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Risk comes with the territory when you are breaking new ground. Learn how to evaluate and mitigate these risks rather than take away people’s power and autonomy.”

 By Leena Patel in  Raise Your innovation IQk

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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As the saying explains risk comes with business and to master the techniques and tools to curb those risks for process improvement is the work of an expert.

We have to perfect that art, for that we need Six Sigma Black Belt Training.

Some of the leading institutes provide Six Sigma Black Belt Certification in India are

1.Henry Harvin – Best Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

  • Ranked Number 1 Six Sigma Black Belt Course in India. Aligned to IASSC book of knowledge of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is followed globally..It will give 100 percent practical Black Belt training. You will gain experience of 12 projects over a span of one year postformal training.The course is available both online and offline.  The cost of the course is ₹25,000.

The trainees get to work at leading companies like 

  • Airtel
  • BSNL
  • Gillette
  • HCL
  • Hero
  • Hitachi
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Jet Airways
  • Highlight of Henry Harvin Six Sigma Black Belt Certification are:
  1. You get one year membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy which includes many benefits.
  2. E-learning Access- Recorded videos,Games,Projects and case studies.
  3. Internship at Henry Harvin or other partnership firms.
  4. Job placement opportunities are provided through mail.
  5. Interview Supports are given with startup’s and top Corporates.
  6. Brush up sessions are given free for 12 months worth ₹6,000.
  • American Society for Quality gives a customised education from across a range of industries and experiences from quality practitioners.No matter where your business is in the world, Six Sigma Black Belt trained professionals provide a solution there.

Duration for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is 8 Days

Six Sigma Black Belt is 15 Days

American Society for Quality South Asia and IIT Kharagpur have jointly developed a unique on-campus residential offering to build capability in Lean and Six Sigma ( Green and Black Belt) to held in Kharagpur.

Other Six Sigma Courses provided by Henry Harvin Are-

Six Sigma Green Belt green belt Course- Six Sigma green belt course helps you complete projects and curtail operation costs for your company. Moreover, it is a set of tools and techniques for process improvement. It helps in decision-making and strategy-building elements in the Six Sigma project planning process.

  • Henry Harvin fosters the advanced level of this course with industry-experienced instructors.
  • Green belts operate under the support of Six Sigma black belts.
  • You can coordinate with the data collection process team and validate the measurement system.
  • You will be able to deliver feedback and can drive performance development after completion of this course. Furthermore, you can scrutinize and solve the problems.

Six Sigma Master Black belt Course- Lean Six Sigma Master black belt is the radical segment for Six Sigma through the execution of DMAIC or DMADV projects. You can build up the quality of Six Sigma acumen with Henry Harvin. The  Six Sigma Master Black Belt course can help you to acquire explicit knowledge of this course.

  • It helps to gain the precise erudition of Enterprise-planning.
  • You can be able to understand the prowess for deployment. Moreover, get a thorough understanding of project portfolio management.
  • It is a platform from where you can expedite your information in training design and delivery that is imperative for this course.
  • Learners can also comprehend advanced data management and get the idea of handling analytic tools.

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2. Indian Statistical Institute

  •  IT is a government institution recognized by a 1959 act of the Indian Parliament. It offers training programs. To join the Six Sigma Black Belt Course you have to clear

: Bachelor’s Degree with Mathematics/ Statistics/Physics or BE/B.Tech degree or MBA and

: Six Sigma green belt with 2 years of experience.

The course fee is ₹45000+(GST 18%)= Total ₹53,100 per participant including course material, lunch and refreshment.

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 3.Benchmark Six SigmaBest Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

  • The largest provider of Lean Six Sigma programs. It gives you 40 hours of instructor-led online training. This institute has a membership of the largest Business Improvement Community. 

It will give you free online project assistance. In 2003, Benchmark initiated the first Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program in India. The largest number of hiring requests in this community are generated from within their network, several of them are fulfilled indirectly through their forum.

 Duration is 10 days online training of the course

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

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4. AIG 

  • provides a detailed understanding of the different concepts and tools used in Six Sigma. It is a 60 hours program which can be done in classes in the multiple of 2 hours.

6 projects have to be mandatorily mentioned to enable certification. You will learn the skills required for setting up improvement frameworks and Project Management practices.


Six Sigma GB Certificate

Six Sigma BB Certificate

Lean Certificate

ISO 9001 Implementers Certificate

PMP Overview

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5. KPMG – Best Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Is an 8 day,56 hours live virtual program. It provides a thorough understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts in a heterogeneous setup and gives an in-depth understanding of statistical tools and techniques for effective fact based decision making.

6.GreyCampus Six Sigma Black Belt  Certification in New Delhi

The course is designed to help participants prepare for and pass the IASSC-CBB exam (International Association for Six Sigma Certification – Certified Black Belt). The course integrates Lean and DMAIC methodologies as defined by IASSC using case studies.

On registration, you will get access to all Lean Six Sigma Black Belt boot camps for 6 months 

 100 percent money back guarantee

 IASSC exam 

Self paced 141 hours study time

Live online 160 hours study time 

3/4 days  instructor led training 

1 year e-Learning access

3 simulated exams

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7. Simplilearn – Best Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

  • offers 63 hours of blended learning. Three Lean Six Sigma Black Belt simulation exams. 35 PDUs offered and six ends of chapters quizzes and you will get a course completion certificate. 

Benefits of this course are lifetime access to high quality self paced eLearning content curated by industry experts. 4 hands-on projects to perfect the skills learned. 4 simulation test papers for self assessment. All along there is learner assistance and support.

8. ISEI GLOBAL  Six Sigma Black Belt Certification- 

  • In this course, you get to learn Methodologies by most advanced and effective learning techniques.

 You learn high level Data Analysis, DFSS and Change Management with MINITAB PRO Simulation.

#Your study material reaches by courier in advance.(LSSBB Handbook)

#26 + hours of Instructor led interactive virtual classroom session on the weekend is given 

#You get  Access to 45 + hours of Module based Six Sigma lectures via LMS

# You get  Support via subject expert through

# Soft copy of lean Six Sigma Black Belt Body of knowledge is yours

# There is access to recordings of your virtual sessions for lifetime 

# It will cost you ₹22,990 for the entire program

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9. MoreStem – Best Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

  • course is divided into two separate processes training and certification. In Certification your mastery is confirmed in Six Sigma Black Belt tools and techniques. Experienced process improvement leaders and hiring managers discern this difference and place a far higher value on MoreSteam’s vigorous certification process.

You are required to recertifications every five years to ensure that you are maintaining the knowledge and skills demonstrated on your comprehensive exam and certification projects.

10. BSI Six Sigma Black Belt training course 

offers to work with experts to gain leadership status and learn all there is to know about methodologies and tools to drive business improvements by working with the qualified Black Belt tutors. The course includes Lean Six Sigma Certification at no extra cost.

Course is delivered in three monthly modules of 5 days.

Cost of the course is ₹ 1,21,000.

11.Invensis – Best Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

12. IIM Raipur lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course 

  • is being provided by one of the leading Business schools of India. The course duration is of 5 months. The course objectives are

-To understand operations and supply chain management .

– To impart the knowledge of ways in which operations are deployed as an effective lever.

-To understand specific challenges within the realm of operations and supply chain management

-The course fees is ₹70,000 + GST

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is also available online although it is not exclusively for India as it is available online but it is a good option for professionals who are busy and cannot take an off or leave work to sharpen their skills. Some of the online options available are

  • edX Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online course helps you to advance your career. Courses are available from the Technical University of Munich School of Management.
  • Udemy is also giving this course. The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied. The cost of the course is as low as ₹ 8,640.
  • Six Sigma Council provides training guides and full edition manuals for self-study at free of cost
  • Master of Project Academy allows professionals to advance their training at a schedule that fits their busy life. Nothing is fixed, you get to work as per your schedule. This is also one of the free online courses available for people who are aspiring to become lean Six Sigma Black Belt trainers.
  • MSI certified gives a course in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is 100 percent online, allowing you to study and take the exam when it is convenient for you.

After completing  Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate it is time to move on further for perfection.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification 

After completing this course you become an expert for the strategic deployment of Six Sigma within an organisation. You will be able to promote and support improvement activities in all business areas of their organisation as well as at suppliers and customers.

After the certification of Master Black Belt you will be responsible for teaching Black,Green and Yellow Belts the Six Sigma methodologies. You will be responsible for organising lean Six Sigma projects within the organisation.

Henry Harvin  Education is one of the best institutes in India for providing the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Program. The major role of a Master Black Belt in an Organisation are

  • Mentoring, teaching and giving guidance to Black Belts,Green Belts and Six Sigma teams to use the techniques and tools to the best of their abilities.
  • Provide help to use organisational metrics and dashboards.
  • Reviewing time to time the Six Sigma curriculum, delivering classroom training and serving as liaison with outside agencies in the delivery of Six Sigma training.
  • To work in alliance

Skills and Expertise in the specified fields are the main highlights companies search for in Master Black Belts

  • Two – plus years of Black Belt  experience
  • Five -plus years of business experience 
  • Mastery of the tools of Six Sigma process improvement(DMAIC), design for Six Sigma ( DFSS), and lean
  • Completion of at least five Black Belt projects with significant business results.
  • Experience in managing cross-functional projects, strong ability to lead others without direct authority 
  • Strong change management skills 
  • Experience in delivering Black Belts or Green Belts training 
  • Ten or more Black belts or Green belts coached to successful project completion or certification 
  •  Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills.

What is Sigma Black Belt Certification?

Perfection is the key to success, if you have a certificate in Six Sigma Black Belt it is proof of just the same. It follows the same principle of grading as followed in marshal arts namely

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt 
  • Black Belt
  • Master Black Belt

The highest level of Certification you achieve in Cost-cutting and risk management is the Sigma Black Belt Course. The goal to reach Six Sigma is to have less than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. The most important methodology of Six Sigma Black Belt is DMAIC namely 

  • D- Design
  • M- Measure
  • A-Analyze
  • I-Improve
  • C-Control

As it is a complex program, a extensive training is required. The highest level of certification is Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. Knowledge of Six Sigma philosophies and principles is the goal to be achieved after completing the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Who should apply for the Six Sigma Black belt Certification?

If you are interested in independently lead projects, mentor team members, strategies and

organisational growth.You have a few requirements to be fulfilled:

# You have experience as a professional with more than three years of experience in one or more relevant Six Sigma areas.

# Work experience must be in a full-time ,paid role. Paid intern, co-op or any other coursework cannot be applied towards the work experience requirement.

# Along with experience certain qualities are required in you like innovative thinking, ability to understand the customer requirements and expectations, effective communication, management and leadership skills to get tangible financial results for the business.

Where to do Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course in India? Investing your precious time and money in the course the primary points to understand are that there is no specific authority to certify you as a Six Sigma Professional and no one can object it legally.

There are many institutes in India which are providing Certification in Six Sigma Black Belt Course but the criteria which you should focus before enrolling in any of the course are

    • Course Content
    • Duration
    • Cost Structure
    • Ranking
    • Work Experience

Why should you do Lean Six Sigma Black Belt  training  in present and future times?

Let us see how all these certifications help a person 

Career Growth – It not only adds on as a certification in your resume but adds as proof to employers of your explicit skill set. It sets future growth of your career in the organisation as you have the ability to apply the Lean Six Sigma principles. The door to Leadership and managerial positions are open for you

# Varied opportunities in Financial and risk management field – After completing the Certification program you have the ability to understand the measurement and quantifying the financial benefits. The tools and techniques to cut costs and recognise waste in different projects help to secure senior managerial positions.

#Standardization- There is no specific authorised organisation that manages Lean Six Sigma Certification process. It is like a universal language spoken once the Certification is complete. A better understanding is there to fix a problem.

# Betterment in Business Processes and Quality Improvement -You will be able to measure, analyse, control and improve the organisation processes. Analysis of quality performance will be clear and improved. You will able to guide in case of deviation from the desired results. Guidance on wattages during the projects will be crystal clear.

#Hike in Salary – After the Certification course is complete you reach the bracket of $1,00,000 + pay. One of the highest paid professionals.

#Applicability in many industries– Lean Six Sigma techniques applies in many different industries such as electronics, aerospace, banking and financial services, IT, telecom, HR,  marketing and many more. It is not an easy path to clear these certification exams a lot of hard work is required that is why a lot of respect is given to Lean Six Sigma Certificate holders.

You will be heading the quality management in the organisation. You will be an expert in reducing costs and increasing revenue. The foremost factor is to keep changing with the environment and the situations. 

#Ensure Compliance-  As a certified Lean Six Sigma professional you can comply with the International standards and reduce the ratio of risk occurrences.

# Experience in Quality management– To become a certified Lean Six Sigma professional it is necessary to go through a training on a working project so it is a plus for your career graph.

# Organisational Growth– Lean Six Sigma techniques are a constructive ways to achieve success in the industry. If a larger work force has the knowledge to implement these principles it becomes more fruitful for the organisation.

# Supports Your Organisation Eliminate Errors-You will be able to identify and reduce errors once you are a master of Lean Six Sigma tools so in process it helps the organisation to reduce complaint resolution time, customer complaints, spending and cost overruns.

# Improved Company Culture– Lean Six Sigma has become a culture in big organisations. Leaders need to implement continuous improvement culture to encourage it throughout the organisation. So it becomes a basic norm to be followed in all levels of the organisation.

Lean Six Sigma techniques not only help you as an individual but also the growth of the organization, sometimes there are unsatisfied customers who take their business elsewhere without complaining. In these cases, you can help the organization by Lean Six Sigma tools to analyze the problem. The result would be a happy customer, a happy organization, and a happy employee.

Potential positions you can apply for after completing this course

  • Lean Six Sigma Consultant
  • Lead Manufacturing Engineer 
  • Process Development Engineer 
  • Compliance Structural Engineer 
  • Reliability Engineer 
  • Operating System Specialist
  • Senior IT Project Manager
  • Warehouse Operations Manager
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Project Engineer 
  • Director, Performance Excellence 

Let’s work towards risk management.

Recommended Read

1. What method does Lean Six Sigma use for resolving a problem?

Ans: Lean Six Sigma uses the DMAIC methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) to resolve problems.

2.     What are the key components of Six Sigma?

Ans. There are three key components of six sigma – Customer, Process, and Leadership.

3.     Do I have to renew my Six Sigma certification?

Ans. Most six sigma certifications do not need to be renewed.  It is a lifetime certification. However, it is better to check with the institute offering six sigma certifications once before enrolling with them.

4.    Why does Six Sigma fail?

Ans. The prime reason for Six Sigma’s failure is the lack of management support. Having a supporting six sigma champion in the organization is a key to the Six Sigma program’s success.

5. Is Six Sigma still relevant?

Ans. Six Sigma is a statistical approach that aims to improve quality by reducing the variability of processes. With complex processes getting added every day and fast advancements in the latest technology, Six Sigma is still a relevant approach for process improvement.

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