Project management courses play an essential role in every organization. In today’s time, no organization can work without proper management. This course tells about new tools which help the organization to perform in a better manner. Professionals learn new techniques which bring success to organizations. Check out the blog to find the best project management courses in India.

Project Management Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin(Best Project Management Courses)


Henry Harvin ranks as the top institute to provide the best skill-based courses in India. The institute has 210+ recruiting partners for the students. It also awards as the leading institute by the top media partners. The company’s vision is “Value Creation”, which provides quality training to the students.

Henry Harvin’s Training Details:

  • Live Projects and Assignments- Institute assigns different projects to the students to bring concept reality and gain practical experience in the required field.
  • Mission- They follow a unique goal-centric and action-oriented mission.
  • Learning Portal- It helps to update the knowledge and get to know more through case studies.
  • Active Participation- Timely conduct of group activity to get the best experience and gain leadership quality.
  • Industry Experts- Trainers from industry backgrounds have experience in the field.
  • Placement Assistance- Students get the best job support from the university. Top MNC companies are allowing applying to the company and get hired.

Project Management Course:

  • The duration of the course is thirty-six hours. The sessions are interactive.
  • After completion of the training, students get the certification from the institute. They get exam preparation tips from the trainer.

Other Courses Offered:

  • Content Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Language Courses

2. Coursera

Coursera is a good training institute that offers project management courses. It collaborates with over a hundred universities and organisations to provide flexible, affordable, job-relevant online reading for people and businesses worldwide. They offer reading opportunities ranging from hands-on tasks and courses to certificate and degree programmes.

Reason for Selecting Coursera(Best Project Management Courses)

  • World-class training
  • Affordable fee structure 
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • Expert business trainers
  • Project Management provided by Google, University of Colorado Boulder

3.PMI Training Institute

PMI South Asia’s leading institute provides project management courses and conducts exams. It offers the certifications which help the candidate to get the job. Various case studies allow the students to understand the concepts clearly. Students increase their knowledge through project reports which provide the best academic knowledge.

4. Udemy(Top Project Management Courses)

Udemy is a global organisation that offers a variety of courses to students. It has the best course structure and employee-motivating work culture. They constantly research new concepts, and students can learn through the system. The project management course is one of the institute’s top offerings in various categories. The fee structure is reasonable, and readers have a wide range of topic options. Students in self-paced courses can ask questions via the chat box.

5. Brain Sensei

Brain Sensei is a well-known e-learning company that offers the best PMP exam preparation courses. It has helped many project managers at the top 500 companies to obtain PMP certification. Brain Sensei provides two major exam courses and preparation for the students to learn the course.

PMP Exam Preparation Course

Associate in Project Management Certification (CAPM)

  • The programmes listed are intended for experienced corporate professionals seeking to advance their careers as project managers.
  • Both programmes include nine modules and four complete practice exams. 
  • Students are given multiple assessments in each module and over 800 practice exam questions to ensure hands-on practice with all the questions required to obtain the Certification.

6. My Great Learning

Great Learning is a part of Byju’s group, which provides the top courses in India. Top universities collaborate with this institute to upskill the students’ knowledge. With the help of websites, students can select the course with their experience and skills required. Students get the opportunity to attend the program and different webinars hosted by the university.

7. Master of Project Academy

It is one of the best institutes whose headquarter is situated in Washington, DC. The company’s mission is to enhance the career of professionals with the best knowledge. The catalogue contains different project management courses with additional details and benefits. Some of the courses are:

  • PMP Certification Training- The course duration contains thirty-five hours of training. Professionals prepare for the PMP certification exam from this training. Institute also helps full-time working professionals to clear the PMP certification exam.
  • PMP Virtual Training- Four-day sessions help prepare for the exam by sitting at home and doing the class.
  • PMP Course Bundle- It is the master project which contains all the details of the course and covers all the topics required to know in the project management course.

There are other courses available, like free PMP training and many more.

8. RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE)

RICS SBE is one of the best academic institutes for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It provides education covering different sectors of the economy. Students get to know much from the other courses. RICS comes under India’s first and only institute to receive the globally recognised PMI- GAC accreditation. UGC recognised all the courses and actively supported the Ministry of Urban Development. The PMI- GAC accreditation ensures its students are placed in both Indian and international markets.

By imparting competency-led and industry-centric knowledge, the institute aims to mould students into skilled professionals and future leaders in the fast-growing Construction sector.


IIBM provides India’s no-one certification courses to the students. The project management course consists of a four-month duration course. The course is specially designed for all working professionals. Institute provides the study material to the students for learning the course. Exams are conducted after completing the training. Professionals attend the five-day classes and one-day clearing sessions conducted by the institute. The institute provides career assistance videos. Students get placement support to join the top companies and work under them.


Alison is founded in Galway, Ireland. It provides quality education to the candidates. Alison provides many subjects under the top university. The project management course giving the introduction is delivered free of cost. The institute offers various diploma and certification courses related to project management.

11. S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) | Mumbai

SPJIMR is the leading institute in the financial centre of India. The institute comes under the top-ranking institute in India. The prestigious AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – has granted SPJIMR accreditation. The All-India Council for Technical Education has approved the PGDM, PGPM, FPM, and PGP-GM programmes (AICTE).


NMIMS Global ranks as the top institute providing distance education in India. It covers many programs for graduate and undergraduate students with online courses. Apart from that, it offers regular courses which need entrance exams to be cleared by the students. They provide many courses to the executives as well.


Project management courses in India play an essential role in every corporate. The above blog depicts the name of different institutes providing courses in India. Project management provides a roadmap and the best directions to carry out other work. So learning the course from one of the best institutes plays a crucial role for the students. They can get the certification and the required knowledge. Like many institutes are providing complimentary sessions to crack the interviews. Some institute offers training in different tools like Microsoft Excel to perform the work. So selecting the best institute should be done by checking the demos and sessions. To learn more about project management courses, check out the free videos available on various channels and institutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Project Management Courses in India?

Project management course builds personal and corporate goals simultaneously. The benefits include the following:
It helps to achieve the goals faster by providing the best plans and routes.
The course defines the different competitors and how to come to the top rank.
The quality of work gets improved by using the proper plan.
It develops time management skills among professionals by getting the proper training.

Which exams are conducted to get the Project Management certifications?

The PMP certifications are the globally recognised certifications conducted by different institutes. Different institutes are performing the course and taking the exams at the end of training. Industries demand this certification from candidate who has project management skills.

Can I learn the PMP course by sitting at home?

Yes, the institute provides virtual sessions to the students. Professionals choose the weekend batch to do the training and complete the certifications course. There is not much difference between regular classes and virtual sessions.

What is the average salary of a project manager?

According to the research data, the average salary for a Project Manager in India is 14.5 Lakhs per year (₹1.2L per month)

Are there any eligibility criteria to do the project management course?

A bachelor’s degree or higher is required for most project management positions. You can begin your project management career with a degree in business management, but some universities also offer specialised project management programmes.

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