Are you Searching for those Dream Teaching Jobs Abroad?

Confused about Job Search Websites or Contact Schools Something Else?

First, calm yourself down and take a deep breath. You are so eager to go abroad and teach. Fulfill your dream of teaching, and experiencing new cultures and places. The big thing now is to achieve your goal.

How do you plan to find those Teaching Jobs Abroad?

Websites For Teaching Jobs

Do you have a strategy in Place?

Let us discuss that first. Find out the options available to you. It will be dependent on various factors like if you have a TEFL certification online if you come from a native English country, the places you want to visit, etc.


We know the whole concept of searching for a job has changed over the last decade. So has searched for teaching jobs abroad for ESL. Technology has worked its magic here as well and we have everything at our fingertips.

The classrooms have transitioned into the virtual digital world and so has the process of finding the right role for you. You can have the leisure of teaching from home or you have traditional schools, colleges, or language institutions.

You plan to teach and travel, so then you are on the lookout for teaching jobs abroad. Online job search websites are coming up as quickly as actual online teaching roles. People often ask if they are easy to find. Yes, they are provided you are happy to diligently spend some time with your laptop!

The secret is, that the search doesn’t have to take months, as long as you know the job search websites.

The Best Websites for Teaching Jobs Abroad

So, now you are aware of the essential points to keep in mind you should consider while applying for teaching jobs abroad through job search websites. Let us then discuss the actual job search websites.

We know that job search websites focusing on ESL teaching jobs abroad are the best places to look for vacancies. These days, you will come across several job search websites offering such a service. Which ones should one concentrate on? Well, we have got a list of some good job search websites for you, to help with teaching jobs abroad.

Here we go:


Henry Harvin’s education site is one of the leading online education providers in India.

It is known for its TEFL Course that can land you a teaching job abroad.

TEFL Course: The TEFL course stands for teaching English as a foreign language. The TEFL course enables you to imbibe teaching skills in your mind. TEFL courses can help you to lead in your career and reach the epitome.

TEFL courses can be the best platform for English teachers. If you want to settle abroad, the TEFL course is best for teaching professionals. Moreover, it can be functional for other professionals.

Henry Harvin’s TEFL Course

Henry Harvin provides 120 hours of online TEFL courses with veterans. The trainers are well-experienced and use a witty approach to teach the learners to broaden their skills. Henry Harvin gives the 1- year membership with the inclusion of different facilities.

  • It offers e-learning access to make the benefits accessible to the learners, for instance- recorded videos, games, live projects, and case studies.
  • Henry Harvin propped you up in facing the challenges of the interview. You can make yourself more confident with Henry Harvin so that nothing can impede your career.
  • Henry Harvin offers an internship program to give you hands-on exposure and application of the teaching techniques.
  • You can get a chance to touch the skyscrapers and earn a good salary. You can get a salary hike after completing the TEFL course with Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin provides 14 modules in the TEFL curriculum to enhance your knowledge and attain a radical approach.

  • Foundation course of English Language
  • Pedagogy of teaching, Role of trainer and candidates
  • Inculcating young learners
  • Pronunciation and phonetics
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Reading Skills 
  • Listening Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Lesson Planning
  • Managing Classroom- Online/Offline teaching methods
  • Exams and Tests
  • Materials, resources, and technology

Henry Provides the entire segment to make your career bright. It evolves the teaching attitude in your mind and ramps up your cognitive skills. Henry Harvin makes you capable of developing unique strategies and thinking out of the box for your students.

You can satiate your curiosity about teaching techniques with the instructors. You can understand the learner’s psychology with Henry Harvin. You can upgrade your job profile after completing the TEFL course with Henry Harvin.

You can earn a credible and recognized certificate that has value in the market. Understand the techniques to teach non-English speaking students. You can get job opportunities from different countries and get benefits in the salary part with Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin upgrades your teaching skills.

Henry Harvin is the best platform to gain valuable knowledge of the teaching segment.

2. Dave’s ESL Café:

Dave’s ESL Café is a very useful site for teachers as well as students. It was founded by Dave who has taught globally. It acts as a common forum for students, teachers, and schools /institutions looking for teachers and teaching resources as well.

Another great feature is the “international jobs board” which has teaching abroad jobs posted from vacancies throughout Europe and even separate sections dedicated to China and Korea. It is one of the most popular ESL job search websites and also has a lot of other useful information.

The website tries to offer a kind of one-stop shop for all your ESL requirements. You might want to visit and find out jobs or just browse for information.

3. has been around since 1997 and works as a conduit between teachers and employers seeking English language teachers. You have the opportunity to look for a lot of things including a section for job seekers.


At the time of writing, as per, they have over 200,000 ELT teaching professionals and over 36000 employers registered on their site. The site will enable you to find Teaching jobs abroad that fit your qualifications and experience.

They are well-established for the TEFL/ESL-focused website that also works as one of the job search websites. You can start your search for teaching jobs abroad right away!

4. Teach Away:

Teach Away was set up in 2003 and incorporated in 2007. It started as a recruitment company for recruiting teachers for teaching jobs abroad. But over the years, it has expanded catering to teacher development courses and partnering with prominent organizations.  

You can use the job section as one of the job search websites. Jobs from all over the world are listed in their section. This company based out of Canada only focuses on teacher development and recruitment for listed/available ESL positions.

This is another well-known ESL site where you can look for teaching jobs abroad. So, let us hope that you find something worth your time and effort. 


It is owned, maintained, and operated by Joe Foley. She has had a varied career in ESL/EFL and has taught in almost all continents including Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and Asia. This website operates on a smaller scale than the more popular websites. Still, it can have good positions available. is updated quite regularly and you are likely to find recent job postings. You can register and submit your resume so it is visible to potential employers. They can contact you directly. Overall, it is a simple website that focuses on teaching jobs abroad.

6. started operation in 2003 and it has since grown to incorporate other popular ESL/TEFL/TESOL sites including,, and Adding another feather in the cap, in 2008 joined hands with the Icon Group from Thailand to create a group of 10 websites that cater to the English teaching community.  

The website is a fantastic place to search for teaching jobs abroad among other things. 

It is the first vertical search portal and also focuses on ESL students as well as resources. So, you have another great place to register and start looking for a new role. 

7. International House World:

The International House world operates in a slightly different fashion. It has over 100 language schools all over the world. IH has a long and rich history of teaching languages to students including English. IH was the organization that pioneered the concept of teaching teachers. 

International House is a very reputable organization to work for. You can use their website to search for suitable roles in IH. Their site is well-organized and user-friendly. You can easily apply for jobs in over 50 counties anytime. How does that sound as an option? 

Please do note that not all IH vacancies are available on the website, so it may be a good idea to enquire locally.

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8. is designed as a resource to be used exclusively and extensively by English teachers, so focusing on ESL. It allows you to do a multitude of things like lesson planning, discussions, worksheets, discussing TEFL courses, posting, and looking for ESL jobs. Overall, it helps teachers in all things TEFL. 

As one of the job search websites, it contains a compilation of vacancies in popular ESL areas all over the world. You also have the option to upload your resume and select the countries you would like to teach in, which makes it easy for the prospective employer to shortlist you and contact you. 

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A relatively new entrant in the field, has been designed especially for teachers and employers to have complete access to employment opportunities. The interface is simple and user-friendly, simplifying the recruitment and staffing process for employers. 

So, the focus should always remain on the job application. And the easy interface does just that both for you and any potential employer. In the case of many ESL focus websites, the job board is just part of the complete package, but at ESL employment, the job section is highlighted more than any other section. This could be another useful resource for you to carry on your search. is the official website for the TESOL International Association. You will have access to a lot of information about TESOL on the website. This is a complete resource for TESOL professionals.

While looking for a teaching job abroad, you must browse the career center of the site. Here you can search for jobs and find the one suitable for you. Another useful feature could be teacher forums. You will be able to connect to others in the same profession and utilize their advice/experience to plan your teaching abroad journey.


ESL Base is also another ESL-focused site designed to cater to everything required to teach English as a foreign language. Again, there is a lot to explore on the website. You can find information on TEFL courses, jobs, and teaching resources. 

Explore the jobs section to find teaching jobs abroad. Working as one of the job search websites, you can search for hundreds of English teaching jobs by country. You also have the option to sign up for job alerts, which will save you time. So, are you ready to explore more?

12. is the online version of The Times Educational Supplement which started in a print medium more than 100 years ago. It works with more than 25000 schools in 100 countries. It has a huge amount of information and people associated with it. This is a unique resource that though not dedicated to only ESL, still houses some of the best information in terms of education as a whole.

There is a separate job section, which would have a huge number of vacancies listed. Though it would require a little bit of time and effort to find relevant jobs, it is still one of the recommended job search websites as it connects millions of educators and organizations together.

13. is all about TESOL, another vertical search portal that is designed for TESOL teachers and students, especially those interested in teaching abroad. This site contains jobs and resources that comprise teaching materials, courses, school details, student resources, blogs, and much for just the teaching community. 

The Job board contains teaching jobs abroad from all over the world and is updated daily. The great thing is they are categorized by region and then further into jobs in schools, private institutes, or other organizations for teaching adults. So, a lot of the work is done for you. 

In addition to all this, you also have a wide variety of resources for teaching abroad including courses and class materials; teachers can even post their profiles and requirements. So, overall a great website including one of the best job search websites.

14. was founded on the premise of combining traveling and teaching way back in 1977 in the print media. The vision of the founder, Dr. Clay Hubbs (who was a literature professor) was always that work, study, living abroad, and volunteering are forms of extended travel and activities that are responsible for changing your perspective of life forever. 

Even short-term travel is capable of doing the same and can always continue your educational experience at all stages and ages of life. Ultimately, educational and respectful travel will lead to an unforgettable experience mutually for both the visitor (you) and the locals (your students/friends).

And with this mission, Transitions Abroad has got a job board for teaching abroad. You can investigate options like volunteering and interning as well as these have separate sections. So, here is another site to add to your kitty to explore.

Remember, Job Search Websites that Focus on Teaching Jobs Abroad are the Key.

You have to make sure that you are using job search websites that list the kinds of ESL roles you want to teach and that these teaching jobs abroad are at the correct locations where you want to teach. 

These specialist job search websites or job boards attract hopeful teachers (both new and experienced) and schools/colleges/language institutes that are interested in hiring a teacher with a huge number of postings. Thus, they will be your best bet for finding teaching jobs abroad. 

Carry on reading and check out the list below for job search websites to find teaching jobs abroad.

Before we look into the job search websites, let us have a quick look into the points that you need to remember while searching for teaching jobs abroad.

1. Where do you want to Teach?

There are quite a few countries where English as a second language/foreign language (ESL/EFL) is taught in schools or colleges. Each country will have something unique to offer in terms of life experience. So, decide on your target destination first.

2. Who would you like to Teach?

This is perhaps the most crucial thing to keep in mind. You must think hard and long before deciding at what age level you want to teach. Teaching jobs abroad cater to students from school-age teenagers to adult learners. So what age group of students do you want to teach? You must have the answer to this question before you search for teaching jobs abroad.

Again, the salary will be dependent upon where you are teaching and the kind of organization you will work for. Teachers are paid a higher salary in international and private schools compared to public schools. University teaching is a better earner as you will teach at higher levels. Similarly, corporate positions are better paid than private lessons.

4. What is the Salary Range?

Salary can vary depending on the part of the world you decide to teach. For example, Asia is one of the largest markets for English teachers. In countries like Japan, China, and South Korea there is a huge demand for English teachers. But while South Korea is the best country to teach, teachers in Japan are paid higher salaries on average. If you consider Western Europe, the best country to teach is Spain, however, teachers are paid the most in Germany.

The average salary of these Teaching jobs abroad can range anywhere between $600 to $4000. So, there is a huge variation in the salary paid.

4. Are there any Other Benefits?

Apart from salary, would you be entitled to any other benefit? This can even become the deciding factor. In Asia (China, Japan South Korea) and the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia) many jobs offer benefits like housing, travel to and from your home country, etc. It is always advisable to consider these while applying for Teaching Jobs Abroad. These have a monetary aspect and may even have tax benefits for you.

5. Do you Need a TEFL/TESOL or CELTA Certification?

Getting a good salary, traveling, and saving are generally the main intentions for taking up a job abroad. Though having a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification is not mandatory, especially if you have experience for backup, it will only take you so far. To attract the best roles, a TEFL/TESOL or CELTA certification is strongly recommended. There will also be many teaching jobs abroad that will specify in the vacancy advertised on Job search websites they want a teacher with a teaching certification.

tesl ,tesol

Read more about TEFL And TEFL certification to learn more details.

Most Employers now Generally look for a Certificate that Reflects at Least the Following:

  • At least 100 hours of coursework/interaction with the tutor 
  • A minimum of 6-20 hours of hands-on experience (live practice teaching and observation with actual non-native English class or student) 
  • An accredited curriculum from a recognized, well-respected independent organization within the field;
  • Instruction provided by a qualified instructor (who holds a proper Degree at Masters Level in this field)

The Henry Harvin TEFL Certification comes highly recommended.

6. What is the Visa Process?

When you search for teaching jobs abroad, the visa is always the first thing that comes to mind. It is always a great idea to research the visa options available to you for the places/countries you intend to teach. Some countries have multiple options like working holidaymakers, while in some countries you may need sponsorship. Then, there may be the case that the school/company you apply to will either sponsor you or may even do your visa processing.

Also, the visa fee has to be considered. It is an additional expense if you are working within a limited budget. Sometimes you will find the details on the job search websites with a job description. Alternatively, it may be worth asking during the interview process.

7. Salary Vs Cost of Living Vs Savings

Settling in a new place is always stressful, and if you are moving to a new country altogether, then the stress factor is out of the roof! I should know, done that twice.

My sincere advice would be to learn about the expected expenses and always compare them with your salary. Work out budgets and also the amount you can save. There are some countries where the salary may not be the highest, but the cost of living is low, so you save a good chunk of your salary. This can be used for those traveling and exploring dreams.

On the other hand, you have countries where the salary paid is high, but the cost of living is also high. Then can you put anything away? NO. And include the additional benefits like housing/insurance that might be on offer when you work the figures.

I would recommend reading “Teaching English Abroad and How to Earn Them” for lots of information and facts.

Did You Find What You Were Looking for?

This list is just like you throwing a pebble in still waters and the start of a few ripples. There is so much more to search and explore. There cannot be a single exhaustive list of job search websites when you look for teaching jobs abroad. This is just to get you on your way.

You will have to do a lot of research to narrow down your teaching options first, then finding the correct jobs and submitting the application would be just the start of your journey. You still have to land the job and complete all the necessary processes before your actual travel. Then, finally settling in a new country and starting a new job.

Apart from being job sites, these websites also have a lot of information that will be useful to you. 

You may be able to network with other teachers from your country who have also followed the same process. You will get some good first-hand advice and even contact in your new home.

Always take the opportunity to speak to hiring experts to get excellent pointers. Most of the good TEFL/TESOL training institutes also provide a placement service. If yours does, utilize it and speak to the counselor dedicated to your case for advice and tips.

Best Wishes for your happy TEFL job hunting!

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