Wondering what Visakhapatnam has to offer in the world of Instructional Design? It has got a lot more on its platter ahead of beaches, the conventional know-hows of being a port-city, and industrial centre. The best Instructional design courses in Visakhapatnam, make it the educational hub of Andhra Pradesh as well.


The varied reasons behind the huge demand for such courses have led to the ever-improving growth of rigorous methodologies for imparting education online. Primarily the ongoing pandemic, tight workplace schedules, varying learning needs, geographical boundaries, etc. are some of the handpicked reasons among others. Also, such methodologies do lead to rigorous cost reduction while boosting productivity which is a must for today’s rapidly transforming business environments. Such courses also lead to productive employee engagement and thus bring in far-fetched results of long-term employee retention.

What is an Instructional Design Course? 

Instructional design is the collaboration of learning ideas, practices, and mediums to generate applications that aid in imparting knowledge. Instructional Design Course furnishes the necessary information and abilities to plan and grow logical academic solutions, execution-based preparing programs that will minimize time-based dependency and speed up execution. 

1: Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education is one of the trailblazer institutes in India which has beforehand understood the gap in our educational system. Every individual has been blessed with a unique talent and should leverage that to fulfil his very purpose of existence. Henry Harvin Education believes in polishing this hidden talent and grooming the aspirants with the required technical expertise. There is a course that fits the requirement of every aspiring student and experienced professional. Today’s corporate world highly needs individuals with the right skill-set and domain knowledge. 

Henry Harvin Education brings in a plethora of courses and some of them among the rest are:

The above just gives a glimpse of the vast variety of courses from Henry Harvin Education and the list goes till infinity.

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course

  • The Instructional design course from Henry Harvin Education finds its ranking placed amongst the top 3 Instructional design course in India as per a survey conducted
  • The trainers are subject matter experts and certified in their respective domains and have been handpicked from a variety of industrial backgrounds to bring enriched diversity to the courses
  • They focus more on practical training throughout the training sessions
  • The certification of Instructional design course brings in with itself focused practical projects that is tailor-made keeping in view the learning capabilities of each learner
  • The placement cell imparts complete assistance and provides the necessary guidance of skills required to crack the personal interview and soft skills
  • The Instructional design course comes up with 12 monthly brush up sessions that keeps the knowledge all afresh even after the course completion
  • This course is banked upon by over 200 corporate houses and 50 premier educational institutes of our country       

Highlights of the Instructional design course

  • Uniformly distributed course curriculum across 16 live online sessions
  • The candidates can attend limitless batches following one year post the course completion

2: CommLab India 

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course

  • Self-paced online courses –In today’s ever-transforming needs of schedule and venue, the self-paced course brings in a sense of relief for the learners. This course is widely spread over 8 self-paced courses based on industry best practices.
  • The Instructional design course from CommLab India is one of the top 10 Instructional design courses in Visakhapatnam and can be availed online from anywhere
  • The learners can have access to the learning materials via the designated software called ‘Effectus LMS’ for one year from the date of enrollment
  • The course facilitates exposure to a wide variety of e-learning modules like microlearning etc.
  • Provides approachable login entries to each candidate to resources that are of immense importance like guidelines, templates, frameworks, etc. Moreover, the Instructional design course allows one to download these resources as well
  • The course altogether gives a new meaning and dimensions to adult learning
  • There are 20 modules in this course each aimed at highlighting a new aspect of the Instructional design course
  • Dr. Howard Lewis is the Chief learning architect and the main brain behind the courses designed at CommLab India
  • Who can join– learning consultants, human resources training professionals, content writers, content marketers, etc.

3: Middle Earthr

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course

  • Definition and description of the various  Instructional design course models
  • Analysis of the above models by the learners from various point of views
  • Sets learning objective after equipping the learners with adequate information of the course and the target audience
  • Grooming the aspirants to formulate systematic and regulated content

Highlights of the Instructional design course

  • The entire course is designed in a unique way that simultaneously justifies the learning process with the learnings and advancement of various models of Instructional design
  • The course curriculum is divided into phases –analyze phase, design phase, development phase, implementation, and evaluation phase
  • The above division leads to progressive learning since the learning curve gradually attains the levels of difficulty

Who can join this Instructional design course:

  • Content writers, content creator, content strategists
  • Team leaders
  • Trainers from various human resources background
  • Freshers aspiring to be trainers
  • Aspirants of instructional designing without any formal background education in this stream

Middle Earthr brings in a plethora of courses and some of them among the rest are:

  • Certified learning and development manager
  • Certified talent management analyst
  • Certified L&D analytics & metrics professional 
  • Certified master trainer and facilitator

4: Creative Agni

Creative Agni provides Instructional design & content development (IDCD) certificate course.

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course

  • Comprehensive course that covers all approaches, theories, models, pedagogies as well as gives the complete coaching of the different stages as well as the documents designing phases
  • Prepares the mind to think like that of an instructional designer tutor
  • Storyboard documentation
  • Macro design template

Highlights of the Instructional design course

  • This course makes the candidate industry ready and be prepared for the futuristic trends of presentation in front of superiors, colleagues, customers, etc.
  • Inclusion of case-studies
  • Project-based approach
  • Assignments at regular intervals
  • A perfect blend of conventional classroom sessions and contemporary online classes 
  • The entire course is evenly distributed across 2 months with 16 sessions of 1.5 hours each on every Sunday
  • Who can join-The course demands rigorous hard work and continuous commitment from the candidate who should have a strong affinity for writing and creating original strong content. He/she should have a good grasp of the English language, primarily the written part of it. Basic computer skills like MS office etc. and other relevant internet skills. The aspirant of this course must have completed graduation in any discipline.

5: LinkedIn Learning

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course


  • Hands-on learning approach rather than conventional theoretical classes
  • Tutorials divided as per the requirement of different sets of learners –beginners, intermediate, advanced
  • Gives the learners choice of picking a course as per their present level of understanding unlike others
  • Learners are relieved from the unnecessary pressure of going through all in one course
  • Rigorous research work is put into place to design the Instructional design course
  • Other variants of online-based courses from the same source are  
  • Agile instruction design, interactive learning ways, microlearning, working with SME, and many more

Highlights of the Instructional design course

  • Exposure to varied aspects of Instructional design course with unique Hands-on learning approach
  • A detailed description of handling the various multifaceted Instructional design course
  • Deliberately designed short and crisp chapters to enable time-bound learning yielding better results
  • Resources for offline reference purposes
  • Regular content-wise assessment with the aid of tests, quizzes, assignments, etc. 
  • Course materials available without any charges
  • Self-paced course giving the learners convenience of adhering to their schedules and thus make most out of the course

6: eDX

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course

  • Micro master’s certification course
  • Taps the required knowledge to gain expertise in one of the most budding and futuristic promising course
  • Engaging methodologies to keep the learner’s interest same throughout the Instructional design course
  • Course based on the latest researches and advancements in the Instructional design course field
  • Employs data analytics to make the course more figures oriented
  • Use of digital pedagogy to strengthen the digital front of the course
  • Internship courses including real-life course designing

Highlights of the Instructional design course

  • Contemporary models and learning theories 
  • The amalgamation of case studies from a wide variety of niches
  • Enables learner’s understanding to the next level so that they are capable of analyzing the various challenges of Instructional design course and devise ways to overcome them
  • Data mining technologies applied
  • Assignments and graded assessments lead to the completion of the Instructional design course

7: Symbiosis

Symbiosis provides a post-graduation diploma in instructional design (PGDID) course which is designed to be of two years duration though the registration holds good for four years.

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course

  • All the requirements of instructional design course at one place-designing, delivering, and evaluating the courseware
  • Both theory and practical aspects are given the required weightage
  • Aims at professional and persona levels of development with the required skills
  • Likely Job profiles post successful completion of the Instructional design course-Content writers, editors, technical writers, e-content developer.

Who can join-?

  • The aspirant should have completed graduation in any discipline from a recognized university.
  • The students who are in their final year of graduation and would appear in the respective examinations of their pursuing graduation degree, provided they fulfill the required criteria of stipulated marks in the given period

Highlights of the Instructional design course

  • The entire fees can be paid either as a one-time payment or in two installments
  • Course design – The entire course curriculum is divided into two semesters Semester-I comprises of principles and practices of management, Instructional design, Effective communication
  • Semester-II comprises advanced instructional design, educational psychology
  • Online project submission at the end of semester-II

8: Harvard Extension School

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course

  • The difficulty of this course is kept at an intermediate level to serve the needs of a bridge course that would cater to the needs of all kinds of learners.
  • The entire Instructional design course is designed creatively to impart the creativity required in the actual preparations of such courses.
  • The lectures delivered are unique in their manner such that they don’t bring the conventional boredom of one-sided speech with them
  • On the contrary, they are designed with a project-based approach which enhances the learner’s interest as well involvement.  Introduction to various tools and techniques of instructional designer courses thus enabling the learners to create their workflow

Highlights of the Instructional design course

  • Unique mentorship practices guiding the learners with the required expert advice
  • Course structure is well designed to match the learning time requirements of each module
  • Real-life case studies
  • Tips on suggested readings
  • Graded examinations and assignments 
  • Completion badge
  • Self-paced and instructor-led learning sessions to match the learning needs of all type of learners

9: Udemy

Udemy is an online learning portal, which doesn’t confine the learners to physical classroom learning. The self-paced courses give learners the amenities of learning at their own time and venue and accordingly bring about a superior comprehension of the ideas

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course

  • This course is intended to focus on the improvement of vocational abilities and specific skill sets.
  • This Instructional design course being online can be taken up by anyone searching for an Instructional design course in Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, or anywhere in the world. 

Highlights of the Instructional design course

The uniqueness of the courses from Udemy is that they classify the courses as per the requirement and expertise level.

Other similar courses from Udemy that can be opted by Instructional design course aspirants are 

  • Corporate learning and development (L&D)
  • Online course creation
  • Adult education
  • Train the trainer
  • Teacher training
  • How to design an effective training program
  • Instructional design for classroom training
  • Instructional design for corporate learning and development
  • Complete instructional design and training development

10: Coursera

The instructional design course would be of immense help if somebody wants to start a career in Instructional Design. Be it a fresher aspiring to be an instructional design instructor or an experienced professional, the instructional design course from Coursera always serves as an ideal choice. The course aims at imparting knowledge about how to connect with your target audience in the best possible manner. Thus in collaboration with the guide assigned, one can derive a set of teaching strategies that would lead to better teaching methodologies. These methodologies set a different level of learner engagement yielding comparatively better outputs. This instructional design course is a safe investment that would fetch lifelong returns on investment.

Distinguishing features of the Instructional design course

  • Certification course that provides knowledge from the very base
  • Focuses on smart work with many pro tips
  • 24*7 available instructor support for doubt clarification purpose

Highlights of the Instructional design course

  • 18 hours of online learning sessions
  • The course is divided into concrete modules 
  • Course curriculum backed up with relevant case studies 
  • Assignments to assess progress and get graded accordingly
  • Sufficient cushion to finish the assignment matching the convenience of learners
  • Beginner’s level course free of stringent entry-level restrictions

11. KPMG
12. Laimoon
13. Arena animation
14. Amity university online
15. AND Academy

All about Instructional Design Course

Job description of an instructional designer

  • Collaborate with subject matter experts and produce course materials
  • The above includes aspects of both theory and practical-designing the courseware, developing the course content from scratch, implementing the same in a structured format, managing the deliveries of course-curriculum in a time-bound manner, and evaluating the entire process for future reference purpose
  • Apart from designing and developing course materials, the instructional designer also finds their role in developing educational videos, podcasts, etc.
  • The core job in a nutshell would include preparation of learning materials, lessons to be implanted through e-learning mode (both self-paced and live-online instructor-led classes), and other mediums of instruction for both the beginners and experienced professionals.
  • When it comes to instructional design course, the first thought would come into mind is of someone preparing course material for imparting education. The professional world of an instructional designer does not end here. An instructional designer would also be appointed by the organizations looking to develop demonstration videos for using simple to complex gadgets. He/she may also be doing freelancing or maybe self-employed to do so.


Though every institute has its definition of Instructional Design (ID) which more or less sums it up to be a branch of study that centers around planning viable directions for the learners. It isn’t inseparable from a wide variety of other disciplines. Instructional Design courses might sometimes be misunderstood or rather used interchangeably with content creation. As a matter of fact, the reality is poles apart from that.

Content creation can just be named as a part of the entire jigsaw puzzle. One should also understand human emotions and how to successfully master them to get the maximum possible outcome of a course designed (Human Resource Management). Also, the Instructional Designers should possess basic computer skills to master the design of learning tools and techniques combined with a knowledge of logical reasoning and aptitude. Thus there are many more disciplines interlinked with the fruitful comprehension of grasping this course when fitted appropriately with other disciplines.

As Instructional Designers and analysts characterize it, Instructional Design, in a nutshell, is the interaction from recognizing and investigating human execution issues and planning powerful and productive interactions to take care of those issues. This applies equally to self-paced or instructor-led online classes.

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1. I am a graduate with an arts background. Can I pursue this course?

Anybody who is a graduate is eligible for enrolling in an instructional design course.

2. Which is the mode of classes-physical or online?

There is no difference between physical or online classes. It all depends on individual preference. Physical classes give you direct interaction with the instructor and batch mates but come with their own set of time and location restrictions. Online classes provide the convenience of time, venue, etc. to the learners. However, amidst the pandemic situation, it is advisable to not wait for normalcy to resume and utilize the time by enrolling in the course of your choice.

3. Do I need any specific formal education to pursue an instructional design course?

There is no set of a specific requirements to be a successful instructional designer. However, a strong flair for writing, good command of the written English language combined with a bit of computer and internet skills are desirable.

4. Is there a difference in instructional design courses for beginners and experienced professionals?

Most of the instructional design courses are framed by keeping in mind the needs of beginners and experienced professionals. Thus they are fit for both types of learners.

5. Is there any special kind of instructional design course meant for self-employment aspirants and those seeking employment in corporate sectors?

There is no such difference. All courses impart the knowledge that is required by all kinds of learners.


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