An Instructional Design Course is a course that covers all vital features that assist Instructional Designers in gaining proficiency in this field. It extends a comprehensive understanding of not only the history and evolution of Instructional Design but also the principles and characteristics of the design and development of instructional material.


An Instructional Design Course is framed in a way to help you develop the practical aptitude of the various competencies and skills in instructional design, design, and development of e-Learning materials and modes and models of instructional design.

“Learn from the best as Instructional Designers are one of the most sought after professionals and every industry needs their assistance in one way or the other.”

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What are the Salient Features of a First-Rate Instructional Design Course?

A well-curated Instructional Design Course:

  • must be concise but comprehensive,
  • must cover the latest theories and technologies,
  • must provide practical and hands-on training,
  • must have the curriculum updated frequently,
  • must throw light on creating non-traditional instructional materials,
  • must be able to provide rich resource material,
  • must be delivered by a subject matter expert,
  • must provide tips and tricks to master the course, and
  • must be value for money.

Additionally, it must also develop knowledgeable skills of all aspects that help in developing well-structured instructional materials by effectively using objectives, strategies, systematic feedback, and evaluation.

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What must the Instructional Design Course Curriculum look like?

Apart from the traditional context, which mostly covers the academic aspect, a futuristic-looking Instructional Design course must lay stress on instructional design in the eLearning and corporate context. Instructional design basics must cover in detail instructional design models, learning theories, learning styles, motivational, and memory retention theories as well.

Learning opportunities of this course must deal with the practical teaching of the principles of effective learning design, training v/s other learning experience and of course, different types of analysis. While elaborating on the elements of a training course, the trainer must impart knowledge about icebreaker resources and links, lectures, stories and instructions, energizers, role plays, games and simulations, discussions and brainstorming, debriefing and review and last but not least, administrative tasks.

A modern instructional design course, in general, also throws light on what is accelerated learning along with its guiding principles, and four-phase learning cycle.

As evaluation is a critical part of instructional design, it is mandatory that the course covers topics like:

a) Training evaluation design

b) Kirkpatrick’s four levels

c) High-level evaluation 

Course Creation Methodologies are numerous but not all of them are practically helpful in course creation, a few methods like ADDIE and various Tools for designing ADDIE Model, etc. will be greatly rewarding.

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As e-Learning Courses are most in-demand, a forward-looking course must include in its curriculum-

  • Interactivity in e-Learning Course
  • Simulations and Games
  • E-Learning Authoring Tools
  • Video in E-Learning
  • Audio in E-Learning
  • Graphics in E-Learning

Apart from these, some other aspects you can check for is:

  • Know your audience i.e., learners
  • VAK Learning Preferences
  • Kolb’s Learning Cycle
  • Honey and Mumford’s Learning Style
  • SAVI approach to learning
  • Think, feel, do- Training outcomes
  • Needs Analysis and Data Collection Methods

“Keep your checklist ready; select an Instructional Design Course that ‘Teaches’ you everything that will enhance your instructional design skills.”

How do you come to pick the Best Instructional Design Course?

Make sure the course-provider has a good reputation and its certificates are widely recognized so as to distinguish your profile with the global credential and pave the way for a bright future. Make sure that the course is delivered by an industry professional who has extensive experience in the field and is capable of clearing your doubts.

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“More than looking at the duration of the Instructional Design Course, dive deep into the curriculum and reviews of the course!”

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