Hi! Keen learners are welcome to our classroom. Well if you want to soar high in your personal and professional life, you need to master your creativity quotient. Today we will teach you 8 clever ways to train your creativity quotient.

But before going further, we assume that you have an understanding of what the creativity quotient exactly is. If not, then also do not worry at all we are here to help you and give you a complete understanding of this topic.

Now the problem is we are commonly aware of only two or a maximum of three quotients out of these which are usually IQ and EQ. Well, that is not our fault because other quotients are not taught anywhere to a layman.

creativity quotient

We will take one step at a time. Firstly, let us learn about the 5 Quotients.

  1. IQ-intelligence quotient
  2. EQ-Emotional quotient
  3. SQ-Spiritual quotient
  4. AQ-Adverse quotient
  5. CQ-creative quotient

So now let us understand CQ in more detail that is creativity quotient is nothing but the way to measure a person’s creative intelligence. Creativity is simply the ability to create something new. Let it be an idea, solution, piece of art, experiment, or anything different from the existing thing.

For example


A ate the apple.

B made a puree out of it for his baby.

C made apple pie out of it.

This ability to create can be measured by different tools and methods. But for now, let us only focus on building this creativity quotient. It’s a myth that some people are born creative, it is just the ability, the way one applies the acquired knowledge. Well, this can be learnt and mastered effortlessly.

So, yes creativity does depend upon the knowledge we have and the way we apply it. Henceforth creativity is not something that cannot be learned. That is why their CQ is higher than others. But isn’t that need of the hour? 

Do not worry at all because here we will teach you how to train your creativity quotient.

Well, some of us also wonder why a layman also needs a higher CQ, according to most of us creativity sticks to an artist, writer, or musician. 

Importance of creativity quotient

1.Needed to excel in all fields-CQ also relates to problem-solving capability. Whenever there is a problem in a firm if you have the ability to solve that problem with your fresh ideas and solutions then undoubtedly you will be on the wanted list.

2 Surpasses Artificial Intelligence-Automation has rooted itself in almost every sector, the only factor that differentiates AI and humans is their creative thinking. We as humans are designed to think creatively. A machine works on predesigned programming, their intelligence is limited up to its coding. So, we need to build the X factor to surpass them.

Now we know that it is high time that we train our creativity quotient in order to survive in this competitive world.

Let us now learn about the 8 clever ways to train your creativity quotient-

1. Keep the younger version of you alive in yourself-

creativity quotient

Well, personally I have a daughter of three years old, and the imagination and creative skills she possesses are unmatchable. She is like a free bird, who is not afraid to break boundaries. It’s we who have trapped ourselves inside those boundaries. Not only she but, we all were born like that only. 

When we are young, we are full of enthusiasm and keen to try out new things and ways and our creativity quotient is high. But as we grow older our brains got hardwired by the set rules and regulations of the world. We get so accustomed to following the typical standards that society has established that our brain starts working in a rigid manner.

One of the best ways to awaken the lost creativity is to close your eyes and think of your small version.

Was it afraid to experiment?

Did you was afraid?

Was it willing to apply the same methods every time?

The answer you will get is a big NO.

Then what happened to us? obviously, we grew mature and started thinking about what the people around us wanted us to think. This is essential to fit in society but in this process, we have lost our creative instincts. Hence it is important to keep younger one alive to arise your creativity quotient.

I will give you my example:

Me and my daughter follow a set path while returning from her playschool. One day she asked me to let us take another route, it was a parallel road. Though I was a little more nervous than I was in my society there were minimal chances of getting lost. We started walking on the new route while walking I realized that it was a shorter route. I have lived in that society for years, but I never took that lane as I was so used to following my known path. It was my luck, but again if it would be the wrong path then also, I could have guided someone else not to follow the path.

So, in nutshell, keep your younger version of yourself alive in yourself always. It’s time to awaken the inner creative child who has been sleeping for years now. Awake your creativity quotient.

2. Get Ready To Taste Failure-

creativity quotient

Have you seen a baby who is learning to take his first steps? they fall endless times but do they quiet? rather they pick themselves every time they fail and finally slowly and steadily, they learn to walk.

So now we know that to unleash creativity we need to wake our inner child and experiment.

Try and learn multiple things. While doing that we will fail but that does not mean it is the end of the road. If you are trying new things suppose a new restaurant you might get satisfied or not. So, things might get upside down while walking on this road. Again, what we need to keep in mind is this before experimenting good research is important. If the reviews of the hotel are not good, there is no use wasting your resources on that.

Even Edison failed 100 times before he could even have a bulb. Innovation is impossible without creativity, but if you are creating get ready to fall down without getting disheartened. After all, now you also know what will not work. So, in order to train your creativity quotient, you need to try and test.

3. Communicate Often With People

creativity quotient

Like a good book is equivalent to hundred clubbed experiences, conversing with new people is like connecting to a world you are not aware of.

Personally, my brother-in-law resides in Canada, he is an engineering student. It has been almost three years he has been studying there. I converse with him on daily basis. In this process I have traveled half of Canada by talking to him via video calling facility. I know about every Indian restaurant, and shopping center place to visit in downtown, Canada knows.

uSo, surely having a healthy conversation with new people surely helps in building towers of information. Remember information is transformation. Hence communication is essential for rising creativity quotient.

How Does Communication Helps in building creativity quotient?

Obviously, you cannot talk to every random guy you meet but definitely communicate and try to talk to people you avoid for no reason.

Sharing ideas, thoughts and beliefs helps in gaining input from other people, say you are jotting down an essay on a fashion designer and you have a fashion designer in your apartment, so break the ice and go talk to her. This will help you get insight into the information, develop new content, and add extra knowledge that you will get from common sources.

Communication also helps in getting clarity when you are stuck, different people have diverse opinions which help in brainstorming. Try to join a community of people sharing commonly interest, where you can have healthy discussions, tower your existing knowledge, and use it in your personal as well as in your professional life. This will help you a lot to improve your creativity quotient.

For Example-

Like, let us assume you are a manager so you can sign into a community of leading managers.  Share your problem over there, they might have gone through that same problem and provide you with a solution that you can modify as per your need.

4 Explore your potential

image source-google

Be willing to learn new activities, and courses and get indulged in new things. It is time to open your hardware and understand your potential. Unless and until you will try out different activities you would never come to know about your interests and abilities. Our brain is designed to be creative.

While doing something all the information and knowledge we have to get systematically interlinked to form patterns. Our job is to enrich the bank of know-how.

Suppose you are an accountant who is well versed in accounting, so you can try out a tally course, GST course, or tax filling course, etc. These courses will definitely help you increase your potential to work better and moreover, maybe you turn out to be good at understanding GST so you can also work as a GST advisor.

So, go ahead and jump into the pool of learning. In order to train your creativity quotient it is important to increase your potential by performing something new which may or may not be related to your work.

5 Master the thoughts of your monkey mind

creativity quotient

Our brain processes almost 70,000 thoughts every day. Henceforth the thoughts of our mind are like monkeys. It is very essential to synchronize our reviews to make out a proper pattern from them.

 Not only that unknowingly our mind produces several thoughts consciously as well as subconsciously. When we live our lives in autopilot mode, where our subconscious mind drives us. Our creativity potential decreases, affecting our creativity quotient. The subconscious mind is programmed by past memories, experiences, trauma, etc. When taking our all decisions subconsciously we tend to live more in past and be repetitive. Suppose you are going to a restaurant for dinner, you are accustomed to going to your favorite restaurant. You might be aware of the much better restaurants but when it will come to decision making your mind will subconsciously pick your favorite restaurant. Hence you need to be conscious enough about your thoughts.

What Is The Best Way To Master Our Thoughts to enhance our creativity quotient?

The best way to master your monkey mind is to practice writing. Writing down your thoughts helps in framing them in a sequential manner and drawing inferences from them.

Joining a creative writing course is highly beneficial in this. It helps in learning to organize your thought process and fetch useful ideas.

For example-

you are a teacher in school who wants to teach history and plans to organize a field trip to a museum. Now by the time you reach school, your monkey mind produced numerous thoughts. As soon as you entered the classroom you went on auto-pilot mode and started teaching in the same manner. We must learn to train our monkey minds to boost our creativity quotient.

6 Switch On To Healthy lifestyle

Early to bed, and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise. Though it is an old saying it is cent percent true. How can you train your creativity quotient when your body is host to diseases? In this rat race world, we are continuously competing for everything. Henceforth health has taken a back seat. Changing lifestyle health problems are emerging day by day. Diabetes, asthma, cholesterol, and high blood pressure are part of changing lifestyle diseases. Now a lethargic body that is prone to such diseases gets so much trapped in them that it cannot think out of the box. Creativity demands energetic behavior and an attentive mind which can produce fresh ideas.

Keeping your body healthy is a prerequisite for a good creativity quotient.

This is only possible when following a strict routine of walking, meditation, or exercise. Adding brainy food to a diet like walnuts etc. will also help you strengthen your mind.

So, take out your walking shoes and track pants and start following a healthy lifestyle religiously.

7 Strengthen your creativity muscle

creativity quotient

As you go to the gym to build your physic, in a similar manner today we will teach you to build your creativity muscle. The best part is you do not need to sweat to do that.

Now you know the importance of a healthy body and you have planned to quit an unhealthy lifestyle. It is your turn to add on a quick activity to train your creativity quotient. You all might have played truth, dare, and the situation in your younger days. Well, here we will focus on the situation part of the game. The members give a chosen member a situation and options to deal with it.

You have to do exactly this thing daily mentally.

How To Build Your Creative Muscle?

Confused, in order to build your creative muscle, you need to create something daily. But that is not possible to create something physical, so instead, we can create a mental structure. Give a situation to yourself daily at any point of time in a day and think about a way out of it. This will strengthen your problem-solving mechanism plus it help you think about new possibilities for various situations.

Merely thinking of a flying car is not going to help and thinking about actually creating a flying car will eat your entire day. This will surely enhance your creativity quotient.

So, keep it simple, give a couple of minutes every day to this activity.

For example-

Imagine yourself as the last man on the planet or you won a lottery.

Try to diversify your imagination and ideas, following this routine will help you strengthen your creativity muscle. Henceforth this will build your creativity quotient.

8 Make Writing Your Buddy

Writing is not something that is only meant for writers. That is a myth you need to break now.

We were taught the concept of diary writing in school. that is the key to organizing our thoughts. Not only that writing down your thoughts feelings and emotions helps to analyze them more efficiently. For example, if there is a problem then writing it down helps in clarifying it.

There are times when you cannot express your emotions to others, but when you write them down you feel empty. It also helps in creating a mental space for new thoughts and ideas.

Nowadays a number of creative writing courses are available both online and offline. Again, creative writing course is for writers only is a myth. Anyone who wishes to train their creativity quotient must join a creative writing course.

Benefits of joining a creative writing course to build your creativity quotient-

1 Imagination-When you are training your brain to think outside of the box, a creative writing course helps in building characters, situations, etc. It opens your hardwired brain to think beyond the same solutions.

2 Better clarity of thoughts-It helps gain command over your monkey mind by channelizing your thoughts into a piece of useful information. When you understand the problem clearly you are able to find out the solution in a more logical manner.

3 Empathy-this course includes the development of real characters which gives a better understanding of human emotions and behavior patterns. Eventually, when you are able to understand human behavior, you can manage your workforce more efficiently.

4 Critical review-When your work is reviewed by experts on a continuous basis you learn to deal with criticism, and you are able to assess others’ work too with a keen observation.

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So keen learners today we taught you 8 ways to train your creativity quotient. These are very easy and simple tricks that can be excelled easily if practised daily.
Today around 60% of CEOs look for candidates with high CQ, so undoubtedly you must practice these tricks to soar high in your career as well as in your personal life. Problems do occur in each person’s life but, it’s up to our outlook, and how we deal with it.

An apple falls every day but only a few like Newton thinks about why it falls.

It does not matter what you think or what you know, what really matters is how you utilize it in creating something new.So, keep working on your creativity quotient.

Now it is time to end our lesson today. Hope to see you again. Keep learning keep growing.

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Q1 How Can We Measure Creativity Quotient

A-There are several ways to measure our creative quotient. A CQ test is conducted to measure CQ. You can also undertake this test online on various sites.

Q2 What Aspects Are Measured In CQ?

A-1 Fluency
2 Flexibility
3 Originality
4 Elaboration

Q3 What are other ways to build your creativity quotient

A-1 Get ready to break the ice and do new things
2 Plan your work according to your energy flow.
3 Be a learner

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