lean six sigma  certification. However ASQ, IASSC certification is recognized globally.

You can either get certified from your  company’s lean six sigma program or from the training institutes. Nowadays there are numbers of institutes providing lean six sigma certification.

Once you get the training you need to pass the exam and complete the projects related to green belt concepts.

Note that certification processes vary from company to company. 

How to Choose Which Lean Six Sigma Certification Is Best For You?

Yellow belt certification:

You will have a general idea about six sigma. Yellow belt certification is a basic level of lean six sigma certification and the professional should undergo in a six sigma based company.

Green belt certification:

This is an advanced level of lean six sigma certification where you can work under the supervision of a black belt and manage projects within its own functional area.

You can become an expert in the methodology of six sigma after going through green belt certification.

Black belt certification:

This level of certification prepares you for leadership roles. You will have knowledge of the high level of the six sigma approach. In order to get a six sigma black belt certification, it’s advisable to have green belt certification but not mandatory. Black belt is an advanced level of lean six sigma certification.

Master black belt certification:

This is the highest level of lean six sigma certification, you have to mentor black belt and green belt. You will develop facilitation skills. You can pursue a six sigma master black belt certification after getting black belt certification and leading some six sigma projects as a black belt.

Difference Between Lean Six Sigma Belts

Yellow belt

  • Has a basic understanding of six sigma.
  • Doesn’t lead six sigma projects.
  • Helps in creating process maps.
  • They can act as experts in six sigma projects.
  • They work under the guidance of green belt and black belt.

Green belt

  • They know DMAIC phases.
  • Work under guidance of black belt.
  • They lead quality improvement projects.
  • Assist black belt in finding process gaps.
  • Work under the projects within their own functional area.

Black belt

  • High level knowledge of six sigma tools and techniques and its methodologies.
  • They play leadership roles.
  • Guides green and black belt in six sigma projects.
  • They are responsible for allocating responsibilities for team members, solving problems, and managing the team.
  • Lead cross-functional projects.
  • Act as a change agent in six sigma projects.
  • Find non-value added activities and reduce them.

Master black belt

  • They play the mentorship role.
  • Manage projects.
  • Cross functional leadership.
  • Built six sigma strategies in an organization.
  • Ensure quality, value, sustainability of six sigma projects and achieve its results. 


  1. Green belts  must have a passion for learning and gaining knowledge in six sigma. Green Belt employees will begin working on Six Sigma projects under the guidance of black belts. Additionally, they will work most part-time. However, green belts should have a desire to learn from their managers and want to advance their career.
  2. A basic understanding of the Six Sigma tools and techniques is a must!!. Better understanding of DMAIC is what required for a certified green belt.
  3. Green Belts must have focus on their individual projects and work unders their own functional area. Black Belts will manage cross-functional projects. Whereas, Green Belts will be required  to focus particularly on their individual process.
  1. Communication must be planned and executed effectively . Whether between  customers, management or team members. Green Belts are responsible for maintaining  standard  communication across the project team.
  2. Six Sigma green belt is responsible for statistical data and analysis. A thorough understanding of  data analysis is a necessity for a Green Belt.
  3. Green Belt should be able to provide basic project updates to management. Green Belts are required to watch over their business processes and report any improvements or errors/defects to management.
  4. Furthermore, a Green Belt should be able to make decisions based on statistical data and analysis. Under proper supervision of a Black Belt, a Green Belt will learn how to solve complicated problems. 
  5. Lastly, a Green Belt must be keen enough to ask guidance from black belt. Their focus should be on maintaining progress.

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