An Intro, to the 12 Ways to Get a Digital Marketing Job as a Fresher (2023)

Before we get into looking at Ways to Get a Digital Marketing Job as a Fresher(2023), let’s first understand what Digital Marketing is.  It is an online marketing process, which helps brands promote their products or services, in order to attract customers.  Nonetheless, with the growing increase in technology today, there are various platforms which can be used for digital marketing today.

digital marketing job as a fresher

Tip 1: Gain experience in marketing through freelancing

Let’s not forget that the digital marketing world is all about knowledge.  So gaining knowledge and growing knowledge is very important.  Learn everything possible that is related to the field, but don’t stop there, continue to learn as much as possible.  You need to have done a digital marketing course, which will thus help you enhance your chances of getting a job in the digital marketing segment as a fresher.

You can offer your services for free in the beginning to friends and family or can charge a minimum fee for your services.  Everyone starts a job from scratch, so always aiming for a high-paid salary or high-level position would not be feasible when you are just a fresher.

digital marketing job as a fresher

Tip 2:  Start by writing a Blog

To begin with, in order to build your reputation as an expert marketer, the first option would be to start writing blogs.  It is not necessary to have your own blogging site for this, you can also write as a guest blogger on websites which accept different bloggers.  Many writers usually use the WordPress website to create their portfolios in writing and this site requires only basic skills.  

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The benefit of using this site for writing is that it will enable you to practise your writing skills, SEO, social media, designing and more. 

The reason you should start using a blog to start writing has a benefit.  It is free.  In case you decide to create a domain, the charges are also quite low.  You can also use mock campaigns in case you don’t have experience in marketing campaigns.  While creating your site on WordPress or another, it is advisable to be careful while choosing your email address.  This is because many recruiters, professionals or potential clients usually judge based on email addresses.

Tip 3: Make sure you have a strong LinkedIn Presence

Completing your profile and receiving recommendations as much as possible on LinkedIn is very important.  Nonetheless, the primary focus on social media should be LinkedIn.  You must list out all the awards and recognitions you may have received in your graduation years.  Always remember to keep your profile updated with the skills you possess.  You can as well post any marketing work or any design creations you have made.  This will be a benefit when your profile is viewed by professionals or potential clients.

Tip 4:  Apply for jobs actively

There are a lot of opportunities for Digital Marketing as fresher on job portals.  Put in your application on as many job portals as possible.  Do not restrict yourself on applying for a job even if it doesn’t have the same wordings listed.  Furthermore, marketing specialists and cor-ordinator jobs do include entry-level marketing positions.  Some of the best places you can post your profile are Naukri, LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and more.

Only applying for a job is not enough.  While doing so, you must include a cover letter which becomes a personalized message to the receiver.  In this cover letter, you should include your professional skills, qualifications and your interest in the role.

You can read employee reviews or ex-employee reviews of the company you are applying for to understand their products, services and brand details, in case it is not listed on the company website.  Glassdoor is an example of reviewing a brand.

Tip 5: Build a professional network

Word of mouth can be very helpful when you are starting your career in this field.  If you have family or friends who know of such opportunities, can put in a word for you.  This may get you a job just by sending in your resume.  If possible, try and attend marketing conferences or webinars, the more you meet people, the more your chances of getting into this job.

Tip 6: Get as much as information possible from informative videos, digital marketing courses

You can do an online digital marketing course from the best online platforms, or can learn it on your own, that is completely your choice.  But, the more information you gather from this course, will be very helpful in pursuing your career as a digital marketer.

Learning from top-notch institutes is definitely a benefit because they offer you a thorough understanding of all the modules.  You can study which platform best suits you by considering what their courses include, as well as if they have any practical training that goes along with the course.  Nevertheless, digital marketing is a more practical study rather than theoretical study.

Reading through blogs and viewing digital marketing videos of eminent marketers, is a good tip, as they cover a wide variety of topics.  You can jot down important points, while viewing, which can help you retain the information till required later.

Tip 7: Choose your niche wisely

Choosing a niche means choosing an area of your interest in digital marketing.  Once you have gone through all the modules and their constituents, it is now time to choose the element of digital marketing which peaked your interest the most.

To become an effective digital marketer, you need to identify your strengths because digital marketing covers a vast area in terms of job selection, so choosing what you wish to pursue is very important.  You need to be good at what interests you.  Nonetheless, you may be good at two skills, for example, writing, so you can become a prolific content writer and marketer.

Tip 8: Create a stellar CV

CV is used for any job, be it a fresher or an experienced individual.  A document which details out your education, working profile (if any prior experience), skills, awards and accolades (if any), and not to forget your strengths.

As a fresher, you will need to meticulously structure, plan and write your CV.  This will be the first impression on your potential employer.  Detailing all that you know and have covered in your digital marketing course, is imperative while preparing your CV as a fresher.

Refrain from providing any false information as it can tamper with your credentials somewhere down the line.

Tip 9: Internship Programs 

An internship can help you gain more knowledge and experience in the digital marketing field.  This is because it will give you a reality of how the real world works and what is expected of you when you step out into this industry.

Internships can be paid or unpaid, but that shouldn’t matter if you want to gain the experience.  Once you have done an internship, it always gives a boost when applying for a job as a fresher, because it shows that you are aware of how the industry works.  Nonetheless, an internship is also a work-experience that will reflect on your CV as a fresher.

Tip 10: Knowledge of companies

One of the most common mistakes freshers make.  Just sending out a CV to a company is not important.  You need to have some potential study of what the company is all about.  When you send out your CV blindly, and are called for an interview, the first thing that your interviewer would check is if you have any knowledge about the company’s activities.

Tip 11: Have a clear understanding of Digital Marketing

You as a fresher, need to know what are the main components that make up digital marketing.  Nonetheless, it is made of many processes that participate in the function of digital marketing campaigns.

Tip 12: Become an SEO expert

SEO can help you learn how to create websites that both users, as well as search engines, find suitable.  Once done, you can start applying these concepts to develop your Google Ads and Facebook paid campaigns.

Now that we have seen the 12 ways to get a digital marketing job as a fresher, let’s look at how we can become successful digital marketers with the digital marketing course.  Here are some online platforms you can use to do the digital marketing course.

Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is a leading online platform providing a wide variety of courses, in all fields.  One such course provided is Digital Marketing Course.  Read on to know how you can benefit by doing this course.

What you learn:

  • Everything about Digital Marketing from the basics
  • Effective Webpage Designing
  • Google Ads [ Search Engine Marketing ]
  • SEO – Off page, on page, mobile, as well as local
  • Facebook, YouTube as well as LinkedIn Marketing

Who can join this course:

  • YouTubers, Enthusiasts, Bloggers, Media Enthusiasts as well as Business Owners
  • Website owners who want to boost their web business
  • Business analysts and professionals who want to learn social media marketing skills to grow their businesses.
  • People who want to earn money, without a full-time job.
  • WFH opportunities with leading organizations across the globe.

More about the course:

  • Duration time of 40 hours of live virtual training
  • Access to unlimited webinars, post-class videos
  • 10+ job opportunities weekly basis
  • Hands-on experience with industry projects during training
  • 7 certifications from Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy
  • Opportunity to work with famous companies.

Digital marketing course is a broad concept which includes various channels like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Web Analytics and Content Marketing.

Here is a list of some of the best Digital Marketing Courses free and paid which can get you a certification in digital marketing.

  1. Google Digital Marketing Course
  2. Reliablesoft Academy
  3. Semrush Academy
  4. ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course
  5. HubSpot Online Marketing Course 

Digital Marketing Future in India

Digital marketing has been steadily rising in India.  This is thus leading to growing job opportunities and every digital marketer is expected to keep updated with the latest trends.  Nonetheless, Digital Marketing Agencies are the reason for the growth of digital advertising in India.

Ranking your website on the top search engine results organically as well as by paid means is the best form of advertising for your business.  If you master skills like SEO and SEM, this will increase your business ranking on search engines, thus leading you to get high-paid jobs. 

Some of the digital marketing skills in demand are listed below:

  • Content Marketing
  • Data analytics and search engine optimization
  • Paid media and pay-per-click
  • Graphic designing and copywriting

But as a fresher, you are not required to master all the skills.  Learning 3-4 of them would be sufficient for you to kickstart your career in digital marketing.

What is the role of a Digital Marketer?

Digital marketers are driving brand awareness.  They are responsible for lead generation, which is done through various digital channels.  These can include social media, the company’s own website, search engine rankings as well as the company’s blogs.  

In general, he needs to use measurable analytics to identify the weaknesses in order to find ways to improve the performance across these channels.  The beauty of a career in digital marketing is that no matter what, you can choose to be a jack-of-all trades or focus on only one as per your choice.

SEO and SEM in digital marketing

SEO and SEM go hand-in-hand, which improve the company’s brand recognition as well as in turn, draw in more customers to the business.  This increases revenue for the company.  They are common as they both require smart keyword research as well as compelling writing, which entices customers.  Both these approaches are versatile in their roles.  Nonetheless, using both together gives a boost to your business.

While SEO is a process of getting traffic from free, organic or natural search results in search engines, thus resulting in improving your website’s position in the search result page.  On the other hand, SEM is a digital marketing strategy which is used to increase the visibility of the website on the search engine result page.

Below are some Career Opportunities for Freshers in Digital Marketing

  1. Social Media Marketing Executive – They are essentially responsible for planning as well as executing an overall social media strategy for a company.  Furthermore, they also overlook the content for social media campaigns.  Working with marketing teams as well as PR teams, they share their analysis of current campaigns.  Nonetheless, because of its demand, it has made it one of the highest-paid digital marketing job.
  2. Digital Marketing Executive – They are primarily responsible for a brand or a client’s complete online presence.  Their role is to promote the business’s product and services while making a sound digital presence.  To get into this role you would need to be well-versed with all digital marketing concepts.  Furthermore, a know-how to leverage the internet to generate revenue is important.
  3. Search Engine Optimization Executive – More of a technical job, if you have great analytical skills, this is a great career option to consider.  Furthermore, in this job, your primary aim would be to increase a website’s traffic and make it rank on google’s top-most page.  For this you would require in-depth knowledge in Keyword Search, SEO copywriting, search engines and evolving algorithms.
  4. Search Engine Marketing Executive – They are responsible for paid ads across all search engines and display networks.  You need to be good with numbers and analytical skills.  A basic understanding of coding as well as web design principles is an added benefit.
  5. Content Marketing Executive – To begin with, this type of executive creates, improves and manages company’s content across all media platforms leading to brand awareness. This is one of the most specialized disciples under digital marketing.

Top Online Digital Marketing Institutes in India With Placement

  • IIDE- The Digital School
  • DMTI
  • DIDM
  • Freelancers Academy
  • UpGrad
  • Optron Academy
  • NIDM 
  • LIPS India
  • TechStack

IIDE – The Digital School

Course Offered:

  • Advanced Course in Digital Marketing 
  • MBA-level PG Course in Digital Marketing 
  • 13+ Short Term Certificate Courses in Digital Marketing Niches (6-12 hours)


Courses Offered:

  • Advanced Digital Marketing Diploma
  • Master 1 year Digital Marketing Certification


Courses Offered:

  • Master in Digital Marketing
  • Advanced in Digital Marketing
  • Professional in Digital Marketing

Freelancers Academy

Courses Offered:

  • Digital Marketing


Courses Offered:

  • Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication


Courses Offered:

  • Dynamic Digital Marketing
  • Hybrid Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Digital Marketing

Optron Academy

Courses Offered:

  • Digital Marketing Foundation Course
  • 3 Months Digital Marketing Course
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 12 Month Digital Marketing Course

LIPS Academy

Courses Offered:

  • Digital Marketing Course Online 
  • Digital Marketing Course in Pune


Courses Offered:

  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  • Post Graduation in Digital Marketing

The Bottom Line

New technologies have moved the market a great deal.  Digital marketing has many advancements and improvements in its strategy.  Thus, it is important to know why it is important today.

Nonetheless, known as the method of sales and promotion of a brand through digital media, digital marketing uses various tools which are available on the internet.  Furthermore, it has become more complex, omnipresent, and efficient, thus resulting in quicker results.  

To summarize, the best thing about digital marketing is that it offers numerous resources for an immediate study of the impact of every digital marketing industry today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What skills are required by a fresher for a digital marketing job?

It is always better for freshers to have at least the basic knowledge of software which can help them in creating visual content.

Q.2. What is the average salary for a fresher in a digital marketing job?

With no prior experience, a fresher can earn an average salary of around Rs. 1 lakh/pa.

Q.3. How can a fresher get a job in digital marketing?

Using social media accounts of different digital marketing agencies, content writing services and corporate organizations, can grab the right job for a fresher in this industry.

Q.4. Do marketing companies prefer to employ freshers?

Freshers have undoubtedly got an edge in the creative mindset race, and the marketers acknowledge this fact.

Q.5. Can a fresher be an SEO and SEM in a digital marketing job?

Since SEO and SEM go hand-in-hand when it comes to digital marketing, thus, a fresher who has done the course containing both SEO and SEM, has the benefit of acquiring a job with a high payout.

Q.6. Which qualification is required by a fresher to get a job in digital marketing?

Graduate or diploma after 10+2 is required for becoming an SEO professional.

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