Information Technology refers to anything related to computing technology, such as networking, hardware, software, the Internet, or the people connected with these technologies. Globally now all companies now have IT departments for managing the computers, networks, and other technical areas of their businesses.

Historically Six Sigma implementation into their daily operations had been proved fruitful for companies because the strength of Six Sigma lies in thedata driven approach, hence it has supported in minimizing the Project Duration. With the inclusion and certification of Six Sigma framework, professionals can face challenges towards better solutions for tomorrow.

Six Sigma is a defect reduction methodology that transforms organizations to focus on the quality of the customer experience, Six Sigma aims to measure and improve both internal processes, such as network speed and reliability, and line-of-business processes in which IT has a role.

In this challenging World, IT and the management of information must be handled with care and efficiency. Therefore using time-tested Six Sigma principles can help to make your business more effective over time. By using the Six Sigma concepts, a company can monitor the quality of new hires, productivity levels, and profitability more clearly.

Six Sigma and its use in Software Development are often referred as beneficial as it is used to improve, accelerate and sustain the process of making programs, Six Sigma benefits includes improved efficiency, more transparency, less flaws and defects, improved quality, and ultimately better results. This will have a direct effect on profits, which are bound to increase.

Six Sigma has proven to be highly effective in managing automated IT processes across most companies, managers certified with enjoy six sigma higher job satisfaction, production rates and effective utilization of modern technology.

All in all the entire IT sector is knowledge base-driven discipline who is investing huge amounts of money in finding skills outside the organization or developing them internally, With Six Sigma certification it create strong processes that enhance learning and reduce cost which is beneficial for both company and the employee

How many level’s are there in certification?

1. White belt – Helps in understanding basic and specifics of the certification, teaches where and how to apply it. 2. Yellow belt – Teaches different aspects of six sigma training. 3 Green belt – Teaches about analyzing and understanding the project. 4. Black belt – Expert. 5. Master black belt – Master strategist.

How is it helpful?

Helps in becoming a change agent in industries like IT, Telecom, Aerospace, finance, banking etc, contributing to their growth. Helps in implementing DMAIC tools, increased pay scale, more job opportunities, minimizing waste and generating more profits for the organization.

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