Experts believe that perfection is the key to success in any business endeavor. But, how can we measure that perfection? The answer to this question lies in this article. This piece of content tells you about a metric which you can use to measure perfection. It is called Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification. This content piece will tell you about this certification and will also guide you about the top 20 six sigma master black belt certifications which you can obtain during pandemic times as the present. The knowledge gained in this qualification covers all that which is covered in six sigma master black belt certification obtained in the field of martial arts. 

In the field of martial arts, you have 

  • White belt
  • Yellow belt
  • Green belt
  • Black belt
  • Master black belt

Similarly in other fields too you have such certifications. In certain institutes, you are provided lean six sigma certification along with this certification at no extra cost. Then you may have a question as to how much time will it take to get these certifications. The answer to these questions is that the lean six sigma black belt certification takes between 1-3 months to obtain, depending upon the institute at which you do it and the project requirements. The average completion time for master black belt certification through SSGI is 45 days. 

Top 20 six sigma master black belt certifications online

 This article from here on will tell you about twenty standard institutes of education which are administering the master black belt certification in six sigma online. Some of the leading educational institutes which are offering this course online are mentioned below: 

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a leading organization that develops one’s career in any field of study. It focuses on value creation. It is into the business of training, skill development, assessment centers, content services and higher education. The organization’s main aim is to create a niche for Henry Harvin in the industry, in line with the vision of Mr. Henry Dunster 400 years ago. This dream now resonates in the form of a prestigious educational institute which is respected worldwide. 

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by and Business Standard and Tribune India

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Apart from master black belt certification, it also provides other certifications which are given below:








Why Henry Harvin stands out

The master black belt certification in six sigma at Henry Harvin stands out because this institute is ranked number one in providing this course in India. The course content  is aligned to the IASSC book of knowledge which is followed globally. This institute will impart you with 100% practical training in Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. What is more, you will gain experience of 12 projects over a span of one year post taking formal training. The course is available both online and offline. The cost of the course is Rs 25000. The institute offers placement assistance post obtaining the qualification. Trainees can work in companies as diverse as 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

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Maruti Suzuki


Jet Airways

The highlights of the Henry Harvin master black belt certification in six sigma are:

  • One year membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy which includes many benefits
  • E-learning access which includes recorded videos, games, projects and case studies
  • Internship at Henry Harvin or other partnership companies
  • Job placement opportunities provided through email
  • Interview support is given for working with start-ups and corporate entities
  • Brush up sessions worth Rs 6,000 are given for twelve months free of cost. 
  • Cities in India Where Six Sigma Certifications are provided:

Indore, Delhi, Online, Surat, Chennai, Gurgaon, Cochin, Mumbai, Bhubaneshwar

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business StandardIndia Today

Also, Check Henry Harvin Student Review:

2. Simplilearn Six Sigma Black Belt Course

Simplilearn offers a 63 hour of blended learning course. Additionally, it also offers three master black belt certification in lean six sigma exams. 35 PDUs are offered along with six end-of-chapter quizzes. This will complete the course and give you your certification.

This course gives you lifetime access to high quality self-paced elearning content curated by industry experts. Additionally, it also offers 4 hands on projects to perfect the skills learnt. 4 simulation test papers are also given for self assessment. All along the duration of the course, there is learner assistance and support.

3. KPMG Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

This institute imparts training in this field for 8 days or 56 hours and the program is virtually conducted. This institute offers a thorough understanding on master black belt certification in six sigma in a heterogeneous set-up. It also imparts an in-depth training in statistical tools and techniques for efficient fact based decision making. 

4. Indian statistical institute

This is a government institute recognized by a 1959 Act of Parliament. It offers training programs in various sectors of the economy. In order to take up the master black belt certification in six sigma here, you have to clear:

The course fees are Rs 45000 + GST (@18%)= Total Rs 53,100 per participant. This includes course material, lunch and refreshments. This institute is ranked third among the institutes offering the master black belt certification in six sigma. 

5. American society for quality

This institute also conducts master black belt certification in six sigma for a range of industries from automobiles to startups. No matter where your business is located, six sigma black belt trained professionals provide you with a solution at that location. The duration of course is 15 days. The American Society for Quality South Asia and IIT Kharagpur has jointly developed a unique on-campus residential offering in master black belt certification in six sigma to be held in Kharagpur. This institute is ranked second in the ranking of institutes offering an online certification in master black belt certification in six sigma. 

6. AIG

This institute provides its students a detailed understanding of the different concepts and tools that are used in the six sigma juggernaut. This institute conducts a 60 hours program which can be partaken either in the classes in multiples of 2 hour durations or online. As per the rules formulated by this institute, 6 projects have to be mandatorily mentioned in your resume for you to obtain master black belt certification in six sigma. Through this course, AIG imparts the skills required for setting up of improvement frameworks and project management practices.  This institute offers programs in:

Six Sigma GB certification

Six Sigma BB certification

Lean certificate

ISO Implementation certificate

PMP Overview

7. Benchmark Six Sigma

This is the largest provider of Lean Six Sigma programs. This institute imparts 40 hours of a teacher led online training. Additionally, this institute also gives their students membership of the largest business improvement community. Additionally, this institute will also give you online project assistance. The largest number of hiring requests in the six sigma community is generated from within this institute’s network. Several of them are fulfilled directly through their forum. The duration of the master black belt certification in six sigma, conducted by this institute goes on for 10 days. 

8. GreyCampus Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training and Certification

This course is specifically designed to help students prepare for IASSC-CBB exam (international association for six sigma certification – certified black belt). What is more, this course integrates lean and DMAIC methodologies as prescribed by IASSC using case studies. Once you register for the course, you will get access to all master black belt certification in six sigma boot camps for 6 months. This educational institute gives the student a 100 percent money-back guarantee if the student does not pass the IASSC exam. This institute offers self-paced 141 hours study time offline and 160 hours study time live online. It also offers ¾ days instructor led training and 3 simulated exams. 

9. ISEI Global Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

This course will teach you its content by most advanced and effective learning techniques. Through this course, you will learn high level Data Analysis, DFSS and Change Management with MINITAB PRO Simulation. This institute gives you a LSSBB Handbook which is your study material through courier. You also get to enjoy 26+ hours of instructor led interactive virtual classroom sessions over the weekend. Additionally, you will get access to 45+ hours of module based master black belt certification in six sigma via LMS.  You get support via subject trainer throughout the course. As if this is not enough, you also get a soft copy of master black belt certification in six sigma body of knowledge. Then there is access to recordings of your virtual sessions for life time. The fee for the course is Rs 22,900 for the entire program.

10. Morestem Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

This course has been divided into two distinct parts: training and certification. In certification your mastery is confirmed in master black belt certification in six sigma tools and techniques. Process improvement leaders and hiring managers know this difference and they place a higher value on Moresteam’s vigorous certification process. You are required to re-certify yourself every five years so that you can maintain the knowledge and skills demonstrated on your comprehensive exam along with certification projects.

11. BSI Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course

BSI master black belt certification in six sigma is taught by eminent teachers who are themselves qualified black belt tutors. These qualified tutors give the course its leadership status and helps the students learn all there is to know about the methods of working, and tools to drive business improvements. This course is bundled with Lean Six Sigma certification at no extra cost. The course is delivered in three monthly modules of 5 days each. The total cost of the course is Rs 1,21,000.  The rank given to this institute is as per the national ranking of institutes teaching master black belt certification in six sigma training. 

12. IIM Raipur Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course

This is one of the leading business schools of India. This institute offers the master black belt certification in lean six sigma. The course duration is of 5 months and the course objectives are:

  • To understand operations and supply chain management
  • To understand the specific challenges within the realm of operations and supply chain management
  • The impart the knowledge of ways in which operations are deployed as an effective lever. 

The course fees for this course, through this institute come to Rs 70,000 + GST. 

13. The Six Sigma Council

This institute provides training guides along with full-edition manuals for self-study free of cost. 

14. MSI Certified

This educational institute offers a course in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. It is 100 percent online. This course is a self-paced course which allows you to study at your leisure and take the exam when it is convenient for you. 

15. Udemy

Udemy, the institute, also offers this course online. The master black belt certification in six sigma with Udemy comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee if not satisfied. The cost of the course is as low as Rs 8,640/-

16. Edx Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online

This course helps you to advance your career and enhances your earning potential. Courses are available from The Technical University of Munich School of Management. This rank given to this course is indicative and it does not mean that the course offered by this institute is below par. 

17. Master of Project Academy

This institute allows busy professionals to advance their career at a schedule that fits their busy lives. Here, nothing is fixed. Every student taking up this course gets to work as per his schedule. This is one of the free online courses available for people who are aspiring to become Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trainers. 

18. Invensis Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

This institute gives you an interactive instructor to pursue your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification This course is credited by IASSC and one of ots notable features include giving  you an opportunity to interact with other participants from diverse backgrounds. 

19. Institute of Fundamentals in Quality (IFQ)

IFQ is one of the few institutes in Pune that focus on the fundamental aspects of master black belt certification in six sigma. The training program imparted at this institute can transform individuals such that they will start solving problems in real life. It also helps them develop interpersonal skills and relationships. This course lasts for 4-8 weeks and during this period which is the measuring stage of the program, the self-confidence of the students is boosted and they are oriented towards the best practices being carried out in the industry. 

20. Gengyan Six Sigma Training and Consulting

Gengyan is a leading provider of master black belt certification in six sigma. This institute is globally recognized to provide excellent process education and certification programs to the industry and individuals. The training programs offered at this institute include imparting training in all the levels along with placement opportunities. In addition, this institute also provides project consulting and re-engineering services to its clients based worldover. The tutor team at this organization comprises of 20 members, all of whom are well-trained in master black belt certification in six sigma. Moreover, they have more than 25 years of experience in the field of six sigma and quality assurance.

Spending Rs 1,21,000 on the six sigma master black belt certification is really worth it only if you apply the knowledge gained to solve a real world problem for your company. Just obtaining knowledge of this certification and not applying the knowledge gained here will not be an advantage because everyone does certifications so you will be an also ran in the crowd of students of six sigma master black belt certification. Learning six sigma master black belt certification for your work life will impact your career. The intention of obtaining six sigma master black belt certification, and adding it to your qualifications in your resume, shows your commitment to improve your business acumen and analytical skills and improve the reputation of the company where you work. 

If you ask me whether six sigma master black belt certification is a better certification to take as compared to PMP, I would say that each has its own place in any organization. A six sigma certified employee emphasizes on finding and eliminating defects in any process he works. Moreover, such a professional reduces wasted time, effort and most importantly money on a specific process. On the other hand, a project management professional or a PMP professional focuses on how to plan and executive projects. Thus, we see that both these certifications touch different aspects of any work process. 

The highest level of qualification you can receive in the field of cost-cutting and risk management is the six sigma master black belt certification. The main objective of reaching six sigma level is to have less than 3.4 defects per million opportunities in any process. The most important method of six sigma master black belt certification is DMAIC. This means 






This being a very complicated program, extensive training is required in obtaining six sigma master black belt certification. Knowledge of six sigma philosophies and principles is obtained after securing the six sigma master black belt certification. You may have a question as to for whom is this certification important? The following paragraph under sub-heading “who should take up six sigma master black belt certification?” will tell you for whom this certification is very important. This does not mean that only those professionals can take up this certification. It is useful for people working in all sectors of the economy. However, post qualification; they should apply the knowledge gained.  

If you are interested in independently managing projects, mentoring team members, strategizing and growing the organization, you should take up six sigma master black belt certification. Also, if you are a professional with more than three years of experience in one of more relevant six sigma areas then the six sigma master black belt certification is for you. Here, it is to be noted that this experience must be in a full-time paid role. A paid intern, co-op or any other course work will not suffice for considering this experience. Apart from experience certain other qualities like ability to understand that customer requirements, management and leadership skills to get measurable financial results for business, effective communication, etc are important. 

Here, the question that will be uppermost in your mind will be: where to do master black belt certification in six sigma in India. When you decide to invest your precious time and money to obtain a qualification, you need to understand that you should obtain the qualification at an institute that meets the requirements mentioned below:

Course Content


Cost Structure


Work Experience


So we have seen what is Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification and which are the institutes that offer training in this field. Obtaining a certification in this field benefits both the organization as well as the individual employee. Learning master black belt certification in six sigma will help impact your career in more ways than one. It will give you growth from your current level to stratospheric levels in your organization. An individual who has obtained this certification will be an asset for the organization as he will be able to provide consulting services on behalf of the company so that it earns more revenue. 

For the individual, it can benefit manifold. It can enhance his employability quotient. Individuals who have obtained this certification can become indispensable for the organization. Moreover, it will render the resumes of those certified very attractive to look at. 

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