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Today digitization has overtaken the traditional modes which have impacted and developed the various methods of learning and communication. Humans are always learning. They learn from their surroundings, experiences, and observations. Before entering any vocation, we train ourselves to fit into the particular environment. 

              Since, there’s a constraint of time, money, and space in today’s world, many organizations look forward to instructional designers to make the training/learning of new members more effective, clear, structured, and efficient. 

What is Instructional Design?

In simpler terms creating instructions for any learning, method means instructional design. These methods are created after considering factors such as how learning takes place and what material/ mediums and techniques are required for the learners to come up with an impact. 

      In a way, it analyses learning needs and then applying the suitable learning strategy to meet them.  

Following are the few top institutes and platforms that provides you instructional design courses in Bangalore-

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is one of the top Institute for providing numerous kinds of skills all over India. It has got its recognition from various known organizations and imparts in boosting vocational skills and providing practical knowledge with the faculty of great expertise. Henry Harvin Education will provide you practical training and will groom your required technical proficiency. 

             Since Henry Harvin brings in a plethora of courses. The Instructional Design Course from Henry Harvin is ranked amongst the Top 3 Instructional Design Courses in Bangalore. It provides you with the in-depth knowledge of Instructional Design with explicit information, that will help you to build attractive training curriculums.  

Benefits of Instructional Design Course from Henry Harvin

  • Helps you to identify the needs, goals, and desires of your audience.
  • Give insight on how to make an effective and comprehending curriculum for the learners
  • Helps you to master the art of working within the given time frame.
  • Give insight into various tools and methods to be used while designing instructions
  • Gives you an understanding of emerging technologies, which assist you in being up to date.
  • Helps you to make easy and enjoyable learning and how to reach out to every learner during the class.

Additional Benefits of the course-

  • Certificate of completion and consideration from the institute.
  • Gives you lifetime membership of the Henry Harvin writing academy for Instructional Design Course.
  • Provides you Monthly Brush Up sessions to revise and clear doubts.
  • 24 hours of live online Brush-Up sessions for the next 1 year.
  • Provides you in-class assignments for practical knowledge. 
  • Opportunity to network with other industry experts from Management Academy
  • Attend unlimited batches for the next 1 year.
  • Access to LMS portal
  • Weekly Job Notifications through mails. 

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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Duration of the course-

12 hours of live online sessions.

Check out-

Following are the other courses provided by Henry Harvin –

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2. StrengthScape

StrengthScape is a leading business psychological firm situated in Bangalore that provides you the overall knowledge about instructional design. The trainers here are globally renowned and experienced within their field. It provides the knowledge from basic to practical implementation and gives you in hand experiences of researched and reliable tools to design instructions for any organization or firm. 

Benefits of Joining StrengthScape Instructional Design Course- 

  • Certificate of completion and recognition from the firm
  • Provides you in-person as well as online training. 
  • Gives you a good insight into the techniques requires in the design, development, and implementation of it.
  • Assist in providing Reliable tools and assessments
  • Flexibility in the course schedule (you can start the course anytime)
  • Provides you reference materials to read
  • Opportunity to work on live project during the session
  • Provides you various assignments after completion of 5 modules

Duration of the course-

Live virtual training of 20 hours (3 months) 

Other Courses provided by Strengthscape-

  • Certified Behavioral Consultant
  • Disc Certification Program
  • Competency Mapping Certification
  • Certificate course on rapid e-learning development using Adobe Captivate.

Contact Details-

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3. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)

SCDL has been known for providing effective distance learning courses in Bangalore. It offers various Diplomas and Certificates including post graduate diploma in various industry sectors. This education Centre provides excellent student services and focuses on placement assistance to students. It offers Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design in Bangalore with a theoretical and practical approach. It will give you insight into traditional training methodologies (such as ADDIE) along with the modern and reliable technicalities to explicitly develop and implement instructions. 

Benefits of Joining SCDL Instructional Design Diploma

  • Consideration and Certificate of completion from SCDL.
  • The course is divided into two semesters for imparting proper knowledge in Instructional Design.
  • Insight to various Instructional Design tools/rapid authoring tools.
  • Gives Assignments to boost your learning practically. 
  • Gives Insight into effective communication

Duration of the program-

2 years (divided into two semesters accordingly)

Other courses offered by SCDL

  • Diploma in English Creative Writing.
  • Certificate in Intellectual Property Rights
  • PG Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Certificate Course in Virtual Workplace Management. 

Contact Details-


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4. Middle Earthr- 

The next on our list is India’s top-rated Middle Earthr Institute which provides you the best Instructional Design Program and certification in Bangalore. It gives you an insight into the advanced techniques of Instructional Design and assists you in how to land the perfect job. It trains you from basic to advance levels of Instructional Design. 

Benefits of Joining Middle Earthr’s Instructional Design Course-

  • Certification of Completion and Recognition from the Institute
  • Gives You an insight to the various models to design effective Instructions (includes Kolb’s and Honey Mumford model)
  • Learn the process of evaluation effectively.
  • Gives you weekly Sessions with Projects 
  • It also provides you with Project Support Videos.
  • Helps you in using various tools to keep you up to date with the growing Technologies.
  • Gives you In-person feedback on projects.
  • Gives you an Assistant during the placement period.

Duration of the course-

6 weeks of online sessions

Other Courses Provided by Middle Earthr

  • Certificate in Learning and Development Manager
  • Certified Strategic Human Capital Management
  • Certified Performance and Competency Developer 
  • Certified Global Recruitment Analyst

Contact Details-


5. Udemy- 

On rank 5 is the well-known online platform. Udemy is widely used by many organizations and will provide you with an abundance of courses in Instructional Design. It is easy to opt for Udemy courses, Start the course according to your flexibility and take sessions within the comfort of your home. Udemy got paid as well as free instructional design courses from beginners to advance level. 

Benefits of Joining Instructional Design Course from the Udemy-

  • Completion Certificate
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Assignments/Quiz after every module you complete
  • Insight into the various tools to be used 
  • Feedback of your assignments and queries

Duration of the Course-

The duration of the course depends on Variedly. 

Courses offered by Udemy on Instructional Design are as follows-

  • Instructional Design for Classroom Training
  • Instructional Design for e-learning and development
  • A Practical Approach to Instructional Design
  • Instructional Design for Online and Offline Education

 Contact Details-


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6. Commlab India

Commlab India provides you rapid e-learning solutions with authoring tools. It provides you Instructional Design Certification Program and enhances your knowledge in designing performance-based instructions with productive outcomes. It provides you a crisp and explicit understanding of instructional design. 

Benefits of joining Instructional Design Course from Commlab India-

  • Certificate and consideration from Commlab India 
  • 8 self-paced online sessions from the expertise 
  • Provides practice exercises and assessments 
  • Access to the course for 1 year 
  • In-person feedback to your assignments
  • Provides your resources for greater insight
  • Even gives you free E-books and Webinars

Duration of the Course- 

Self-paced course

Other Courses Provided by CommlabIndia-

  • Global Setting and Effective Performance Management
  • Effective Business Communication 
  • Train the Trainer 

Contact Details- 


7. SkillShare-

Skillshare is an online learning community with a profusion of free course topics. It’s as same as the Udemy platform that includes variations of courses on a particular subject. With the expert trainers around the world, it will provide you great and effective outcome after the completion of the course. It offers you a plethora of courses on Instructional Design and you can start the course at your pace. It also offers you the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of instructional design courses. 

 Benefits of Joining Instructional Design Course from Skillshare-

  • Unlimited access to every class
  • Hands-on class- projects that will help you to land in Job
  • Gives short lessons on each course which makes it easy to complete
  • Feedback of your projects

Duration of the course-


  • Introduction to Instructional Design and e-learning
  • Instructional Design for Creating Stunning Online Courses
  • How to Make Effective Online Courses

Contact Details-


8. Tech Total System-

TechTotal Soft Systems Private Limited is one of the organizations that provides and trains you for technical services. It has got expertise in technical levels and will provide you the immense practical knowledge of Instructional Design if you opt for the course form here. 

Benefits of joining Instructional Design Course from Tech Total System-

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Online semester-based classes
  • Live pieces of training and Insights to Instructional Design by Subject Matter Experts
  • Enhance you to use theoretical knowledge on real-life projects
  • Instructs you Using Remote Sharing Software
  • Access to LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Provides you Job Assistance

Duration of the Course-

Training period of 15 sessions (2 hours per session)

Other courses offered by TechTotal-

  • Certificate Course in Technical Writing
  • Mastering Technical Writing Tools
  • Corporate Training- Technical Writing
  • Graphics for Technical Writers
  • Crash Course in Technical Writing of 15 days (this will provide you insight on software tools, image editing tools, image drawing tools, presentation tools, Adobe FrameMaker, etc.)

Contact Details-


9. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is another platform popularly known among Job Seekers. It provides you a tutorial that gives you a great understanding of Instructional Design. The tutorials are divided into 3 categories Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The lessons are composed in short video lessons, so the learner can learn the skill in chosen time concise manner. 

Benefits of Joining Instructional Design Course from LinkedIn-

  • Provides you video lectures with quizzes after completion of every section
  • Gives you a project-based approach
  • Free study materials after the first month of signing up
  • Feedback of your projects
  • Recognition from the LinkedIn

Duration of the course- 

Self-paced online course

Courses provided by LinkedIn on Instructional Design

  • Agile Instructional Design 
  • Interactive Learning Ways 
  • Microlearning 
  • Working with SME’s and more.

Contact Details-


10. Coursera

Coursera is again one of the leading digital platforms that provide you courses affiliated with more than 200 universities and companies. It provides you budget-friendly, flexible, and job-relevant courses. Coursera has partnered with worldwide known universities and organizations such as Imperial College of London, Yale, Google, Duke University, and more. It has got free courses, hand on a project, certificate programs and many more. Coursera will give you an abundance of courses on Instructional Design from Various Universities. 

Some of the courses on Instructional Design from Coursera are- 

  • Instructional Design Foundations and Applications
  • E-learning Technologies Foundations and Applications
  • Basics for Inclusive Design Online
  • Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom

Benefits of joining courses from Coursera-

  • Free courses for learning 
  • Credentials and paid certificates from the University 
  • Access to the course for a lifetime
  • Projects after completion of any module
  • You can even earn your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Coursera at an affordable price
  • Build Personal and Professional skills
  • Get Job ready after completion of the course
  • Provides you supporting materials to study

Duration of the Course –

Self-paced; depends upon the university and organization you chose for the course.

Other courses provided by Coursera-

  • Gamification
  • Python, Basic structures Lists, Strings and Files
  • Digital System: From Logic Gates to Processors

Contact Details-


11. Sulekha
12. Urbanpro

Why Instructional Design?

Many organizations use instructional design for training, development, and learning purposes. The need for instructional design is mainly because of the following reasons –

  1. It helps in identifying a performance problem of a particular organization.
  2. It determines the goals what exactly learner has to learn and design learning methods and events that are to be implemented.
  3. It defines the learners and evaluates their skills.
  4. Prepares training curriculums and modules.
  5. It also directs the quality training to be developed and implemented. 

To a certain extent, it ensures the learners receive instructions in a way that is thorough and gives an effective outcome. 

Overview of Instructional Design Course

When it comes to online and offline learning, many people have the potential to guide the learners effectively and achieve their goals. Those who have this capability and want to explore more on designing instructions can opt for Instructional Design Course. 

The three key aspects of Instructional Design are as follows-

  1. Evaluation- Instructs you to evaluate the learners need and guiding them to achieve their goals
  2. Designing Instructions- Trains you to design instructions, teaching methods, and activities to achieve the outcome of the learner
  3. Assessments- Assigning projects will help the instructional designer to know how much the learner has achieved to its learning outcome. 

To conclude further about Instructional Design Course is to create effective contents that are crisp and clear to the learner, and guides them to successfully achieve their needs.

Few pointers for Instructional Design-

Though Instructional Design is somewhere a hard-working field but your potential and dedication can lead you to be a proficient Instructional Designer. For being an Instructional Designer focus on the following character traits-

  • Be an effective listener and observer
  • Have Good Visualization and Communication Skills
  • Have Good Written Skills
  • Be technically aware and try learning new authoring tools
  • Get Feedbacks from your learner and improve accordingly

Career Opportunities after Instructional Design Course-

Instructional Design got a vast variety of Career Opportunities few are as follow:

  • Content Editor
  • Reviewer
  • Writer
  • Instructional Designer
  • Technical Writer
  • Entrepreneur in e-learning
  • Instructional Writer
  • E-Content Developer


Instructional Designing is sometimes misunderstood with Content Creation. Though both the field somewhere design or create content, one must not forget that Content Creation has got varieties. Whereas, Instructional Design create or compose instructions for the learners in such a way that will help the learners to accomplish their goals/needs. Instructional Design is scrutinizing the need of the learners and then implementing a fruitful and explicit strategy that will help them to practically execute them later.

 If you got potential and smart ways to teach or instruct, then you should go for the Instructional Design course for more exposure.

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Q-1. What are the eligibility criteria for doing Instructional Design Course ?

A. You don’t need any specific qualification or degree to go for an Instructional Design course. If you have potential and rigid enthusiasm with basic knowledge on Instructional Design, then you can easily opt this course.

Q-2. Does any of the mentioned institutes provides demo class for Instructional Design ?

A. Most of the Organizations mentioned in the list will provide you demo class for Instructional Design.

Q-3. What are other opportunities after doing the Instructional Design Course?

A. It’s not mandatory that you will only be creating instructions or modules for curriculums after doing this course. You can even choose to do some of the following-
* Technical writing
* Instructor at any firm
* Instructor on any online platform
* You can even train the trainers with this skill.

Q-4. What are the technical skills that you learn from Instructional Design?

A. Following are the few tools that you learn from Instructional Design-
* Survey roll-outs tools
* Presentation tools
* Video editing tools
* Graphics/Infographics

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