In recent years there was always an ever-growing need for competent instructional designers, but with the pandemic Covid-19 hitting all the continents, this demand has spiraled and it’s at its peak now.

Who is an Instructional designer?

In simple terms, we can define Instructional designers as people who are trained to create and deliver learning products for educational and organizational training purposes. They are the ‘architects’ of the instructional design process and create the most effective teaching plans for specific groups of learners.

In their endeavor to facilitate learners in acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies in an effective and appealing manner, Instructional designers must acquire proficiency in the latest theories, strategies, methodologies and technologies of Instructional design.

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“An Instructional Designer creates content for learning events by applying systematic methodology based on instructional theory, thus, ensuring the best results.”

The Rise and Rise of Instructional Designers

Although the concept of instructional design has been around for a long time, the internet brought around a digital transformation that triggered a massive transition in the learning space that witnessed a burgeoning demand for Instructional designers.

Today, thanks to eLearning space, the Instructional designer is one the most sought after profession, one which has come out to be a lucrative job with rewarding returns. Online learning has become the new normal as in-person teaching has become unfeasible and this calls for a massive overhauling of all courses and training resources. Everything needed to be revised, refreshed and adapted to accommodate these changes and who better than the experts in this niche- The Instructional Designers!

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“In this COVID-19 era, Instructional designers are the ‘Sherpas’ of online learning teams.”

Update your Knowledge to be a Successful Instructional Designer

As classroom training sessions have transformed to fully interactive online training modules that are delivered online through cloud-based Learning Management Systems, a career in Instructional Design demands more skilled professionals.

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 A basic understanding of learning theory which was good enough in the past, is no longer ‘good enough’ to make a successful career as an Instructional Designer. Today’s professional Instructional Designers must have a deep level of understanding of learning models like ADDIE, Bloom’s learning taxonomy, Kirkpatrick’s levels of training evaluations, etc.

If you are aspiring to don the hat of an Instructional Designer then you must acquire learning technology experience and know-how to share learning content using a variety of technology like Sharepoint, Captivate, etc.

In addition, knowledge of the presentation technology is another must-have requirement as Instructional Designers have to develop videos, live training sessions, webinars, presentation slides, handouts, et al.

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“Instructional designers are the cog in the eLearning business wheel, without their contribution it would certainly come to a halt!”

How & Where to Upskill Your Instructional Designer Abilities

In order to be successful and stand out as an instructional designer, you need to acquire skills and knowledge-sets that are essential and this can be achieved effectively by enrolling in a first-rate course.

There is no dearth of such courses but you have to judiciously hunt for one which will guarantee fruitful learning, one that is regularly updated and comprehensive. You may take a short duration course that shall provide you all the practical aspects of instructional design and provide you rich resource material.

The course-provider must have a standing in the industry and its certification must most certainly add weightage to your resume, bringing value to your precious time and hard earned money.

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“Only courses that are curated well and delivered exceptionally well, will bring clarity of concept to the intricacies of Instructional Design & help you become an excellent Instructional Designer!”

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    The Instructional designer is one the most sought-after professions, one which has come out to be a lucrative job with rewarding returns. Amazing blog and great learning experience.

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