The Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing in every sector worldwide. Basically, each innovation in Artificial Intelligence gives a better and only better experience. The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare sector has taken medical science to the next level. AI in Healthcare is useful to diagnose, treat and monitor patients more intelligently and faster. 

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare combines computer science algorithms and datasets to solve the problem. Diagnosis processes, drug research, medicine, patient monitoring, care centre, clinic management, etc. done more precisely using AI. IBM and Google have developed AI programs for the healthcare industry. It will increase patients’ cost-saving and satisfaction levels. And decreases workforce needs. Nowadays, many healthcare institutions have developed their own AI program to customise their condition. 

The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare:

1. Pathology


Cancer is the leading cause of death. According to WHO, every one person in six persons dies due to cancer. However, cancer is curable when diagnosed at an early stage. A biopsy is a procedure that diagnoses cancer. Moreover, in a biopsy, a piece of tissue is removed from the body. Thereafter, it is tested in a laboratory. Expert pathologists review them under a microscope for visual evaluation. However, there are differences of opinion among the pathologists. Also, it is sometimes difficult to notice everything with the human eye. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare helps reduce errors by pathologists. For instance, the Pathology AI program provides the pathologist with analysed pathology.

2. Genetic Testing

Genomics generates terabytes of raw data for genomic studies.  Machine Learning and Deep Learning can analyse and interpret the data more efficiently and accurately than traditional methods. Machine Learning, as well as Deep Learning, are types of AI. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare helps to diagnose complex diseases with genetic components.

3. Patient Monitoring

Clinical decision-making in ICU, emergency wards and operating rooms measured in seconds. Monitoring devices, especially, in these units generate a large amount of data.  Therefore, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare assisted alert systems. And this AI-assisted alert system helps in making clinical decisions.

4. Healthcare Administration

Virtual healthcare assistant AI programs manage tasks like

  • recording the medical history of patients
  • assigning appointments
  • follow-ups 
  • replying query of the patient on emails and calls. 

As a result, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare benefits both the patient and medical staff.  

5. Autonomous Robotic Surgery

In recent times, Robotic surgery has gained popularity. Generally, robotic surgery uses robots integrated with cameras, artificial arms and surgical instruments.  Whereas, the expert and experienced surgeons perform the surgery using such robots. This is a revolution in the field of surgery. The surgeon gets the 3D view on the computer screen. The surgeon controls the robot and therefore, performs complex surgery. Such surgeries were rather impossible before the AI revolution. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare makes complex operations possible.

Robotic Surgery

6. Management of Medical Records

Medical data of the patient is complex to configure. However, medical records are crucial in improving the patient experience throughout their care journey. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, indeed, provides applications that configure complex data. Therefore, these applications help the patient make better health decisions independently. Also, medical practitioners can take better clinical decisions using AI applications.  

7. Reduction of Dosage Errors

The dosage error of any medicine is very harmful. Especially in cases, where the patient is required to self-administer the dosage like pills, insulin or inhaler. Therefore, the chances of dosage errors in such cases are more. Less or an extra dosage than ideal affects the patient’s recovery indeed. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, for instance, provides the tools for monitoring dosage errors. 

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


  • Early diagnoses of diseases:
  • Better clinical decision
  • Complex surgery possible


  • Adequate data curation is necessary for handling heterogeneous data
  • Understanding of AI programs by the medical team
  • Fear of Unemployment in assistant medical staff
  • Regulating it is a complex and sensitive matter
  • Unacceptable use of the personal data of the patient

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In conclusion, the application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare has enhanced disease diagnosis and clinical decision-making performance. Presently, hospitals across the world are implementing AI at various levels. Moreover, researchers are coming up with new AI applications for better treatment and diagnosis. However, researchers should consider the safety of the patient and the cost. Worldwide, the healthcare sector is well-regulated. The doctors require licenses to practice.   Standards are prescribed for the equipment. Rigorous clinical trials are essential for new drugs. The benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare are great. Even though the patient needs protection from wrong diagnoses and unacceptable use of personal data. At present, for any malfunctioning medical professionals are liable. The regulation at present, however, does not provide accountability for the failure of technology. Therefore, presently there is no liability on the AI developers and AI developing companies. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Does Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare replace doctors?

No. AI increases the potential of the doctor.

2. Does any regulation is notified for the accountability of the AI developer? 


3. Can I learn Artificial Intelligence to enhance my career? 

Henry Harvin is providing the course on Artificial Intelligence. However, other institutions are also there providing Artificial Intelligence courses.

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