Are you a fresher? looking to learn something new every day in this internet era, come let’s have a look through the software testing course in India. Software Testing is booming in the IT sector. In India, the IT sector is constantly growing and there is ample demand for Software Testing jobs as a lot of companies are depending on software testing.

Software testing is an upcoming market and is improving day by day. Each IT industry requires skilled software testers/ QA professionals who will assist to supervise the quality of software and advice necessary changes.

Software testers are getting good pay. The testers and developers at the freshers level get the same pay scale. One can start their career as or when needed because there are several opportunities for testers and they also get opportunities to work as a freelancer.

Software testing is a good career choice in all aspects so one must take appropriate training to learn fundamental skills and get related certification as well. It is one of the niche fields if you choose to learn something new every day.

Finding the best institute is a bit difficult task and many institutes make fake promises, so make sure you survey them well to avoid any kind of fraud. Hence, we have listed the 10 best software testing courses in India according to our knowledge to make your search hassle free.

Seed infotech has 24+ years of experience, ISO certified providing IT training, products, and tools consulting services. It is one of the good institutes to join for software testing courses in India. They trust the knowledge, information, and insights they offer will boost them to achieve beyond. They offer both classroom training as well as online training sessions.


They have come up with DST (Diploma in Software Testing) and SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test). Their syllabus helps to prepare trainees to get ISTQB certification. The training methodology and hands-on practices of test cases help trainees to clear other certification exams.

The training faculties are industry experienced and certified. They provide both offline and online classes with placement assistance. The students completing BE, B Tech, MCA, MCS, BCS, BSC, BCA, or equivalent with good knowledge of C programming can take up software testing course.

Location: The headquarters is in Pune, their branches are in other IT Metros in India like Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, etc.

2. Qspiders

QSpiders is the leading global training institute that builds a bridge to the gap between educational systems and IT companies. It is one of the best software training courses in India by providing an opportunity for young minds to achieve a successful career.


Their syllabus fuse well with IT companies experiences so that freshers starts working on projects easily in IT companies. Their syllabus is designed to upgrade the technical knowledge of BE, M Tech, BSC, MSC, BCA, MCA, and other technical graduation job seekers. It is also designed for manual testers and working professionals who are interested to learn automation tools.

The trainers are industry-experienced professionals. They offer vast software testing courses with ISTQB certification. They offer an online class with job assistance.

Locations: The main branch of Qspiders is in Bangalore, Karnataka. Their branches are in major cities like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Chandigarh, Haryana, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh.

3. Arcus infotech

Arcus infotech started in 2004 and it is one of the best institutes delivering software training and soft skills training for professionals and freshers. They accomplish what they have promised, and their training is career-oriented. They provide manual testing and automation testing.


The Arcus Infotech offers a software testing training course with placement services and support. The trainers are industry experts allow trainees to practice test cases, automation tools, and real-time project session. The BE, MTech, BCA, MCA, and only BSC graduates with 600% can join software testing courses. They provide online training.

Location: Arcus infotech branches are in Karnataka, Chennai, and Hyderabad.


CEPTA (Computer Education & Technology Promotion Association) has been awarded as the best IT and Embedded Training Company. It is the no. 1 training institute offering software testing courses in India. CEPTA is expertise in training, development, and consultancy. They trust that action with the vision makes a positive difference.


Their software testing course with ISTQBL certification. The 3 domains covered are manual testing, automation testing, and database testing. Their course content is designed for professionals as well as graduates. They provide training on live projects. The trainers are industry experts providing online classes.

Location: CEPTA main branch is in Roorkee and other branches are in Noida, Dehradun, and Lucknow.

5. Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy is ranked 1 software testing institute established in 2012. It is the leading institute proving software testing course in India. Their training curriculum is based on industry standards. They feel Trainees experience differences by thinking creative, thinking digital, and thinking tech stack.


At Techstack, we have trainers who have years of experience and are well dedicated to providing you the knowledge you deserve. Trainers are IT experts and committed to delivering deserved knowledge to trainees. They offer an online and offline class to trainees from the scribble and provide internships on live projects.

Location:  The head office is in Delhi and another branch in Noida.

6. CMC Limited

CMC Limited is the leading IT services, consulting, and software. It is part of TATA enterprises delivering a wide range of certifications in software testing courses in India. CMC Limited is an eLearning company that imparting education and training via the internet. They offer a Diploma in software testing that includes both manual testing and automation testing.


CMC limited training course prepares trainees irrespective of background in It sector as software testing professionals. They provide placement assistance and trainers are industry experts who upskill the knowledge of software testing.

Location: CMC is established in major cities of India.

7. Agile academy

The agile academy is the consultation and training institute. It is one of the best institutes offering software testing courses in India. Their content is for working professionals and graduates.


Trainers are experts providing 100 % practical training. They upskill our logical, analytical knowledge. They offer a 100% job guarantee with one-to-one access.

Location: Agile academy’s main branch is in Ahmadabad.

8. Intellipat

Intellipat is a pioneer in starting courses. It is one of the best software testing course providers in India. Their course content fills the gaps of today’s technologies. It provides eLearning content collaborating with SME’s.


The software testing course content covers the entire testing domain. The mentors are industry experienced. They provide online and offline courses with placement assistance.

Location: Its branches are in Bangalore and Jaipur.

9. Webtech Lab

Webtech Lab is a leading IT solution-providing institute. They aim to deliver well-trained software testers to IT companies.


The Mentors are industry experts providing the best software testing training. They provide online classes with placement assistance.

Locations: Its branches are in Delhi and Kolkata.

10. Trigent

Trigent is a pioneer in the field of software development and software testing. The mentors train the students to current IT standards with upgraded tools and technologies.


They provide strong practical knowledge as trainers are industry experts with job assistance. The software testing course is ideal for BE, M Tech, BCA, MCA, BSC graduates.

Location: The branches are in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

Wrapping up

Development was the only field where candidates were hired earlier, and software testing is often overlooked. Now with various software applications and website building processes, there is also a major need for quality checks of software’s and for that knowledgeable Software Testers are hired.

This is the era of the internet, wherein our daily routine we are using the software application in one or another way. The money transaction, sales and marketing platform, bank, education, food, clothing, etc. happens through a software application in his internet word. To perform all these things smoothly, software testing is extremely important. This proves how much crucial is software testing concerning career choice.

In this technological era, millions of software are developed and software testing is constantly growing so it’s the best carrier choice. As hackers are also rising, software developers must ensure chances of hacking, suspicious login, and security failures to keep the software users safe and bug-free. Hence the software testers are in great demand.

One can surely get good growth in this field by performing well, identifying the bugs, and doing a quality check. Software testers will get enough pay scale at the starting and they will also gain significant experience working with different kinds of frameworks.

Any candidate who wants to start their career as a software tester must be from the computer science field and have a degree of Software testing in hand. To acquire a professional degree in it, candidates can approach any good institution dealing with the training of this specific course. To start the journey as a tester it’s crucial to know the different types of software testing courses and then decide your choice.

All the IT companies and individual customers look for accredited professionals. The folks who are interested to choose software testing as a career must have appropriate certification. Before selecting the institute, ask the institute counselor.

  • About course syllabus.
  • Mentor qualification.
  • whether they are covering both manual and automation testing courses.
  • Tools covered in automation testing.
  • Whether they take a class with live projects.
  • Ask any specific requirements to join the course.

After browsing through the 10 best software testing courses in India, go through why testing is crucial in IT companies. There are a lot of certifications from a range of certification institutes, and it could be confusing to choose which certification is the best fit for you. So, considering the below-mentioned points may help one to take up a software testing course.

• Which certification will best suit your experience level?

•  Will that certification provides the knowledge you want to develop?

• Whether it is industry-recognized certification?

• Will that certification offers professional growth?

•  Whether the certification is cost-effective?

Maybe IT companies will hire a candidate based on mentioned certification mentioned in the CV, but they fire the candidate if they can’t carry out certified skill sets. Hence, when attempting a certification, one should aim to attain as much knowledge from the course material to be as good as an SME (subject matter expert) about the certification.


More information about Software Testing

Software Testing is a process of verifying a computer system/ program to judge whether the specified requirements are meet and process the desired outputs. Contradiction to the real requirement, software testing helps to solve the errors or missing requirements.

Then It ensures the software system is defect-free by recognizing the bugs in the software project and provide the details of the quality of the software product/ service under test to the stakeholders. Testers are needed to confirm software quality and functionality. Testing is questioning the product to make it better and observation is the skill that can help you to catch the strange and unhealthy events quickly in the product.

Manual testing is the better option to start a career as a software tester unfortunately many candidates ignore it. The first one should acknowledge the concept of manual testing and get hands-on experience and then they can start learning automation testing. Software tester must know coding and business knowledge to gain success in the long run.

The two classifications of software testing

  1. Manual Testing: Testing software without using any automated tool is known as Manual testing. Manual testing is performed is done manually. Coding is not required for this type of testing. Software tester will resolve all technical glitches and identifies the unexpected issues in the software developed looking into as an end-user. It includes four major types of testing.
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

2. Automation Testing: Automation testing is also known as Test Automation. If you are opting for automated testing, you should know basic programming.  It includes four major types of testing.

  • Unit Tests
  • Integration Tests
  • UI Tests
  • Regression Tests

3. Software Testing helps to resolve bugs, errors, missing requirements & another technical issues. In general, testing is a process of evaluating a system or component.  The upcoming trend in software testing is mentioned below. Software testers must keep up with the latest technology, here priority decreases down the sequence:

  • Big data application testing
  • IoT Testing services
  • Cyber security application-based testing
  • Cloud Application Testing
  •  Mobile Application Testing
  • Validation testing services
  •  Agile Testing
  • Digital Transformation based testing services
  •  Selenium Testing tool
  •  Embedded testing.

The constraints of software testing are

  • Nowadays people are shifting to spend time on mobile applications has increased compared to web applications, which is a great challenge.
  • Mobile testing is different from web software testing. There is no fixed approach to test.
  • Manual testing is important, but more IT firms are shifting to automation testing as its timesaving.
  • You need to continuously learn and update your knowledge on multiple testing tools.

Everyone slowly shifting towards APIs from Web based.  API’s offers features like:

  • Control- No need to depend on vendors, one can create and update interfaces for a flexible period.
  • Flexibility- One can make quick changes if you want to share less/ more data.
  • Affordability- One can create many interfaces by paying one flat fee for API console developers, with whatever agencies/ programmer you want.

The new trends are slowly shifting towards providing error free interoperable, adaptable, and scalable API models to enterprises.
API testing thus allows:

  • Reduces overheads: API testing comes along with component/integration levels. Hence enables the discovery of critical interface bugs at very early stages.
  • Discover Interface errors: Since API’s communicate between separate components, interface errors are highlighted in API testing
  • Reducing build failures: API testing can be considered as a structural test approach intended to test the structure or flow of a program.
  • Enhanced functional testing without GUI: Functional features are available for testing without the need for GUI.


1. What is software testing?

software testing is a process used to identify the correctness, completeness, and quality of developed computer software. It’s a process of bugs detection for the top-quality product development for the end-users.
It is the process to check whether actual test results match the expected results which will confirm that the software is defect-free and ensures the quality of software. It guarantees that the application’s functionality is appropriate and enough and that customers or clients are satisfied.

2. What does a software tester do?

A software tester tests whether the software is bug-free and checks for the software development life cycle. The software tester examines the system functionality by checking the outputs and compare them with a new one. Software testers identify faults/defects from a software system at an early stage which in turn improves the quality of a product.

3. Is it necessary to have a good knowledge of programming to get into a testing career?

Even though it’s possible to be a tester with no programming knowledge, but every tester must understand programming basics.  Eventually, a tester must learn to program.  programming knowledge testers are needed in IT companies, but most testers don’t know to program. So, the role of programming is downplayed.
Automation testing in its simplest sense gives you the ability to playback an already known set of steps against an existing product. Automation can’t find new bugs. Depend on who is hiring? A tester familiar with programming is a better tester. Writing a script requires programming skills.

4. Is it possible to start a career as a software tester after30?

Software Testers with knowledge of automation and manual testing are increasing in demand. Nothing is too late to start with enthusiasm. Age doesn’t matter to the job description. If you like to change your career, then you should have a good understanding of what is involved in software testing.  Every people need software that does things right.

5. Is software testing a good career choice?

Yes, off-course Software Testing is a good career choice if you are from a computer science background. If you have done graduation in B.E., MCA, BCA, BSc- Computers, it is easy to get hired by IT companies. But if you do not hold any of these degrees, then you must complete a software testing certification which helps you learn Software Development/ Test Life Cycle and other testing methodologies.

6. Is software testing easier than software development?

Software Testing and Software Development are two separate wheels that help to balance Software and its quality respectively, both have their complexities but yes if there is a question of comparison then Software Testing is quite easy than developing since deep programming knowledge is not compulsory for testing software.

7. What is the career path of a software tester?

The career path of a software tester is:
·         QA Analyst (Fresher)
·         Senior QA Analyst (2-3yrs work-ex)
·         QA Team Coordinator (5-6yrs work-ex)
·         Test Manager (8-11yrs work-ex)
·         Senior Test Manager (14+yrs work-ex)

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