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“We think too much about effective methods of teaching and not enough about effective methods of learning”-John Carolus S. J.

Arkansas is a southern U.S. state bordering the Mississippi River. It’s known for its abundant park and wilderness areas, with terrain encompassing mountains, caves, rivers, and hot springs.

The rugged Ozarks region in its northwest has hiking trails and limestone caves such as Blanchard Springs Caverns. Its capital, Little Rock, hosts the Clinton Presidential Center, housing Bill Clinton’s presidential archives.

Do you want to teach English to people and earn money? You have come to the right page! TEFL courses in Arkansas can give you an edge over others as it will help you become an Excellent English Teacher! Before we start off with the best TEFL certification courses in Arkansas. It is very important to know what is TEFL, TEFL Certification courses and it’s benefits.

1. ITTT- International TESOL and TEFL Training

International TEFL and TESOL Training-TEFL Course- Arkansas

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) have been at the forefront of teacher training for over 20 years and with our wide choice of TEFL course online and in-class TEFLCourses, we are certain that we have the perfect course for every situation. Once graduated, our trainees have a distinct advantage in the worldwide job market as our qualifications are actively sought after by employers in all corners of the globe. Whether you choose to study from home via one of our  TEFL course online, or you would prefer hands-on instruction at one of our international training centers, a TEFL certificate from ITTT will ensure your new teaching career gets off to a flying start.

Duration of the course: 60 hours


Cost of the course: $ 199

Features of the Course:

  • TEFL/TESOL Courses for Native and Fluent English Speakers

Our courses are open to both native and fluent English speakers as we are confident there is a great teacher in every trainee.

  • The Best Recruitment Partners on the Market

To ensure we provide the best career opportunities we work alongside some of the best recruitment agencies in the business.

  • Lifetime Job Assistance

We are happy to provide all TEFL course graduates with a wide range of job assistance services for as long as they need them.

  • Internationally Accredited  best TEFL Certification online

We are proudly accredited by prominent institutes, schools and individuals whose mission is to raise the standard of worldwide English teaching.

  • Over 25 Years in the teacher Education industry

Since we began we have graduated over 100,000 teachers. We also continually look to improve our services to ensure we remain ahead of the competition.

  • Professional Teacher Trainers

All their in-class courses and online courses with tutor support are led by experienced and highly qualified teacher trainers.

The Curriculum of the course:

  • Introductory Unit
  • 1: Teachers and Learners
  • 2: Theories, Methods, and Techniques
  • 3: Managing Classes
  • 4: Teaching New Language
  • 5: Lesson Planning
  • 6: Video Lessons
  • 7: Teaching Receptive Skills
  • 8: Teaching Productive Skills
  • 9: Course Books and Lesson Materials
  • 10: Evaluation and Testing
  • Summative Task

2. Spring International Language Centre:

Spring International Language Center- TEFL Course- Arkansas

Teaching English as a Foreign Language -TEFL Course at Spring International Language Center at the University of Arkansas is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA). It is designed for: 

  1.  Native English speakers who plan to teach English abroad and
  2. International non-native English speakers with advanced English skills are interested in learning new creative teaching strategies and becoming better EFL teachers in their home countries.

Duration of the course: 120 hours

Cost of the course:  $6,500 for each nine-week term 

Features of the Course:

  • Spring International Language Center’s Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate Program mission is designed to teach and train both prospective and in-service English teachers, to learn and review a wide range of approaches, materials, and techniques for teaching English as a foreign language, to discuss current issues, choices, challenges, and solutions in the field, to expand and enhance teacher’s ability to use technology for teaching, and to renew and revive in-service teachers’ enthusiasm and energy for teaching.
  • A peripheral benefit to our approach facilitates teachers’ professional development by connecting and collaborating with their colleagues from home and abroad by creating professional support networks. This in turn fosters respect and sharing amongst the variety of cultures of our participants.
  • The faculty endeavor to help develop teacher leaders through reflective, experiential activities focused on interpersonal skills, communication, and leadership. Knowledge, application, confidence-building, and creativity are the cornerstones of the program.
  • The TEFL Course online provides opportunities for participants to develop a deeper understanding of American culture and its inextricable relationship to language through a variety of socio-cultural experiences and reflective activities.
  • The best TEFL Certification mission and goals statement clearly states the academic, professional, leadership, and cultural goals of the program. Our highly experienced faculty hold these goals as paramount.
  • They are reflected in the curriculum, the context in which we teach, and the resources allocated to the program. The TEFL Certificate goals support and reflect the SILC mission of respect, professionalism, cross-cultural awareness, and language acquisition.

The Curriculum of the Course:

This program will include 120 hours of courses and workshops (30 additional hours of practicum required for pre-service teachers)**:

  •  Language Teaching Methodology
  • Reading and Writing Skills Workshops
  • English Phonology and Pronunciation
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • English Grammar Interactivity Teaching
  • Self-Inquiry and Reflective Teaching
  • Oral Communication
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Educational Lectures and Professional Visits to English as a Second Language Classrooms


3. The TEFL Academy:

The TEFL Academy

Duration of the course: 168 hours online

Cost of the course:  US$265

Features of the Course:

  • 168- Hour Online Level 5 TEFL and Grammar course
  • Free 30-hour top-up courses for teaching young learners, teaching English for business or teaching online & 1:1
  • 198 hours of TEFL training
  • 6-months access to the online campus
  • EAC (US States Department recognized body) approved qualification.
  • Tutor support from EFL professionals
  • Help with finding TEFL jobs abroad
  • All for just US$265! (Was US$530)
  • Best TEFL Certification Online

The Curriculum of the Course:

  • Lesson Planning
  • Teaching English Vocabulary
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Understanding English Grammar
  • Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
  • Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
  • Teaching English Grammar
  • Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Materials and Aids for Teaching English/Classroom Management Strategies
  • Effective utilization of resources when Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Case Study, Cover Letter, Job Sites, Resources, and CV

4. Udemy


Duration of the course: 3hours 30 minutes

Cost of the course: INR 360

Original Price



78% off

Features of the Course:

  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • 14 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Best TEFL Certification online after the completion of the course

The Curriculum of the Course:

  • Introduction
  • Teaching Skills and Classroom Management 1
  • Unit one Test 1
  • Teaching Skills and Classroom Management 2
  • Teaching Skills and Classroom Management 3
  • Unit Two Test
  • Grammar
  • Unit Three Test
  • Lesson Planning
  • Unit Four Test.
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5. ConnectTEFL

ConnecTEFL- Arkansas

Duration of the course: 120-hour online course

Cost of the course: $800

Features of the Course:

  • Take online
  • Do at your own pace and schedule
  • 100 hours of instruction
  • 20-hour practicum
  • Take anywhere with internet access
  • Excellent for people not in Memphis or with unpredictable schedules
  • The same course as in-class
  • Best TEFL Certification Online

The Curriculum of the Course:

Part I. Instruction (100 hours)

  • Understanding the Field and Lesson Planning 
  • Adapting Lessons and Instruction to Specific Learners 
  • Language Acquisition Theory
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar 
  • Speaking 
  • Speaking cont. 
  • Culture 
  • Culture cont. 
  • Reading 
  • Reading cont. 
  • Writing

 Part II. Practicum (20 hours) 

With ConnecTEFL staff assistance, candidates will arrange 10 hours of practice teaching and 10 hours of ESL classroom observation. 

6. TEFL org

TEFL Org- - Arkansas

Duration of the course: 140 hours TEFL Course online

Cost of the course:$ 609

Features of the Course: 

  • TEFL Org’s internationally recognized BAC, SQA, and ODLQC center accreditation
  •  Lifetime TEFL CV support
  •  Internationally recognized TEFL certificate
  •  Lifetime access to our TEFL jobcentre
  •  Downloadable TEFL coursebook
  •  Personal online TEFL tutor
  •  6 months to complete your online work
  •  Best TEFL Certification online after the completion of the course.

The Curriculum of the Course:

  • 20-hour  TEFL course online
  •  50 hour TEFL Methodology
  •  30-hour Grammar
  •  20-hour Video Observation
  •  10-hour Telephone Teaching
  •  10-hour Teaching Large Classes.

7. i-to-i

i-to-i- Arkansas

Duration of the course: 140 hours combined TEFL course online

Cost of the course: $274.50

Features of the Course:

  • 120 hour  TEFL course online
  • Plus 20-hour weekend classroom course
  • Support and feedback from DELTA-qualified tutors
  • English government regulated qualification?
  • Recognized by employers across the world
  • Get hands-on teaching practice in the classroom
  • Study online on your tablet, computer, or phone
  • Best TEFL Certification Online

The Curriculum of the Course:

  • Course Aims
  • Teaching New Language
  • Grammar and Error Correction
  • Teaching Practice 1
  • Pronunciation
  • Teaching Reading and Listening
  • Using coursebooks
  • Teaching Practice 2
  • Your TEFL course 

8. World TESOL Academy

World TESOL Academy-  Arkansas
World TESOL Academy

Currently, around 1 billion students worldwide are learning the English language. These students include adults hoping to continue their careers and travel around the world with ease, teenagers hoping to continue their studies overseas, and young learners hoping to pass school exams. As a result, English language teachers are in high demand, with vacancies for a range of different types of classes all over the world.

A TESOL/ Best TEFL Certification online is an essential qualification required by most schools when hiring English language (ESL) teachers.

Through this qualification TEFL course online, you’ll learn the foundational skills needed to become an English language teacher. This includes an essential understanding of how the English language is structured, along with a range of classroom management skills and language teaching techniques.

By the end of the TEFL course online, you’ll earn your TESOL/TEFL certification online and gain a set of skills that can be used to teach English overseas and online

Duration of the course: 120-hour TEFL course online

Cost of the course: $34USD

Features of the Course: 

  • The TEFL course online has been accredited by ETQC (Education & Teaching Qualification Council) and has undergone thorough checks to ensure that it provides a complete syllabus of topics required to teach English effectively.
  • The TESOL/TEFL course online is designed to give new teachers the essential skills needed to begin teaching English. While previous experience can be helpful, it’s not essential.
  • It’s also guaranteed to pass FCO legalization and Chinese/Vietnamese government authentication procedures – meaning you can use it to teach overseas.
  • Our accredited 120-hour course can be used with all major online teaching companies – including DaDa, Palfish, Cambly, and VIP Kid.
  • Best TEFL Certification online after completion of the course

The Curriculum of the Course:

Module 1. Introduction

An introduction to the world of TEFL and the possibilities ahead.

  •  TEFL Course orientation
  • Studying techniques
  • TEFL lifestyle
  • Teaching destinations.

Module 2. English Words and Punctuation

Essential understanding of the English language.

  • Types of words used in the English language.
  • Different types of verbs and how to teach them
  • Building words through affixes and word roots
  • Essential punctuation refresher.

Module 3. Sentences and Tenses.

How these words are formed into various sentence structures.

  • Present, past, and future tenses
  • A simple, compound, and compound-complex sentences
  • First, second, third, and Z conditional sentence structures.

Module 4. Language skills.

Techniques to build your students ‘ diverse language skills.

  • 1:Teaching vocabulary memorization
  • 2:Teaching reading, writing, speaking & listening skills
  • 3:Teaching skills at beginner/advanced levels

Module 5. Preparing for lessons.

How to form a fun and effective 60-minute lesson.

  • PPP/TTT/TBL lesson plan approaches
  • Adapting to your class context
  • Motivating your students
  • Adding fun to your lessons.

Module 6. Managing your Class

How to keep your students on track and deal with difficulties.

  • Sculpting your learning environment
  • Testing students
  • Forming rules and dealing with problems.

Module 7. Teaching English Online.

Specific skills and preparations for teaching English online.

  • How online teaching works
  • The equipment you’ll need to prepare
  • Techniques needed for online teaching
  • Use of props and realia
  • Demo classes and interviews.

Module 8. Final assessment.

Your end of  TEFL course online assessment – an online exam covering all aspects of the TEFL  course. After completing this you’ll earn your accredited Best TEFL Certification online.

9. International Teacher Training Organization

International Teacher Training Organization

Duration of the Course: 140-hour course content

Cost of the course: $325

Features of the Course:

8 units with the most relevant topics in English teaching.

  • – One unit has a refresher for grammar and pronunciation.
  • – 8 practice tasks and a Final Project.
  • – Self-reflection journals.
  • – Extra readings.
  • – Personal Tutor Support.
  • – Discussion platform where students from around the world can exchange ideas.
  • – This program qualifies you for the Job Offers.
  • – Best TEFL Certification online

The Curriculum of the Course:


Lesson 1.1

  • The English Language

Lesson 1.2

  • The Learner & Learning Styles
  • Types of Learners

Lesson 1.3

  • Characteristics of an Effective Teacher
  • The Roles of a Teacher

Lesson 1.4

  • Approaches & Teaching Methodologies

Lesson 1.5

  • Motivation

Lesson 2.1

  • Relationship Between Language Structure & Vocabulary
  • The Role of Vocabulary
  • Items that Constitute Vocabulary

Lesson 2.2

  • Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary

Lesson 2.3

  • Games & Activities to Teach Vocabulary

Lesson 3.1

  • Why Grammar?
  • Problems Teaching Grammar
  • Advantages of Teaching Grammar

Lesson 3.2

  • Model: Introducing a New Language Structure
  • Lead-in
  • Elicitation
  • Presentation
  • Controlled Practice
  • Free Practice

Lesson 3.3

  • Identifying the Stages & Giving Comments.

Lesson 4A.1 Receptive Skills

  • You will discuss aspects related to receptive skills. You’ll study certain strategies and activities to develop the reading and listening skills of your students.
  • Reading & Listening Strategies: Skimming Scanning, Prediction, Detailed Information, Deduction, and Clues of Context

Lesson 4A.2 Model: Presentation of an Activity related to Reading or Listening 

  • You will analyze a model lesson plan for reading or listening class and will create your lesson plan based on this model.
  • Considerations
  • Ideas & tasks for an activity to read or listen

Lesson 4B.1 Productive Skills (speaking and writing)

  • Characteristics of the Productive Skills
  • Speaking Activities
  • Writing Activities

Lesson 5.1 Communication

  • You are going to be aware of and observe aspects relating to verbal and nonverbal communication.

Lesson 5.2 Interaction & Grouping

  • You will be made aware of various forms of interaction in the classroom, and you will explore ideas about group formation.

Lesson 5.3 Teaching Aids & Materials

  • You will be aware and will reflect on some of the advantages and disadvantages of selecting different types of teaching aids to support your class.

Lesson 5.4 Error Correction

  • You’ll identify the differences between error and mistake and you’ll be aware of some error correction techniques.

Lesson 5.5 Discipline

  • You will be aware of what causes indiscipline in a classroom and how this can be prevented to promote effective learning.

Lesson 6.1

  • Essential Ingredients for an Effectively Planned Lesson
  • Pre-Lesson & Post-Lesson Check Lists
  • Evaluating a Lesson Plan

Lesson 7.1

  • Why Using Games in the Classroom is Effective
  • Games and Resources for Language Games

Lesson 8.1

  • Basis of Grammar Structures & Phonology
  • Practical Activities & Suggestions

10. my TEFL

Duration of the Course: 120 hours- TEFL Course Online

Cost of the course: $299

Features of the Course:

  • Accredited Internationally Recognized best TEFL Certification online
  • Official Letter of Recommendation With TEFL Course online Breakdown
  • Full Tutor & Tech Support With Personalized Feedback
  • 24/7 Worldwide Access to Your Via Multiple Devices
  • Charitable Contribution
  • Free TEFL Job Placement Assistance For Life
  • Lengthy Course & Library Access

The Curriculum of the Course:

  • Introduction to EFL
  • Effective classroom management
  • Language systems
  • Teaching speaking
  • Teaching listening
  • Teaching writing
  • Teaching reading
  • Using teaching materials & aids
  • Curriculum planning
    • Grammar: form, meaning & use
  • Grammar: Verb Tenses & Time Phrases
  • Grammar: modals & stative verbs
  • Teaching lexis
  • Teaching functions
  • Teaching phonology
  • Designing testing systems.

What is TEFL?

Free TEFL Courses to Complete Online - Youth Time Magazine

Teaching English as a foreign language refers to teaching the English language to students with different first languages, typically used to imply that the English Language Learner may have already learned more than one language, before learning English.

What is a TEFL Certification Course?

TEFL Certification course is a course that trains the students or the candidates to teach English overseas to people who have different first languages and don’t understand English.

What are the Benefits of TEFL?

  • The first TEFL benefit is after the completion of the course one will receive an international teacher training certification.
  • The second TEFL benefit is, with the international certification one can apply for a teacher’s job in regular private schools, international schools, and IB schools.
  • Apart from this, another TEFL benefit is that it opens doors in the corporate sector. A trained teacher can become a corporate trainer with the TEFL qualification, or work as a voice and accent trainer.
  • The most attractive TEFL benefit is the freedom and ability to work overseas.

Why should you get TEFL Certified?

  • Well, from China and Spain to Japan and Costa Rica, the international job market for teaching English abroad has never been stronger, with new jobs growing on a daily basis.
  • Fueled by the high demand for English language learning around the world, TEFL teaching is one of the fastest-growing education industries around the world:
  • 2 billion English language learners by 2020? You know what that means – a whole heap of native-speaking English teachers is needed.
  • Teaching English abroad provides thousands of opportunities for native English speakers from all walks of life and all backgrounds to live, work, and travel abroad – anywhere where English isn’t the official first language.
  • For example, right now, 24 million people are studying English in Mexico. Living the good life in a Mexican beach town while teaching English on the side.

Who is TEFL for?

  • All college graduates looking to teach abroad

If you’re a recent or soon-to-be graduate, you’re probably sick of being asked about your plans for the future. Before starting out in their long-term careers, more and more college graduates are looking to spend some time living and traveling abroad after finishing their studies.

Not only does getting TEFL certified and teaching English abroad help fund your travels, it’s also a great way to pay down student debt and avoid having to move back in with your parents after graduation.

  • New (and experienced) Teachers

Faced with teaching job shortages in their home countries, more and more recent teacher graduates and experienced educators are getting the urge to take off and explore the world by teaching English abroad.

  • Career Changers

If you’re officially over the 9-to-5 grind, you’re in luck. Hiring schools around the globe are crying out to hire TEFL-qualified English teachers with life and work experience!

Career Prospects of TEFL Teaching

TEFL course
  • Teacher
  • Open a Language School
  • TEFL Teacher Trainer
  • ELT Publishing
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Director of Studies

So, These are the Top 10 TEFL courses in Arkansas. What are you waiting for? Go take a suitable TEFL course for yourself and become a certified TEFL Teacher! Good Luck!


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